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Democrats Soften on Nationalism? Addressing How Trump slid in on a Stealth Civil Rights Action

Democrats Soften on Nationalism? 
Addressing How Trump slid in on a Stealth Civil Rights Action

Wednesday November 9th, 2016, Democrats woke up in a cold sweat seeing President Donald J. Trump had won Election 2016. How could that possibly happen on the heels of two terms of popular Obama? What had they missed? How were the polls, pundits, and inside Washington DC'rs so drastically wrong? How had Donald Trump slipped in on the Civil Rights Action America had propagated so faithfully, with identity politics so strong with minorities and women? How had Trump attracted so many Democrats away from the Democratic Party to get the steering wheel of the Office of the President? We Democrats are left to examine these questions and ponder them as a very minor party, humbled and reduced to ashes as more than 1000 offices have departed the Democratic Party across the Country in the wake of the ObamaPopulism.

The whole idea of being an "insider" is being part of an inner circle that the masses are not part of. How rare is it when the inside of a nucleus becomes unattached to the outer circle thereby rendering it on the outside while the outside become the inside? That happens when things get turned inside out. You hate it when you get caught wearing that sweater with the tag hanging out? Its' embarrassing when you put your shirt on inside out and go out in public. Most of us can identify with that having done it on occasion, especially when we are in a hurry or rush.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” 
― Benjamin Franklin started thinking

Civil Rights in Washington DC is set in Stone and Granite. There is no way anyone can not gaze upon the Washington, Lincoln, or Martin Luther King Jr. Memorials and not think of an outstanding struggle of independence, freedom & liberty, all of which encompass Civil or political rights.

Some might say Political Rights are different then Civil Rights, but they would be mistaken. One might ask with the Amendments of the U.S. Constitution that enabled voting regardless of color or gender, with the advent of same-sex marriage upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, and Pro Choice, if there are any Civil Rights left that encompass large swaths of a percentage of the population in America and how when those become law the Conservative Path does not pick up an advantage of that law the same as liberals do?

This is part of how Republicans were able to benefit from representing themselves as pro life and pro choice, for marriage between a man and a women as well as same-sex marriage. When it a Civil Right goes through the struggle to become Law upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court it is much less likely to ever be over-turned and because of that, both Republican and Democratic Parties are able to Claim the Law will be upheld and thus attract the one issue voters.

Democrats would no doubt in many instances like to stash and tuck away the line-item Voter in a singular little box, but when it becomes American, there is not much luck of turning it back. Can you imagine the struggle it would be to outlaw black men or women from voting? Can you imagine turning the clock back on same-sex marriage? Neither can Republicans and President Trump was able to gain a foot hold by stating as much, yes I'm pro-choice but I'll uphold the Law.

Trump with such a statement gains all the Pro-Life people who think of the sliver of a chance that abortions will become illegal by turning the issue back to the States, but the reality of any State of the Union making abortion illegal would undoubtedly suffer the frenzied focus of the media Nationally and render their U.S. Representatives and Senators pariahs.

When it comes to the National Focus, there are not a whole lot of U.S. Representatives or U.S. Senators standing up for the repeal of the 18th Amendment which would effectively make prohibition legal again. You don't see these same Elected leaders standing up and forming coalitions to repeal same-sex marriage, or repeal pro choice Law. So the Law when it is passed finally or actually becomes Law is also claimed positively by both the Republicans and the Democrats.

Now this poses a bigger problem for the Democrats than it does the Republicans because they have swam in identity politics for so long - First Black President 2008, 2012, First women President 2008 2016 now they have lost to President Trump one time it may be over for Democrats as far as Civil Rights and the High Ground of a moral civil or political high road cause that will propel them with enough votes to gain the favor of America back which has been lost.

Let's face it Democrats, this is why we may say now days especially  very rarely does a Civil Rights Argument come along that will unite the People of the United States of America nationally.  It would take a current civil right infringement that affected everyone nationally to rekindle favor. The Parade in a low turn out of 500K women when 1M were expected began in Washington DC today. Those women representing any pro-choice advocacy were excluded by the organizers whittling away at women as a bloc as fast as they were trying to organize as a bloc.
Ashley Judd and Madonna go low at women's march: Singer says she wants to 
BLOW UP the White House in F-word-filled speech as actress says 'Hitler' has
'wet dreams'about Ivanka referencing Trump as Hitler

 The female temper-tantrum has at the center of it's complaint Trump's Freedom of Speech or 1st Amendment Rights which they are exercising very raunchily themselves. What Trump has said bothers them,but he is now their President too.

