Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Birther Train - Money Can't Buy Your Love

Democratic Party National Convention in Charlotte , NC Aboard the Birther Train Money Can't Buy You Love

The Birther Train- Money Can’t Buy You Love is an exclusive CRJ campaign video that describes the cover-up of the Constitution by the Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. America has one campaign in the Democratic Party that puts the Constitution, America’s sovereignty, and our national security on the big train of the platform. Cody Robert Judy’s taking a stand and showing that through the principles of our Constitution our Economy can get back on track. Visit Cody’s Camp at and enjoy the show where you as a Citizen of America have the courage to go.

Money Can’t Buy You Love

Vs.1 You say its just a cover-up
While you were sleeping I had woken up
Now your wondering at the site you see
Baby there’s no way your going to blame me
Worry’n about the dough failing to hear my whistle blow
Don’t you know you reap what you sew?

Vs.2 While I begged for your attention
You know God gave me his redemption
You know I love you it’s just how I feel
But your still passing on me as a good deal
The tide comes in there’s an ebb and a flow
You bought his lie now there’s nowhere to go… there’s just no where to go

Vs.3 If you swim deep the heart won’t hide
The love for you I’m feeling inside
You know his love for you was always shallow
He shared nothing deep his shell always hollow
Now your seeing I’m the man – he’s just a ribbon boy
And I can see your about to grow up out of that toy… your about to grow up out of that toy.

Speaking- Money can’t buy you love - Money can’t buy you love.
End Chorus:
Money can’t buy you love, Money can’t buy you love
The lust just turns to rust; the lust just turns to rust
And now you’ve got no trust, now you’ve got no trust
Money can’t buy your love, Money can’t buy your love

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The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

Mitt Romney Let's The Birther Cat Out-Of-The-Bag

Boy, I hate to say, "I told you so", but this is just smart politics and probably the way I'd have played it if I was Mitt Romney. This close to the election Mr. Romney feels there is no way the Democratic Party can even nominate a qualified constitutionally eligible presidential candidate, so here we go into what could be a one sided vote.

Democrats have shuffled coughed, and winked once too many times for Obama who is not qualified to run for office. Obama may have had the GOP as the cat-in-the-bag during Sen. John McCain's run in 2008 because McCain needed cover also not being born in the United States which he received in Non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution 511, but all bets are off with Mitt Romney, and rightly so, Obama's not a 'natural born citizen' required by the Constitution.

So the cat-comes-out-of-the-bag and Democrats are freaking out! Look at the contribution solicit I received, as if donations and contributions could make Obama eligible.

Cody --

You have got to be kidding me. Yesterday, Mitt Romney said, and I quote:

"No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised."

This actually makes me feel sick when I think about it -- what it means when the leader of the Republican Party, a presidential candidate, stoops to this level.

The scariest part? His comment was met with cheers. It certainly fired up the extreme "birther" elements of the Republican base.

This has to stop, and it has to stop now. There's only one way to do that -- by making sure President Obama and Democrats across the board win on Election Day.

Donate $3 or more now to give Democrats the resources they need to cut through this crap and do what it takes to win in 73 days:

Keep fighting,


Jeffrey Lerner
Political Director
Democratic National Committee

Democrats have only once chance in hell of not entirely giving Mitt Romney the President by hook, or by the Constitution due to Obama's eligibility, and that is United States Supreme Court case no. 12-5276 Judy v. Obama where at least we could have a decision prior to the Democratic National Convention that is held Sept 5th, 2012.

Its getting close and Democrats should stop diluding themselves about U.S.C. Amendment 14 somehow replacing the qualifications for President that demand a natural born citizen- Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

Further evidence on this topic was presented on this blog July 16th 2012 here:

Cody Robert Judy


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Nation Will Be Just Fine, Our Constitution Will Stand

Although today is August 22nd, the last day for a decision I proposed for the United States Supreme Court to make a decision that would leave the Democratic Party two weeks before the National Convention Sept 5,2012, I do have to say how much I have seen Gods blessings pour out upon me for this undertaking which seemed impossible while maintaining everything else politically unrelated.

It sure makes me thankful and I wish I could write it all, but this I solemnly understand - everything is ok. ;) Our Nation will be just fine and our Constitution will stand.

While I have felt urgency for the action almost like a battle was happening I could not see, I have felt and seen in even a more peaceful sense, intricately and infinitely smaller actions of my day, that God is in charge and he is mindful of every single one of us in a masterful way. A sense of huge gratitude has encompassed me today for this and the wonderful hands we are in.

