Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fran Boscow Interviews Cody Robert Judy- Democrat Presidential Candidate 2012!

The following was a conducted interview entitled "Presenting Cody Robert Judy" with Fran Boscow of Constitutionalists United For Liberty

Please describe who you are. Include accomplishments and who you are as a person.
Fran, I’m am American Boy… red white and blue through and through. I’m a natural born citizen, born in Idaho Falls, Idaho to 2 parents who are United States citizens- actually they are also natural born citizens. I’m a father to 4 beautiful children ages 24, 23, 21, and 2. I’m a Christian and I feel I’m a very spiritual person, more so then religious, meaning I count my personal relationship with God to be a bigger part of me then say any particular church or denomination. My book, Taking A Stand- The Conservative Independent Voice is somewhat of a time line of my life and some of the experiences I have had as well as accomplishments. I think people can pick that up as an e-book for less than $10 and some of who I am and what I’ve done are also readily available on my web site on the CRJ Bio Link. Of recent accomplishment I filed a law suit against Sen. John McCain as a Presidential Candidate in 2008 before he was made the nominee at the National Republican Convention, and at the end of that filed an Emergency Exhibit of Obama’s ineligibility argument that was actually being heard in the U.S. Supreme Court by Phil Berg. You can see a 59 page exhibit of my own words on Scripd Motion for permissive joinder Judy v. Obama that is a synopsis of this. After reading that, you’ll get the idea that I’m a Hard core Birther and believer in our United States Constitution.

Please explain how running for president on the democrat ticket will provoke President Obama to adhere to presenting his true birth certificate?

I actually don’t think he will ever produce his true birth certificate before being called to remove himself from the White House by Congress after hearings of verification take place. His birth certificate is actually the side show from the fact his father is British and Obama is a dual citizen. Of which countries we are not sure at this time, but Britain included provides the fact he is not qualified by the demands of our United States Constitution to be President, so he must be removed not by impeachment, but rather interestingly enough as a disability a and failure to administer the duties of the President because of the disability of being qualified as is noted in USC Amendment XIV Sec 3 (see removal of disability 2/3rd of Congress) and Amendment XX.

Would you be willing to debate President Obama publicly?

I certainly would and hope to be able to do that, but I know if he came to a debate that was televised nationally, Congress would be having qualification hearings the next day, for he wouldn’t last through my answers the would pervasively expose him like the child did in the story The Emperor With No Clothes on while debate might mean questions, every question can lead back to the Constitution, especially when that is a Presidents most important duty, to preserve and to protect. All these Republican Candidates ought to be exposed as naked also because when it comes to the most important issue of our economy, national security, and our Constitution they have been silent on the usurpation of all three by Mr. Obama. You see with that little pamphlet called The Constitution of the United States 48 pages long, 11 of those pages have to deal with the President. All the other rights and organizations take 1 to 2 maybe 3 pages. As an example our entire Navy receives 2 pages. What that little example tells us is if you want to domestically terrorize America usurp the Presidency with a foreigner and you can do a heck of a job inside. I actually have a video challenging Obama in debate right here:

Could you tell Americans briefly your thoughts about where you stand on issues such as Obamacare, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, our USA borders, energy, and unemployment? What would you do about social security?

Well that a big question! Here’s a 15 minute video -Afghanistan Domesticated - Inside Obama's Insane Foreign Policy Nightmare ”
And briefly my 3 point platform link on my web site covers quite abit on borders, and turning this country around.

This remains to be put into a blue print plan but my vision is that with 10% of our natural resources and social security restrictions on illegal immigrants, we could progressively refund 11% of the Medicare programs that are being cut and sustain our social security programs. I do not believe a country as rich as ours needs to forsake the responsibility of taking care of our parents, of course that means opening up development instead of shutting it down, and believe me I would open up the grainery set aside for the gods, so to speak, rather than cut off our elderly.

Briefly on Obamacare, forget about the mandate portion, but rethink it strategically as an employment damn. I think the medical fields employment percentage can be a golden gate bridge or a PWP for the entire United States, however this would have to be considered with reference class forecasting to curb optimism bias, and a short fall waiver would have to be considered again with a percentage of our natural resources, but hopefully that would stay under 2%. We at the same time must provide incentives for Corporations and we are going to have to put a curb on the importation of communistic slavery when it conflicts with enterprise from within the U.S.

