Friday, February 1, 2013

The Creative Power of the People Being Run Down by Government

The Creative Power of the People Being Run Down by Government

Checks and Balances in the 3 Branches of our Government are meant to be a deterrent against sabotage of the creative power we the people have. The purpose of government is to foster that creative power that we as individuals have, and this is the primary positive incentive from which our Constitutional Republic was born. The Constitution was intended to be the defense for individual creativity, making the most positive labor force in the world.

It is therefore a telling tale of a government who wants to possess this creativity for itself by theft, or worse to prohibit outright the productive creating ability of the people by enslavement; either be economic indebtedness which is a form of enslavement or by and through the use of war as subjugation.

Dependency on the government is indeed what is fostered in projecting enslavement in the form of socialism, but even this must be paid for. It is paid for in the form of taxes. The crippling blow of the government made upon the ability to create.

It is true that Government wants you on the dole now. It is true there is a reason to stifle your creative powers. One thing this enslavement to socialism is not though that we can all agree on- it is not a believe in you or your creative powers.

So how is it with the vast improvement of technologies that we have witnessed from, I remind you, 1981 test flights of the space shuttles, the same year that IBM released it's first PC and I was a freshmen in high school- when 64 GB cell phones didn't exist in the pocket of every teen-ager, that the NASA Program became so expensive we had to shut it down?

Texas Governor Perry just slammed Obama for shutting down NASA space shuttle flights after 30 years;"Unfortunately, with the final landing of the Shuttle Atlantis and no indication of plans for future missions, this administration has set a significantly different milestone by shutting down our nation's legacy of leadership in human spaceflight and exploration," Perry said.

Are you really telling me that the vast improvement of technologies has not made things easier and less expensive? Are you really telling me that the convenience, saved time, and speed of technologies have not made it easier and created a lighter load?

Our government is saying the load is too heavy? It takes too much time? Its too expensive? There basically saying that all the advancements in our modern world are costing more, taking up more time, and have become a burden that you must pay for with higher taxes. This is an outright assault on your creativity. Now you know as well as I do they wouldn't be doing or saying this unless there was a massive panic that you would somehow recognize this.

Because if you did recognize this that would mean what? You saw an emperor with no clothes on? You recognized a perpetual oil and gas supply was actually created by our Earth. You recognized that real freedom and liberty were at your fingertips and that our national debt was actually a fabrication with one goal in mind?

To keep the elite who were so dumb or lazy they couldn't create for themselves in the elite chairs. They are panicked they may have to get a real job and they are willing to kill you in a war, enslave you to a debt, and or otherwise do anything they can think of to keep the status quo. No where has this been demonstrated so clearly then in Hillary Clinton's deflect and blame strategies in the Benghazi Congressional hearings while the most important question was not asked: Why was Chris Stevens even there on 9-11-2012 in the first place left unprotected in the barbecue of Libya?

The only problem with that is the cork is bound to pop. The power of the people to create is what, in fact, they are battling. Imagine a government releasing that creative power rather then trying to cross-tie it, and you can imagine what a Cody Robert Judy Administration would look like?

Imagine getting over hurdles in life, rather then having them act as block-aids that prohibit you. That is why our Constitution must be upheld and protected and especially the demands that the President be a natural born citizen qualified according to the Constitution that is the map of protection to your creative power. That is why Barack Hussein Obama was taken to the United States Supreme Court by Cody Robert Judy (myself) in Case No. 12-5276.

The greatest threat to your creative power is a usurper occupying the White House apposed to the very creative power that has made America the opportunity that it is for the individual. We must protect that opportunity and fight for it with every fiber of our creative power and demand Congress recognize Obama is indeed what he is trying to create out of our citizens- liabilities. Obama is a disability according to the 14th Amendment Section 3 and Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court should subjugate itself to these demands of our Constitution to which they are sworn.

Obama is not worthy of impeachment nor is Obama's qualified to be impeached. Obama is not qualified to be U.S. President, and he's not a nice guy for not recognizing it and thinking your too dumb and ignorant to recognize it. He might be a nice guy on the basketball court or the golf course, but in the White House as a walking talking violation of the Constitution he is not a nice guy at all, and most usurpers aren't.

Cody Robert Judy

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