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There's a friendly SHOWDOWN happening in The Birther Movement Cody Robert Judy Explains

There's a friendly SHOWDOWN happening in The Birther Movement Cody Robert Judy Explains

Recall there were about 2 other cases in Georgia happening along with mine in January.

Its July now and two of them teamed up together after the Georgia Supreme Court and one split away from me - David Farrar represented by Orly Taitz in the Georgia Supreme Court.

Now there are 3 cases in the United States Supreme Court that have come out of Georgia.

1- July 2nd 2012 Docketed DAVID P. WELDEN, CARL SWENSSON, and KEVIN RICHARD POWELL v. OBAMA teamed up with Counsel Van R. Irion and Counsel Mark Hatfield in Case No. 12-5

2- July 9th,2012 Docketed DAVID FARRAR v. OBAMA teamed up with Counsel Orly Taitz in Case No. 12A25


3- July 17th,2012 Docketed CODY ROBERT JUDY v. OBAMA which does not have Counsel and is filed by the Petitioner pro se.

Between the three (3) teams my case is the only one represented with a Candidate for President. I am a Democratic Party Candidate for President. The other two teams do not have a Presidential Candidate and the importance of that is dicussed in my last blog here. But both the other teams do have something else in common.

They rejected me as viable..or credible and they are all Republicans.

Prior to the decision I received on June 21st I received a call from Mr. Richard Powell who inquired about the July 1st,2012, or thirty day date that the Court had set to make a decision.

We spoke at length and I explained that because the case was docketed May 31st,2012 that the Supreme Court of Georgia had under normal conditions until July 1st, 2012 to make a decision. Of course that decision came earlier then anticipated on June 21st,2012 which I was delighted with mostly because it gave me an extra week to get to filing my case with the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our cases have all hit the Court within about 15 days of each other so I know they were waiting for a decision in my case before they filed in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Now within The Birther Movement it is no secret that I am not really credited with anything. I'm not on the Conservative Talk Show Circuit and have never been asked to speak at a Tea Party or Birther Event. Whenever there have been events I was not called or asked to speak at them.

You recall even Dr. Rev. James David Manning only used me in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial after Alan Keyes, and Wayne Allan Root didn't show up, as well as Orly Taitz.

I drove out to New York from Nevada strictly on faith not knowing what part I would play, if at all, but I ended up being a big factor, which he acknowledged to me at the time after my day of testimony. However he has never hardly mentioned my name since then and has even endorsed and had on his show, The Manning Report, many more times Lori Roth who is running as an independent.

Lori Roth was on the law suit with me along with Leah Lax as candidates for President but after Taitz was barred from practicing in the Superior Court, they never responded to the case and thus a Motion for Dis-Joinder was necessary removing them from the case in order to proceed.

That left me as the only Presidential Candidate left in all of Georgia's Ballot Challenges.

Orly Taitz took off with David Farrar to the Georgia Supreme Court and left me to filing myself, after I had worked hard to get he and I through the Superior Court in Georgia. So there's a little friendly showdown happening in the Birther Movement. (smile)

The showdown I suppose is which case if any will the United States Supreme Court agree to hear? Or, could they agree to hear them all? We all just don't really know.

The Federal Ninth (9th) Circuit ruled in 2011 only current candidates running for President have standing or credit to bring an eligibility complaint. The other two teams have ignored that opinion where I have worked at accommodating that opinion.

I was never asked to join the WELDON, v. OBAMA case by the attorneys Irion or Hatfield though I know they certainly could have asked me having inquired directly to me regarding the decision of the Georgia Supreme Court through Mr. Powell prior to their case being filed in the United States Supreme Court.

In fact Mr. Powell and Mr. Swensson did not team up until after their respective Georgia Supreme Court cases with their separate attorneys Irion and Hatfield.

Upon learning of their cases I sent the following email to the attorneys and also posted it to Mr. Swensson on facebook:

[Dear Mr. Irion and Mr. Hatfield:

Please accept my sincere congratulations and excitement to see that you have filed in the U.S. Supreme Court. I am so pleased, in the valiant effort to sustain our Constitution, to rub shoulders with you and your clients.

As I saw your stamp from the U.S. Supreme Court I noticed that our Petitions for Writ of Cert actually were stamped the same day by the Court. That was an incredible unplanned phenomenon and I'll just bet you that the Clerks were having a "pull'n out hair day".

I wish you the very best of luck and appreciate your efforts and I hope you will convey this also to all your represented clients.

The attachment file I'm forwarding to you is the only effort, I can see, that might help me in my campaign for President in the Democratic Party.