I always thought women really did bring out the best in us men tempering down the testosterone rich and raunchy foul mouth natural instincts of men in a higher class of smoothing our rough edges. Therefore to see and hear what was happening at the Women's March was in my opinion something like wanting the worst? 

It's probably safe to say most of the women protesting today were Democratic Party women as it was organized as a protest against President Trump. I don't say Temper-Tantrum lightly because I know what it's like to feel threatened and be threatened on a basic Civil Right. But I would like to focus now on a couple of things that make a make a temper-tantrum just that verses making a Protest on Reality something of a Civil Rights Act and it's based on action and behavior being much bigger than words.

We Democrats have lost our way with the Leaders I believe. Trump slid in the drivers seat of the Office of the Presidency as a soft Dem. I'm not sure if Dems can come back now.. it's gonna be a lot of work if they do. Reflecting on Trump's inauguration speech I heard many things that sounded like Democrats

1- For those forgotten you will be remembered. (Have Democrats forgotten about people in their exclusion of inclusion stance represented to the National Psyche the last few elections?

2- Jobs will come back (How big of a part have Democrats played in employing the world over their own constituents as they have been encouraging exporting jobs for lower wages in our big corporations rather than remembering the little guy back here in the USA?)

Dems forgot those main stay principles as they considered the World first the USA second. Donald Trump seized on these and employed them as certain realities that were very lifelike in the homes of so many Americans. It's hard to deny the rust bust in American factories riddled across America? Obama seemed happy to encourage this departure of employment at the same time opening the gates to disgruntled immigrants in places he was bombing. Things Obama as well as Hillary Clinton forgot:

1-The world doesn't pay taxes here
2-Nor does the world vote here

The Dems needed to soften on their anti Nationalism and remember we are part of the World but we are not the World. Do you remember how big of a deal Obama was made out to by the Press as he dropped in on a July 2008  Berlin Germany Rock Concert attended by 200,000 people?  The U.S. was being sold a bill of goods by the popularity reported of the World's Attraction to Obama.

[For the man who has brought rock-star charisma to electoral politics, today saw the campaign rally as pop festival, a summer gathering of peace, love — and loathing of George Bush.]
Obama has, in hind-site, fueled an undisputed eight continuous unbroken years of a constant state of war for America Democrats. He dropped a total of more than 50 thousand bombs over his last two years. What part of George W. Bush can we realistically say we missed in Obama? Was it the 7 Nations Obama bombed verses the 4 George W. Bush had? Does another 10 Trillion in National Debt selling out future generations whole futures for interest that is questionable to American's defense sound familiar? Was it the fact Obama could Open his mouth as a black Democrat and sell more than half the Country the lies 36 times about keeping their doctor, the 41 prisoners left at Gitmo as Obama sails off?

Salivate all over yourself if you'd like, but Obama forgot about the common man and Trump took notice. Democrats were thrilled with the adulation of the world but were blind to the hurt of every day working Americans. Washington DC did exactly what Trump said they did. They were out-of-touch with realities and they also missed the biggest Civil Rights Action that affected the Nation over the last 8 years, and that was Obama's ineligibility by the Standard of the U.S. Constitution.

How could a black man violate Civil Rights? The concept seems incomprehensible to most Democrats who will throw down for Obama as a Citizen but forget the qualification for the Office of the President in [Citizen] stopped for those born after the Adoption of the U.S. Constitution and from there on out required [natural born Citizen] ie. born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. 

It was a stealth civil rights issue Trump say and capitalized on in America. Most Americans across the electoral college agreed, but Democrats refused to see opting again for populism and slandering pejoratives like 'Birthers'. The Democrats ignored, excluded, and castigated those who were suffering for the Civil Rights of a fair and equal presidential race under the Standard of the U.S. Constitution which is not the standard of the world.
That is why Democrats are so angry right now. They haven't yet come to grips with the fact that the future of the Country has been handed to Republicans who did not hold a single hearing against Obama's qualification.

Republicans did not have a single main stream Candidate willing to take a stand in Court filing a Civil Rights Complain of an unfair race in Mitt Romney 2012 or John McCain 2008.

