Friday, October 19, 2012

Lost… “The Democratic Party” ? GAME ON!

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Lost… “The Democratic Party” ? GAME ON!

What does it profit the Democrat Party to gain the Presidency in Obama and lose their way?

Disturbed, disillusioned, demoralized..words that the Democratic Party are grappling with under the surging polls three weeks before the election that has placed Pennsylvania and even Wisconsin in the house of cards falling out from under Obama. Democrats and Liberals are hurt and frustrated with themselves because they bought into the forgery of Barack Obama and its spilling into anger.

If Obama loses the general election how could any Democrat not blame him for their demise? Remember the first Birthers were indeed Hillary Clinton’s supporters firing away on Sen. John McCain’s foreign birth in Panama and naturalization by Congress 9 months after his birth in 2008 and Republican Candidate Santorum led a 24 million dollar fundraising effort on the back of ineligibility in 2012 as he was 3 when his father was naturalized.

The general population is in fact finding an alternative to the forgery and fraud of Obama in Mitt Romney a salient entrée to what the United States Supreme court and literally the entire Judiciary has swatted away culminating in the September 24th SCOTUS Conference debate of Judy v. Obama 12-5276 that featured, from a Presidential Candidate in the Democratic Party, Obama’s entire dossier of fraud and forgery.

Handed to the democrats on a silver platter was Mitt Romney’s head on a Constitutional bases of not standing up for the Constitution yet they refused. An angelic pillar of fire from Heaven existing in the truth of the presidential qualifications in the Constitution showing Obama neither born in the U.S. nor to two Citizen Parents, the entire Democratic Party is paying for the cover-up actually created for Mitt Romney’s win.

The only thing palatable candidate to Americans facing the reality of the shuffling feet of the Judicial Branch on their own precedent to the qualification demands of the Office of President as a natural born citizen is Mitt Romney, just as Obama was to McCain in 2008. Isn't it time Democrats faced that reality?

What the major media outlets and comrade TV Shows are finding out is that their Obama cover-up actually didn't anticipate the Republican nominee showing up at the debates period let alone in the form of a much more business savvy and attractively personable in white tie Mitt Romney as compared to 2008 Sen. John McCain. What did they expect Mitt Romney couldn't find any comedian willing to write jokes for him to read?

If that was the only hurdle Mitt Romney had to clear in becoming “personable” the Obama risk takers deserve to have their political billion dollar campaign hat handed to them. Democrats are indeed finding there are some things money can’t buy and it’s a lesson in taking a stand for the bulwark of the Constitution.

The demise of the entire Democratic Party is on the short track unless they get back on the track that had heretofore been consistent to their taking a stand for the Constitution as in yesteryear Civil Rights stands. From Mark 8:36 we read “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

Obama’s short sojourn in the White House with a Democratic Party majority in the House and Senate will be looked upon as the last hurrah and not taking the Constitution serious or the economy will be the “stupid is as stupid does” epithet written upon the Democratic tombstone for decades. Will the short lived fantasy or delusion be worth the hospice stay before post mortem sets in?

October 20-2012 Obama's Concession speech planned.

It doesn’t have to be. The United States Supreme court has been given the opportunity to rule upon an issue that probably won’t come up again for a good 20 years settling what has not been settled for Americans who have been looking for a United States Supreme Court ruling on the matter of Obama’s eligibility for four long years in the reconsideration request of Judy v. Obama 12-5276.

With the Birther outcry upon the Nation that has been raised with Obama one cannot really suspect a naturalized citizen or member of Congress who’s not a natural born citizen to race into the fire Birthers have created and stoked for Obama. Even by Obama’s admission he hasn't enjoyed being the lime-light of Birther parties.

What is Obama worth to the Democratic Party if he loses anyway? Obama just might be worth taking a stand for the Constitution and exposing the Achilles heel of Mitt Romney which is indeed the Constitution he has not taken a stand for in his 2008 or 2012 run for President for which it would be very hard for even 60% of Republicans believing Obama not a natural born citizen to agree, indeed shattering the base of Republicans with a candidate who did.

It’s a late game interception, but one that would no doubt capture the momentum back for the Democratic Party across the entire Country. We got three weeks before the election but from the record of Genesis we all know what happened in 6 days, we have plenty of time, especially with the Media on our side.

Mitt Romney himself emphasized he had an attractive wife, but we have Bill Clinton!

Cody Robert Judy


  1. Where's Mitt Romney's birth certificate? Wasn't his dad born in Mexico?

  2. Well, his Mitt Romney's dad was a "Citizen" at the very least and doesn't have to be a 'natural born citizen'. His Dad was a Governor, so you know he had to be a "Citizen" at least., however I have not seen his Dad's naturalization papers. There is also a question as to whether his dad would have had to file any because the Grandfather was a U.S. Citizen and would have at least passed on a "Citizen" status to Mitt's father. Anyway, the main point here is SCOTUS can indeed make a ruling on Obama and we know he's not eligible, and we know Mitt has been in on the cover-up by not taking a stand for the Constitution so he's vulnerable there.

  3. I'm a moderate and I wouldn't vote for you.
    You don't speak for anyone but yourself, Mr. Cody.

  4. @Anonymous - Good point.. I don't think you speak for anyone else but yourself either - when it comes to voting everyone has 1 vote. If I were the Demo Nominee and you were a moderate, I suppose Mitt Romney would be a good choice for you.