Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Music My Heart


If every single person had to write a song that reflected their personal life, what would that song be and what would it sound like? Would it be a "Happy-Go-Lucky" song, would it be a "Love or Romance Ballad", would it be a "Tragic Melancholy", would it be a Violent, Angry, or Frustrated Headbanger? Truth is, everyone of us has a few songs on each subject we could write.

Maybe you are not putting 'notes' and 'rest' and 'rhythm's' to your song because you don't know the first thing about writing music and only know how to listen to it. That's great, but you are still writing a song about your life. We all are. Maybe it doesn't come through to your ears, maybe you are a painter or an artist of a different understanding; words,stories, experiences all become a part of your song, but make no mistake about it, you are an artist.

The words in a document like the United States Constitution are a song, as are the fittings of a plumber, the casing of a carpenter, or the engine of a car all contributing to our collective song. Mine is unique as is yours, we are not the same people. We are individuals.

Do you remember the movie "WALK THE LINE" starring Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Robert Patrick? I always remember in that movie when Johnny Cash played by Joaquin got his first try out. He and his band went and played an old gospel song. The Studio Producer said and I'm paraphrasing here, 'Well, I've heard enough you guys got anything better than that? We've all heard that song played that way a hundred times. If you were about to die, is that the song you would choose to play, or would you play something different?" You can see a little reminder of that scene here at about 29 seconds. Of course in the movie Johnny Cash plays a song he had written while in the army "Folsom Prison Blues".

The point here as I reflect is we all are indeed writing a song with our lives and while we are all unique in our songs, we all sure can relate to each other and the problems we all have that are similar but different. Sometimes the success of a song really depends on how well other people can relate and incorporate the words of the song in their own life.

Many of you know me more for standing up for the Constitution's Principles, especially the natural born Citizen clause required in the Office of the President that I filed in Court as a matter of record in 2008 and 2012 and now 2014 in Judy v. McCain and Judy v. Obama. The principles in our Constitution are important and using them as a guideline and direction really has kept us out of a lot of trouble.

Of course when they are violated the consequences are seen also and we pay for them in much the same way as you would buy something that was very expensive. Mistakes in our lives are costly. Of course we all hope we can learn from our mistakes and do better, but when we don't learn from our mistakes often they are repeated in our life and that can be said of a whole country also.

American exceptionalism is a strongly debated topic. Many say America is not really number one at anything when you start looking at the numbers and manipulating them. Defense and protection is very important when you have a tyrant at your door wanting to dictate terms on your life. That is where our Constitution becomes real as a set of guidelines for the liberties and freedoms we have agreed upon as law.

Of course some lawyers and elected leaders might say 'law' is really only what is actually enforced. Meaning for instance when you have an unqualified person in the Office of the President, he stays there unless the law is enforced that says we require as a qualification a natural born Citizen, "Born in the U.S. to Citizen parents" which of course is the sensible application of the law to avoid a foreign influence at the head of our armies and military.

When Congress debated this in 2000 the testimonies were really interesting and reflected that something amazing happens in a second generation American that does not necessarily happen or is not necessarily felt through the veins and heart of a person as a first generation American that is poignant or pervasive so the qualification has not changed even though it has been considered fairly recently in our own history. Most Americans probably have no idea what was said in those hearings and chalk it up to 'trusting their Representatives' with a comment like, "That's their job- That's what we vote for them to do".

Elected positions are not really so much about popularity contest as they are a 'trust' to do a job, much the same as if you asked your son to go to the store and buy a gallon of milk and hoped and trusted he would come home with milk rather than a bag full of candy. It seems simple enough, but often it becomes a regrettable circumstance and our elected leaders come home with a bag of candy to rot our teeth out instead of some milk to fortify our calcium intake that will strengthen our bones.

Well, my point here in this blog piece was really to say that standing up for the Constitution for me is as important as my music and both are reflections of my own heart. I can't see laying either of them down because they are both apart of me.

I don't write my songs because I think they will be big hits. I really don't. I write them because that's what I have coming through me. I don't take a stand for the Constitution or run for political office because I think it would be cool to have my picture taken with other foreign heads of state. I take a stand for the Constitution and run for political office because I understand how important those principles are for the people in our Country and a Country is really defined by the people, otherwise the value is maintained by the animals.

