Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day Tower Tribute Dedication

Happy Veterans Day.. This is a tribute show to our Veterans with love and respect, we love you for standing up for our Constitution. Highlights Veterans Tribute Tower dedicated in Farr West Utah today!

George Edward Wahlen

George E. Wahlen gave 21 years of distinguished service to the United States military. As a medically-trained corpsman, Wahlen was among the invasion force that landed on Iwo Jima in 1945. A few days later he was treating a wounded Marine when an enemy grenade exploded nearby and sent shrapnel into his face. Refusing treatment, he continued to work in the midst of intense fighting. He ran through fire carrying a wounded Marine to safety on his back, and when an adjacent platoon lost its corpsman, he rushed through heavy fire to take care of its wounded as well, treating fourteen casualties before returning to his own unit.

On March 2, 1945, Wahlen was wounded again, this time in the back, and refused evacuation. He moved out in an assault that advanced more than six hundred yards of open terrain in the face of Japanese fire and was shot in the leg. Unable to walk, he crawled fifty yards to administer first aid to another fallen Marine. On October 5, 1945, George E. Wahlen received the Medal of Honor from President Harry Truman.

He served during both the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, and after 21 years active duty, retired with the rank of Major in the Army. As a civilian he worked for over a decade with the Veterans Administration and as an active promoter for veterans’ causes.

The George E. Wahlen Ogden Veterans Home is honored to bear his name.

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