I pray God will bless America from sea to shining sea with the same wonderful gratitude I have felt in my heart. I have been so honored to be a part of this work- it has been my honor.

Cody Robert Judy

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The New Day Dawning - The Old One Fawning

The New Day Dawning - The Old One Fawning

In regards to George Miller's LTR
Subject: Re: Shut Down Shot Down Sexy- The hottest song in America right now
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2012 22:49:01 -0400


You're a man of many talents. Your videos have a dreamlike, almost surrealistic quality. The song evokes feelings of a bygone, kinder era, which our nation seems to have lost.

George Miller


Thank you so much George for your input and comment. Often times an artist of any kind wonders if he/she is conveying the message "wanted" to get across. Your comment confirmed for me success and so it is very appreciated.

There is a new kind of 'radicalism' I am feeling, maybe a spin on the 60's, accept the hippies promoting "love" that was ultimately dependence on the Government in power, now as seen in the likes of the Clinton- Bush's - Obama, that is phasing out.

They have propagated a 'collapsing house ' and it is falling right now as we speak, for a new independence tailored more in the revolutionary style of America's founders, yet reminiscing of the 60's.

I really feel this is what's coming. Its' interesting I am considered the first year of Generation X, 1965 moving away from the Baby Boomers. The X'ers and Y'ers have a difficult road to walk wanting to take care of our ageing parents, but not having the children in order to support the burden. I think this is why our Government ultimately is crying for 'citizens' in 'amnesty proposals' they are desperate to prop up this warp of time-ideals.

We have to figure out ways to do things smarter,faster, and more efficient to make up for the difference, both in general labor and cost. This is why I have proposed a less then 10% duty on our 'U.S. natural propelling resources', oil now seen as not a bio fuel but abiotic, to fund social security and medicare and these entitlements that do help those in ageing and dependent circumstances in an effort to get the government off our backs with taxes and still care for those retiring baby boomers because we need to pay for something ultimately crashing with the lack of support from shrinking generational populations.

With what we are seeing with the debt from Clinton's surplus to now, is an all out attempt to enslave America that to those promoters has to happen now or it will never happen. This is the Bear rising up once more and while there maybe an origin of oligarchy in this its still rooted in communism albeit a neo-communism, there is a big fight coming our way that is unavoidable, because if our Constitution prevails this plan fails. We all ready know it fails, but they don't know so that is the lesson we are headed for.

One thing I have thought quite a lot about is the 'image' of 'politicians' and how the lack of inspiring solutions that work are eroding their 'image' of political correctness. Those politicians like Romney and Obama and everyone in Congress right now who have forsaken the Constitution in the void of inspiration creating our crisis now are producing for themselves now an 'image' of lies and deceit that the general population is just about had enough of.

Like a snake shedding its skin I think America is about to shuck off this type of politician because of the regrettable failures of their solutions. Like the evolution of music happening now, a new dawn awaits us and in the new day our sovereignty will stay in tact with the use of every tool and talent available to us as a resource I hope to somehow channel in very positive directions.

In short I do believe the big picture is looking good and sometimes when the immediate picture is bleak we do need to step back and look at the big picture.. the REAL BIG ONE happening.

In that light, I have thought I do not want to 'presume' a false image, but a real one, or perhaps an honest one. I really believe in the power of truth and for America to be able to handle the problems when they are honestly laid on the table. Ultimately I believe America can 'handle the truth', and more than that, would appreciate it.

So that is what I have worked for laying the ground work; and a compliment like you shared, was just the tip of the iceberg for what I feel is a huge success, come what may. So, thank you so much.

In the spirit of this new revolution of course education and direction is needed and teachers are in short supply. I do hope for the Spring of The Tea Party to "get it" and supplant the leadership void that permeates the D's and R's right now if needs be by infiltration and then secession :) from and of the bastards who forgot their oaths!

Have a great day.


Cody Robert Judy

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

Abiotic Oil is real

Response from George

Hi Cody:

You're always thinking. Yes, an energy tax would help SS, but it's still a tax, still raises cost of doing business and living, still redirects more $ from private to public sector. Would that be added on to all our other taxes, including expiration of all the Bush tax cuts? We 've got to cut back the scale of govt., not expand it even more. The idea of the optional privatized SS and Medicare makes sense. Chile has had a privatized retirement option for decades. It works. It's solvent. It may be too late for us. The huge deficits and reserves all redirected to other programs have ruined these programs, just as the huge retiring baby boom generation needs them most. This is a terrible tragedy which we will only be able to mitigate, not solve.