As soon as we lose appreciation for the principles of our Country's Constitution we really become an oppression upon our Country seen as something worse than the animals for at the very least they aren't oppressing nature but are abiding within nature's laws. I know that's kind of heavy, but there are truths that can be recognized with in it if one has a mind to look for them.

One song doesn't define me, I've written over 60 songs. Trying to pin me down to one song is certainly denying the other 59 in so many words. You can do it, but it doesn't hold all that much water. I'm certainly more than one single song and I'm more then one day in my life or one period in my life.

I do feel quite misunderstood often about much in my life and I've done quite a bit to try and open the box that many people would try to cage me in and label me as so as to do my part in helping people understand me. There are many who try very hard to keep me in their little box. They spend quite a considerable amount of time seeing to it I'm kept where they think I belong.

As I reflect on this 'effort of theirs', I have to ask myself why? Why do they do it? The answer comes back with the definition of 'fear'. They are afraid of their own reflections if it is discovered they are oppressors or in other words, trying to maintain me in their definition and little box. This is the action of a 'cover-up'. I do not try to cover them up, I'm not anxiously engaged in suppressing their music, or suppressing their 'likes' or 'hits'. I'm not even in the position to entertain doing that,but they are.

I am well aware of this effort of 'cover-up' and 'containment'. It happens on the Internet. There are interest, some might call them 'special interest' because they are a reflection of individuals who have planted the seed, nurtured it, and seen to it that it has grown. There efforts are not valiant, honorable, or beautiful by any stretch of the imagination or definition of the words. They are corrosive, corrupt, and disingenuous in nature. They do not reflect any appreciation, but reflect instead bitterness, fear, and contempt.

Its not my job to change them. That is their own song and I shall not hinder them from making their own song. My job is to give to you my songs and give to you my heart., for that is what I have to give, and for that I am grateful to be able to give you something. Yes, there might be quite a few things wrong with it and it might not be satisfactory to you because of this imperfection or that imperfection, and your certainly able to trash it.

What I am thrilled about is that there are people who love it and appreciate it. I want to say thank you to them and this message is to them for sharing, caring, and loving me. I love you for that reflection and I hope to reflect that love you've given me back to you. Its a lovely process. (smile) Its not that I can't improve either, or that I haven't improved from days gone by. Day by Day, here a little there a little, I don't think there is any one of us who wakes up one morning and things my goal is "not to improve" is there?

Even in our tragedies, sadness,and bitterness we are seeking improvement. With that I want to thank you for all you have done for me. Each and every one of you, critics and collaborators alike. I don't believe you would criticize without caring in some ways for me. I recognize this. My own mother is my worst critic and justifies it based on her freedom to do so. I do not think she does not love me. My own father, God rested his weary body also was a great critic of me falling on my face. If I can take the harsh criticism from my own mother and father, I can surely take yours with some ease.

As we look upon our lives as vehicles often times driving a sports car is not practical on a bad snowy day where an SUV is so much nicer, but we all recognize a sports car is in many places pretty cool and fun. Every star in Hollywood has bad snowy days when they wish they were home driving the SUV before they turned into the sports car. Maybe that's were shape-shifting is a good thing and those who can do it and don't depend on just one certain vehicle are better off in life's changing roads and climates?

I've never depended upon being elected, neither have I depended upon my songs making a living for me. I am more than being elected, or being a one hit wonder and so are you. I want you to believe that and trust it because its the truth.

With that I want to thank everyone who through invitation, came to the private debut of my new single, 'I'M FEELING A NEW LOVE'. It was wonderful! I cherished each and everyone's compliments and have tucked them away in my heart to treasure the rest of my life very sincerely. You came, you listened, and you valued the gift of my heart to you. That means the world to me and is a buffer for being burned, quartered, and trashed. (smile)

You my friends are a joy to me and enrich my life. I could only hope to be some small smile in your lives and hearts.
With that I present to everyone "I'M FEELING A NEW LOVE" and hope you also will enjoy it as just a song, just one little song, nothing more.

Will you now join 221others across the country representing every state in the nation of informed patriots who have liked my Facebook page for President? Cody Robert Judy for President 2016 Thank you for your consideration.

