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There is a big gathering of The Birther Movement that is being called “The Birther Summit” scheduled for March of 2012; 30 second spot here. The organizers putting it together I don’t know personally, though I have emailed Executive Director Dean C. Haskins, they have published a preliminary list of notables speakers to address audiences at the Summit. They know about me and what I’ve done in The Birther Movement, but have refused to ask me or respond to my submission to help in any way or to be of service as a speaker thus far.

The list of speakers includes notables in the Birther Movement such as ever outspoken Rev. James David Manning, Pamela Barnett, Linda Bentley, Miki Booth and Neil Turner all of which were at or participated in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial. All of whom know of my potential run President in 2012 and all of which know of my run in 2008.

Some other notables include attorney Orly Taitz and Mario Apuzzo, and the Terry Lakin Action Fund all of which have conducted, as or by attorneys, cases against Obama for clients challenging Obama’s eligibility, most dismissed because of a lack of standing.

All of these patriots undoubtedly have known first hand of my Article II Patriot Stand and Birther Resume from the interview conducted by Ms. Sharon Rondeau of the Post and email June 15th, 2011. All of these citizens know that any candidate standing against Obama who didn’t sue Sen. John McCain gets a ‘racist’ tag or pin on them by the mainstream media. That much is agreed upon by everyone I think.

Whether in as a messenger, or a spoiler, Donald Trump’s brief flirt with the issue, in a concocted potential run for President received the very spirited RACIST pin or tag by more than 2/3’rds of the major media outlets. Getting back to the idea that all these Birther Summit Notables know me but refuse to advocate or insist I speak with them shoulder to shoulder is kind of, well, disappointing to me.

To understand that all these people whom I have fought with side by side think so little of all the work and service I’ve done so far in upholding the Constitution. To realize they must think I’m a bigger liability than help is sad to me and hurts a little. Perhaps this is because I stood up to the LDS Church officials in a free speech protest and chastisement and landed me in prison for 8 years nearly 20 years ago. Rev. Manning certainly seems to be doing the same thing I did however against Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck now days (VIDEO about 5:15min -5:40min), chastising the Mormon Religion as he did most recently here, so that would be conflicting interest on their own behalf in a matter that was constitutionally speaking unjust upon me. These are uncalculated mistakes and a disillusionment of aligned truths everybody.

The other critical mistake is that in doing so there is a rallying cry around The Birther Movement, but a failure by the movement to rally around a presidential candidate that could gather more support in opposing Obama’s second unconstitutional usurpation of an election through the Presidential Race or Contest in 2012. The Summit scheduled for March 2012 misses the February Caucus in Iowa that is the first really big battle report in the Presidential Race.

It’s clear within The Birther Movement those actors all want to disassociate themselves with me rather than support me as I have received no support or encouragement from them after the rather large feature story in The Post & Email entitled “Good Men Cannot Sit Idly By And Do Nothing”, and the follow-up Potential Presidential Candidate Want to Bring Up Eligibility Issue nearing more than a month ago now. Not one dollar or call of support from any of these major players within the Birther Movement on their blogs or loud horns for my strong stand on Obama’s Eligibility within the Presidential Contest of 2012 though I have now received some support from citizens who are grasping the importance of this which I need more of very quickly in order not to fall from the fingertips I'm holding on by.

In fact upon the strategic press release published by CNN’s iReport considering a run as a Democrat entitled "Could the Birther Affect Explode in the Democrat Party on Obama", because everyone of the Republican Presidential Candidates are utterly wasted failures in the defense of our Constitution and are rather in the silent order of supporting Obama’s ineligibility, and thusly Obama’s plan of deficit spending which exceeds pevious presidents combined which is more than the cumulative total of the national debt held by the public that was amassed by all U.S. presidents from George Washington through Ronald Reagan, now upwards by 40%, a pretty good start in collapsing the dollar in a single 3 years, some very prominent facts are understood.

Obama’s out sourcing those dollars to foreign banks and collectively working on invasions in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq to the tune of 4 Trillion dollars taking on the socialized Marxist stand that anyone opposing Governments in place for decades deserved the United States full support militarily without the slightest consideration of who we were supporting in the spring revolutions like the Muslim Brotherhood or the interest of say, Iran, Russia, China, or Saudi Arabia interest over our own, is in theory supported by Birthers who fail to support a worthy candidate on the eligibility issue. All of these major Birther Movement actors refuse to support a candidate who is standing up against Obama’s Eligibility and can do so without being tagged or pinned a racist as I can, because of my stand against Sen. John McCain. While spending money is a talent Obama is also out scoring the GOP Candidate combined 86 million to 35 million

