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Fight Over Forgiveness LDS Church Leaders & Church Owned Deseret Newspaper CEO Charged in Hate Crimes

Fight Over Forgiveness LDS Church Leaders & Church Owned Deseret Newspaper CEO Charged in Hate Crimes

Today is Friday the 13th 2015, I'll never forget a Friday the 13th 1993 when I was walking a long hallway with cell doors and sections down it. I thought, "Boy this seems like a bad day for sure, like I'm walking into to hell." I've tried very hard to live a Christ centered life. To not only treat others the way I'd like to be treated but also to walk the extra mile and forgive not just seven times but to forgive seventy times seven knowing I myself would fall short at times and sin in some way against my brother and that I would need to be forgiven even as I forgave.

The feeling of forgiving someone whole heartedly after they have done you wrong is a good one and it releases a burden on your shoulders. I've tried very hard to separate church and state from my own prosecution and include those principles of goodness we know are inherently good in both, as they are called for by example, in word and deed. There does come a time when you are called to fight back and when you do or when you are called to, you understand God is with you and not against you in the motive and that the tolerance of the Almighty has reached a breaking point for which you know that the seventy times seven time-threshold has been accomplished.

I was startled awake last night with a dream that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Leadership and its corporate conglomerations associated with The Deseret News should be reported for the 'hate crimes' perpetrated upon me in my federally protected Campaign activity by law. I myself was stunned by the revelation being in such the habit of taking the stripes instead of delivering them as they are merited. I do not deliver the news in any kind of triumph, but rather by duty to the law and the recognition of the wisdom. I will state I have nothing but love for those of the community who are generally good practicing and faithful members of the LDS Church whom I both live around and respect for their general goodness, charity, and all around tranquility in a law abiding way to live peaceable among many differing faiths and beliefs. I am clearly drawing a line of aggression towards those so named in leadership as to the aggrieved state of my person.I am not a representative member any longer being excommunicated by the Faith in 1995 or 1996.

The incidents I related substantiating the violations of The Mathew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Act of 2009 cooperating in line with the 1969 Federal Hate Crimes Law are rooted in both the character assassination made in print at The Deseret News and physical beating I took at the Marriott Center Feb. 7th, 1993 in my civil protest, predicated today in my run(s) for President and other offices over the last twelve years in contaminating and aggravating my record.

To substantiate this I call upon two things. Number One the video tape of the protest at the Marriott Center (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, hereafter also(LDS) or (Mormon)Fireside. The link provides an attempt by KTVX to also obtain the evidence of the tape you can find at the bottom of the linked article. Also (FootNote 1)

This tape shows the assailants and is a record of me beaten and beaten into an unconscious state and lying on the floor as an attempt to kill or murder me for which I was rushed to the hospital receiving and diagnosed with head trauma, black eyes, broke or cracked rips and multiple bruises up and down my entire body including my legs, calves, thighs, arms, back, and sides.

The tape is held under copyright by The LDS Church Presidency (current). It was given by the LDS Church to the prosecuting attorney in my criminal case, shown to the Judge of my case but I was denied a copy of it, because as the 4th District Court Judge Guy Burningham, criminal case of State of Utah v. Judy, (who also simultaneously was set apart in the LDS Church acting in the office of the Church as a Bishop) told me, "They didn't want it to end up with Barbara Walters on 20/20".

I did do diligence to obtain the tape as instructed by the Judge/Bishop stating I would have to get it from the LDS Church Presidency. I sued the LDS Church Presidency for the evidence depicting the assault but was denied it in Federal Court appealed to the 10th Circuit and then to the United States Supreme Court. From the United States Supreme Court I received the condolences that not enough people suffered from not being given their evidence used against them in criminal proceeding for worry of that court, meaning my individual rights had been violated but that was just to bad.

I was incarcerated for 3018 days, or eight point two years and that begin just over twenty two years ago. The thing which makes this so relevant today has been the continuous actions of The Desert News, a conglomerate subsidiary of the LDS Church as I will show, in a continuously crafted character assassination that fabricates and embellishes not only the incident, but outright lies regarding the prosecution and circumstances, lending a devastation to not only myself but the community at large in fear of the same bias and prejudice treatment based on actual or perceived religion as it relates to our continually evolving digital data record(s) available to anyone that searches the internet.

The Deseret News is singled out here because of a particular practice I find rather unique and which might be directly attributed to the CEO and President of The Desert News Mr. Clark Gilbert. The practice unlike other papers even within the Utah area like the Salt Lake Tribune is to leave off the "year" of the article in the i-phone review of the article. How this relates in the data search fields of the article is seen by users as if it happened yesterday and with me not twenty two years ago BUT yesterday or today.

This then acts as a prosecution of my religion every day of my life, the same as if a sign was held up around the world that desecrated my religion and persecuted me every day for it. The maximum penalty in Utah's discretionary minimum mandatory laws Utah practices sentenced me to 1-15 years. Fifteen years was over seven years ago and the Utah Board of Pardons & Parole actually held me eight years with four on parole, which was incredibly harsh for a first offense with no damages to life, limb or property and no weapon. However, The Deseret News has continually aggrieved and aggravated me over the same thing twenty-two years causing both a hardship on my employment and participation in commercial activity. To add to that, the State forgave me long ago stating I have full filled their obligation of penalty, but the LDS Church has maintained their trespassing restraining order against me even to this day, twenty-two years later. Not that I care or that they don't have a right to do that, but only to emphasize a continued malice that exist that goes hand in hand with these hate crime assertions that collaborate with the Deseret News fabricated headlines.