Republicans have far more ineligible Presidential Candidates on the Bench or who have ran for President but who do not satisfy [born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents]

See U.S. Supreme Court Case Minor v. Happersett for precedent of [natural born Citizen] ironically the first case recognizing women as equal citizens to men. Celebrate that infringement in Obama women of the Parade in Washington DC. 

“…all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also.”  First, the Court states that these persons are “citizens”.  But then it makes a second statement about this class –
2. “These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.” 

As a Candidate for President in the Democratic Party the only one to also sue McCain and Obama clear to the U.S. Supreme Court twice 12-5276 14-9396, Democrats have missed a Civil Rights Fight that Trump actually got credit for as being a leader in the Birther Movement. Trump even tweeted to Cruz he had standing and could sue him. 

I protested Obama's Election clear to the last day of his illegal occupation in the White House as a defacto President. Obama did not run a fair and equal race under the Standard of the U.S. Constitution and it has affected negatively every American deeply. So deeply, they turned to someone who in word represented exactly that, though Trump failed in action to file any paper officially. 

President Trump Tweeted he had standing and could sue Ted Cruz.

Obama is not in the White House any more Democrats and I suggest that you reconsider your official Civil Rights backbone in understanding we live in the United States of America. We have a Standard of that to uphold when we elected a President of the United States. I hope Democrats will soften their stand on Nationalism as it applies to our freedoms and liberties.

The Constitution will get in your way if you do not Amend it properly. The Nation was saved by the U.S. President's two-term limit, as well as the Electoral College Vote and Democrats will never over come those two things so they might as well uphold the Constitution's [natural born Citizen] Qualification too.

Even the New York Times recognized that the U.S. Supreme Court was faulty at Hearing and upholding Minor v. Happersett in the face of the Obama's assault on Civil Rights.


Next the Cold Case Posse make the Case Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud.
50,000 + Hits in four weeks!
Obama's Last Press Conference BLOWS UP with Birth Certificate

Assist Cody Robert Judy' Campaign Debt here thank you


The reason Cody wants you to understand that the Race for the Presidency is a really tough marathon race is because of the Standards of the Race that are defined in the U.S. Constitution have been something he specifically has stood up for with the standing that is represented by competitors in the Race. 
Check Mate is still a question as long as the U.S. Supreme Court has Action Available. That action could be sustained as a Court Error or Clerical Error very easily.

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In God We Trust On Birthers We Ride - Trumps non-Birther Problem?

In God We Trust On Birthers We Ride
Road the Birther Horse to the White House, but then Horse Traded?

You either had to be a Birther or Donald J. Trump to understand the tsunami Anti-Birther Wave of political insult hurled your way in the Election of 2016. The President Elect did a share of protesting Sen. Ted Cruz about his ineligibility for being foreign born and having a father who was native Cuban  but defector citizen along with his mother to Canada, at the time of his Birth insinuating America's Qualification for a 'natural born Citizen' - Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents was not something Ted was standing up for as a Presidential Candidate but was something he was subverting. Donald J. Trump did not and does not have a Birther Problem as a Constitutionally Qualified American natural born Citizen : born in the the U.S. to Citizen Parents at the time of his birth.

Trump will not be taken to Court over that Principle in our Constitution- for no one doubts it a single bit - born in the United States to Citizens not owing any foreign allegiance. The position was made for the USA in the USA and by the USA representing two generations- It's takes awhile for no one to dispute your being a [natural born Citizen] but after two generations of true red-white-and blue, it happens. 

Let's face it - Obama's inherited foreign father representing a Kenyan-Citizenship was not representing any other country but Kenya, and his birth place was the subject of criminal investigation by lawful authorities because of Obama's own personal choice amounting to a three year delay on his long form birth certificate. This also is undisputed.

Obama's declaration for President was on February 10, 2007 and his long form birth certificate he released was on April 27, 2011 which represented fifty months (50) of stoking the fire and blowing on the coals of The Birther Movement. Did the fire cease? Oh no, it only increased because now the fifty months (50) of not releasing a ten dollar $10 document (which I don't think any American would have a problem turning over if it meant you could be President), was crucially the investigation of the Cold Case Posse under Sheriff authority who is responsible for keeping the peace and enforcing the law.