Update on Judy v. Obama 1:14-cv-93 filed in the U.S. Court (District of Utah)


Those wishing to read the U.S. Federal Civil Rights Complaint may now do so here now as it is public information: Judy v. Obama 2014 U.S. FED Case No. 1:14cv00093

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Cody Robert Judy
For U.S. President 2016

If you think “Truth” is worth it, support it and quit supporting the lie. That is the beginning of change, or we can just keep on going down this road and see where it leads with Obama. Which is it going to be?


The Commercial is simply called "America"

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Presidential Porn Sting and The Ring of Fire

The Presidential Porn Sting and The Ring of Fire

The solicitation of scantily clad and nude women was something I’d seen before and there are plenty of citizens out there trying to make ends meet involved in that kind of solicitation for a living. I for one understand that. One thing I didn’t expect was to be reporting to the public that it was a favored tool of what I will call a Presidential Porn Sting against me as a presidential candidate. Believe me when I say this is a worm hole and those involved are as low as worms can go.

One of the most powerful tools against Conservatives and shall we say in general middle America is indeed a collusion of exploitation upon a necessary body within the politic. On one hand the Constitution has within it a very revered principle to conservatives and liberals alike we know as ‘free speech’ and ‘free press’. On the other hand traditional conservative people who love the Constitution would most likely turn away from someone running for office exposed as a regular solicitor of pornography, and therein lays a big problem.

Somewhere in the middle ground of ‘free speech’ and conservatives ‘moral principle’ regarding porno a breached and divide can be wedged quite easily as a tool in a left wing sting with the use of unsavory propaganda upon the public to favor themselves in the political arena in a divide and conquer strategy.
Exposing this strategy at the root of maniacal manipulation is I believe something worth exploring and reporting in an effort of exposing in a fair and transparent way to the public the lengths of which opposition is willing to descend to in a power tussle of an election. I believe this is one of Obama’s favorite tools and he understands if very well dating back to his first win as a U.S. Senator in Illinois when he went for the jugular of his opponent in reveling in divorce records.

The unseedy elements of this I have been subject to as a Presidential Candidate are probably only beginning. As a matter of transparency I must address my reality in the matter as I’ve traced solicitation of what can only be called ‘porn’ perpetrated upon my phone and computer under the cover of “ group conversation” text to my phone and computer that I have traced unbelievable back to military individuals associated with military groups of our Government.

What specifically happens is I will receive a message that includes a group of up to 40 individuals in what is called a ‘group conversation’ of a solicitation of porn. Then what happens is you will find the perpetrators of the conversation exiting the group conversation as quickly as it is sent. In other words this is not a group conversation for which the sender wants to be a part of; it’s a deliberate sting, frame job, or set up in what we’d call a traditional cover-up.
Now, someone sent those ‘group conversations’ can exit those groups but it’s not as easy as you might think it ought to be. It takes a pretty proficient knowledge about how social media works and all the ins and outs of your phone and the applications on the social media network to corral and exit yourself as a target. In the mix of that you can definitely be set up.

The excuse of not knowing how to do something while your operating a car is not always a good excuse but it is an excuse. Think about how many people don’t know how to change a flat tire on their car or actually could be charged with a ticket for an accident relative to any number of car fluids being low and causing the accident. There are probably a lot of people who don’t know the difference between their car washer fluid depository and their brake fluid or motor oil depository, but they can drive a vehicle just fine. This is what I’m alluding to. Just because you have an i-phone or a computer doesn’t mean you know how to program it, use it, or prevent others from using maliciously.

We could all ask Obama when he entered the white house as a non eligible or constitutionally unqualified person in the Office of the President why the secret service had to overhaul his blackberry phone and while we are asking, we could include how he surmised not being a natural born Citizen didn’t make him a bully voiding out the actual qualifications for the Office of the President? Most of us don’t have the benefit of the secret service watching out for us.

What I’ve learned to do, as I said I’ve seen a ton of those pornographic messages and what I usually will do is simply look to see if the first person exiting the group is the sender or perpetrator of the message. If it is, you can generally assume you’re being stung in a sting operation that someone who sent the group message or gathered the group of names together, and folded the message to as a trap or set up. It’s not enough I’ve found to simply exit the group conversation which I did a number of times and found I was still the subject to the group message another day because I was on the list.

Now all this can be explained away in a manner of speaking as a form of teen mischievousness or even a low end adult adventure trying to make an extra dollar or two and I would normally at first associate it with something like that. As a next step to it being somewhat bothersome, I begin “blocking” the person who I noticed was sending the message and exiting the group very quickly which I figured would block me from getting the messages as presumably I would block the person who had the list I was on from sending me the message.