In fact, if you search my name this story of The Deseret News comes up in the top 5 as number 4 on the Internet. No other television, radio, or newspaper story comes up twenty two years later. The reason for this could be that The Deseret News runs the story as if it happened today with no year attached to the story itself, and represents a 'hate crime' of bias and prejudice against my person that is contrary and in violation of hate crimes laws regulated in particular of this incidence in the frame of "Religion". I also believe the story has been updated to include my middle name in particular since I have been running for Federal Office, which accommodates an active and willful prejudice and bias to do me, and my reputation harm in the federally protected activity of running for office in elections of the population, substantially creating a serious national problem. This warrants the FBI's investigation and a federal grant to accommodate that.

The Hate Crimes perpetrated by these actions are collaborated by the binding ties of the LDS Church Presidency & Twelve Apostles and The Deseret News President Mr. Clark Gilbert as are illustrated in the following snap shots of CEO and President of The Deseret News posted on the Internet.

These snap shots illustrate in the story my testimony that God had told me what to do, what to say, and who to say it to. The harm upon our society as labeling this as a psychotic action is what? No one can say In God We Trust anymore? No one can say, "God told me" and its a direct violation of our God Given Rights and Freedom. God gave us our Freedom. Men did not give it to us. Thus it is only evil men that seek to take away our freedoms. Many times in our Declaration of Independence as well our Constitution is God referred to.

What gives anyone the right to say God didn't tell me that and take away my Freedoms and Liberties and imprison me for it? No one has that right and its a basic right of our inalienable rights. You can certainly tell me to 'shut up', but its the penalty that was attached to it that makes it an infringement of my rights based on MY RELIGION. Did anyone else go to prison? Was anyone else charged? No. So, what we have here is two religious interpretations of my words.

Does the State have the right to come into the Church and dictate terms? That's actually a good sign there is a Tyrannical Dictator involved in Government. Where there is a difference of interpretation and evidence supporting mine exist physically, and the evidence of their's is not, whose should the State's favor? Well, the state and the newspaper should observe mine. I in fact did have nothing but a brief case full of scriptures I do think are dynamite one of which was a Book Of Mormon, most Mormons will tell is not fake, but is abbreviated B.O.M. This makes any headline using the word Bomb a false narrative, a fabrication, an embellishment or aggrandizement of facts.

So, what does that have to do with the headline of The Deseret News story? Well, you can clearly see not only has their headline been false for twenty two years, but they have embellished it contrary to the State charges which amounts to a fabrication of deceit upon the public in a religious assault to me, my family, and my friends making them fear ever hearing from God. That is a hate crime based on an assault upon our inalienable rights. Are you going to arrest Katy Perry next for saying she heard a word from God and received a confirmation for it at the Superbowl half time show or is that ok, because you agree with it?

Now the headline from the Deseret News says what? Well, its false I did not plead guilty to a "Bomb Threat". That's totally false! I mean Brian Williams mis-remembers his helicopter being shot at, and is suspended for six months from a job that pays 10 Million a year and the Deseret News wants to fabricate my life everyday for the rest of my life, make a profit selling advertisment on it, and cut out the "year", so in the general public's mind they supposedly serve, a fabricated story is up every day? That's a hate crime! The first paragraph of the story is totally false.

I did not plead guilty to 'threatening the life of an LDS Church Leader with a fake bomb!" Read the Court documents! It did not happen!


These are fabricated and false headlines meant to do me much more harm in a nefarious intent over a life time! Because I only have one, I have to protect it and there clearly is a much more sinister and libelous account coming from The Desert News that for some reason is much longer lasting. The connection of ownership with the LDS Church Leadership is the obvious connection, and accounts, perhaps on a broader scale the exaggeration and fabrications of falsehood in reporting with the connection of the cover-up of the video tape that has protected those of its members who participated in the mob like violences against my person.

Now I can say nearly every day over twenty two years, I have been psychologically pounded with defending myself of the false report specifically and intentionally kept in the public eye as if it happened yesterday by The Deseret News CEO and President who has a direct tie to the LDS Church 12 Apostles and Church President who have held my evidence and protected the prosecution of others in their assault upon me. That is happening today as vigorously as it was twenty two years ago. This is a hate crime against me based upon my Religion and the word of God to me.

I'm telling you I should not be persecuted or prosecuted like this. We have laws forbidding it and my suffering is intense and is pretty well recorded yet I have no relief and I'm sick of it. I can not bear the fault for relaying a message from God, and that's all I did. I was not playing the enforcer role. I was reporting the truth that was no harm or threat to anyone, yet it is still being framed that way by The Desert News owned by the LDS Church and this is a hate crime against a candidate for Office that is protected as a Federal Activity.

Now the Deseret News has heard my complaint before, but they have not heard that the complaint was formalized into a Civil Rights law suit for damages, and forwarded to the FBI for prosecution. Now if you type in "Cody Judy" you get an even worse scenario the Wiki page of Howard W. Hunter and two stories from the Deseret News, one from BYU Universe regarding this. It takes 5 pages to find another story from another newspaper that has a story actually from the Daily Clipper that revolved around my run for the U.S. Senate in 2004. This is why the policy of continual persecution from a Religious Bias or Prejudice exist with The Deseret News and I feel full fills the hate crime criteria.


