Monday, July 30, 2012

Emergency Notification to Chief Justice John Roberts- Will he take a stand for the Constitution?

Emergency Notification to Chief Justice John Roberts- Will he take a stand for the Constitution?

The ink hasn't yet dried on the opinions of the Justices in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Cases that Chief Justice John Roberts sided on as Constitutional because of the 'legal taxing abilities of Congress' and the Chief Justice has upon his desk an EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION regarding the eligibility of Barack Obama in the competitive race for the Democratic Nomination being held September 5th, 2012 in Charlotte North Carolina.

Cody Robert Judy has pleaded his case through the Judicial Branch in Georgia all the way up to the United States Supreme Court asserting that Obama is not a natural born citizen, and if made the National Democratic Party Nominee may face an Eligibility Challenge from the Republican National Nominee in a tight race that could debilitate the Democratic Parties chances to recover before the General Election in November.

In the Emergency Notification that demands Chief Justice Roberts attention during the Summer Recess of the Court, Petitioner and Registered Democratic Party Candidate for President Mr. Judy asserts that the Court's recess during Summer is in conflict with the Democratic National Convention being held September 5th, 2012, and that unless the Court decides the case in August in a Special Session, the Court may well prejudice itself out of Redressability, as well as open the door for it to be decided in the General Election that could cause much more wide spread discontent, as well as prejudicing himself as the petitioner.

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The Emergency Notification to Justice Roberts was sent July 30th,2012 and indeed places the eligibility of Barack Obama as a 'natural born citizen in sharp contrast with the eligibility demands of the United States Constitution.

To date the United States Supreme Court has never heard the case of Barack Obama's eligibility dismissing half a dozen other petitions seeking the Court's supervisory powers due to conflicts in Standing and Jurisdiction.

Cody Robert Judy asserts his case is the first case to come to the Supreme Court of the United States in living action during the race, before a Democratic Party National Nominee was chosen, by another Candidate running for President in the same party.

Cody's case is the first of its kind to also submit evidence to the lower Courts that has reached now the U.S. Supreme Court from a law enforcement investigation. Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse released evidence on March 1st, 2012 that included 2200 hours that reasonably questioned and now has concluded that Barack Obama's released long form Birth Certificate is definitely a forgery as well as problems with his Draft Registration.

Judy's complaint surrounds the Eligibility of Barack Obama placed on the Primary Ballot by the Democratic Chairmen's of each State, but is ultimately certified by the Secretary of State(s) whose duty is more to the tax payers who pay for Primaries and the Constitution of which Secretary-Of-States swear an oath to, then to the Democratic Party Chairmen's who have prejudiced his name as a choice for voters in the Primaries.

"If the Democratic Party were to nominate Barack Obama as the National Nominee, and the election were close, the Republican National Party Nominee would have every Constitutional Right to challenge Obama's eligibility after September 5th,2012", Judy said, "Its much better if we deal with it prior to the General Election and the Nominations of both major parties, and that's the reason I've pulled the Emergency handle of the United States Supreme Court which should be used only in rare instances."

The Republican Party's National Convention held in Tampa, Florida precedes the Democratic Parties this year, and is scheduled for August 27th - 30th 2012.

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  1. Chief Justice Roberts will take one look at your "emergency" petition and then laugh. He will say to himself: "Just because some jerk does not know that the meaning of Natural Born Citizen comes from the common law and refers to the place of birth, we are supposed not to take a vacation this year? And, when the court actually takes a look at the request to review the Georgia decision, it will decide that the Georgia court ruled correctly, and hence there is no need for the US Supreme Court to take the case.

  2. Well I'm glad you know so much about the Chief Justice. That's interesting. I suppose your a Republican whose really excited for Mitt Romney to challenge Obama's eligibility after the nomination process to really make things exciting. Please don't tell me your a Democrat on Obama's side because then your really gonna be in for a surprise after Mitt's made the nominee at the Republican Convention.

  3. If your a Democrat and you for one instance think that Mitt Romney won't head into the Birther Arena if its close, with the Presidency at stake ... you are one naive Democrat.