Saturday, July 10, 2010

McChrystal Commentary Nailed Beyond Media Reports

I think this guy nails it! was talking to youPeter Heck - Guest Columnist - 6/28/2010 10:20:00 AM
Some Excerpts:

[when news broke of General Stanley McChrystal in essence saying the exact same thing to Rolling Stone magazine. This isn't just a story to be brushed off. This is a bombshell.

Don't be distracted by the media comically chastising the General for daring to speak out against "The One" (yes, the same media that hailed military officers who were willing to "speak truth to power" in criticizing George Bush). That isn't the story.

The true meaning of the McChrystal episode is titanic, because it is quite apparent the General was sending a stern message directly to the American people.

For more reasons than I can count, it is beyond obvious that McChrystal's public criticism of Obama was not a lapse in judgment or a mistake. It was unquestionably intentional. First, four-star generals have not achieved that rank without knowing the chain of command and the expectation of subordination to superiors. Second, all of McChrystal's advisers were touting the same message, demonstrating this was no fluke, nor an offhand comment taken out of context. Third, McChrystal spoke the inflammatory words to Rolling Stone, a well known anti-war, anti-military magazine. Fourth, reports are that McChrystal actually saw the piece before it went to print and offered up no objections to its content.

If all that is true, then it naturally begs the question: Why did he do it?

McChrystal is one of the lead authors of the "counterinsurgency" strategy that, despite the nay saying of liberals like then-Senators Obama and Biden, transformed Iraq from a quagmire into a success. He knows the strategy works. But as its architect, he also knows this new military policy requires two vital elements: lots of troops, and as much time as necessary for them to do their job.

Bush committed to stay in Iraq until the job was finished. The result speaks for itself.

First, Obama – having championed himself as the anti-war candidate – cut the number of troops McChrystal requested. And then, in what has to be one of the most foolish wartime moves in history, he announced an arbitrary date for the beginning of American troop withdrawal.

This may please the ex-hippies in the anti-war crowd that Obama courted during the 2008 campaign, but it has [Afghanistan].

Having pressed his case privately with Obama's war team in Washington , McChrystal certainly saw the handwriting on the wall, and as a final recourse, pled his case to the American people.

Were his actions a breach of protocol? Yes. Did they rise to the level of insubordination? Probably. Was Obama justified in removing him from command? I think so. But after we're done hammering McChrystal for going over the President's head, we better give some serious thought as to why he was so willing to put his career on the line like that.

The reason is as clear as it is frightening: our political leadership in Washington is clueless. And their incompetence is costing us not only resources and money, but most importantly the precious lives of brave American soldiers.

General Stanley McChrystal was willing to lose his job to send that message to the only people who can do something about it. He was talking to you.]

The interesting commentary is also that from private to general our troops are still U.S. Citizens, and with that have 1st Amendment rights. Obama's firing McCrystal for what he said and certainly not what he did as far as not following direct orders is a 'RED FLAG' as to what Obama thinks of our first Amendment turned against him.

The marks of good leaders are certainly ascribed to not only the rights they enjoyed while getting to their positions, but what they ascribe to while in the seats of powers to those who may oppose them Constitutionally speaking of course.
Therein lies’ the quagmire of America at this time: We have a usurping president who at the very least lied about his qualifications for office in the Declaration of Candidacy, understood very clearly in our Constitution, and the office of the President is charged to protect our Constitution.

The problem follows; he wouldn't have the same respect for our Constitution once he got there. What did people voting for him expect?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Let's Be Clear About What We Can Be Clear About.. The Evacuation Orders Of The Gulf

Houston we may have a problem..roughly 10 million people may be in serious trouble.

As Obama says it, “Let's be clear on what we need to be clear on”... if you live in the coastal areas near that oil gusher you'd be wise to get a U-Haul and move like the U.S. Navy has done.

There are official warnings, and unofficial warnings.., there move to Costa Rica is an unofficial we're getting the hell out of here, so why wouldn't that be a good consideration for you?

"Under the guise of the “war on drugs” the U.S. Military is evacuating its ships and hardware from the Gulf of Mexico to safety off the sheltered coast of Costa Rica.
The “war on drugs” cover story is laughable being that we can’t even get that level of engagement on our border with Mexico where all the drugs come through."

"The Navy is obviously worried about either poison from the methane/corexit 9500 mix or a massive methane explosion/tsunami. A tsunami fits with the NOAA blackout of the U.S. tsunami warning system. It also explains why BP is not actively cleaning up the oil on the beaches. Why clean them up if they are going to be gone."

What's good for the Goose ought to be good for the Gander, I'd think at a minimum that people who were living on the coast in range of a potential tsunami ought to think about storage units some 75 miles inland or better.