The Hate Crimes Bill of 1969 that are also afforded in the more recent Mathew Shepard Act are as follows:

Sec 4701 - Short Title
Sec. 4702
1)The incident of violence motivated by the actual (religion) of victim poses a serious national problem.
2)Such violence disrupts the tranquility and safety of communities and is deeply divisive.

5)A prominent characteristic of a violent crime motivated by bias is that it devastates not just the actual victim and the family and friends of the victim, but frequently savages the community sharing the traits that caused the victim to be selected.

6.B)Members targeted associated with - sustaining employment - or participating in other commercial activity

1)In General
Offenses involving actual or perceived (religion)in origin - whoever willfully causes bodily injury to any person because of the actual or perceived religion of any person -
A) Shall be imprisoned not more than 10 years, fined in accordance with this title or both
ii) An attempt to kill

(2)(c) (1) RULES OF CONSTRUCTION - the term bodily injury has the meaning given such term in section 1365(h)(4) of this title, but do not include solely emotional or psychological harm to the victim:

Conspiracy Against Rights, 18 U.S.C. § 241. Section 241 of Title 18 is the civil rights conspiracy statute. Section 241 makes it unlawful for two or more persons to agree together to injure, threaten, or intimidate a person in any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the Unites States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same). Unlike most conspiracy statutes, Section 241 does not require that one of the conspirators commit an overt act prior to the conspiracy becoming a crime. The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any.

Voter Intimidation (upon the readers of The Desert News,State of Utah Citizens, and in fact all the People in the Nation with my Candidacy for President in 2008, 2012, and now 2016.)

Intimidation of Voters, 18 U.S.C. § 594
Section 594 makes it illegal to use intimidation, threats, or coercion, or attempt to use any of these means, to interfere with the right of another to vote or vote as the individual chooses, or to cause the individual to vote or not vote for any particular candidate for federal office.

The State Blew Up my Scriptures in front of the cameras for the news when they knew there was no weapon!

Damage to Religious Property
Damage to Religious Property, 18 U.S.C. § 247. Section 247 of Title 18 prohibits anyone from intentionally defacing, damaging or destroying religious real property because of the religious nature of the property, so long as the crime is committed in or affects interstate commerce. The statute also prohibits anyone from intentionally obstructing or attempting to obstruct, by force or threat of force, a person in the enjoyment of that person's religious beliefs, where the crime is committed in or affects interstate commerce. Finally, the statute prohibits anyone from intentionally defacing, damaging or destroying any religious real property because of the race, color, or ethnic characteristics of any individual associated with the property, regardless of any connection to interstate or foreign commerce. Section 247 also prohibits attempts to do any of the above.

The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any.
It took me years to convince my own mother I did not have an incendiary bomb or device because the authorities used theirs to blow up my Bible and B.O.M. (Book of Mormon). They did it to frame me and deceive the whole population!

Hate Crimes adds an element of bias to traditional crimes—and the mixture is toxic to our communities. The FBI States: Crimes of hatred and prejudice—from lynchings to cross burnings to vandalism of synagogues—are a sad fact of American history, but the term “hate crime” did not enter the nation’s vocabulary until the 1980s, when emerging hate groups like the Skinheads launched a wave of bias-related crime. The FBI began investigating what we now call hate crimes as far back as World War I, when the Ku Klux Klan first attracted our attention. Today, we remain dedicated to working with state and local partners to prevent these crimes and to bring to justice those who commit them."

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 , 18 U.S.C. § 249. Section 249 of Title 18 was enacted as Division E of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 (starts at pg. 646 of the Act). Section 249, which went into effect in October 2009, created a new federal criminal prohibition against willfully causing bodily injury (or attempting to do so using fire, a firearm, or another dangerous weapon), when (1) the crime was committed because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin of any person, or (2) the crime was committed because of the actual or perceived religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability of any person and the crime affected interstate or foreign commerce or occurred within federal special maritime and territorial jurisdiction. The law also provides federal funding and technical assistance to state, local, and tribal jurisdictions to help them to more effectively investigate and prosecute hate crimes.

With that also comes a LIBEL LAW SUIT
a published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation.
synonyms: defamation, defamation of character, character assassination, calumny, misrepresentation, scandalmongering; aspersions, denigration, vilification, disparagement, derogation, insult, slander, malicious gossip; lie, slur, smear, untruth, false report; informalmudslinging, bad-mouthing
the action or crime of publishing a false statement about a person.
"a councilor who sued two national newspapers for libel"
a false and malicious statement about a person.
a thing or circumstance that brings undeserved discredit on a person by misrepresentation.
(in admiralty and ecclesiastical law) a plaintiff's written declaration.
defame (someone) by publishing a libel.
"she alleged the magazine had libeled her"

The damages to my life are extensive and as a practicing Christian I believe these are punishable by law. The Cover-Up is scandalous. The Frame Job nefarious. The Prosecution and persecution sinister, intolerable, and happening every day.
I feel conservatively the penalty for the LDS Church Leadership ought to be at least $100,000 per year for 22 years that's $2,200,000.00

For The Deseret News Corporation who has profited upon the fabrications a conservative judgement might be $100 for every day that has passed for 22 years those stories have run- that's $803,000.00.