The Feds may have forgotten but Sheriff Joe Apaio didn't. He understood as a sheriff, an elected official of his County, he is known as the highest law enforcer of the county and the Sheriff has law enforcement powers exceeding that of any other state or federal official. Sheriff Joe was one of the first law enforcement officers to endorse Donald J. Trump and the Birther label they both wore equally if you recall Trump standing up on The View and saying I think he should show his birth certificate.

Obama Administration White House Employees Departing is Bitter-Sweet
As the long faces in the picture depict, no one in the Obama White House administration looks happy about the day ending, and with it their jobs. Many of us have been there; last day on a job that you liked? It's not a fun day.

I remember feeling like that when the U.S. Supreme Court almost unbelievably denied my Motion for Forma Pauperis waiving the printing cost ($4,500.00) and (Filing Fee $350) the lower Federal District and 10th Circuit Panel Courts had granted in the same year. Federal Courts ask for a prior year of information, so it makes absolutely no sense to have a granted Federal Forma Pauperis Motion denied in the same year by a Federal Court (which the U.S. Supreme Court is) with a Presidential Candidate who has standing.
D -Candidate for President Excluded from
Debates, DNC Mailing List, and Debates
Trust me, its no fun showing up for a job that you liked the last day of the job, but it's really no fun running as a Presidential Candidate and having the party your running in treating you like the U.S. Constitution is the last thing that is important about whose going to be their Candidate when that has a lot to do with the job in the first place.                                                                                                                                                   With the standing  you receive as a Candidate for President, comes the responsibility also to those who do not have standing, mainly those who will be your constituents- The Voters. You kind of get those same looks from people who are populist for their Candidate who is running but ineligible. Well, yes, he's black and beautiful but he's illegal as the devil in heaven in that office folks.                                                                                                                                                             Now you may be right but we all know what they did to Jesus Christ and he was right also. Sometimes being right is not what makes you friends or makes you a populist Candidate like Barack Obama. In fact, often a Presidential Candidate is viewed as valuable by his deferred prosecution stand rather than his prosecutorial adherence to law. Well that may be the reason Donald Trump chose not to file legal papers on Sen. Ted Cruz, but the tit-for-tat on the national debate stage was cemented in millions of peoples minds far more than my two cases in the U.S. Supreme Court Judy v. Obama 12-5276 and 14-9396.

However, I thought it was telling and also the greatest insult to the Democratic Party's Progressive Stand in defense of the poor, to stand by and witness the stain produced by Justices of the United States Supreme Court denying justice based solely upon the disadvantage of economic disparity defiling Justice for All.  

Trust the Media? You got to be kidding me? Can you imagine the court jesters laughing as witnesses to that most nefarious cruelty? Well, as you can see their faces now, as their party is over, what they have done may be coming back to them?

There are many farewells happening as Obama poses for a few last pictures at his final and last news conference.   He said ,"At my core, I think we are going to be OK." "We just have to fight for it, work for it, and not take it for granted."  a dedicated anti-birthers site of which I have been a bur-under-the-blanket labeled as a Bad in the catalog of the Good the Bad and the Ugly is also saying Farewell.  In fact they pronounced Trump a former birther when he in September 16, 2016 announced Obama was born in the United States. The media frenzy over that seemed as jubilant as Trump was about getting the long form fabrication out of Obama April 27th, 2011. Now, Trump like regurgitating Obama in 2011, says "We've got better things to do."

With what Obama did- 10 Trillion of more debt, over 50,000 bombs dropped the last two years, and a melee of legislation recorded as the worst in modern history, God help us if at his heart he thinks we are going to be OK. What a revelation to the [framed story] by the Media and the scholastic report card? 
[“The president was never good at reaching across the aisle. So when the composition of Congress changed relative to what it was in his first two years, he wasn’t able to accommodate that very well,” said Andrew Busch, a presidential scholar at Claremont McKenna College in California. “He never accustomed himself to operating in a system where he was not the sole player.”]
Indeed Democrats have not found a friend in Obama on whose heels the party lost over 1,000 seats and in whose legislative pinnacle Obamacare currently finding its way into the grinder of repeal and replace, was the biggest broken glass promise America has every had to melt and drink. 

Still Obama has not lost any of his 'cool', but America sure has with an unconstitutional president. Am I happy about Trump being a [natural born Citizen]? Why oh yes I am. I feel no greater pleasure than admitting Trump more than likely won't have a single law suit saying he's not a [natural born Citizen] make it to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Am I happy about the U.S. Supreme Court Justices being silent on the case that represented a Presidential Candidate v. Presidential Candidate  on the Constitutional Term [natural born Citizen] whose silence elected Trump? 

I can't say 'Yes' to that any more than any Democrat can say they are happy about the Russians influencing the Presidential Race (if it was significant or if Podesta and DNC Emails had just been about flowers), or Recounts not coming out in favor of Hillary Clinton. It goes without saying as my  comment at reflected :

We can indeed suppose as Hillary Clinton also reflected in National Debate beginning at 2m45sec Trump started his political activity based on the Birther Movement we can see the barbs did not have affect. IF the U.S. Supreme Court had not been silent on 14-9396 denying it unjustly due to poor circumstances amounting to less than $5,000 dollars in the bank, Donald Trump may not have become President. How do the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court feel about making Donald J. Trump President?

Next the Cold Case Posse make the Case Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud.
50,000 + Hits in four weeks!
Obama's Last Press Conference BLOWS UP with Birth Certificate

Assist Cody Robert Judy' Campaign Debt here thank you


The reason Cody wants you to understand that the Race for the Presidency is a really tough marathon race is because of the Standards of the Race that are defined in the U.S. Constitution have been something he specifically has stood up for with the standing that is represented by competitors in the Race. 
Check Mate is still a question as long as the U.S. Supreme Court has Action Available. That action could be sustained as a Court Error or Clerical Error very easily.

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UNDERSTANDING THE FAKE NEWS PHENOMENON - The Assault of Truth is on the Original

The Post & Email

The  Assault on Truth is on the Original

Why have we been inundated with the "Fake News" Phenomenon? It seems almost strange based upon the consequences of the 2016 Election. All the predictions, polls, and pundit prophesies were stacked in on a Big Win for Hillary Clinton balanced with heels of cheep gas and the neo-fascist populism of Barack Obama. Donald Trump pulled off what Politico and in NFL Terms would be considered the Biggest Upset in World History. The result was a shaking of not so much Fake News, but of the Main Stream News not having the power it once did, and in the vacuum trying to make some sense or label the interception of the public trust that won the Electoral College Super Bowl. 

Of course it's like them to deflect the fault or any responsibility. Being accredited with False or Fake News is a death-knell to journalism.  

Even interpretations from Nostradamus got in on the action -  [The Masculine woman will exert herself to the north She will annoy nearly all of Europe and the rest of the world Two failures will put her in such an imbalance That both life and death will strengthen eastern Europe] The interpreter figured Hillary Clinton as the "Masculine Women", where perhaps Lady Liberty may have provided a broader, safer stroke of the prediction.
8 Points of Legal Proof - Obama is not a [natural born Citizen]

I thought it would be interesting to find out exactly what "Fake News" constituted before I went any further. A story by Amol Rajan authored at the BBC News was intriguing with three types or categories that you may not have even expected. I found them satisfying especially given the Fake News Category labeled the third kind which I find fits best for those who like to deny Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate is not an original constantly withstanding the three Press Conferences and Reports of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse headed up by experienced detectives and show casing experts in forensic documents that the main stream news seems unable and unwilling to digest and report.
BBC News entitled Fake News: Too important to ignore

[Nor am I under any obligation to be impartial about truth, as against lies. The possibility of truth is a necessary condition for democracy.
Fake news is an assault on truth. Therefore it behoves all right-thinking journalists to combat fake news.
  1. First, false information deliberately circulated by those who have scant regard for the truth but hope to advance particular (often extreme) political causes and make money out of online traffic.
  2. Second, false information that is circulated by journalists who do not realize it is false.
  3. The third kind of fake news isn't really fake at all. It's simply news that some people don't like to acknowledge, and wish to silence]
Fake News - An assault upon Truth

It seems the Main Stream Media rather than accept any responsibility was ready to accredit Blogs as Tabloids rather than The New York Times or Washington Post. Mrs. Clinton observed hardily that Fake News had run over Main Stream News and should be silenced. That to me was the biggest assault upon the 1st Amendment by a Democrat I've every witnessed. By no means let me take away from Obama's Fraud in what amounted to selling the Lie as Truth.

It's interesting that those of us who have been involved personally with Obama's Ineligibility have been screaming COVER UP! ,or Fake News, for so many years and now they have joined the our chorus with no substantial assertions accept the Election of 2016, the infiltration of  the DNC, and Podesta Emails that they screamed were invasions of privacy rather than 'made-up'? 