I did receive a note from Retired Captain Pamela Barnett who upon reading the CNN’S iReport said “Do it! Do it! Do it!”, but then instead of offering her support for my candidacy said “ I’ll do it to”, without regard or perhaps understanding of the fact that she’d face a huge ‘racist’ tag or charge just the same way that Donald Trump did.
This leads me to an understanding of why The Birther Movement while big has indeed struggled. While I have called for their services and support and they have noticed mine, they ultimately have refused to support by word or deed thus far anyway my candidacy. The problem with that is they refuse to support by word and deed anyone who can withstand the racist charge within the Presidential Contest of 2012 or to recollect exactly the message of potential candidate Donald Trump, which was “You cannot run for President in 2012 and oppose Obama on his eligibility while you gave Sen. John McCain a pass in 2008 because it shows your mentality as a RACIST”.

If Pamela Barnett thinks she can get past that very big example of Donald Trump she’s wrong. She maybe successful within The Birther Movement, but it would be a sad victory because basically it is ‘racist’, and those that did so must forever ask themselves why they let Sen. John McCain have a pass and did not sue him also for he was not born in the United States but was actually born in Panama a foreign nation, just as Kenya maybe for Obama. When either man goes back to his birth place, was it the United States of America? No it wasn’t! Neither forgery or fraud will every corrupt the truth or the loyalty of one’s place of birth by natures law, which is far stronger than any man- made law which opposes the force of nature.

Why or how could anyone support McCain and place Obama on the barbeque? It reeks of Racism! Do you think the American People are so dumb as to not catch that? This leads me to the question of what to do about it?

I can call them on it and say listen this is what you’re doing and why it doesn’t make any sense or I can forget about them and their work just as they have done with mine. I’d would rather have their support and recognize them for their parts they have played and for their own sacrifices in work, time, and talent. They are great people but I don’t think they understand or recognize what’s happened or the significance of what’s happened with Donald Trump. They couldn’t have had a bigger example of what happens on the front line with Obama, yet they refuse to support someone who can get through the racist charge.

The only other thing I can do is run the ball around them, fighting as a Democrat and get Obama disqualified in the Democrat Party before February making The Birther Summit unnecessary. Because I have sought their support but they haven’t sought mine, I think they are in it for more attention and credit of bringing Obama down then defense of the Constitution and here’s why.

If the Constitution is at the heart of your reasoning they would use any and every thing available to them to win the battle, just as I have requested their help. Does their not wanting to use me seem to you a plan to disassociate the Presidential Contest from the fight and thus the central means and or vehicle Obama used to run right into the White House with? How can you possible explain that logic of that battle plan? We’re going to oppose Obama but ignore the vehicle he used to get where he’s at? We want to destroy every vehicle around him, but we don’t want to touch the vehicle that got him where he’s at in 2012 - the same one that he rode in on in 2008?

Hummmm, that almost sounds like Republican strategy of opposing Obama on policy but not principle or character.

That seems to me the definition of a stupid battle plan but it does open a smidgen of hope for the Democrat Party to continue its existence. Let’s explore that a little bit. By eliminating Obama based upon the affluence of Sen. John McCain, they the Democrat Party saves face with the American People. They come clean on their own Constitutional terms not on Republican Terms by exposing Obama’s Forgery within the U.S. Senate controlled by Democrats right now, they pin the tail of the donkey on McCain within the U.S. Senate Judicial Committee controlled by Democrat United States Senators right now. They have the ball and they will make the call.

You know there is the ethical understanding of Senate Resolution 511 that was used to declare Sen. John McCain a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ contrary to natural laws that really don’t need defining. That in and of itself defies the logic of Constitutional soundness and even then Senator Hillary Clinton mentioned that it, and presumably along with it the character of Sen. John McCain and Republican support drawn into its precepts, hangs by a legal thread (pg 17). Talk about the ultimate weapon backfiring on Republicans and every major player in the Birther Movement at this time … did you just see that?

Not only do you eliminate Obama constitutionally, but you eliminate every future Birther Law Suit filed against the Democrat Party in damages because they failed to file on Sen. John McCain based upon their racially motivated actions. You can rest assured if Obama is removed any other way, every attorney like Orly Taitz , Phil Berg, Mario Apuzzo will be filing cases on behalf of their clients for damages retroactively.

If the U.S. Democrat Controlled Senate right now fails to do this, they leave themselves open to actions against them by those who sought Obama’s removal and were denied, in plausible deniability and misprision of felony as are correctly identified here The Post & Emails article Second Update: The Post & Email Speaks with Douglas Vogt, Typesetting Expert, About His Letters to Congress Regarding Birth Certificate Forgery.

Cody Robert Judy