These would be no more than slaps on the wrist to them and I know that. I'm not trying to run anyone out of business here or destroy something that has been built. I'm fighting for our rights and respect for people and everyone's individual rights. I don't want anyone to have to go to prison like I did. That idea is not appealing to me because I value freedom and liberty so much, but I need a honest penalty to be paid now not only for me, for the honor and respect of our community, my friends, and family as well myself.

Cody Robert Judy



1-State Records Committee Appeal 94-13

UTAH BOARD OF PARDONS AND PAROLE, Appellee DECISION AND ORDER, Case No. 94-13 By this appeal, United Television, Inc. seeks an order compelling the Utah Board of Pardons to release to it a copy of a video tape regarding an incident at Brigham Young University regarding an assault on Howard W. Hunter, an official of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The initial hearing on this matter was held on July 27, 1994 in which the parties appeared and presented argument before the Records Committee. Based on the issues that were raised in that hearing, the Records Committee requested the parties to research and submit memorandum to the Records Committee on the topics discussed. The Records Committee continued the hearing until the memorandum were submitted. The parties did submit the requested memorandum and the hearing was reconvened on October 5, 1994. The State Records Committee, having reviewed the materials submitted by the parties, having heard testimony from witnesses, having heard oral argument and having solicited public comment at the time of the hearing, and being fully advised in the premises, now issues the following Decision and Order. BACKGROUND 1. The video tape sought by United Television, Inc., was supplied to the Utah Board of Pardons by the Utah County Attorney's Office in response to a request of the Board of Pardons to supply information on Cody Judy, an inmate at the Utah State Prison who had pled guilty and was incarcerated for an assault on Howard W. Hunter at a Church Educational System young adult fireside for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 2. The portion of the video sought by United Television, Inc. had been blacked out of the live broadcast and had never been published by the Church Educational System. The Church Educational system claimed copyright privilege of the material and had chosen not to broadcast or publish the portion of the fireside blacked out, but contained on a master tape made of the proceedings. 3. The Utah County Attorney's office obtained a copy of portions of the master tape showing the assault for purposes of prosecution. Without permission from the LDS church or other copyright owner of the video tape, it gave a copy of the video tape to the Board of Pardons. The Video was not shown publicly at the Board of Pardons. 4. United Television, Inc., sought release of the video from the Board of Pardons. The Board denied the release of the video on the basis that it was not a record under Utah Code Ann. 63--2- 103(18)(b)(iii). STATEMENT OF REASONS FOR DECISION 1. The Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) specifies that "all records are public unless otherwise expressly provided by statute." Utah Code Ann. 63-2-201(2). 2. Materials kept or maintained by a governmental entity or employee that is not a record under GRAMA is not subject to release and disclosure under the Act and the Records Committee has no jurisdiction over such records. Utah Code Ann. 63-2-103(18)(b). 3. Copyrighted material maintained by the State or any of its agencies is not automatically excluded as being a record under GRAMA. The provision excluding copyrighted material includes provisions that it is not a record if access to the material held by the public entity is limited by copyright. 4. The Church Educational System of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints intended the material contained on the videotape to be copyrighted from its inception and gave no permission for the material contained in the blacked out portion of the video tape but contained on the master to be released to the Board of Pardons. The Church Educational System also never published the material which is subject to the request of United Television, Inc. 5. If the video does not fall under the exclusion of Utah Code Ann. 63-2-103 (18)(b)(iii), it is a record and subject to the jurisdiction of the Records Committee to order released if the Records Committee finds it is not protected by other factors. 6. Testimony and evidence raised the issue of the video being subject to a secrecy order entered by a Judge of the Fourth District Judicial Court in Utah County. The Records Committee need not reach this issue because it resolves the issue on other grounds. 7. The video segment sought is not a record under Utah Code Ann. 63-2-103(18)(b)(iii) because the owner of the video intended the video to be copyrighted and never published it. ORDER THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT the decision of the Board of Pardons denying release of the video tape sought by the Appellant is affirmed and the appeal is denied. RIGHT TO APPEAL Either party may appeal this Decision and Order to the district court. The petition for review must be filed no later than 30 days after the date of this order. The petition for judicial review must be a complaint. The complaint and the appeals process are governed by the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure and by Utah Code Ann. 63-2-404 and 63-2-502(7). The court is required to make its decision de novo. In order to protect its rights on appeal, a party may wish to seek advice from an attorney. Entered this 11th day of October, 1994. BY THE RECORDS COMMITTEE,
Chairman, State Records Committee

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Perils & Pitfalls of the 10th Circuit Court Providing a Panel of Sound Justices Just Exploded

Part II - Read Part I.
Perils & Pitfalls of the 10th Circuit Court Providing a Panel of Sound Justices Just Exploded

Last nights entertainment in a Red Box Movie, may have just come to close to home when explaining my circumstances at the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals for my Petition for Rehearing En Banc. I wonder if anyone can guess what movie I rented? As so often is the case, a moment of 'hope' seems dashed out by the revelation of the day. The movie directed by David Ayer stared Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, John Bernthal, Scott Eastwood, and Eugenia Kuzmina and was called of course FURY.