The urgency is of course mentioned therein as the Democratic Party Convention being held Sept.5th,2012. If my case is dismissed early I sure hope that yours continues and is successful.

This is simply a little bit of a 'heads-up', as I wouldn't put it past SCOTUS if by chance they accepted my case to want to combine all our cases together, if only to hear your own professional Oral Arguments.

I'm simply am just not that practiced in the 'norm' of the court in situations like this, so if that sounds totally off the wall please forgive me.

All the best to you in these unchartered waters!

Cody Robert Judy

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign]
END LTR. entry

I did not receive any response from either attorney, however, Mr. Swensson graciously responded on Facebook in the hope that we would both meet in Washington DC at the Supreme Court.

In thinking back over the last 4 years and all of the attorneys I have approached, or who have approached me in a tentative conversation about the eligibility case against Barack Obama I begin to feel a little sad that I have not had any of them help me through the Judicial Courts...not a single one.

In fact as I thought back at all the names I've emailed and their legal experience I was even depressed a little more.
Mario Apuzzo, Phil Berg, Gary Kreep, Larry Klayman, Orly Taitz, Van Irion, Mark Hatfield if each had 15 years legal experience that would amount to over 100 years of legal training and experience combined I just never could get the benefit of the doubt from.

My case is very unique and different too, from all the others but its on the same issue. I guess you could say "my approach" to the basketball hoop, or golf T was different. My play on the football field was different. We all could certainly be dismissed, but what if, what if, different was better?

Wouldn't it be like "shock and awe" if my case made it? It would be like hitting the Jackpot or Lotto with about the same odds wouldn't it?

Well, I suppose my hand has been dealt already and we will soon see. Recall Roy McAvoy 'Tin Cup's' words played by Kevin Costner in the golf Movie "Tin Cup" to his Caddie Romeo (Cheech Marin), "Greatness Courts Failure Romeo"?
Greatness Courts Failure Romeo

And it all comes down to this last ball in the bag.. if I don't make this I'm disqualified in that there's no where else to go, kind of re-counted in this scene from "Tin Cup"

Here is a little update on my blog entry HAS THE PRIORITY MAIL gone MIA.

July 23rd, 2012

This morning (8AM) I called the United States Postal Service expressing my concerns about the two pieces of missing Priority Mail that contained very time sensitive materials to my case Judy v. Obama United States Supreme Court Case No. 12-1576 that are found here:

The United States Postal Service Representative took my information and a case number was assigned to the investigation: CA109421272

I was told that sometimes a piece of mail is not scanned through a sort facility and it may have been delivered already, but that they would check. I was told they would call me and let me know what has happened.

Tonight, 9:30PM , still have not received a call, but ran a check on the numbers again Supreme Court 0310 3490 0000 1692 0099 and Solicitor General 0310 3490 0000 0068 and found that both pieces had in fact today passed through the Washington DC Sort facility just today respectively BOTH at 9:44AM.

If all goes well they should both be delivered tomorrow July 24th,2012 after being stamped by the postal service July 16th,2012 in the 'Priority Mail Service".

The Judicial Courts usually give 3 days for mailing service and with the time sensitive material this is a set-back to the Court even receiving word of the time-sensitive urgency of my case. Nine (9) days to get a Motion to the Court? Excuse me?

With this kind of snail-mail the case might be heard sometime after Obama's second term.

Of course the Motion and Order was emailed to the Court and the respective Counsel(s) and it still hasn't been docketed on the Case No. 12-1576 Judy v. Obama Here:


As always I would certainly appreciate your contributions to my campaign and hope that you would feel that this is a Campaign worth its weight in gold for what it has done in standing up for our Constitution.

The United States Supreme Court marks the 6th Court this election cycle I have been through and that's not counting the 5 others I was involved with from 2008 up till 2012 including Lt. Col. Terri Lakin's Amicus Curia filed in a military court which we all should recall here:

If you can make a contribution it would be very appreciated.

Contribution Page:


Cody Robert Judy
Political Commericals: CRJ TV

Carl Swensson

Cody, Have you noticed how few the numbers are of people willing to put their lives on hold in order that this case (yours mine and the other States cases) be pushed forward to their logical conclusion? I have. Many will post on blogs or Twitter or Tweet their concerns but precious few have or will go the distance. Regardless of how your candidacy pans out or our cases proceed, I just want to take the time and offer up a harty THANK YOU for the service to this Nation you have put on display. It's because of people like you that I find the inner strength to soldier on. The American dream and America's heart are alive and well in this movement.

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