The XIII Amendment prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime within the United States, but the United States seems to import slavery and be good with that from other countries. This has provided corporations the incentive to go abroad and enslave as the incentive for capitalism, but it has stripped our Country with production incentive. Did you know Russia is almost debt free and has run their Government that way for the past little while? I’d would like to compare this debt challenge to us as the ‘race to the moon’ provided us a challenge in 1962 which we rose up to and conquered in 1969-

How do you feel about America's Constitution?

The principles of the United States Constitution provide the unity among the states. To disparage that is to divide. I believe firmly in the United States Constitution; that those calling it unworthy of our day are those inviting slavery and inequality among race, religion, and gender. Those who would call for the dissolution of our Constitution are those who would prohibit the rights of evidence and Habeas corpus, as well as see the destruction of the free press, and you would find them taxing without representation. The idea of citizenship itself in America is to be a king and to have individual rights against 300 million if necessary. Those who disparage our Constitution are not friends of liberty and freedom, but foes of them preaching fear for the security and duty or taxes towards the State of elitists, which is a brother to Tyranny. My heart delights in a man’s ability to sew and reap his harvest. Wither a man is poor or rich economically, a free man is always rich and abundantly wealthy over his empire wither a mansion or a mobile home you’ll find him happy at heart and grateful to God for what is his time and talent.

If elected, would you be a president that is transparent and also welcomes ideas from both sides of the aisle?

I would indeed be transparent in my life even as I have been in my book. My records of school, my grades, reports, my draft registration, my long form birth certificate, college transcripts, professional records actually are pretty much public, even now. I see no reason to hide that I actually got a D in Zoology and worked my butt off to get my GPA up to 3.6 when I graduated college without dropping that D. The President needs to have the ability to reach across the aisle and I’ve already stated that I think a couple of the Republican Candidates for president I would ask to serve in my cabinet because I admire the pool of talent of individuals on both sides of the isle and it’s a good thing to be out of your comfort zone and get a broad base of ideas in all areas to contemplate and assess. Partisanship has served us well keeping us from falling off the cliff, at times restraining or bridling run away horses. We are in a precarious circumstance but I am confident in our ability to find solutions and solvency.

Do you believe that you will bring back unity to our country?

Unity towards admiration and the integrity of our Constitution for all U.S. Citizens is not easily defined, as it’s perceived in so many ways, however these are principles that do in fact unite us. That has provided admiration from those afar as well as those within in our general success. That is being threatened now even at the highest office, which makes us the mockery of the world, makes us weak, makes us appear to be blind to our own follies as if we were caught sweeping dirt under the carpet. This does not make America a beacon of light to the world, it makes us fools and is embarrassing. Self reflection begins by taking inventory of ourselves and what we stand for. When it’s the principles of our Constitution we will find our greatest strength, integrity, and admiration returned.

How do you feel about the Second Amendment? Are you pro-gun?

Yes, Yes, Yes,… the Second Amendment is the only reason we are still a sovereign nation and the idea of fighting every single neighborhood with small arms in every household is terrifying to other nations. They may have big weapons but eventually it always comes down to small fire arms. Our causalities of war would be in the hundreds of thousands if Iraq or Afghanistan people were armed as America is. We should be happy about that and I’d advocate every one buying guns for Christmas presents one to another this year and boxes of ammo for stocking stuffers, make sure you get the kids off to ‘hunters safety courses’ and store them responsibly. Our SWAT Teams are well prepared to handle those 1% problems that exist with individuals who think that crime pays with the use of a firearm. Generally when people have jobs and work crime goes down and Obama’s policies up to this point encourage crime and promote lawlessness as is evident in his own behavior towards the Constitution or Supreme Law of the Land.

Do you believe that our government should bailout private companies? Do you believe that this is the time to increase taxes, especially for the rich? If so, why?

No, Private Companies should go through the bankruptcy process which often provides the restructuring of debt and management. Bankruptcy is not the end of the world; it’s actually a new beginning towards solvency. In the worst case scenario you see a company liquidate and restructure with a new name and some lessons learned that are valuable. Here is a little video I produced when I ran for U.S. Senate in 2010 that explains this in 2 minutes. It explains that my small company was sounder then all the big companies that took Tarp Bailout money.

Increasing taxes on the rich makes the rich and fearful absolutely rich and paranoid. There’s nothing worse than having a bunch of rich paranoid people around. U.S. Income received from raising taxes also increases incentives to move away from the U.S. and that sure isn’t going to even pay the interest on our debt. Obama saying he’s willing to give more in taxes because he’s so blessed in book sales right now, certainly is na├»ve or worse yet calculated to put the wealthy who could make a difference in politics in the same line as those who can’t contribute and will not do the U.S. any favors.