If you haven't seen the movie IMDb represents "April, 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened Army sergeant named Wardaddy commands a Sherman tank and his five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered, out-gunned, and with a rookie soldier thrust into their platoon, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany." These five men basically find themselves in a broken tank facing an entire regiment and are expected to hold a crossing or intersection. They all decide to do it, but its just a suicide mission none expect to get out alive. I'll leave it there and want you to know if you haven't seen it I haven't spoiled it for you.

How could that possible apply to the 10th Circuit Court's Full Body of Justices taking a Poll that simultaneously takes into account two of the three Justices I felt should have recused themselves due to an impartiality of prejudice seen in their very jobs being predicated upon either the Defendant/Appellee in the Case Barack Obama/aka Barry Soetoro and President Bill Clinton nominating them, as well as the other issues of the case.

Now, we can certainly lay claim of an impartiality between receiving a nomination for the U.S. Senate to consider you to the Circuit Court as Barack Obama did for Justice Gregory B. Phillips as favor of employment and promotion. I mean without that nomination he doesn't get the job. But, what of Justice Carlos F. Lucero being nominated by President Clinton? Well, you know if I hadn't run against Hillary in 2012 actually within the Democratic Party myself and she wasn't winding up a Campaign for 2016 for President against me I'd say it might not matter but the vested interest is nearly impossible to ignore. She didn't object to Obama's not being qualified or his ineligibility. In fact missing the biggest fraud perped upon the American People ever. What does that say about her, and how might that reflect upon her Candidacy? The fact her husband is the one who nominated Justice Lucero has an implication of the Justice protecting her through her husband's allegiance.

Well, dismissing the panel of three's decision makes sense when two of the Justices have such a close correlation to the Defendant's and the Plaintiff's (my) Action from the Presidential Campaign's of 2008 and 2012. Make's perfect sense to have a panel of 12 Justices poll on a decision on wither to recuse the two's Justice's decisions and here the case again right? Well sure, bearing in mind this kind of close proximity to the action we ought to be able to poll the full court for a decision fairly without a problem?


Chief Justice Mary Beck Briscoe - Nominated by Pres. Clinton / Pres. 2016 Candidates' Hillary Clinton
Judge Carlos F. Lucero - Nominated by Pres. Clinton / Pres. 2016 Candidates' Hillary Clinton

Judge Gregory B. Phillip - Nominated by Defendant. Obama
Judge Nancy L. Moritz - Nominated by Defendant. Obama
Judge Carolyn B. McHugh - Nominated by Defendant. Obama
Judge Scott M. Matheson Jr. - Nominated by Defendant. Obama

Who of the Court's regular Twelve Justices are left? Well, the only regular Justices that are left have all been nominated by George Bush Sr. or George W. Bush, and their son and brother former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is ramping up a Presidential Election in 2016 who will be competing directly against me. That's the same argument I have against Hillary as far as potential damages to the Candidate. Gov. Jeb Bush hasn't given a flying pigs wings concern about Barack Obama not being qualified and being ineligible. How does it fair to him if in debating me I point out he missed the biggest national security nightmare in this generation and can't be expected to protect the People in the Office of the President? The family relationship between Bill and Hillary Clinton is no less implicating as is the Grandfather and Brother status of George Bush and the no child left behind criteria.

Judge Paul J. Kelly Jr. - Nominated by President George Bush Senior son of 2016 Candidate Jeb Bush
Judge Timothy M. Tymkovich - Nominated by President George W. Bush brother of 2016 Candidate Jeb Bush
Judge Harris L. Hartz - Nominated by President George W. Bush brother of 2016 Candidate Jeb Bush
Judge Neil M. Gorsuch - Nominated by President George W. Bush brother of 2016 Candidate Jeb Bush
Judge Jerome A. Holms - Nominated by President George W. Bush brother of 2016 Candidate Jeb Bush

That's eleven Justices named and presumably the Court would defer the twelve position to one of their Senior Judges, but with all the Judges eliminated the Court would then have to defer to all of their Senior Judges to make up a panel of Judges. Well, two of the eight Senior Judges for the Tenth Circuit Court have the same prejudice of the other Judges named.
Senior Judge Terrence L. O'Brian -Nominated by President George W. Bush brother of 2016 Candidate Jeb Bush
Senior Judge Michael R. Murphy -Nominated by Pres. Clinton / Pres. 2016 Candidates' Hillary Clinton

The six remaining Judges' could make up a panel but it would not be a panel of 12 it would be a panel of 6.

Senior Judge David M. Ebel - Nominated by President Ronald Reagan
Senior Judge Bobby R. Baldock - Nominated by President Ronald Reagan
Senior Judge Stephen H. Anderson - Nominated by President Ronald Reagan
Senior Judge John C. Porfilio - Nominated by President Ronald Reagan
Senior Judge Stephanie K. Seymour - Nominated by President Jimmy Carter
Senior Judge Monroe G. McKay - Nominated by President Jimmy Carter

Now usually you don't get to know whose voting in the whole or Full Court Poll, but as a Candidate for President I've already implicated enough against Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush to make their Grandparents turn over in the grave against me and I sure as heck couldn't stop a Clinton or Bush from protecting part of their clan because they have supported the Defendant helping to keep his cover-up covered up.

Now wither they did it because they liked him, or didn't want to be called a 'racist' because they didn't object to Sen. McCain in Federal Court as I did, I don't know. What I do know is when it comes to this issue Republicans and Democrat's signed on together in U.S. Sen. Res. 511 where you had three presidential candidates all involved: Sen. McCain, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and Sen. Barack Obama (Defendant).