George Miller

Response to George from Cody

May God bless the Supreme Court Justices in Judy v. Obama Case No. 12-5276 that our Constitution and the demands of qualifications for the Office of President will be upheld. I do not believe it is enough to vote Republican, we need in this to be Americans.


Your point is well taken and I would have had more faith in privatization if when removed the Glass-Steagall act would not led to the game by the Bankers; if every person in the mortgage industry who approved people in no way qualified, or presented people not qualified for qualification for the 'commission'; if it were not in the balance of Bankers to risk the whole of medicare or social security in the knowledge that Government will be there to catch them if they fall, so its a win-win situation for them, I might give you that.

Now wait a minute, a 'tax' in my book is different then a 'duty', because a tax your paying out of your wallet, a duty we might say is given to all of us of God. Natural Resources are as positive as say the Earth turns, or photo synthesis, therefore I do not call it a 'tax'.

Now of course you can call it that if you want to, but its like in the category of insinuating we are already taxed on air. I have proposed in fact a Federal tax sabbatical for at least 1 year, and pretty massive department lay offs to lower the burden of taxes from the Federal Government, giving back to the States the Education department, actually much of what Ron Paul has suggested in eliminating 5 departments that could well be handled by the States.

There is no where in scripture George that I can find that our 'duty' to our elders does not still exist in honoring our mothers and fathers, and believe it or not, simply honoring everyone whose paid into it. There is a duty to be honest to those people who have paid into it.

Our elected leaders have made it clear the entitlement programs we have are in default for whatever reason. Maybe we borrowed on them to pay for the Iraq and Afghan Wars, but since the debt needs an answer and a sustaining one, rather then a 2%-3% sales tax on everything, which would bring in enough to pay it, but is still an increase that bites the very poor, and middle class, my Natural Resource Initiative says basically that 10% of our Natural Resources goes to pay SS and Medicare for our Elderly.

You may see a surplus check is given to Alaskan Residence for their being citizens of the State from the oil. They didn't lift a shovel but it is a coop of sorts, no one complains about.

Now it is arguable that companies who are mining and drilling etc., are absent the less then 10% of product that they do in fact take out, but 90 percent isn't bad, not to mention the relief from their pay checks and arguably the relief that their own mothers and fathers will receive in social security and medicare benefits.

Cody Robert Judy's Three Point Platform

Before Obamacare and Romneycare was a bad idea, we still had this problem of entitlements sinking our ship with the population projections of naturally cutting back on the family to 'save money', actually hurting the funds of social security and medicare. Children have learned that kids cost a lot and are making the choice not to have a family. What do you say to them, populate or pay anyway?

Its very hard for me to follow 'privatization' works , accept to say it works like a roller coaster the same as the stock market does and all the bankers have proven to us, especially when the Government's got your back they will roll the dice and play with your money and retirement and care all they want because their risk is as I said a win-win. If you lose the Government bails you out, if you win huge profits are seen and your a hero.

I've always said if the disposition of men were perfect 'greed' would never enter the picture neither would there be risk or worry, or anything to do but hold your head low and watch your parents drift into the sea of the pick pockets.

Just as the Earth as a 'reserve', it is possible for Government's to have a reserve employed by mother nature or God. You know one thing I will always remember my Dad saying is he couldn't figure out why 'electricity' wasn't free yet because tax payers paid for the dams and generators 50 times over. There just hasn't been a man in the White House who was just in delivering to the people the actual increase and yield that Government or We The People lent in the first place.

I do believe its possible to do BIG THINGS as a community when they are too big for the individual. The problem has been after the community financed it, the profits somehow evaporated into the individuals hands. How does that happen? It doesn't make any sense. I think we are taxed way too much, but I also believe not everyone honestly saves for their parents whose bodies wear out.

In my belief as a Christian honoring our elderly includes being somewhat smart enough to get these entitlements under control without wiping out 50% of profits from the very wealthy. A 10% duty from the Earth's resources I think sounds a little better then 50% of those who make 250,000 or more, especially to those of the 50% who are paying 95% of the taxes.

Now if I lower your taxes with an increase of duty of "our" National Resources, and they are 'ours' to begin with, more so then the atomic energy, naturally made as raw product, why would you complain? To say all the raw products are in the 'ownership' of a few to begin with isn't really correct is it but I know there is a delusion of some very very wealthy people who like that game, because they are the first on the boardwalk.

Maybe what I'm saying in this proposal is their was a 'public' before their was a private, just as their was a Heavens before there was an Earth. Make any sense?

I think there needs to be a balance and I sure believe that balance is possible. Most of us learned how to walk, so its achievable.

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy