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Georgia Obama Eligibility Hearing News

Exactly when did Mr. Obama go over the top of the Constitution? I thought we were all under the law? And since when does a plethora of 'other cases' dismissed on technicalities and never heard on the merits of ‘natural born citizen’ exclude a case argued on the merits? Obama finally has a chance to slam dunk Mrs. Taitz and he doesn't show up? Come on.

Obama Excuses himself from a legal Subpoena rather contemptuously setting the example for Americans to not show up? Than Obama asks the Sec-Of-State of Georgia to pull the case out from under the Judge? Are these the actions of someone who believes in America rule of law or Chaos? With Obama’s example, America should just “not show up” for the 2012 elections either?

This is not what Democrats believe in and I don’t believe the Democrat Party has degenerated in to the lowest common denominator at the highest ranking office. Obama had a duty to show up and slam dunk and debunk the plaintiffs which he refused to do as an admonition of guilt for using someone else’s social security card number, perpetrating a false identity upon the American public, and throwing everyone under the bus who supported him.

The value of an investment in Obama is only as good as it pays off and it appears those who have Obama’s back are going to be big losers. When it comes to fraud and forgery that among his supporters seems perfectly ok, I wonder who among them supports teaching that to their children? Not even the guys in prison would advocate such a thing. It’s time to come clean and recognize a bust and a change of course Democrats. This cover isn’t going to fly and it’s a whopping slap in the face on Americans and the Republic for which we stand.

Obama stated during the release of his long-form-fabrication that we were "not going to be able to solve our problems if we got distracted by side-shows and carnival barkers' and that, "We do not have time for this kind of silliness- We got better stuff to do- I’ve got better stuff to do”.

It would seem that defending himself from fraud and forgery were not high priorities on the merits, and the escape route of filing a motion to quash and a written letter asking the Sec-Of-State of Georgia were silly as when it came down to cross examining witnesses and submitting evidence to the rebuttle Obama was the silly one, and Obama was the side-show, and Obama was the carnival barker, and Obama had better things to do then submit to the rule of law he in fact had requested to.

Imagine a president who fights his own battles? Wouldn't that be a site to see.




Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swenson Takes A Swipe at Orly's Clients on The Manning Report- Update

Update of Mr.Swensson response in Update Post I and my response in Update Post II can be seen scrolling down.

Carl Swensson Takes Obama To Court For Real
Interview of Dr. Pastor Manning with Carl Swenson represented by Hatfield Esq.
At 2 min to 2:40 min

Comments to Video

Mr. Swensson seems a little bitter to Orly Taitz and her clients that I am apart of. Its seems a shame that Mr. Swensson would loft himself into a degenerative state about myself (Cody Robert Judy) as a Presidential Candidate when he should know the 9th Circuit ruled that Presidential candidates have the best standing to challenge the case, not to mention all the Campaign work , traveling to New York and testifying in the CIA Columbia Obama Trial in New York, and Orly happened to request all the docs first.

Code4Pres 1 second ago

Patriots attempt to deride one another in a show of superiority that isnt' consistent with the facts, we hurt the cause in general. I for one am greatful Mr. Swensson as a concerned citizen made it known through the legal channels of his State, however lest Mr. Swensson forget there are 50 states and his testimony can't be used in all 50 , mine can. Lets stay together on this folks we have a ways to go.

Code4Pres 1 sec ago in playlist Uploaded videos


Mrs. Orly Taitz has been a real champion for this fight, a thorough, and dedicated Attorney fighting not only in Georgia but also in New Hampshire along with me. I see no reason at all why in review of the hearing Orly should not be given credit for bringing upon the Judge much more weight to the Judges mind of criminal wrong doing in the eligibility of Barack Obama, making it much harder for him not to grant the Default to us, and also make clear the very important case that Obama has indeed sought to cover up his ineligibility with actions that are criminal.

Orly's arguments were slated as 3rd because they were so thorough and she had so many more expert witnesses testifying. While Mr. Hatfield's Esq. and Mr. Van Irion Esq. arguments are strictly on the natural born citizen requirement and avoid the illegal actions Obama has taken, the burden of those illegal actions are no doubt red meat on a Judges shoulders for misprision of felony and that no doubt is much harder to shuffle off in an ineligibility argument.

There can be no dispute Orly Taitz has learned through the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, that has enlightened everyone, that Presidential Candidates have greater standing than legislatures, retired military personal, active military personal,citizens, and Obama's relatives. We work very very hard on our campaigns to ensure an argument for our cause is won in "Competitive Standing" meaning we have to keep up a rigorous and demanding appearance of a competitive campaign in case the argument comes that would rival Mitt Romney's or Newt Gingrich's campaigns, but we don't have the funding they do. That means much more work on our part that we don't get paid for.

For me that has been a nice looking credible 50 page web site, having positions on just about every issue on Earth that are accessible to the media, reporting to the FEC, Fundraising,traveling, YouTube Station with 142 Commercials and Video as an authority on the eligibility issue since 2008 and law suits on both candidates in 2008 that took up a tremendous amount of time and money, Amicus Curia's filed in the Supreme court and on behalf of Lt. Col Terry Lakin, and much more including responding to questions from every lobbyist organization on the planet.

The fact that Mr. Swenson doesn't really know me kinda shows us all that he's maybe doing what he accused me as a Presidential Candidate of doing, "grandstanding".

The biggest difference is, I've got a lot of battle scars from the front lines since 2008 that Mr. Swenson hasn't even seen. I am the only Presidential Candidate running in 2012 who remains out of the class of 2008 that has formally charged Mr. Obama as ineligible in the entire United States. I've got Obama's tire tracks run over me allready in 2008, I don't need yours too.

Please Mr. Swensson, please tell me you at least read Mrs. Taitz argument and that a good portion of the reason I am listed on the complaint is because the Democrat Party Leaders refused to put me on the ballot, and hopefully that is not only rectified judicially, but is articulated any time you speak about me again when it comes to this case.

Cody Robert Judy

Post Note I. - Jan. 27th 2012:

To: codyjudy@HOTMAIL.COM
Subject: RE: Swenson Bad Mouths Orly's clients on Manning Report
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 11:19:01 -0500

Dear Cody Judy,

I do have regrets that I mentioned her and her case in a negative way and can offer no excuse since any difference I have must be delivered in person. That situation did not occur yesterday though I was fully prepared for that. What you saw was my frustration at not being able to deliver that message.

As to what went on yesterday… It has taken 2 years of constantly getting before my State reps with special emphasis on Brian Kemp, to get these challenge hearings established which he did. For that I will forever be in his debt as a voter and now staunch supporter. His assigning this Judge meant a very special alignment of the stars had just occurred and the opportunity to get, on open record, the issue of nbC status which we did. That has been and remains the focus of my efforts. Remember, this was a challenge hearing, not a court case. Orly did use this as a platform to get her issues on record but has never acknowledged the hard work of others to make this day happen. Yeah, I find that a bit disconcerting and again, that’s unfortunately, what came out.

My thinking, whether some feel it’s flawed or not, is to take the direct approach to get him off the ballot based on the only pleadings that could be applicable in this hearing. If or once that occurs, the criminal issues will necessarily follow and that is where She can do the most good. ALL the records are now entered into evidence and both Mark and Van did a masterful job of crafting them submitting them and entering them. Both were extremely careful to draw the line of separation between what we were doing and what Orly intended to do. Only Mark put forth the motion to shift the burden of proof from the Plaintiff’s to the Defense and that has yet to be ruled on. If we get a favorable ruling on that one point alone, all future Pres. Candidates will have to put up or shut up when seeking their name placement on GA’s ballot.

So, in closing, I’d like to offer you my apology for making the derogatory statement concerning her actions in court. I reduced myself in that moment. We are all in this fight and I agree this type of infighting is uncalled for. My bad.

Please share with everyone on your list.


Carl Swensson

Post Note II Jan. 27th, 2012:

Dear Mr. Swensson,

As for me, I appreciate so much all the efforts you and those associated with you gave to the defense of our Constitution Jan 26th,2012, and all the time that you have put forth in this effort for as long as you have.

It certainly is my only desire to encourage everyone to do the same. As I said, we have a long way to go and a few more States are necessary for sure. Not all the States have the same laws as Georgia, in which case as we did in New Hampshire it required going into open court which is much more expensive and time consuming.

Hopefully we all can work together. I accept your apology and hope that you will remove from your web site the dis-spirited remark you made of Mrs. Taitz ( That she was embarrassing which as the second inconsideration I saw associated with you) in the consideration that we have 50 States to go and the efforts of all our attorneys are deeply appreciated. We can't afford to fall into the trap of calling each other the names that the media calls us. We all have our weaknesses and we should not prey upon one another in this manner.

Certainly the matter of separating the cases is a legal position your attorneys can take, but I feel strongly that dis-association with each other will not help our cause, or enable us to proceed faster.

I will forward your sincerity with appreciation to you. As far as I am concerned the matter is closed and the only reason I was moved to make a defense about it is because it was made a YouTube Video and that record will remain forever. We can't erase it so many copies get down loaded and transferred to other sights that its impossible to contain. I wouldn't have made the effort I did in making it a BLOG piece of mine if that wasn't the case.

Unfortunately when we estrange each other in these situations it is all used against us by the opposition. We really need to keep in mind that we are all under the banner of our Constitution and the Glory of each of all our efforts be to God. For in this light we will prevail and he will prepare the way before us making us strong where we are weak.

I admired and applauded the many interviews you did and featured them very profoundly in our efforts together positively. This is my best wish for you and I hope you for me because together we are stronger.

Cody Robert Judy

Subject: RE: Swenson Bad Mouths Orly's clients on Manning Report
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 13:21:51 -0500

I have posted my public apology to Orly on my web site and highlighted it so that all will be sure to see it. Crow for breakfast, crow for lunch.., look forward to a regular meal.
I must now make a Public apology for words I used, in a deragatory fashion, concerning Patriot Orly Taitz. We all make mistakes and that one was a real boner on my part. I do hope Orly will accept my apology as we are ALL in this fight together

The good Lord has nothing but good to say about our eating crow. God Bless you Mr. Swensson, it takes a bigger man to apologize than to hold tight that which makes us small.

Cody Robert Judy

Cody Robert Judy asked, "Is the Democrat Party Doomed in light of Georgia?"

Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S. C. Eligibility Campaign is the campaign committee honored to represent Cody Robert Judy who is also a patriot courageously standing up for the Constitution in the Atlanta Georgia Obama Eligibility Hearings represented by Orly Taitz, as a Democrat in the disregard of the demands of the Constitution by Barack Obama.

Proceedings in the hearing were concluded around 11 am Jan. 26th, 2012 and Cody Robert Judy twittered comments regarding the proceeding during the hearing which can be viewed at .

For a reporters view of the hearings:

A very good blow by blow of the hearing held is found here

Also,Dr. Jerome R. Corsi of WND reported on the hearing here:
Sharon Rondeau reported from the Post & Email here:

From the Huffington Post we see a head line that was searing in its nature about the contempt Obama has for the rule of law-
Obama Birther Case In Georgia Unlikely To Bring The President, Despite Judge's Order.

“I was sadly disappointed for America to see the arrogance of Obama and his attorney to boycott the hearing after responding with a “motion to quash the Subpoena” on record and a second attempt to run around the whole proceeding with a document letter to Georgia Sec. of State Kemp which also was responded to.” , said Mr. Judy.

When asked about how the Democrat Party should feel about Obama’s boycott, “ As far as the Democrat Party is concerned I am embarrassed about Obama’s behavior in a very simple request to produce some documents that have never been produced and to address the concerns I have represented in my complaint along with Georgia Citizens. Obviously not all Democrats boycotted the hearing, I was there represented and I feel representing the Constitution for the Democrat Party. Remember we are all Americans under the Constitution.”

“The concern I have is that all of America will think that the Democrat Party is representing an example of snubbing a court of law if things don’t go your way with a couple of motions you get denied, that is not the case, and Obama is not representing the values and principles of America the Democrat Party is accustom to representing.” Cody Robert Judy said.

When the Democrat Candidate for President was asked what he thought would be the outcome of the hearing he said, “Well, if I were in the Judges place and I realized first hand Obama’s attorney had responded to the Subpoena and also been warned by the Secretary of State in Georgia that boycotting the hearing might be a bad idea, I would have to consider all the evidence presented on its face value as un-challenged by Obama and or his representative Attorney and thusly fact if it was comprehensive to law and rational understanding. In that light, not only recommend Obama not be allowed on the ballot due to his ineligibility of not being a natural born citizen, but I would have to certify my contention that a criminal investigation was needed due to the crimes being represented in social security fraud, identity fraud or perhaps be guilty of misprision of felony myself.”

“It seems Obama has no empathy or moral code to throw as many people under the bus as he can. Those who have been run over find themselves having to go along or be tried for sedition or treason themselves. This narcissism knows no bounds and victimizes everyone around him including very sadly his family.”

