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Hope & Change 2nd Amendment v. Your NBC Family Defense

Hope & Change v. Your Family Defense

An interesting thought has come up this morning with Glenn Beck commentary about the 2nd Amendment which I think is very relevant to the Natural Born Citizen qualification of the Constitution for the Office of the President. Why not just change the Constitution if you think you’re so right?

One of the many wonderful things about our progressive Founding Fathers wanting to empower individuals as Citizens rather than Subjects of the King was that they realized in what can only be seen as a bow of humility toward intellectualism that it was true, they may not have been able to predict problems that may arise in the future for which the United States Constitution was not equipped, so they actually put in a direct way to change the Constitution.
If you thought your idea was so good with the population, and so wildly popular there is a mechanism within the Constitution to change it, and it can be done very quickly! All you need is a 2/3rds vote of Congress.

Certainly with the mainstream media behind the usurpation of the Office of the president by an illegal person who’s not qualified for the Office of the President, the consenting Republicans in office like Sen. John McCain who actually received his “Citizen” status by law when he was 11 months old, and his “Natural Born Citizen” status in 2008 by Non-binding U.S. Sen. Res. 511 with only one objection by Republicans, and the majority in the U.S. Senate with Democrats, it would be a cinch right?

If progressive Democrats feel the population is so widely for rescinding the Constitution’s unique qualifications for the Office of the President as a “Natural Born Citizen”, which protects by two generations any person from ascending into the White House by the demand of being born in the U.S. to Citizen parents, then why don’t they just change it? Why haven’t they changed it so that for instance a young Supreme Leader from say North Korea could copulate with an American Citizen and finance his off-spring to the head of the U.S. Government long before he passes away?

I mean talk about a good idea! If you were North Korea’s new leader and you wanted to get your hands on the U.S. Nuclear Stock Pile, don’t you think that would be a good plan? I mean that’s all you have to do. Just snatch a poor young American Girl and have a baby with her and bam you have got the White House!

As a dictator you’ve got your entire Country paying you directly all the taxes just like the King of England’s subjects whose duty was to come over to America and subjugate the wild young colonialist in America. You don’t have to rely on contributions to your campaign; you just take it from your subjects at whatever rate you feel will do the job.
What is wrong with that idea Democrats & Republicans?

You know one of the really nice things about this? You don’t have Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Lora Ingram, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, John McCain, Bobby Jindal, Newt Gingrich, even Sarah Palin, and not one of the former Candidate Republican stars who ran for President in 2012 like Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman speaking out against the idea! What could possibly go wrong?

I mean these guys are acting as the best friend of North Korea or Iran’s Supreme Leaders future children. The foreign leaders wouldn’t even have to copulate with the American girl, they could just fly their sperm over here and have it artificially inseminated into the American mother, and bam 9 months later out pops their kid on U.S. Soil, and 35 years later they have their own son or daughter controlling the whole nuclear arsenal of the United States as well as the treasury.

Don’t you think that’s a good idea? Don’t you think that should be a breeze to change in the Constitution with 2/3rds majority in Congress? Look how easy Obamacare passed with a majority in the House, Senate and Obama in the White House. What’s the difference in doing the same thing with the 2nd Amendment if you’re so opposed to an armed American Population? Change it. Change the Constitution if you’re so sure your idea is so good.

You mean to tell me after 5 years Obama can’t change the “Natural Born Citizen” qualification in the Constitution after it has been challenged in Congress with testimony in the Judiciary Committee’s of the House and Senate over and over and over and over as recent as 2000 and 2004?

If you think the idea of requiring a two generation defense in place for the top position of the Executive Branch of our Government and that not doing so is SOOOOO discriminatory that you’re willing to place the entire American Army and the entire nuclear arsenal in the hands of a puppet or subject of the King, then just change it. I’m sure you have the entire population behind changing it, just like you have the entire population behind changing the 2nd Amendment to read “no one has a right to a weapon loaded with bullets”.

Please, let me spell out what a completely asinine paradox this is. It seems obvious but apparently the so called ‘conservative leaders’ don’t get it, so let’s make it very clear okay?

You mean to tell me I’m unreasonable for saying that the “Natural Born Citizen “requirement as a defense of the people from our Executive Branch of Government, meaning a check point of trust by the people from the President, the one guy that controls an entire Branch of the 3 Branches we have in our Government and the one Branch who has all the weapons at its disposal, the one guy who controls the armies of the United States, and has the ability to topple regimes like say Libya, Afghanistan, or in the future Syria without Congressional approval, is something that you would concede on but you want to keep your rifle to protect yourself from a foreign Government invasion?

Maybe you haven’t read the testimonies in 2000 of 106th Congress’s Judicial Committee’s have heard about the really bad idea of exempting the President’s requirement of a Natural Born Citizen, but I have. I can tell you that somehow responsible people with a lot of love for our Country and you personally have made good decisions in not removing that requirement.
I can tell you that it’s really insane, or stupid, or crazy or delusional to freak out about someone wanting to take your rifle while you give the keys away to a dictator that has your own nuclear bomb pointed right at you!
Okay rational hypothetical announcement here coming over the airways with all the major networks covering the President’s press conference:

“My dear sweet constituents who have voted for me time and time again, we’ve come to a road where I just don’t think it’s very good for criminals to to have a gun period. You’ve put me here and it’s been overwhelmingly humbling because, except for the Birthers and their few bastards who tried to take a stand for the Constitution in the natural born citizen clause in the U.S. Supreme Court, for which we know there is a microcosm of support because they are so awful and foul as to warrant extermination, I have made the executive order that I would like voluntarily for anyone who has a gun to place it in their recycle bin this coming Tuesday. Now, I’ve got the drones equipped with a new metal identifying scanner that can actually see into your house and as far as 4 feet below the surface and plain and simply if that drone flys over your house and detects non-compliance with my executive order this Tuesday, we’ll know your planning insurrection and we’ll with the same drone just drop an incendiary device on your house and your whole family will die. There may be a few women and children that die but you must realize we tried to protect you and simply asked you to comply with turning in a piece of garbage. So it’s really you who killed your children and wife by not complying and if you care so little about your children and wife as to not turn in a piece of garbage, all of society will know your not rational and must be a terrorist. In fact all of your children and wife are probably just as dangerous as you if in hearing this message they don’t turn you in before Tuesday. Now, I’m sorry to interrupt your programming please enjoy the rest of your evening and don’t forget to send me $3 dollars for my Executive Order “Americans for a violent free America.”

This is principally the way the proponents of the 2nd Amendment are seen by the Obama Administration and a good reason to draw attention to it. Why would the Government care about your rifle when they have a nuclear weapon ready and pointed at your head and your entire family as hostages? Don’t you think you’d give up your gun for your children, your wife, your brother, your sister, even your parents?

So the question is who wouldn’t give up their guns for their family? And, how easy would it be to declare those who wouldn’t give up their guns for their family probably not rational people?

Let me just say how much I know and appreciate those who have stood up to Obama and his not being a natural born citizen qualified for the Office of the president. I know they actually love you, love our Country, and love freedom and liberty.

It speaks volumes about someone willing to take a stand against such odds in the political arena. It speaks volumes for someone who realizes that in protecting the Natural Born Citizen clause of the Constitution for the Office of the president, and its intentions of 2 generations as a defense for the people,born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents, that they have the best interest for your family at hand.

If you find a politician willing to fight for your family like that and defend your loved one, I’d think that was a politician that was worth keeping around. It would just make sense.

Cody Robert Judy

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