Now to find that same list with someone else sending you the same message implies the person you blocked had friends or accomplices in the teen prank or adult adventure show. They are not acting alone. Let’s say you go through several friends blocking them in turn like you did the first with imaginative names that also have profiles that look pretty legitimate on a social network, so you assume they are real people. Imagine the shock when you find after a few blocks the same message linked to a profile of a military person associated with a military group in our Government. That connection is a little too close for comfort and you can probably assume with relative ease your being targeted by the Commander-In-Chief as the military order exclusively directs in a chain of command.

This is what’s happening to me as a Candidate for President in 2008, 2012, and 2016 as the only Presidential Candidate in America who in court record opposed John McCain and Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 because presumably the ‘race card’ doesn’t work as well with me as it might with other politicians who oppose Barack Obama’s qualifications but maybe even perhaps a bit unwittingly gave McCain a pass setting themselves up as dominoes for the ‘race card’ Obama employs so easily.

Now when you find yourself in a sting operation maybe under even presumptuously good intentions relayed by those in seats of power like what we heard from A.G. Eric Holder about the good intentions of Operation Fast & Furious leading to deaths of an unfortunate border guard, or the good intentions of former SOS Hillary Clinton in Benghazi in testimonies to Congress related to the deaths of a few others subject to a sudden collapse of national security, being relayed in contempt of Congress literally or the shrill of contempt in a statement like “What difference does it make now”; you have to start asking the public to put two and two together and start discerning a line between those actually opposed to the Constitution who are saying they are for it, and those actually standing up for the Constitution subject to stings of those who are with their actions not standing up for it, but are saying they are.

That is a responsibility to you the voters and supporters of politicians who really can’t exist without your support and contributions. What would I have you do when confronted with nasty revelations?

Arm yourselves with truth. That is literally the best defense against false accusations remembering ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. How can you take ‘porn’ out of the hands of your opponent’s arsenal as a weapon in the political arena? You ask people to support ‘free speech’, You understand your free speech is on an alter of sacrifice in your assault upon someone else’s right of free speech to burn the American Flag in a protest that makes your blood boil.
You understand your free speech is connected to the free speech associated with ‘pornography’ that makes you kind of sick to your stomach. How do you do that with something? You start looking for the kernels of truth in something that makes you sick to your stomach so there is at least something to hold fast to that prevents you from stomping on your own principle that you hold dear.

How could a church going guy or gal married and dedicated to serving the interest of their union find a kernel of truth in porn? By realizing their own acts of love together could be presumed as starring in a porn film in the site of God if God so chose to look upon them that way. We all have bodies and beauty in the body in an art form rather than a negative light is a perception. Seeing beauty in an art form takes the power out of an evil perception. That is a kernel of truth and what we are fighting against more than anything because if your eye is only upon evil what light has your body been filled with?

Dependents upon your presumption of evil is of course a tool in the political arena where standing for principles should over ride much of the rising tide of debauchery that can be or is employed in desperation and the lack of being able to stand on solid Constitutional Principles. If I had a prayer or a wish to God that’s what it would be. If we can change our perceptions to look at and for truths, well, then we will go places upward rather than dwelling with the worms beneath.

Religious hypocrisy has got to stop at the door of examination and a celebration of the truth, with the foundation of our Constitution as a guide to employ. That is not easy by any means, but it is worth it. You can understand how politicians, especially those who not single like myself, could be framed and really bullied with a porn sting, which would amount to a ring of fire upon their marriage or divorce for that matter. Sacrificing Constitutional Principles with the use of extortion upon the marriages of politicians is a weapon easily used and must be seen as the actions of a worm.

We as a public must start understanding much more as a collective that the benefits of America are our opportunities to employ our Constitutional Principles upon our politicians and that may very easily be in defense of someone who has been or is being framed.

There is another equally important guide we must all take in moderation and a balance and that has to do with 'police brutality' being taken and used as a tool to employ uprisings for the purposes of a justification for martial law and a crackdown on our 2nd Amendment Rights, rights to free speech, rights to peacefully assemble all under attack.

