Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Resigned Judy v. Obama 12-5276 Receives No "Grant" From SCOTUS

Resigned Judy v. Obama 12-5276 Receives No "Grant" From SCOTUS Sept 25th,2012.

Through the SCOTUS Blot this morning we learned that there were 6 new 'grants' from the Conference held Sept 24th, 2012 of which we were apart.

Unfortunately, Judy v. Obama was not a part of the 6 that were granted, leading for the sad resignation of our petition to the United States Supreme Court.


Here, in summary, are the issues the Court agreed to hear in the five cases (other than Millbrook):

Gabelli — calculation of the five-year limitation on the SEC’s power to impose a penalty for securities fraud.

Levin — scope of legal immunity of military medical personnel for an alleged “battery” while providing medical care to a civilian.

McNeely – police authority to take a blood sample from a driver who allegedly was drunk, when the officer has no warrant but wants to act quickly because of the chemical fact that alcohol in the blood dissipates over time.

Maracich — lawyer’s legal right to obtain personal information from driver’s license records, when the attorneys plan to use it in lawsuits and federal law supposedly insulates such information from disclosure.

Delia — state power to recover funds spent on providing medical care to the poor or disabled under the federal Medicaid law, when the patient has received funds from another source.

Whither by refusing to get involved with the definition of 'natural born citizen', or a new precedent that the Court has embraced as far as allowing 'Constitutional Construction" from the bench without the necessary 2/3'rd vote of Congress necessary to change the qualifications determined in the Constitution for the office of the President, the Court by its refusal to hear has determined a few things:

1) No amount of financial damage done to a candidate by a competitor who is running a political race under different rules of qualification in the same party warrants justice from the court.

Cody said today, " Our Campaign has been constitutionally run over by The United States Supreme Court today in the deference of our petition to them. The sadness that is in my heart is not due to any loss to me personally, which is not insignificant by any means of the facts, but my sadness is really based upon the blow suffered to our United States Constitution."

"Of course it can be said that our United States Government has departed from the United States Constitution's principles and pillars of soundness quite some time ago, in many other ways, however the direct assault upon the principles of construction so plain and precious as the qualifications of the office of the President, which had beforehand been upheld by precedent of the United States Supreme Court, portend a line of malice which has not until now been known by the Justices of the Court, and upon hope itself."

"The procession of the Constitution so many have given their lives for can begin, though I have not seen the final resting place, and my failure to defend this precious key-stone successfully is of the most bitter regret for my own inadequacies in word and knowledge to convince my fellow Americans in the seats of the United States Supreme Court of the importance."

"I resign my petition to God, for I know in his hands the future of the Union is continued, and I myself am of no or little consequence to that promise which is great."

We at the campaign share Cody's words as our own, and share our own thoughts of the great determination and courage Cody has in fact demonstrated for our Constitution in this campaign.

No further updates at this time.

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

Cody Release the following song 5 days ago indicative of his love for America:
Love You Lots - A Cody Robert Judy Original

And this one 2 days ago
Feeln,Breathn,Dreamn You Again - A Cody Robert Judy Original


  1. I am so sorry Cody. I cannot say I am surprised, but really, really sorry. Thank you for your efforts. Of course you realize you are not alone with so many law suits being waged all over the US against Obama and his eligibility. None, of course, being taken seriously or even heard. I see our once beautiful, free and admired country going under, lost to the deliberate actions and/or inactions of Obama and those pulling his strings. And, I believe there are MANY pulling his strings even to the point of controlling the stock market. I am so sad for our country, my children, grandchildren, entire family and friends. Nothing will ever be the same again. As believers we are not to have a spirit of fear, but of power. I have no fear, but I do feel powerless. In my heart, I desire justice for our country and punishment for Obama, but will leave room for the vengeance of the Lord.

  2. "He has a newer post where he talks about the fact that it might not be dead after all"

    You are FOS... I'd bet you whatever you want your writ was not "delayed".