What we have seen is a revelation of truth, obtained by the ten-finger discount, but it does not substantiate 'Fake News' definitions of even stalwart Fake News authorities. No they didn't deny having the truth mined out from underneath them? The truth they didn't want us to know?

Those facts relate the tale of the original cover-up, or Air-Concert lip-sung by the Politico Imitators posing as an authentic long haired 1970-90's Rock Bands- duplication is impossible and inauthentica hurts the senses rather than blasts the hairs of the ear drum.

Van Halen
 Rock Band lasting through Decades
How can we possible imagine our favorite Rock Bands Legacies flailed in cheap tricks of Air-Bands and pawned as Originals. Do you think selling Van Halen ,38 Special, Motley Crue, Scorpion, Rat, ACDC, Boston and White Snake to the ears of fans in a hawk of a massive going-out-of-business sale is something you could get away with and not get busted? Really?

Yet, this is what is happening with the Main Stream News Media as they assail the truth of Obama's fabricated forgery pawned as an Original identity when Law Enforcement Investigation has proven otherwise by some pretty respectable professionals.

In the establishment of not being Fake News lies the Truth and Trust of the Original, the authentic, that can withstand the Test of Time.

Next the Cold Case Posse make the Case Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud.
50,000 + Hits in four weeks!
Obama's Last Press Conference BLOWS UP with Birth Certificate

Assist Cody Robert Judy' Campaign Debt here thank you


The reason Cody wants you to understand that the Race for the Presidency is a really tough marathon race is because of the Standards of the Race that are defined in the U.S. Constitution have been something he specifically has stood up for with the standing that is represented by competitors in the Race. 
Check Mate is still a question as long as the U.S. Supreme Court has Action Available. That action could be sustained as a Court Error or Clerical Error very easily.

Monday, January 16, 2017


The Post & Email


Crushing the Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy
The Democrats!

Tweet of mine-
Dream @HillaryClinton last night. She rec Lawyer I didn't have $s4 Lawyer😂 she had no clue how poor I or people are🤕

In my dream they asked me what I wanted. I wanted to be heard in SCOTUS 14-9396 which was dismissed unjustly on a Forma Pauperis Motion that was Denied. It cost about $4,500.00 printing 40 Booklets  plus $300 for Filing Fees unless it's waived. I did not have the money.

Even with a waiver 11 copies + 3 cost about $100.00 which I covered.

I fear rather seriously now Republicans are in charge and control that the [ natural born Citizen] requirement is lost forever as the confirmation of Nature and Nature's God -Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

Dems may have rallied against the Qualification of [natural born Citizen](NBC) for Obama, but Republicans will never let us forget it, or repeal the Corruption or mired qualification with Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John McCain and others in the way with a much deeper bench of ineligible Presidential Candidates.

The Executive Office of the President has been breached and without Judy v. Obama 14-9396 being heard , the highest office of the Land has been usurped by foreign inherited citizenship by soil and parent.

I think Trump, as he did in the Primaries, will not push legally for Order against the Bully of the Office. He will say it's over. Perhaps he will say it's settled.  Our Republic then will forever be without the Law. Democrats have Lost forever.

They Democrats were used and abused and then  while in Office failed our Civil Rights with corruption and a unconstitutional immorality that a illegal Usurper in the Office of President represented.

What a CRUSHING HEARTBREAK!!! on this Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday?

Democrats should be weeping and howling. Twas the folly of our Elected Leaders, their lack of courage or cowardice for Civil Rights which has destroyed our Republic. The only sane thing between individual Civil Rights we find in a Constitution Republic v. Might-Is Right Democracies.

Carnage now will replace Civil Argument. Rape and Murder shall replace Restoration and Marriage. All Hell shall be literally lit up for the Breach the U.S. Supreme Court failed.

Of course you will say, Cody, you talk in extremes and no such thing is connected to the breach of the Office of President and I will say as President John Adams said, " Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

Moral and Religious People? If you think that means going to Church please show me the importance of that mentioned in the 10 Commandments. Surely, if going to Church made moral and religious people we will find in the Big 10 "Thou Shalt not fail to go to Church"?

You know what? It's just not there.  Shall we visit ALL the Churches and ask ALL the People in them how many gave a Donation to Cody Robert Judy, who is and was the ONLY Candidate for President with a case against Republicans and Democrats Taking A Stand for the [ natural born Citizen ] Principle Post of the Executive Branch of our Government?

