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Releasing the Principles From Prison- AWAKENING THE SLEEPING GIANT

Releasing the Principles From Prison -AWAKENING THE SLEEPING GIANT
Republican Boys: In the Plastic Bubble of Obama Drinking the Kool-Aid v. Conservatives Taking A Stand for Principles

News Updated: Friday -Dec 13,2013 "Sheriiff Joe's Cold Case Posse information was submitted by me in the first Court Case March 2nd 2012 which worked its way up to the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276. The implications will be far reaching! "

There is something about Obama and Obamacare that is good that is being seen by the U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators and more importantly by the eyes of the American People that is just remarkable. That something revolves around the fraud that is represented by Obama as a qualified person for the office of the President but even more importantly now, the fraud of his policies and representations.

We normally would associate a “negative” like this to be a break down in trust, confidence, and even stability, and the recognition of this to be like a double negative that now is positive. Here we are at the end of December nearly and in my state there was an initial sign up of Obamacare of 350 and now there’s been about 1300.

This is much more telling then a simple web-site glitch I believe, and many are missing it. This goes to the core of the dis-trust of Obama and Obamacare that is innately within the public. The translation of this has not had an opportunity to see its magnificence in an election yet, but I think its undoubtedly going to be in 2014 and no one is going to feel it more now then Republicans and Democrats as they see what being politically out of touch really means.

One of the really good things in America is a Federal election rolls around every two years. In 2014 we are seeing a need to restore the trust, confidence, and integrity of Government in ways not seen since the founding of our Nation. At the time of our American Revolution from England a dis-trust of Government had reached levels that were unparalleled simply because of the actions of a King in England that had chipped away at the trust to a point of maddening frustration which came to war.

Can you imagine the power of England right now if they had just buggered off a few taxes, and not fired the representatives elected to represent the people to the King over and over and over again? I think one of the fundamental flaws of progressive-ism is the lack of restraint to move to fast.
Now progressives I know would argue with me and say we have moved very slow so as to not arouse the sleeping giant until our snake was wrapped around her so tightly when she did awake she could not escape the slithering muscle around.

Indeed, not only have progressives not caught their own lack of patience but they have fundamentally not calculated the strength of the sleeping giant. I think about the solid chains around King Kong’s wrist and his drugged state as the fraudulent Ann Darrow was raised up and King Kong looked to see if it was her and then recognized the fraud perpetrated upon him and started pulling at the chains with more and more strength.

More and more people are waking up and seeing Obama as not only a fraud in representing himself as a qualified candidate for the office of the President, because he wasn’t “Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents” and in such is not a ‘natural born citizen’ qualified to sign anything like Obamacare into law, but they are seeing that a fraud has fraudulent policies.

Although a house of cards can be dazzling, its still built on cards and when the wind starts blowing it doesn’t matter how much time and work and money has been spent building the house of cards, it will blow down. The lack of trust is in fact the angry wind winding up to blow Obama and all those who have continued to prop him up down, like Republican House speaker Boehner and unfortunately people like R- Paul Ryan who find negotiating with a crook representing a fraud to be wise rather then relying upon the principles of trust found in our Constitution that flat out declares Obama to be a fraud.

Now I think it’s a good thing that people are waking up and asking themselves questions. Finally, people are saying, “Wait-a-minute, Obama said this and then did that. Obama said I could keep my insurance and now I’ve been canceled.
Obama said he was a ‘native born citizen’ and now has released from the White House Press Core room a long form fabrication.”

I have to chuckle at Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity lately. I mean they’ve been on a “Obama – Obama Liar Liar pants on fire”
rant since the diabolical roll-out of Obama-care. They’re like little kids screaming at the crook who just barged in the White House and won two elections with the deception of fraud, “Liar Liar!” I have to ask Rush from Obama’s point of view don’t you think he’s just laughing at you?

