Friday, August 31, 2012

Romney Went Where Angels Fear to Tread

Romney Went Where Angels Fear To Tread
and its freaking Democrats out!

Well as you may or may not know I am a Democrat running for President against Obama in the party, and against Romney by the party, and I have to say Romney’s speech left pundits of most of the media outlets moping around where Angels fear to tread.
The 65 year old Romney who in 2008 was looking pretty spry has somehow eclipsed the 51 year old Obama in youth. That in a nutshell tells you exactly how smart Mitt Romney is.

Obama’s supporters have hoped to death that Romney couldn’t change his image from 2008 of Frankenstein, but they must face the reality that with Romney’s acceptance speech tonight he has become as likeable as Reagan.

Romney didn’t look like Frankenstein tonight. His face was more genuine, his look smoother, and much cooler while improving his elegant charismatic polished look, the Romney Camp has taken down considerably one of the offensive strategies of the Obama Camp to propagate Romney’s likability as a negative.

I was left after seeing Romney’s speech like I didn’t know what the media was talking about when they said Obama was just more likable then Romney. That doesn’t even make any sense now.

The well spoken vibrant Romney appeared from the roots of every teenage girls ‘dreams of my father’, who could no more speak an unkind word about his daughter or find a single fault with her than shoot down the sun in which she set in his eyes.

Romney pulled the stunt of century off coming in through the crowd looking as if he was coming through the halls of Congress for a State of the Union address, but still managed the stage with the grace of a well trained athlete.

There was nair’ a hint of mistake nor a hair out of place, and Democrats must begin asking themselves a poignant yet simple question. How has Obama’s rockstar power diminished so much in four years and Mitt Romney become so much more attractive?

Obama looked like an old warn out horse compared to Romney tonight; leading one to not only agree with Republicans that they might have a horse that can win this time that is far and away a better then 2008 GOP Nominee John McCain, but they have to begin facing the reality that Obama wasn’t that good from the inside out in the first place. And that my friend explains it.

When you’re a shallow and empty shell of American Principle in the first place, and Obama is in regards to the principles of the Constitution, that is going to be found out especially given the amount of jargon Obama has laced upon the American ear for four years. There’s been no lack of words, there’s been an over-arching flood of it, and America plainly wants nothing more now than to shut Obama’s mouth up.

Indeed the best thing for the Democratic National Convention clearly is to cut Obama off the ticket.

We’ve had too much of his voice, too much of his face, too much of his everything and America is indeed ready to cut out Obama from their diet like a body builder would trim off the fat to really get that cut worthy of competition.

The Democratic Party is lacking desperately in genuine American attractiveness that Ryan and Rubio were spraying out over the air like baseball, Hollywood, and apple pie and had better turn to plan C, because plan A and plan B are in the toilet.

Romney’s delivery was on time, and his message was right smack in the middle of America, which is where Obama didn’t want to see him. The DNC was no doubt hoping for a further to the right hit out in the ball park, but Romney is so clever he wasn’t going anywhere but center.

I can’t imagine any women not tearing up at hearing the story of Romney’s mother going to look for his father the day he died because she was missing the daily rose he had faithfully given to her. Wow! Its hard to compare that with Obama’s father not even being an American Citizen and dying in an inebriated car accident over in Kenya abandoning his children and the responsibility of a husband and father.

Clearly America does fall in love with “happy endings” and just as Obama’s father begin to be rejected by his own people in Kenya causing him grief and depression, Obama seems to have lost the respect and more importantly the love America had for his story because of the falsehoods, lies, and cover-ups of Obama’s origins that make him unqualified for the job as a natural born citizen.

It’s a hard truth Democrats have got to face and quickly.

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