Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pulled Up To Atlah Missionary Church and Thanked God I Made It

Pulled Up to Atlah Missionary Church and Thanked God I'd Made It.

Well,through 'service engine soon' lights on my dash, to running very low on gas, I made it to New York, Whew! I can hardly believe I was actually crossing the George Washington Bridge this morning with my Vue – Trailer in tow. Wow, is that ever a bridge! Coming into it I thought I was in a mall accept, instead of people, you just saw cars going every direction above, below, side by side and you felt you were on some kind of escalator.

How relieved I was when I found the Atlah Church, and Pow!, what a sign as you can see in the picture.

Now you might have gathered by seeing me with pictures and what not, that I’m kind of a western boy. I’m used to being in wide open places, and coming to NY is a little like Crocodile Dundee coming to New York.

I met Pastor James Manning, his wife, and many of the staff here at Atlah World Wide Ministry and what a bunch of terrific and friendly people. I wish you all could be here so bad!

This morning I sat in on an interview with Pastor Manning with World News Daily today and one of the things I was very impressed with is his personal regard for our Constitution and his personal knowledge of the field in which this trial is taking place. I can tell you he has a grasp on the subject matter from many angles.
There were a few things happening with the preparations of the trial that were being formulated and I opened my mouth and sung out that I would be happy to help in any way. I received the chance to work and speak with some of these fine members of the community and was so impressed with how much they love America.

That’s what this is all about; Coming together for the love of our America. How important the Constitution is to our Independence, our liberty, and our way of life. How much we depend upon the Constitution to outline and frame this in our daily lives. As I framed the wall for the jury bench, I pondered the Constitutions frame in our lives.

The wood or raw material needs to be fashioned in a sturdy way. The square used to mark the studs straight; the mark of the pencil to know where to cut. The tools necessary to form the pieces planned to come together. How these all relate to our Constitution which was framed to be the foundation of our Union, the strong sturdy immovable law in which we could stand.

That is why it is so important that especially in the highest office of the land, we at least uphold our Constitutional requirements. If we can’t even uphold that, we make the demise of the rest of our Constitution so much easier from within, and that is what is happening at such an alarming rate.

You see and hear Republicans saying we should object to one policy after another, but what is happening? We are losing with every passing policy. If there is no respect for the Constitution at the highest office in land, as the President, what respect do you think Congress or any member of the Government really has for you as Americans? And what respect do you think they have for the oath they pledged to uphold the Constitution?

Well, America it is time.. the time is now to wake up! We The People are a power to be reckoned with politically moving on our Constitution. This trial is going forward and it is a historic event, and maybe remembered as the greatest event to ever happen in my lifetime as the World sees the free exercise for our Constitution with The People. Well, I hope you will stay tuned-in and I will update as it unfolds.

Here is the latest Manning Report

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