Now we could all say this is going to be split down the middle and it will end up being called according to Party. While that may be the case, I haven't objected to political party so much as I have the direct nomination of a person and their family relationship because of that nomination as a candidate against me. We aren't told in a POLL who voted which way, we are only given a "Denied" or "Affirmed" Decision. I do think its my business to know who the Judges are that are polled because just as the first panel pulled off this cork screw and if I had not objected it would be water under the bridge right now, the same thing could happen.

Now if the Justices amongst themselves do not feel being nominated by a Defendant is "tantamount" to an objective recusal, and remember I did have one Senior Judge recuse himself in the U.S. District Court in this case, they probably wouldn't understand why Brian Williams fabricated story didn't set so well with the American Public either and they would think that quite silly for NBC to suspend him without pay for six months.

I want to know what the Court intends to do about this and I want to know in an open and transparent way. We need everyone's help possible. Please share, inform, and educate. This is very important, because I think I've demonstrated to you at least one thing. If you don't stand up for your rights, there are plenty of people seated in high positions that will mow you right over. That's probably the single most important thing about the U.S. Constitution is it does take a stand for individual rights and that's what this is all about. My individual rights for a fair presidential race are just as important in the Constitution as your individual rights of free speech. They are both outlined, but can just as easily be run over and your witnessing just how easily that happens.

The movie clip of APPOLLO 13 HERE reflects my feelings, "Houston, we have a problem".

Cody Robert Judy

We need your help. Will you help us or are the outrageous lies your being told by your elected leaders okay for you and your children? If you won't defend your children and their future who will you defend?

The 2016 Campaign begins now. Please send your contributions and help with the ABC (American Birther Campaign) today and my election for President in 2016 and Join the 262 of us now on my Facebook Cody Robert Judy for U.S. President 2016 site.

Cody Robert Judy for President 2016
3031 So. Ogden Ave. Suite #2
Ogden, Utah 84401

Thank you
Cody Robert Judy
Candidate for United States President 2016


The Commercial is simply called "America"


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FRONT ROW! FRONT ROW! FRONT ROW! May be a side show and a carnival but it's The Greatest Show on Earth!BREAKING NEWS: 10th Circuit Court News Obama's Eligibility Front Row Side-Show but are the Justices Carnival Barkers?


Obama regulated the Stand for the Constitution’s ‘natural born Citizen’ clause, held as a binding tie of honor among Americans from the Convention held September 17th 1787 to this day as a sideshow or carnival. That tie has been unchanged amid eight bombarding assaults within our modern history since 2003 and many more prior to that. Obama's contempt for it is rooted in his speeches as he's parlayed those seeking to uphold that tie were nothing more than “sideshows and carnival barkers”; a statement sprung to life in music on this blog September 30th,2012 with a song entitled “Obama’s Carnival Barker”. Its been featured in the New York Times April 27th,2011 a few days before Obama’s Mayday Mayday, Mayday kill announcement of Osama bin Laden. This was also a popular post in the TOP 10 at the CODE4PRES Channel. While a kernel of truth may be found in Obama's words American's soon will fight for a front row seat at the Greatest Show on Earth or at least in our modern day American Judicial History.

The theory is that the Judicial or Court Branch of our Government would act as a check and balance of our Legislative and Executive Branches in upholding the U.S. Constitution. The way in which the Judicial or Court Branch checks the Legislative Branch is by declaring any Acts of Congress passed by the Legislature unconstitutional; the same process can check the President’s Executive Branch. Sheriff Joe is challenging ObamaAmnesty right now and is embroiled in just that kind of a challenge. Such challenges come necessarily from The People or individuals and wind their way up the Court Ladder as infringements of rights that the Constitution was suppose to uphold for individuals.


Some popular challenges exist today. You might have heard of challenges to the Obamacare Law Mandate that’s forcing people to buy health insurance and subjecting the Citizenry to tax penalties and potentially prison this year while exempting many in a discretionary prosecution. So if your friendly to the President contribute heavily you may find yourself able to bribe your way to freedom. For those who don’t have the money to contribute to the Campaigns, well you and I know we’re screwed and are not going to get exemptions. That’s so friendly isn’t it- forcing people-confiscating- herding them up in the pen- incarcerating the population. The United States Supreme Court has heard some cases already and is hearing a case this Summer about that.

Another case that’s been featured in the news quite a bit is the legal right for same-sex marriages to be honored. The 10th Court actually made a ruling this last June 25,2014 that stated the State of Utah had no right not to honor a same-sex marriage performed in another state when it came to their tax laws. Now regardless of how that sounds to you the whole state of Utah and its population that had actually passed a Constitutional Amendment by 2/3rds of their legislature based on a referendum of the population in an election that passed, has been wiped out in the respect of the “individual”.

But what of the justice of those who have suffered- Too bad so sad? The appellate ruling in the 10th Circuit comes 42 years after the Supreme Court refused to hear a case of two men who were refused a marriage license in Minnesota and their individual right to marry. The conflict of the Courts’ seems to be in honoring the individual rights of a person and the rights of a whole population in what we esteem as our Constitution or Supreme Law of the Land. This is the biggest difference between a Republic where individuals are honored and a Democracy where you say ‘might is right’ in the bully terminology to mow individuals over without regard much like the stampeding crowd killing 22 people whose families will never find justice in their sons and daughters death from those kicking, stomping, and suffocating the death blow.

