Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nixon-Obama's Represented Script of Authority Alarming

The mentality of Obama has been heralded by CEO’s with particular virulency because they don’t know what he will do next. Huge stock piles of cash are being horded by companies who figured the best way to weather a storm was adopting the same mentality as Obama, “Lean and Mean”, which is the opposite intent of a stimulus.

While protecting shareholders investments and increasing their fold is their bottom line, the overt act of Obama in spending huge sums of cash to get the economy rolling, is by example hindering confidence on Main Street and Wall Street, through his own lack of confidence, in his own programs as the correct course America should be on. What is the root cause of this? [ CEO’S CANNOT STAND OBAMA Michael Brush article featured on MSN]

In common parlance the term prima facie is used to describe the apparent nature of something upon initial observation. In legal practice the term generally is used to describe two things: the presentation of sufficient evidence by a civil claimant to support the legal claim (a prima facie case), or a piece of evidence itself (prima facie evidence).

This lack of confidence does indeed have an origin or root that goes much deeper than the face of Obama which radiates with confidence in the ‘super facial show’. Yes Obama is a facial lie that in legal terms is referenced as ‘prima facie on its face’.

Confidence you say? How could that be? Obama is arrogant, egotistical, and has demonstrated a certain show of confidence every time he speaks; anyone can see his radiating confidence.

Well, there are many kinds of confidence, but the weaker of the word is demonstrated by a lack of fear, the cover-up of qualification he lied about on his Declaration of Candidacy as he stated he was a natural born citizen, and his actions of hiding his own identity all the while asserting his ways were transparent, and represented the path we should follow. A truth built upon a negative or false, will not stand the test of time; the foundation crumbles when put to the test.

I recall this parable: Jesus got into a boat; and the whole multitude was on the land facing the sea. Then He taught them many things by parables, and said to them,

"Listen! Behold, a sower went out to sow. As he sowed, some
seed fell by the wayside; and the birds came and devoured it.
Some fell on stony ground where it did not have much earth;
and immediately it sprang up. But when the sun was up it was
scorched, and because it had no root it withered. Some seed
fell among thorns; the thorns grew up and choked it, and it
yielded no crop. But other seed fell on good ground and yielded
a crop that sprang up, increased and produced: some thirtyfold,
some sixty, and some a hundred."
And Jesus said to them, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear!"
Mark 4:1-9 NKJV, condensed

Have you ever thought of this parable in relation to our economy and what needed to happen in order for it to really thrive? Can our economy afford to be commanded by someone like Obama who is a walking violation of the constitutional qualification for a natural born citizen? Obama defies his oath as President stating he would uphold the Constitution, by even being in office.

When you support a lie, do you incline that the consequences of that lie will not fall upon you?

How can we Americans expect any blessings to come from this? It’s a violation of the Supreme Law of the Land our Constitution, and it’s a violation of morality in building not upon false pretenses or a lie. You wondered about the seeds dropped upon stony ground that sprang up immediately but soon withered because they had no root?

Obama has no root and both Wall Street and Main Street are finding this out the hard way, and the worst is yet to come! If you really believe in Obama, your basically stating you really believe in a lie, and are supporting the father of all lies.
Now you have had your scriptural reference for the day, let me assert an even more modern example of this in the movie Rock IV. This was a great movie that showcased two fighters in the ring, of course Rocky Balboa played by Sylvester Stallone, and the much more physically powerful Ivan Drago played by Dolph Lundgren.

If this was a not a story of East v. West, it is a story of looks being deceiving. Have you seen the power of this Russian? Absolutely breathe taking to see him pound the bag 3 or even 4 times harder than a normal professional fighter and we witnessed in the Movie, Drago pulverize Apollo Creed to death, played by Carl Weathers, in an exhibition match.

Could we say Obama’s exhibition match with McCain was indeed a parallel?
McCain was no match for Obama, weak in his training of conservatism, weak in his defense of the Constitution not being a natural born citizen himself, with his predication of being born on a naval base hospital, when his own birth certificate certifies his birth in Panama in the Panama hospital. If a lie has any success it could only be on a lesser lie, and McCain provided this lesser lie for Obama to grand stand upon with the passage of U.S. Sen. Res 511.

One of the things we love about the character Rocky Balboa was his own appreciation for his mortality. He flat out knew his own character was in fact weaker than his opponents to the naked eye, everyone could see he was outmatched. In the last movie “Rocky Balboa” , the character admits to his son that fear has always worked for him a little bit, in contrast to his opponent who says he doesn’t fear anything.
What the naked eye could not see was Balboa’s heart. This was a factor and in the result of the many fights Rocky had, was indeed a defining factor.

