Tuesday, November 12, 2013

CROSSFIRE - song asks: "Is GOP willing to use Natural Born Citizen Principle to stop Obama-scare?"

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CROSSFIRE - song asks: Is GOP willing to use Natural Born Citizen Principle to stop Obama-scare?


Enjoy the pictures I took of the veterans day parade. The new song CROSSFIRE, asks," "Is GOP's willing to actually 'use' the Constitution's 'natural born citizen' clause in order to end Obama-scare, because it wasn't signed by a qualified or legal President according to the Constitution's demand for the Office of the President?". By The Cody Robert Judy Band- If democrats and republicans will not enforce the Constitution, Americans are the only ones who lose and get caught in the CROSSFIRE. Highlighted also on Saturday the Happy Birthday to Marines with a parade of motorcycles on Saturday 11-9-2013 God Bless America.

Cody Robert Judy v. Obama in United States Supreme Court Case No. 12-5276 asks the question from a candidate who ran in the Democratic Party 2012 and also asked the same of Cody Robert Judy v. Sen. John McCain in 2008.

You really have to start to wonder where the GOP's logic has gone if they are willing to denounce principle's of the Constitution and wonder why they lose elections. If Obama's D's won't stand for the Constitution and neither will the GOP, is it any wonder the Democratic Party win's elections? I find it very interesting that the GOP is wondering how to get the 'minority' vote, when they won't take a stand for the minority?

The power of the individual is the minority and no where is that more clear then in the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution demanded for the Office of the President- Born in the U.S. to Citizen parents.

How is it possible to respect the GOP's unwillingness for millions of Americans to lose their healthcare coverage, and for taxes to escalate so high according to the implementation of Obamacare (scare) while realizing they are unwilling to actually take a stand on principle of the Office of the President's qualification demand?

Millions of Americans could easily blame the GOP for this over-site and unwillingness to take a stand against Obama when they have the ability, responsibility, and duty according to oath to do just that. The Democratic Party leaders also have that duty and were FAXed this letter that makes it clear.

Republican leadership in the House need only take up the Constitution in order to win and permanently shelve Obamacare. If the principles by which our United States Constitution are not used in fairness, protecting my rights as a Presidential Candidate, your rights are no less valuable and that the lesson you should take to heart if the GOP refuses to hold a hearing on the eligibility of Barack Obama/aka Barry Soetoro.

I AM AMERICANhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4otwMXGzvac

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  1. The only people pissing on the Constitution are the birthers.

  2. Why waste your time then? That just wouldn't make any sense. It is hard to understand why or how you could endorse fraud and deceit so readily from Obama and point a criticizing finger at me or my past. If you don't understand my past was an unconstitutional prosecution, then I'd think my actions would be considered more a long the lines as acceptable with what you understand about Obama's agenda and identity. Either way, you seem to be in somewhat of a paradox state or a conundrum with your attacks on me and Birthers. We take a stand for our rights and liberties both religious and secular as individuals and if you look closely at the evidences and facts of me personally and the collective of Birthers, you'll see we are standing up for the Constitution and being run-over rough shod by the establishment in office, thus far anyway. That can change though as America wakes up to the fact that the identification of something wrong is often 'pain', as we see millions affected by healthcare now. That just might be the icing on the cake for us.