Obama’s coasting on the second election and has not only barged in the House but he now has the deed in his hand and is ready to call the police to report the kids to juvenile detention authorities and or just kick the kids out of his house and into the street as a nuisance, because ranting “liar liar pants on fire” to someone in the White House with no more elections to win is a tiny bit like beating a dead horse and pounding your chest like you’re King Kong right? You got anything more, or is that it? At least I have the Constitution and as long as the Constitution exist as the Supreme Law of the Land, Obama's presidential library is certainly not a sure thing yet.

There is no doubt that if you take away Obama from Rush, Glenn, and Sean that they no longer have a horse to ride and actually find themselves walking because they, and you know this to be true, do not find Obama’s fraudulent long form birth certificate to be offensive nor do they find the principle of the Constitution for qualification violated with Obama. The same one signed by the founders of this Nation they proport to honor and find so much respect for, demanding a unique qualification for only the Office of the President separate and distinct from the qualification of “Citizen” found for U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators distinguished as a ‘natural born citizen’ which we know removes all foreign alien-ship from the Office of the President for two generations with the demands of “Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents” of which there is no doubt.

Now if you want to place “doubts” in the White House, if you want to place “doubts” in our National Security, if you want to place “doubts” in our United States Economy, if you wish to place “doubts” in every single household in America, then destroy the trust by placing someone in that position which fundamentally transforms the “TRUST” of Americans and replaces the trust with doubts. Hey, all you Judges, do you know what doubts do to courage? Well, its kind of the same thing maggots do to a dead carcass.

Oh yes, that’s exactly what you do if you’re the devil. It’s a brilliant plan and one that almost worked. I say almost, because though the plan seems brilliant its fundamentally flawed in the principles of God. You know I don’t celebrate myself as anyone special by way of being elected, or being brilliantly popular by any standard of the world. What I celebrate is the inspiration and revelation that flows from Heaven to me that I am so deeply grateful for that teaches popular principles of Eternity and Heaven.

These popular principles of Eternity and Heaven through the channels of inspiration and revelation are indeed how our United States Constitution was written and oh how beautiful it is in its simplicity and oh how it frustrates the devil.

You know Sen. John McCain stomped and ranted and raised hell against the “natural born citizen” qualification clause for the Office of the President in the Constitution just like every anti-birther in 2000, and when it failed to change in 2008 he begged and pleaded and snuggled up like a little puppy to his little snuggly friends who owned the majority of the U.S. Senate the Democratic Party U.S. Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to get a non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution passed called 511, which kind of reminds me of 911 but that’s another story.

Sen. John McCain wasn’t born in the U.S. but is a native born son of Panama and he graduated I think like 4th from the bottom of his class in the Navy after nearly destroying a carrier single-handedly with a wet start of a plane. Sen. Obama had a C average in Occidental College and miracle of miracle got into Columbia University and then Harvard. Isn’t it interesting these two have been holding hands from so long ago and have been pitted against the principle of the Constitution but the people “bought it”?

What I find even more interesting then that honestly is I’m in such a different class. I was in prison for 8 years for taking a stand against a fraud of the principles of heaven. There’s just no other way to say it when you look at the reality and the facts backed up with the evidences of my case if your really willing to look at it honestly. I graduated from College with a 3.7 GPA and have been through 5 elections but the people have “never bought it”?

Now its not only interesting that I have never won an election, but its interesting that I am the only candidate in the entire United States running for President in 2008 and 2012 that sued McCain and Obama for not being qualified for the Office of the President by the virtue of not being a “natural born citizen”. That's pretty unique if you think about it first having to be inspired. The rudimentary and simple basics or principles of our Constitution should not be partisan. We as Americans should be able to come together on the core principles and we have to our credit in many instances done just that.