“If it hasn’t become clear to the American People by now it should be very clear now that we have in the White House a man who not only is not qualified, but has known he was not qualified, and made every effort to make us think otherwise. This is the essence of fraud, forgery, and deceit. If the leadership of the Democrat Party continues to align itself with such principles it will find itself extinct. I have offered a reasonable choice and extended my hand for the sound principles America was built on and to represent to everyone the Democrat Party is alive and well with the standard of the Constitution.”

“I would encourage all Democrats to see the writing on the wall and understand the Titanic did sink when it struck the iceberg that was infinitely bigger than the ship. As such our Constitution and America and all those who have died and do now fight for our Constitution is infinitely bigger than the corruption of Obama’s actions as one man.”

“It is time to jump into the life boats, and begin representing a clear and Constitutional choice in my candidacy, which is clearly a clean message compared to the mainstream Republican Candidates who we see are very willing to sweep the dirt under the carpet, as well as our Constitution, and that’s not the President’s job or oath!”

Cody Robert Judy website can be seen at , his blog , and 142 videos on his YouTube Station CODE4PRES.
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

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WND Feature Will Obama Show Up -Letter to the Mr. Bob Unruh

Dear Mr. Unruh:
Will Obama show up at eligibility hearing?

Your article was very good and thorough. I wanted to personally thank you very sincerely for the positive mention and link you placed on my name. That was very considerate of you and I appreciate it so much.

This has been such a hard fight and I know some people don't like me because I challenged McCain's natural born citizenship in Federal Court as well as Obama's before McCain was made the nominee in 2008. It was like challenging a football kick off return after the guy holding the ball got past you 20 yards.. just not quite enough time to stop him before he passed the goal line.

The 2012 Season is upon us and we Birthers are much more prepared at stopping the run around. ;) I believe if Obama doesn't show up to the hearing and it is sent to Superior Court that's when my standing may come into the bigger picture.

If you have an desire to do a story specifically aimed at the Democrats that are apposed to Obama, which there are about 1/3rd of the Democrat Party doesn't dig this obfuscation and destruction of the Constitution, I would be happy to respond to any questions you might send to me for an article. To tell you the truth Bob, concerned Americans need to feel that this argument is Constitutional and that Obama is not being picked on because of 'race'.

Any story that is done that actually begins a healing process, and a comforting process as to a greater understanding of the common ground between Parties and across racial lines in our United States Constitution, I think you would agree , is a healing story and one that must be written by someone some day.

Thank you again, and congradulations I saw your stories have been picked up by several national newspapers also, a credit to you on a well written story.


Cody Robert Judy

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mitt Romney's Silence in Georgia on Obama's Eligibility


For a Presidential Contender probably the most important thing to show the American People is just exactly how much courage you will have to live up to your oath in preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution of the United States.

Cody is a Plaintiff in the Georgia law suit fighting not only for the Constitution to be upheld in not allowing an ineligible candidate on the Ballot, Cody is fighting for free elections as he is a Democrat who has been denied from the ballot by the Democrat Party.

Represented by his attorney Orly Taitz Esq, Cody releases the following video summarizing the complaint that is to be heard by a Georgia Judge in Trial proceedings January 26th,2012 and puts the pressure on Republican Candidates who have been keeping their mouth shut as cowards to the Constitution in the greatest and most nefarious fraud ever thrown in front of the American People to lap up like dogs.

Mitt Romney's Silence in Georgia on Obama's Eligibility

a "must see" Mitt Romney silence on the Constitution's demand for a natural born citizen is showcased in Obama's eligibility crisis that is the center of attention in a Georgia Hearing set for Jan 26th, 2012 that features Cody Robert Judy running as a Democrat suing for his right to be on the Ballot in Georgia with Orly Taitz esq. representing him.

Cody Robert Judy has shown more courage than all the Republican Candidates put together in taking a stand for the "Key" of The United States Constitution and would be honorable to his oath to protect, and preserve, and defend the Constitution.

Please help support Cody Robert Judy by sending in a contribution today to help him with his tremendous fight.

The actions' of Obama are despicable treating Americans like 'dogs' thrown garbage as if he has no responsibility to We the People in his oath. Barack Obama's long form birth certificate is an obvious forgery and is just the tip of the iceberg he represents in his identity fraud and forgery in the biggest cover up America has ever seen.

Its time our Government remembered they are servants of the people and the people expect a few things... namely for them to start living up to their oaths of office.

Please help support Cody Robert Judy with a contribution on-line today to help him with his tremendous fight in order that he can appear at the hearing and testify of this for the defense of our Constitution and our Country.

The Cody Robert Judy for President U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign