Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fast & Furious or Birther Champion Democrats? What's it gonna be?

With the executive privilege Obama has just pulled to cover A.G. Eric Holder one thing is crystal clear.

Obama just forgot to include a blackmail technique on Republicans when it came to devising a plan to abolish the 2nd Amendment. You see deep down that was the intent of Fast & Furious. They thought that it would provide a great reason to confiscate weapons from Americans ultimately it back fired.

Obama has down pat the ultimate blackmail technique on his Birther Score Card with U.S. Senate Res. 511 which he co-sponsored allowing McCain's "naturalization" at 11 months old to morph into a 'natural born citizen' and that closed the door on Republicans actually standing up for the Constitution's demands for a natural born citizen as President.

Now, Attorney General Eric Holder is held in contempt of releasing documents necessary for Congress to investigate the cover-up in a straight down party line vote, we see clearly Obama just forgot to cover his butt on gun-smuggling and providing weapons to the drug cartels ,which means we shipped a lot of weapons to the Mexican cartels and it appears the evidence supports Obama, Holder and Hillary Clinton have all been tied to walking the guns into Mexico in order to prop up a "90% stat" they raved about.

So, the way its shaping up, the Fast & Furious operation could easily be Obama's watergate and, of course Republicans aren't backing off this one, as its gone mainstream and doesn't sit well with the American People.

There comes a clear choice to Democrats, including all delegates, super-delegates, and homies of Obama. Either join the Birther Cause and isolate Obama for the usurpation he employed in stating he was a 'natural born citizen' on his Candidate Declaration when he wasn't, or watch the Republicans amazingly roll over Obama as an Republican promoted eligible candidate in the Fast & Furious operation.

Let me say that one more time. Republicans have allowed Obama's usurpation by not holding Congressional hearings on his eligibility in a Republican Controlled House, and have thus in treasonous action denied their oaths to defend the Constitution's demands for a natural born citizen. Republicans winked at the Constitution and that is their true colors exposed.

Not one Candidate for Republicans has had the courage to defend the Constitution's demands for a natural born citizen and offered a hint of removing Obama as a liability according to U.S.C. Amendment 14, Clause 3.

Democrat's have a choice here and now. End the Fast and Furious operation by Sponsoring Congressional Hearings in the Democrat Controlled U.S. Senate on Obama's eligibility, which will put an end to it, and at the same time will employ the U.S. Constitution far better then the Republicans have employed it in the face of thedeAmerican Citizenry.

The other choice of course? Obama goes down in flames on the Fast & Furious operation and Mitt Romney and Republicans lay waist to the Democratic Party for the last time. Think about it Democrats while you watch this hope and change video!

A few good reasons here about 'hope' and 'change' that an unqualified ineligible usurper provides Democrats. I encourage all Democrats not to go down in Obama's unconstitutional flames and provide America a constitutional hope rather then a winking-hope sponsored by Republicans.

Cody Robert Judy

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