Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SUPERMAN'S CLOUD 9 - The Eligibility Movement needs a Superman

Were any of the Justices of the United States Supreme Court even briefed on the case Judy v. Obama 12-5276?

I was encouraged about the news that Chief Justice Roberts at least referred Orly Taitz case to the rest of the Justices for Conference, however the conference is set for February, but it was better then him denying it himself. That's actually quite interesting.

I suppose we could use a Superman to uphold the United States Constitution's "natural born citizen" clause found in Article II, Section I, Clause 5 for the office of the President that Barack Obama is hot water with. Interesting note here from an anonymous com mentor who is basically saying "SCOTUS" has either no intel on the case, or is not interested in seeing to it that the Constitution's demands are upheld in the case of Barack Obama.

Anonymous Comment:
When a petition is filed the Respondent either files a response or waives its right to file a response. If it waives its right to file a response, and at least one Justice believes that the petition has merit, SCOTUS will call upon the Respondent to file a response. In your case, no response was called for, which means that your petition was "dead listed" - i.e., it was aside to be formally denied following the scheduled conference date. Your petition was never discussed at the conference on January 4. No response was called for, so your petition did not make it to the Discuss List. Look at the other birther cases which have been filed with SCOTUS and you will see the same pattern - e,g, Kerchner v. Obama, Taitz v. MacDonald, Berg v. Obama, etc.

Cody Robert Judy- January 9, 2013 4:48 PM
Well, I think you're right about that. That leads us back to the premise however that SCOTUS is not deciding the case. How could they even know what was in a case, unless it was noted to them by a Clerk? If the Clerks are against you, you have no access to a Justice?

If what your saying is true, not a single justice cared that the Constitution was changed by an Administrative Court Judge when it comes to the Office of the President.

That just doesn't make sense to me. I'd think if the qualification was going to be changed they'd want to make an intelligent ruling on it and consider it, especially given the Legislative Hard Line which has forbidden changes to the Art. II, Section I, Clause 9.

We do have the words of Justice Clarence Thomas who said on record the Justices were avoiding this issue.

Well now to my new song -

Superman's Cloud 9- An Original By: The Cody Robert Judy Band -- The songs words apply to every man wanting to take on the qualities of Superman and embody the essence of love and attraction between a man and a woman who are feeling the chemistry and magnetic attraction pull them together. The song's inspiration came to Cody Robert Judy from the experience of January 5th 2013. The song was written January 6th,2013 by Cody.

Superman's Cloud 9 -- Words By: The Cody Robert Judy Band

Vs. 1 -- Ever had a woman treat you like a man- Believing you can be just like Superman? Well I met one last night I tell ya she's a prize- Met her on the dance floor- Caught me staring at her thighs. Then I looked up and saw fire in her eyes. Well you know you're not all that, but you're doing the best you can- For you wanna take that ride -- Be like Superman.

Vs.2 -- Put your hands around my waist --Feel my Superman case. You know I'm hard as hell- That aint nothing I gotta sell.- I'm the man of steel -- That you can plainly feel- But your kiss is kryptonite -- I can hardly put up a fight -- With your arms around me -- I am Superman tonight.

Second Chorus:
You put your arms around me -- Everything becomes clear. With my hands around your waist -- Everything disappears.

First Chorus:
You wanna take a ride with me -- Because you think you can -- Take a ride to cloud 9 -- Cuz I'm your Superman- I'm your Superman -- I'm your Superman -- I'm your Superman -- I'm gonna be your Superman -- I'm your Superman.