But on this “natural born citizen” requirement we haven’t yet come together. In fact to a large degree I have been as isolated in that principle as I was in prison in maximum security fighting for the religious rights of all prisoners but especially the ones who had suffered there for decades based on their looks and a discrimination of their gender. You’d think things like that wouldn’t happen in America but they did and do. Go into your bathroom and lock yourself in it for four and half years opening the door one hour a day to walk around the house and you’ll have a little taste of what I went through over principles in prison. Add to it antagonizing guards nearly every day and you'll understand why anti-birthers are not news and about as important in lawful enterprises of Congress as trolls.

Nelson Mandela who was imprisoned for 27 years was praised by Obama as in the same class as Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King and Obama was indeed introduced by commentators as a son of Africa. Obama has not stood on the ground of principles in America. If he was grounded in those principles he would have never run for President as a professor who taught the Constitution, because he’d know he was a walking talking fraud of those principles that would destabilize America’s national security and act as a force to ruin the trust each and every American had in their Government.

When you look at all the scandals coming out of our Government in 2013 with the IRS, NSA, the White House from Benghazi to Fast & Furious, you see a ruin or an abomination. It doesn’t have anything to do with Obama’s color, anymore then Abraham Lincoln’s color had anything to do with fighting for the freedom of all men, it has to do with Obama’s lack of grounding principles and respect for law. In a job that requires an oath of protecting, preserving, and defending the Constitution a fraud just won’t cut it. In fact, a fraud will sell you down the river and that’s exactly what the American people are seeing in the biggest tax hike in American history - Obamacare.

Obama’s willing to sell you down the river, but that’s what we’d expect from a fraud right? That is exactly what we’d expect from a walking talking violation of the Constitution. Now, where would we find the principles of trust if a walking talking violation of the Constitution was in the White House? Of course, we’d find those principles in prison wouldn’t we? Because if those principles were out of prison there would be no room for Obama in the White House that’s for sure and Obamacare would have been a success in the public eye. So, we need Congress to release the principles from prison.

All the Kings’ horses and all the Kings men sure wouldn’t be trying to prop up Humpty Dumpty and negotiate a budget with him, but that’s what Rep. Paul Ryan and Speaker Boehnor are doing. I didn’t sue McCain and Obama on the natural born citizen principle because I didn’t like them. I sued them because I got the inspiration and revelation that it was a very important principle to take a stand for.

Now what most Republicans and anti-birthers don’t get, don’t understand, or just plain refuse to face is exactly what “Removing Doubt”, “Repairing the Trust”, “Restore Credibility” in every household in America will do in the action of removing Obama as a ‘disability’according to the demands of our Constitution.

What do you think would happen if you remove fraud, doubt, and insecurity and replace it with trust, courage, integrity/honesty? Now if you can put a price tag on that your pretty good, but its in the neighborhood of our National Debt, so don’t tell me its not worth it. You’d be very surprised at what God can release if you will but take a stand for principles.

In President George Washington’s words in 1792, “I am sure there never was a people, who had more reason to acknowledge a divine interposition in their affairs, than those of the United States; and I should be pained to believe, that they have forgotten that agency, which was so often manifested during our revolution, or that they failed to consider the omnipotence of that God, who is alone able to protect them.”

I stand all amazed at the Lord in Heaven, our Creator and the amazing grace he has given me. I celebrate his mercy upon us because of that inspiration and revelation that stands as a witness! How I am so honored I do not know, but I am very grateful and humbly honored to the defense and service of these principles that our founders also felt as the dews of Heaven so wonderfully descended upon them.

This is just incredible love my friends and is such a testimony of God’s love upon you. I hope you as I will spread it and share it and understand how much Jesus Christ loves you this Christmas. The United States of America is all I want for Christmas under the Supreme Law of the United States Constitution because its such a wonderful gift to have liberty and freedom Congress. I appreciate it so very much, and I hope you as well as every United States Citizen does to.

It is very important that we are all seen Taking A Stand for these principles and celebrating them this Christmas and understanding that to repair this broken bond of trust we must have an Open Hearing on Obama’s lack of qualification for the Office of the President and his being a disability that must be excused from the Office of the President based on principle.

This is my witness. You don't have to "Embrace the Suck".

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