You know that just makes a sense to give such a warning that gives people a chance to get their things out. The pressure that occurs down 5,000 feet is beyond what we have a lot of experience in and if by some chance that sea floor caves in, or by some drilling or other man-made trigger, gives rise to an underwater eruption triggering a tsunami people would have no time to pack anything and get out, there would be an enormous death toll, rather than a exodus or is that what this administration wants?

One has to wonder about the idea of population extermination being considered in the fractions of the head of one usurping president who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Constitution, and by that he doesn’t give one big rat’s ass about the population.

So let’s be clear about what we can be clear on,.. if we value our Navy and move it to safety, but we don’t give at least a general evacuation consideration for the population, are we saying we care for our navy more then the people of the coast that the navy is charged to protect and serve? I think that’s the message that is being sent.

I disagree. I believe I care more for the population who is innocently putting their trust and money in maintaining a navy, and putting their trust in our government to care for them. This just reeks of stink and I don’t like it!
Look at the map…and the safety of Costa Rica in the Tsunami path to the gulf,-73.916016&spn=30.387332,78.662109&z=4

If the Navy is moving… YOU MOVE! Let's be clear about what we can be clear about. Obama has lied on his declaration of candidacy stating he was a 'natural born citizen' which he wasn't and he knew it being a 'constitutional lawyer'. He lied to the whole American Population without blinking an eye. We are clear very clear that he is a forked tongue usurper which is equivalent to being American's worst nightmare and he is your number 1 most broadcast air manipulator. When your clear on that you start packing when Obama moves but doesn't tell you to move.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Color,Race, and Prior Servitude Amend.XV and The Parable of The Unfaithful Wife

Race,Color, and Prior Servitude U.S.C Amendment XV
Parable of the Unfaithful Wife

The mysteries of the Lord are sought out by churches and the people that attend them in literally every nation of the world. God is always revealing hidden truths, yet is at the same time the same yesterday, today, and forever. The bible is full of parables and dreams and visions as applicable today as they were the day they were given, yet the Lord still teaches in parables in everyone’s own day that they too can understand and have the experience of finding the hidden truths. Parables give us the experience of finding ourselves… treasures that are of great worth. The Lord says when you come to a child to speak in the language of the child, and so it is I would like to rehearse a modern day parable.

There was a certain women who had become disdained of her husband. She was no longer enchanted by his money, charm, or good looks. She no longer found him attractive and looked to find fault in him daily. She was a goodly women adorned with nice clothes, a clean women who kept herself moderately. She had come from a divorce and had a nice house and children who were nearly raised and it seemed she was coming to the same conclusion of this new husband as she had about the first husband.

Let’s just put a name on this second husband, so we can all simply refer to him with a name. Let’s call him… Abraham. That is a name that comes from the Bible and is pretty respected by every Christian Church. Now the Lord had told this Abraham, just the same as he had told Abraham of old that he would be a man of whom a great nation came, and also that his family would be one even as Abraham’s of old.
Abraham was a faithful man and had been very true to the Lord and had sought diligently to remain in that favor for the Lord had indeed graced him abundantly with many heavenly gifts which were a delight to him, thus he sought to please the Lord and to remain a faithful servant of his Lords’. In this Abraham’s first marriage finances had come to bare down on his young family and his wife had lost faith in him encouraged by her family who wished her back in their own lands and so she went. It pleased the Lord to bruise Abraham that he might learn wisdom and understanding and become even a man of his own heart.

Now, as I said Abraham had sought the Lord diligently to gain some understanding of why his first wife and family had been taken from him and the Lord taught him many things of which he had failed and thus Abraham learned what he was doing that was wrong as a father and husband according to the Lord’s intelligence that was somewhat different then the ‘norms’ of the society he was from. Thus Abraham was encouraged finding some meaning to his heart break in the loss of his family.
So this Abraham in my parable was encouraged, and again went out to get him a wife. This time, faithfully, he understood more of the Lord’s intelligence, and he knew that he could no longer rely on the ‘social norms’ which he had grown up with finding only heartache and loss in those customs. Our Abraham in this parable did meet a woman who he felt was a good woman and he sought diligently to court her and in every way to impress her as a suitor, and she was impressed. They became what we’d call in our modern day world ‘serious’ in their relationship.

Of course Abraham had now a difficult challenge. He had to convey to his fiancĂ© all the Lord had taught him, for it was incumbent upon him to encourage his faithfulness to the Lord, and also his soon-to-be wife. Yet it was ever present on his mind, what had happened to his first wife, and he certainly did not want to make the same mistakes, so it was with a great deal of trembling courage that Abraham related to his finance’ all the Lord had taught him, knowing full well that these revelations could indeed also spoil his new found love that he had worked hard to impress and court.
You can imagine Abraham’s happiness when after all was revealed that this new wife accepted his proposal in marriage. Abraham took a deep breath seeing all had gone ok and his faith in the Lord was not jeopardized and the Lord had blessed him in his new romance. Abraham was, to barrow a modern phrase “tickled to death”, overjoyed, and he sought diligently to make well with his new family. Soon they were married and both of them trudged through some difficult times as the Lord sought to test this marriage.