The beauty of the Courts is that whole legislatures with a campaign-incentive-treasure chest, mostly filled by the wealthy can be wrong, and can at least be stopped. A small little individual has great big rights when it comes under the United States Constitution but only if they are championed by Justices that somewhere along the road have decided to take courage in the United States Constitution over Political Party Affiliation.


When it comes to a population hell bent for water there is not much respecting of individual rights. While you might justify that as the correct way to run things, what if your the individual female being raped by the gang? Now do you want your individual rights to matter? Or what about the home-owners who have just been evicted out of their homestead because the bank changed, sold their mortgage to a different bank, and that bank changed the terms of the loan? Do you want your individual rights to matter now? How about the individual who just had their identity stolen and had their life savings stolen by thieves? Do they want their individual rights to matter now?

We could keep going all day long but the bottom line is everyone of you in this population wants your individual rights to matter when they have been stomped on. I am no different then you in this regard. I ran for President in 2008 and 2012 protesting Obama's 'natural born Citizen' qualifications stating what he released didn't amount to the prerequisite qualifications the U.S. Constitution outlined as a 'natural born Citizen' also upheld in Minor v. Happersett or case we call the precedent or U.S. Supreme Court case defining the natural born Citizen as born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

The 'natural born Citizen' requirement for a President was as distinct from those required by U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators as the age requirements and time requirement within the United States. The distinction came from the interest of our national security from 'foreign influence' derived from either birth or a parent especially in the interest of the Office of the President because that seat holds the Commander-In-Chief title or position of the Military, which of course U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators don't even come close to.

A two generation protection that is seen as a national security measure was upheld in the Congress's Judicial Committee as it held hearings on the differences and reason for natural affections to be carried over by birth place or by either parent. Painstaking deposition and testimony were had in those hearings that featured the difference between a two or second generation American and a first generation American revolving around the foreign influence of mother or father or birth place. To deny and defy these fundamental foreign influences on the individual is as absurd as saying your father and mother and place of birth have no influence on you whatsoever. You may have heard of being in denial, and we're not talking being in the Nile as in Egypt's river?


Brian Williams anchored the NBC News for 12 years in a fabrication of the story which has led to his temporary leave because of the embarrassment of an exaggeration his helicopter was hit. The NBC or 'natural born Citizen' clause of our Constitution has been hit by Obama the last 7 years acting as an RPG on my Campaign and person. Both of these stories wouldn't have amounted to anything unless witnesses come forward and challenged the assertions. Brian Williams at least had the courtesy at admitting he was wrong and has stepped aside for a few days while the NBC Executives decide wither his mis-remembering or lie has permanently hurt the public trust so much that the interest in the company is at stake in proceeding with him as the anchor.

If Obama really felt like all people under the Constitution of the United States should be treated fairly, as he defends differing faiths like Muslims on record many times, I wonder why he doesn't think I should have been treated fairly in the race for President in the dignity of respecting the constitution's outline of qualification for the Office of the President? That definition had always been Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. Just take a look at the eight challenges to change it since 2003 but it wasn't changed. This then becomes the duty of the Court to uphold as its duty to uphold the Constitution. If there is no Constitution then there certainly is no Court, no Offices' in the Legislature to uphold and certainly no President which is defined in the United States Constitution. Thus the peril of the Justices denying what they are suppose to uphold. They in so much vacate their own seats of authority.

Obama has not shown me the equal respect of the law in the race we ran together. He cheated and is ineligible.
Journalistic integrity needs to be earned - wouldn't it be great if Brian William's would ask him, "Do you think the qualification for the Office of the President should be uniform and equal for all candidates?" What irony- the NBC News Network anchor gets called out for fabricating a story, and Obama's Ineligibility revolves around the NBC (natural born Citizen) clause of the U.S. Constitution, shamefully the biggest fabrication in American History. Obama's belief in unfairness, inequality, and justice for a few is well documented. With guys like ‪#‎BrianWilliams‬ protecting Obama what chance do we have except to ask..whose next in the same fate the American People have suspended Brian Williams?

The Mainstream Media anyway has not covered Judy v. Obama, 14-4136 in any degree of journalistic integrity to the individual rights of a Presidential Candidate to run a fair and transparent race of at least the principles set up to outline the qualifications of the people in the race. They've been so busy in declaring any challenges 'racist' that they have not noticed, or in Brian Williams Case refused to own up to the truth that I have upheld in a bi-partisan platform requiring the challenge to be met by Sen. McCain first in U.S. Federal Court and Sen. Obama in their Campaigns and races for President the Article Two Patriot Platform represents, as a Candidate myself.

I challenge all those who have denigrated themselves as racist by accusations that are clearly unfounded in reality of the record in court, to come clean like Brian Williams did. You have thought of me as less than a human being qualified for the Office of the President as the Constitution we honor demands by the Will Of All The People we include in our History and our modern day! There is a way to change the U.S. Constitution it hasn't been done by the will of the People through their legislatures and the Court's agree in precedent. Therefore my stand is honorable and as transparent as the public record, something Obama for certain can not say about his fabrications according to criminal investigation reports by Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse who are a lot better than me in crime investigations. I respect their authority and experience as well their conclusions.