While in my own heart I feel it a tragedy anyone unarmed is shot down by police who somehow figured a net, peppermace,or a baton was not adequate force in a take down and instead made a decision of lethal force the revelation of six bullets in the body is certainly a reason for concern in Missouri. However looting, pillaging and robbing other people is not an answer or quick route for justice. In fact, if you wanted to consider those engaged in that behavior as acting as a significant force on behalf of martial law, or a justification somehow manipulated in an order to destroy the Constitution's 2nd Amendment you could very easily stay on that path and see it. Minorities have every reason to be concerned with being used this way and in actions they find justifiable really see themselves used as pawns in the tool to destroy individual rights of liberty.

WE as Citizens must be able to discern how and when an escalation of violence on behalf of an individual can be used as a tool of justification of and for a certain brutality upon the public with a significant emphasis on the principles of our Constitution. Are individual rights of people supported or slain in a communities uprising and protest?

If you can answer that individual rights are slain you can figure some force is really out to manipulate the security of the community. This is precisely the advocate I have maintained in the civil arguments in court advocating that having someone in the oval office who is not a natural born Citizen, (born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents) is very much in an extraordinary position of defamation of our Constitutional Character representing a national security threat.

As the State's National Guard is called out in on a symptom of the problem I cannot help but advocate to protesters that if you are going to protest "Police Brutality" and not make a mention of the "Presidential Brutality" upon the public amounting to the usurpation on the Office of the President, your protest is nothing more than a manifestation of hypocrisy towards the justice in truth you seek.

Excusing one form of brutality and justifying another amounts to a call for change from black people who by all means should be engaged in a preservation of their Constitution as Americans, every bit as important as everyone elses. I call upon them to consider their mistake in Barack Obama and consider the mounting evidence of the truth rather than the blatant actions of looting that saws upon the cross of Jesus Christ as a cross saw.

If police were armed with cameras and video recorders like i-phones rather than tier gas and bullets a speculation of justice in court rather than on the streets might be a much better weapon of choice. Rounding up thugs who loot on a predatory impulse as a ring of justice is captured by police watching might serve the community as a much better example that your not getting away with anything. We will find you with your actions caught on tape and visit you soon after you return to your home with the loot.

Regarding the protest of the police bullying in regards to shooting unarmed people here in Utah and across the Nation. I wonder if your familiar with what exactly is happening with the police force and who is behind militarization of the police?

This was Obama's plan from the beginning everyone. In this video you see police even firing at the media. Now, what's important about this? Well, people have not understood the importance of our Constitution's qualification for President, especially the Media. You object to being fired upon but conceal a cover-up of Presidential required qualifications and wonder what rights you have as a Media Reporter? Your trampling on your own rights..don't you see yourselves as you are seen?

Obama is not a natural born Citizen. When you protest police violence and condone violations of the Constitution your in fact at odds with yourself. I for one am fighting this fight taking Obama to court on these violations because these violations are mirrored images of the police brutality at its root. Bullying you're way into the White House is brutality upon a lot more of the public then a bully of a police force upon one individual, but you give excuse to Obama and condemn the police?

I just want you to remember out there today how important our Constitution is and in a true sense understand this brutality is often used to provoke unrest for justification of further crackdown on 2nd Amendment rights, free speech rights and free press rights.

Fighting for the Constitution is a fight against the government bullying/ not just one against police. I wonder sometimes why people will not support a peaceful legal battle in a court of law before they take to the streets in protest of a symptom of the problem rather than addressing the root of the problem. I would love your opinion after watching the 6 minute video and your consideration of support for my Candidacy for President with a new understanding of exactly what I'm taking a stand for and have been for 7 years now.

Will you now join 221others across the country representing every state in the nation of informed patriots who have liked my Facebook page for President? Cody Robert Judy for President 2016 Thank you for your consideration.

Update on Judy v. Obama 1:14-cv-93 filed in the U.S. Court (District of Utah)


Those wishing to read the U.S. Federal Civil Rights Complaint may now do so here now as it is public information: Judy v. Obama 2014 U.S. FED Case No. 1:14cv00093

Wow!Just found my book, Taking A Stand, on sale at your local B&N for nook users if you prefer over soft or hard bound - only $8.49 That's a Great price

Cody Robert Judy
For U.S. President 2016

If you think “Truth” is worth it, support it and quit supporting the lie. That is the beginning of change, or we can just keep on going down this road and see where it leads with Obama. Which is it going to be?


The Commercial is simply called "America"