They had wanted a child together and had sought to achieve that, though they had both had children in their earlier marriages who were near grown and out of the house but nothing happened for two years. Abraham was told in a dream that if his wife would do this and that she would become pregnant, but the this and that involved the trial of their love which the Lord had taught Abraham of which he had conveyed to wife before being married, but had never done.

Of course Abraham knew that it was not enough to worship the Lord in lip service saying, “yes yes Lord” on one hand, perhaps even on a Sunday, and then running out and saying ‘no no Lord” on the other hand, perhaps, even the six other days of the week.

So it was with great trembling again, Abraham related this to his wife who was to Abraham’s sadness not so willing to accommodate what the Lord had related. Nevertheless, Abraham was gentle with her knowing the Lord in his love had been gentle with him at times, and as their talks went on finally they were accomplished in the test the Lord had presented though it wasn’t without a few dents and bruises. This of course was familiar to Abraham, being bruised by the Lord before, but had not really been known to her so it was difficult.

She ordered a separation and thus it had been nearly 3 months since she had seen Abraham, when on occasion she accepted an invitation to go on a trip with him. Abraham grieved in his missing her and doting on his love for her, again sought to court and spoil her in any way he could manage. Though he wasn’t rich he had managed a plane ride, a wonderful dinner, and a room at a luxurious hotel. There she was receptive to him and their love was renewed. Although Abraham was delighted about their love, he sensed something was different about her but he couldn’t figure it out.

Over an ice-cream cone as the trip was nearing an end the next day, she pulled out of her purse and ultrasound picture and related she was 3 months pregnant. Yes, the Lord had indeed blessed them as they were faithful in their own, shall we call it a "test of Abraham".

Time went on and the baby was born which was a delight to both of them, but the baby had not healed her feelings all the way through and though she had seen the blessings, she sought about daily to prove her husband wrong in all of the things he loved. It was as if some competition had invigorated her and through this daily barrage of insults she did not relate to him so directly as she did her friends and her family, gradually another separation occurred.

This was a great sadness to him for he had felt for sure that the blessing and fulfilling of the Lord’s words would also seal her testimony, but it did not. Her heart was different and she was set hard and no amount of courting or attempts by him to restore his marriage worked. The child grew and was a beautiful child whom they both delighted in greatly, he had taken his first steps and they were still separated.

Abraham was weighed down in his grief, for he had sought diligently to please the Lord, but again it pleased the Lord to bruise him. She had taken off her wedding ring which had embarrassed Abraham and she was flippant in her ability without him feeling she had no need for him. She was satisfied and had no desire for him. Abraham weighed down in his grief returned his wedding ring to her jewelry box next to the one he had given her that she no longer felt any value for. He told her perhaps they should put the rings in a trust account for their baby.

One day as Abraham was weighed down in grief and standing in a line with his head bowed a girl he had known, only as an acquaintance, turned as she was in front of him in the line he was waiting in, and felt for his sorrow. She put her arms around his neck and said “Abraham, don’t be sad!”, and he acknowledged her good will towards him as a friend who simply didn’t want to see a friend sad. It was just a pure coincidence that his wife had seen this exchange and after the girl who had put her arms around Abraham and told him not to be sad left bounding off, as to Abraham probably not to be seen coincidentally again, the wife headed off towards the girl and cornered her.

She asked the girl whom she didn’t know at all, seeing her arms around her husband, “Have you ever made-love to my husband?” The girl responded, “Hundreds of times!”, and bounded off again as if not to blink an eye. She then came to her husband and said, “Haah, caught you cheating!”

Now this is the end of the parable.

There are always questions at the end of every parable to be answered. This is the process of a parable. For every church to ask and for every person to ask themselves if in this parable Abraham was actually Jesus and the women in the parable was the Church to whom is married to Jesus in similiar parables of the Bible; in what manner of cheating have you accused the Lord after his faithfulness to you?

Do you not suppose the Lord to visit other churches at all?

Hasn’t he still favored you with many blessings, yet you accuse him of cheating with others who have not truly known him either?

Why have you entreated your husband to accusations of unfaithfulness when he has so patiently and lovingly taught you faithfully all that is known to inherit his kingdom? Are you so bent on hurting him that you would cast him in to prison if he arrived?

And, what must you do now, or what will you do now you have seen as you are seen, taking your ring off? Will you choose to keep it off and find another Lord and who might that Lord be; your usurping president Obama?

What do the rings represent?

Is Obama's love of unfaithfulness towards the Constitution what you really want in a President?

Do you not desire faithfulness? You must desire faithfulness, or you certainly wouldn’t accuse anyone of being unfaithful?

What an oddity it is for people to crave faithfulness and truthfulness but vote for a lie. It is if they can’t help but inherit exactly what they are… unfaithful and liars themselves, blind yet they see.