Now if 1 in every 10 households in America started a new business, just a little something on the side and got a tax incentive of 1,000 if they did so like they just had a baby, you would see a very small engine start in America that would roar into growth. If the Government put just a little tiny Tariff on imported goods providing an outlet for American Made, I think jobs would come back home, factories would find themselves being built here again. Small interest loans, for bigger companies that are able to employ big numbers we see many states offering now is a good incentive for them, but the small business man needs help too. For instance; like an incremental stage of growth for unemployment tax that starts at 0 for the smallest of companies with say 5 employees and works up respectively. People who work for small companies don’t expect the world. They understand the company making it or not may depend on not having to pay unemployment taxes, but it is a terrific incentive for them to hire which works on the positive side. The massive exodus of unemployment funds from people claiming them has skyrocketed unemployment taxes over the last few years and Obama feels like piling it on, and now three years later thinks jobs might be a good idea?
Here is a video regarding the financial reform bill 101 as a nightmare behemoth created Giant created by Obama with fear during the tarp bail out scandal. I made this in 2010 for my U.S. Senate run but it’s just as applicable today

Do you believe that the government is over spending tax payers’ money?

Yes, I do. High Government cost is heavy taxpayer burden. The Federal Government growth rate has been Obama’s answer for unemployment which we see still hasn’t put a dent in unemployment.
The federal government doesn’t pay taxes it uses them. Government money, ie taxpayers money, to pay employees who then have federal taxes taken out of their pay checks is a double loss on our own investment of those workers. Raise their wage by eliminating Federal taxes on our own investment? That makes more sense?

Obama’s growth of the federal government is a quick way to self destruct the federal government by increasing the demand on tax payers and that provides incentive for Obama to come out with the need for more taxes which he is doing, as opposed to providing incentives for private sector jobs that really include just getting out of the way, and making sure the player field is at least level, and watching the growth take over. Can you just for instance imagine a federal tax sabbatical for a year; people would spend that extra money or invest it in small businesses and boom economy growth! The idea here is that there are ideas to think about and right now we need to lower our debt by about 2 trillion very quickly to restore some semblance of confidence and believe me this is not masterminded by ‘The President’ alone, but the President can set up a task force and call in the experts and channel the general ideas of what he wants accomplished and I think I’ve given you an idea of the way the river would flow with my Administration.

What are your favorite things about America?

Well.. Number one has to be the United States Constitution (smile), number two the beauty. I’m in love with her and love to drive the highways and see her beauty. She’s like a sexy woman you can’t take your eyes off of. It’s thrilling to be in love with her and be satisfied. I love "We The People", and just being one is very cool. Watching all her people play and work and invent and worship freely is a wonder to behold.

Would you pardon President Obama if he were to be found guilty of any crimes if you were elected president?

This wasn’t orchestrated by Obama himself; he’s been a whipping boy for the Peace Prize in many ways. He’s smart though and he’s got himself covered with a lot of people. I suppose when it comes to him individual I wouldn’t oppose justice, but I don’t think satisfaction in justice comes from making someone suffer when all of us are involved. Recognizing most of America was involved in opening the door for him, although it was under false pretenses, our education of the United States Constitution let us down, in schools, in government, in our busy daily lifes. Satisfaction comes by not making the same mistakes twice and remembering people who have died for our Constitution. Obama has no remorse or intent on resigning, therefore his conscience is gone. He has no remorse for deceptive practices in taking advantage of everyone in America who voted for him or gave him money, but neither did Sen. John McCain. I wouldn’t pardon him, but I certainly wouldn’t want to see him executed, living with what he did for as long as possible would serve justice better in my opinion and certainly would keep his example around for politicians to remember for a long time.

Knowing that there are plenty leftist legislators in the democrat party, how would you resolve matters between them and yourself?

Well , even leftist legislatures have common goals and needs for their constituency, some differences would not be resolved but that wouldn’t mean we couldn’t have lunch and talk.

Do you believe in global warming?

No, but I do love trees and wood working, which means planting them and harvesting them. I like keeping a balance of loving the Earth and appreciating it; of giving to it and receiving from it. I love gardening.

Thank you again, Mr. Judy, for taking the time. I appreciate it very much!


Fran Boscow
Constitutionalist United For Liberty

Fran Boscow contacted Cody Robert Judy after reading an interview from The Post & Email by Sharon Rondeau entitled:

Cody Robert Judy Cody Robert Judy Files Papers to Run for President as a Democrat
by Sharon Rondeau