Chief Deputy Chris Wallberg of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has informed me today, Feb 9th, 2015 of the processes that will be carefully conducted by the Court two fold consisting simultaneously of the 'recusal issue' within the Court, and the Petition for Rehearing en banc.

1) In addressing the RECUSAL'S of two of the Justices in the panel handing out a Denial Feb.3rd,2015,
2) In addressing the Petition for Rehearing by the whole Court.

I did write as a mistake en blanc instead of en banc on my Rehearing petition (hahaha) which there might be a kernel of truth to in the fact that it be transparent, fair, equal or white and not draped in black, unfairness, inequality, and crooked corruption that I know any color of people don't appreciate as individuals when it comes to Justice. You know people think you do this full time like some kind of a job that you get paid for. I don't. I'm behind on just about every bill I have because of this, and my Mom in the hospital for a scary Friday and Saturday, but I think its very important to everyone and I know more then half of my time has been given to this effort for six years. Haven't really received any help yet, but if your so inclined I'd appreciate it. We have trials and tribulations like I know you all do and God willing we will fight for middle America, assist the poor when we can, and appeal to the rich who have been blessed this day with charity from God who holds all men in the balances and can ruin in one day just as Job was ruined and in such rescued from his tests.

Along that line, Did you all see Katy Perry bust out that song “By the Grace of God” at the Grammy Awards last night? Wow, that was good! Just had to throw that in here. Back to the Court now..

If you don't understand what a Poll is in a Court I'll briefly explain what Chief Deputy Wallberg made very clear to me in a very concise and polite manner. What is going to happen, (most likely in a couple of weeks is all, this is not a long drawn out decision that takes 60 days or anything), is that every one of the twelve Justices will receive a poll which includes the three questions I have written in the Rehearing Request en blanc that include:

You can read the ORDER and JUDGEMENT here and... you can read my RESPONSE or request for a REHEARING En Blanc here.

Update: Here are the three very important questions I posed to the Court to justify Rehearing if:

Question #1- Does Justice Gregory A. Phillips having ENTERED FOR THE COURT the ORDER AND JUDGEMENT on this case February 3rd,2015 having been considered to the U.S. Senate for Confirmation with the favor of the Appellee/Defendant in this case, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro in the nomination process and thus his very employment as a Justice in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals constitute an prejudiced dismissal summarily instigated upon the Plaintiff that would seem at best a compromise of judicial discipline in recusal decorum and at worst an impeachable offense?

Question#2- June 25th, 2014 this Court handed down a decision favorable to ‘individual rights’, considered standing and upheld marriage in Kitchen v. Herbert No. 13-4178 and considered the rights of an individual who is unpopular more important per the conflicting referendum of all the people in the entire State of Utah and it’s Constitutional Amendment in the State, which does not come on political easy street; isn’t the ORDER AND JUDGEMENT of this case dismissing it as frivolous a conflict of the Court’s own interest and judgment in that case in the interest of Individual Rights?

Question#3- The conflicting statements in the ORDER and JUDGEMENT asserted by the Court leave criminal mischief, fraud, forgery, and a declaration of the precedent case in Minor v. Happersett regarding a natural born Citizen being “Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents” by the U.S. Supreme Court undefended and a wreck; and fair elections on equal terms for all the Candidates, per race, per qualifications within the U.S. Constitution in total disarray and the Appellant/Plaintiff without recourse in the infringements of his Civil Rights to a fair race; Does this not deserve the attention of the full Court and the political corrections that might be made for the next general election where the entire U.S. population has a stake and claim for fairness, equal treatment under the law in the considerations of our Republic?

These three questions will no doubt be circulated to the twelve Justices. Now it can be granted in two different ways. The first way is that a individual Justice calls for a Poll to be taken and affirms. In other words if this goes out to every one of the twelve and one Judge calls for a Poll it is taken. The second way it can be granted is if any single Justice does call for a Poll and more then six of the Justices of the twelve agree to rehear it, then we will be given a rehearing. Remember this rehearing is not a win on the case, its just that the audience of the Court will be bigger. They could give me an ear and I could still lose once the whole court heard it.

This is pretty intense as it happens very quickly in relative Court performance, and also as a matter of Justice hanging in the balance on the issues of those three questions. Will the Court decide I am sub-human not worthy of a fair or equal race by the virtues of principles found in the Constitution? Will the whole Court choose not to even give me an ear and not see Obama and Clinton's appointment of the two Judges in question as a favor to their employment at the Tenth Circuit? And of course will they consider the legal investigation proceedings of Sheriff Joe's Cold case posse as evidence they must take into considerations due to the legality of my reporting those to them in the legal manner laid out by the Sherman and Clayton Acts of Congress?

In football parlance what just happened? Well, I found myself on the defense all of a sudden in the middle of the field, with the kick-off team running up the middle unstopped. I looked around and hadn't been called for a penalty so I attacked. I didn't just go for the tackle and went for the ball. The guy running down for his touchdown didn't want to give it up, but I forced a fumble, picked the ball up, and ran it the other way ... hopefully for a touchdown which would be my being given a rehearing- 7 points, but not the end of the game.

I'll keep you updated as things happen and discuss this more in detail so pass it on and keep checking back. Thanks so much for your help and support needed at this time more then ever. Remember every "like" and every "share" is very important America!

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