Isn’t it true that adrenaline certainly defies the odds of the eye as a mother lifts a car off of her own child who has been caught under the wheel? You can call it super human, but you could also call it ‘The Power of Love” which exceeds all other power and whose root goes deep through the testing and trials, we could compare to being planted in good ground.

A lack of fear, can be a weakness, in an over confidence of oneself, or a lack of acknowledgement of one’s’ own weaknesses.

Some say “Cody you’re really out there for running for U.S. Senate with a felony on your record.” Why would anyone in their right mind vote for you, when we have so many candidates to choose from who don’t have felonies and have pretty good records?

Like Rocky, I acknowledge the appearance of weakness relayed as a felony on my record, but what I don’t acknowledge is that the felony defines me, or my heart. People can read my book, "Taking A Stand-The Conservative Independent Voice", to see the facts of that felony.

People like Rolly & Wells from the Salt Lake Tribune continue to dog me as someone who stood up on a pulpit with Howard Hunter threatening a fake bomb, while recognizing it was a religous meeting they deny the freedoms held therein by our Constitution. This makes them in this particular action under the spotlight from Heaven, deniers of faith, hope,and charity, anti-Christians, Americans that don't support the Constitution of which by their own account shall not be forgiven? That's not something Christians ought to take lightly!

While this is true in the secular or political world, I was not acting in the secular or political world at the time. I was acting in the religious and the spiritual world where the greatest latitude or expansion and definition of words is allowed under the Constitution, where you can basically say anything you want and be free from prosecution. It’s a sanctuary, a free speech home base, if you will. A free speech zone, where not everything is immediately understood by all, but may through time be understood.

Every time someone prints the words “fake bomb” regarding my name, they deny the facts that I was on “The Home Base” and my words B.O.M was indeed a Book Of Mormon abbreviation, the evidence backed up my explanation, and the Celestial Laws or tenants of faith in my talk were indeed tenants of faith for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These are facts any LDS Member would be comfortable admitting are goals of faith and hope for a better world.

The slander towards me, more dramatically denies the sentiments of our Constitution that preclude a Church and State union and a criminal prosecution originating in a Church Meeting called a Fireside is a union so prohibited; “Fireside” in LDS Religious understanding has nothing to do with a fire burning on the mountains side that the State or Secular world might suppose.

Now people say you can’t stand up and yell “Fire” in a crowded Theatre. Well, a theatre is part of the secular world, not a religious meeting. However, when I was once asked about that, I did say, if your daughter’s name was “Fire”, and she was lost in a Theatre, and the Jury was deliberating the facts, I don’t think they would prosecute the mother of the daughter for yelling her lost daughter’s name. So with every rule, we could find, if pressed, exemptions that even a Jury could come back with a “not guilty” verdict in.

Many in the Secular and even Atheistic world are opposed to State Leaders with so much as a pretense towards religious sentiment. They want to bind anyone working for the State in capacity of office or color of law, from being able to express words of faith while standing let’s say on the capitol steps. Many words of faith are good words and a civilization should seek after those good words.

Very few people have a problem with a Congressmen standing on the Capital Steps extolling the virtues of not murdering people, or not stealing from the treasury. These are undeniable religious tenants of faith given in the Ten Commandments and a lack of an articulation of those truly is an embrace of the opposition; murdering, stealing, lying or in other words, exactly what Obama is representing right now. Is that okay for you?

The protection of the First Amendment was chiseled out of granite so to speak, and inlayed with gold, so the State would not feel it, or they representing the State, could enter a Church and arrest people for speaking, in the perception of the State, against the secular world, in what we would term religious sentiment vibrantly defended in Utah and U.S. Constitution. If the LDS people in the meeting, at the Marriott Center, could get over their anger towards me, they could examine the facts.
In this clear headedness, they would have to acknowledge God can send a message through anyone he chooses. He simply can, and no where could they expect that more than in their own religious meeting. They would acknowledge no monetary demand was made, no property was damaged, and certainly I caused no bodily harm to anyone before being pepper maced myself and pushing an intruder of my space.

They would also have to acknowledge their own thoughts about the Jews having the greatest portion of scripture on the Earth around 32-36 A.D, (a proclamation of testimony the LDS faithful often repeat), even while they prosecuted, sentenced, spit on, mocked, poked fun of, and nailed the spikes in Jesus Christ hands. Than the LDS faithful would begin to understand just a little bit, how the Jews did what they did to Jesus Christ being blind to their own deeds and deaf to their own words and still not acknowledging Jesus Christ as the Savior of mankind.