Why do you suppose Cody had no money if the Morality and Religious Qualities were in and with the People found in Church?

Did I not raise my voice enough? Was I silent? Did my FB Page , my Twitter Page, my Blog, my Web site, my Federal Court Record, my Press Releases to over 300 outlets usually bi-weekly Fail?

Well, yes.. I am crushed! Tears are flowing down my face now😓  But it is not because any of those things failed. It is because all of those failed to make a difference.

There was only one consolation in my dream last night with Hillary Clinton. She, and another very bright Lawyer were also in a Federal Prison with me. That is the best place to be for me to talk some sense into them.

If I were going to make Defenders of the U.S. Constitution out of mishmash where would I do it?

The answer seems simple to me as I know where the Lord did it to me. It's sad to say but I didn't really care about the U.S. Constitution until all my Rights were violated, I was in Prison, and suffering like I'd never suffered before.

Did the Lord let up on me and make it easy? Well only if you figure 3018 Days was a piece of cake.

Who does Hillary Clinton and a Lawyer in Prison represent if it is not The People who are immoral and hypocriticaly religious?

How can you distinguish yourself unlike that unless you gave $1 to Cody Robert Judy? Who of you could not give $1? Who of you could give or could have given more?

Who thinks it's about the $1 verses say those who think it's about establishing and keeping good and moral faith?

You will be your Judge but God knows the Circumstances are beyond your control. People don't generally pass on things that sting them nor can they avoid the Hell that awaits them.

I naturally hoped to be a better example to you, but in God's Hands an Example is not always what you'd call good if you're being bad. . Right?

I may celebrate MartinLutherKingJrDay in theory but it is very hard to celebrate what we now are so far away from my fellow Democrats, Republicans Americans


Assist Cody Robert Judy' Campaign Debt here thank you


The reason Cody wants you to understand that the Race for the Presidency is a really tough marathon race is because of the Standards of the Race that are defined in the U.S. Constitution have been something he specifically has stood up for with the standing that is represented by competitors in the Race.

[I don't care what the Lower Courts said, the U.S. Supreme Court would not hear this Case because they knew they could not rule in Obama's personal favor. It would have just been impossible for them if I was up arguing it. 

1- There is no way you can have a people who are Citizens of the U.S. Constitution before it was ratified. That ratification created a new LEGAL JURISDICTION of LAW with which to be born under: 

2- That's the REASON that ART. II., Section 1, C-5 included two different Qualifications for President in Time:       a- [CITIZEN] at the Time of the Adoption of this Constitution       b. [NATURAL BORN CITIZEN] for those thereafter ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents 

3- Congress cannot make [natural born Citizens] with [naturalization (or in other words Adoption Law)]. The two terms are polar opposites as clearly as Adoption is from a literal Blood Birth] Congress has [naturalization powers] 

4- It is well said that the Constitution does not in fact say what a [natural born Citizen] is because there is no doubt that [born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] clearly negates any Act or Determination by Adoption. There is  no Judge in the United States who is going to say that anyone who is born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents is not a [natural born Citizen]. Get that? Zero! 

5- Clearly the Qualification for Representatives and Senators is [Citizen] and not [natural born Citizen]  It's a Constitutional Right that America can propagate her own [natural born Citizens] and a violation of our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution to adhere otherwise.

6- The 14th Amendment when ever it was used in argument was and always has been a [naturalization] argument not a [natural born Citizen] argument. (for those who argue Wong Kim Ark changed anything) 

7- Minor v. Happersett clear states there was never a doubt that those born of the Country to it's Citizens are themselves the [natural born Citizens] and to the others there have been doubts. That's U.S. Supreme Court precedent. 

8- Congress men and women 8 times since 2003 tried to change the definition but those attempts failed in Congressional Votes. Ask yourself why? Why attempt to change anything on the [natural born Citizen] requirement for President if it always meant [Citizen] as the requirement for Representatives and Senators has been? And why was [Citizen] actually mentioned in the Constitution for those who were present at the time of the Adoption if they could have been [natural born Citizens] in the first place?]

Check Mate is still a question as long as the U.S. Supreme Court has Action Available. That action could be sustained as a Court Error or Clerical Error very easily.

Next the Cold Case Posse make the Case Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud.
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