Saturday, September 21, 2013

McCain plays "Give A Dog A Bone" Choking Russian Flem

McCain plays "Give A Dog A Bone" Choking Russian Flem

I had a dream last night "McCain's black ship, which seemed a submarine surfaced, was going down. I thought what is he a pirate? I googled McCain - News and found this yesterday where it seems McCain blast Putin as a loser when all Putin has been doing is winning and poking his finger in the Usurper's eye. If McCain's black ship is going down rest assured Obama's on it because of their tag team love affair on McCain's Natural Born Citizenship which was a non-binding senate resolution. Hey McCain I'm a natural born citizen and I don't need a Congressional Act of Congress telling anyone I am. You have two Act of Congress on first your Citizenship and 2nd your Natural Born Citizenship.

McCain says Putin 'destroying destroying Russian reputation in biting retort'

McCain said " “rampant corruption” in Russia’s courts, economy and the terrorizing and assassination of journalists who tried to expose it, was used by the country’s leaders to perpetuate their power.
“They write laws to codify bigotry against people whose sexual orientation they condemn,” he added. “They throw the members of a punk rock band in jail for the crime of being provocative and vulgar and for having the audacity to protest President Putin's rule.”

Is there any difference of our Media being in the "Tank" for Obama and covering his ineligibility as a 'natural born citizen' who was not born in this country to Citizen parents, and Russia's condemnation of gays and punk rock bands lyrics?

Is it somehow "more righteous" Senator McCain to subvert our United States Constitution with a phony fraudulent Identification document as you have looked past Obama's and refused to take a stand on the simplest of qualifications outlined in our Constitution that make our Commander In Chief unique from say, Congressmen and Senators?

What's the difference in Putin pester a rock band, and Obama calling Rush Limbaugh the problem or the biggest problem of the Republican Party?

I just saw ..holy cow.. at the end of the article this quote using the word "black" in the determination of the Media - ""unacceptable to participate in such black propaganda". You know until the TRUTH comes out about Obama's "fraud" and the cover up in the long form fabrication Obama handed out to the press in the White House Press Core room on his Mayday Mayday, Mayday, I don't see how we can really condemn Russia's 'free press' as any worse then ours, lest we find ourselves pointing at the sliver in someone's eyes, while we ignore the BEAM in ours?

Matt: 7:3

You know its tough enough for America to lead by example and not criticize, but when we have Senator's vomiting all over the heads of state in foreign countries it makes dinner really difficult and our example becomes a laughing stock.

America has sown the seeds of our Republic and the World has seen in many respects how well it has worked. There does come a time when we just have to bow our heads and clean our own house up before we embarrass ourselves any further.

Here in America we know how to fix things but it often takes time especially when the problem has insidiously burrowed itself under our own skin. While the HOUSE has passed funding for the Country but voted to defund Obamacare, FINALLY deciding to let the American People see the SENATE so far left and out of touch, they would do well to keep the ball rolling by conducting a verification hearing on Obama's qualification and passing a Resolution of Disability on Obama with ALL THE EVIDENCE in tact and letting the Senate joke on that bone in front of the American People.

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