While I acknowledge I am not Jesus Christ and would remark readily, He whose shoe latchets I am not able to touch, meaning Jesus Christ is far above me in mortal and eternal perfection, I can represent with my own history, an understanding that has been brought to light and that is this world is nowhere close to receiving him in any degree of righteousness, and while you may say “He has delayed his coming”, I would say, “For a really good reason noted in the word ‘hypocrites’.”

Would you suppose in your rational mind the Lord God of Israel would condone a lie of qualification that defies our Constitution like Obama has represented? Would you suppose in your rational mind that any State of our Union imprisoning any prophet who came to you with a warning would be perceived as a righteous act for a people that would be rewarded of God?

In my rational mind, I would say “No, there would be no reward for that” and there was no reward for Nephites who tried to kill Samuel the Lamanite in the Book of Mormon, and in the Christian Bible there was no reward in similar situation to the Egyptians defying Moses, or the Jews denying Christ.

In the aftereffects of the actions of 1993 at the Marriott Center some 17years ago, the world is often no friend to religion and even now laughs at the Mormons for being threatened with their own book, The Book Of Mormon, abbreviated B.O.M in every LDS Church sponsored “Ensign” which is a LDS Monthly Magazine. Jon Stewart has illustrated this clearly in the 2002 parody
Putting the Con back in Congress

I am often awed with the forethought that went into our Constitution in allowing a person to run for a Federal Office with a felony on record. The Constitution relates “no prior servitude” shall stop a citizen from voting, and The State of Utah who once made it unlawful to run for a State Office with a felony, I believe it was around 2003, acknowledged the relative ease it is to get a felony on your name, and has since afforded any person who has a felony the ability to run for State Offices though not without opposition by representatives whose judgments should be questioned.

The representation that someone could be convicted, serve their time demanded by society, and then come back into society, be expected to pay taxes, and be productive in society, but not be allowed to seek and hold office is really an example of society having the same problem Obama does- no confidence in their own policies, no confidence in their own ability to re-habilitate.

It would not only be a pretty big pat on the back to say Adult Parole and Probation at the least to have a termed ‘felon’ publically chosen in an election: it would represent a religious moral tenant of faith, known to many Christians as ‘Forgiveness” and a confidence of society. The process of wiping one’s slate clean from ‘sins’ that is represented by an ordinance called Baptism for all Christians.

The question can be reasonably asked if society refuses to wipe anyone’s slate clean, even after the person has done all that was asked of him by society in a discipline, then the State will likely not every be ‘forgiven’ for its own trespasses, and those who support the State will likely suffer a slate that is not ever wiped clean either. This is motivation for every individual to continually seek for redress of grievances enumerated in our First Amendment.

Of course we all are familiar with the huge settlements that individuals have received because the State was in the wrong, and society has had to bear the brunt of that force, in their tax dollars paying for the abuse of State authority, acting under color of state law. We have ducked and dived under the radar of ‘tort reform’, and malicious and frivolous law suits, all the while not wanting to have our feet held to the fire because it’s painful, yet we are slow to remember often a jury of our own peers have been the ones sentencing these awards because of abuse of authority.

Now in the greatest Constitutional Crisis our Country has faced from within, there is sitting in the Whitehouse, a person who has surfaced as a malignant cancer on the face of America unwilling to acknowledge his long form birth certificate to clarify qualification, or acknowlege his dual citizenship that prevents such from serving as president, or acknowledging his father a British subject and his mother unable with her age to confer citizenship. Barack Hussein Obama is at the least a national security problem threatening the vitals of America with his lack of eligibility, and at most a symptom of poor choices represented by an abuse of justice, similar to an abuse of alcohol or tobacco that ultimately led to a death sentence by the choice of Americans.

While there is always a ‘choice’, and it is the last thing that we give away in any particular situation as to how we will act in any given situation or circumstance, our Constitution gives us a fantastic base to cling to for freedom and liberty that even binds our President from the hasty words that Nixon spoke, and Obama very clearly seems to champion:

"When the president does it, that means it is not illegal."

No words could be farther from the truth to someone simply giving a quick read to our Constitution and reading all of the limitations of our President found within our United States Constitution, clearly acting as the reins for unbridled passions of men who find themselves in the seat.

Cody Robert Judy