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Part II. The Axe-Grinding Propelling Utah's Self Inflicted Injury In Marriage? Sotomayor Stays

Part II. The Axe-Grinding Propelling Utah's Self Inflicted Injury In Marriage? Sotomayor Stays
Part I. Featured Editorial

Wow! If you ever thought that if you lost or won at the Federal District Court and Appeals Court that you couldn’t win or lose at the United States Supreme Court level, this case just proved your idea’s wrong. Of course it doesn’t happen that often, but don’t say it hasn’t or never will happened. The United States Supreme Court Justice Sotomayer issued a “stay” today on issuing same-sex marriage licenses in Utah after the stay had been declined by the Federal Court and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

A same-sex marriage is now once again illegal in Utah and in the legal cross-hairs lays 900 couples and families that were formed in the interim of the action that opened the flood gate the 27th of December 2013 to Jan 6th, 2014.
Of course it’s the custom action of political warfare to use the time frame as a time when the guard is down and the public attention is on Christmas and the New Year, so to say this wasn’t politically planned or that it doesn’t strategically work out for the left is kind of a stretch of the imagination.

Now, the Plaintiff(s) of course argue there are now 900 family’s lives that will be altered inexcusably in the negative if their marriages are now considered to be “moot”. Can you imagine if heterosexuals being married woke up one morning and found the Government all of a sudden breaks the news to you that you and your husband were not bound? How’s that going to work out on the tax filing for these married couples this year? Do they get the marriage tax credit or is the year broken up with a Government Mandated Divorce?

The United States Supreme Court issued the stay on performing marriages for same-sex couples, thereby creating a Governmental Discrimination Wall between those same-sex couples who rushed into their marriages and those who had actually have planned their weddings into the new year that of course has placed a great deal of frustration for the Grooms, and.. the Grooms in the Bridal affair.

Can’t you just hear Barack Obama screaming like Ronald Reagan did to Gorbechev about the Wall in Russia, “Tear down this Wall” to the United States Supreme Court?

If anyone’s been through the wedding planning process you know this “Wall” probably just created one of the biggest domestic violence issues of our time that the Government can be held liable for? Don’t be surprised if the domestic dick-tying knot that stayed the weddings comes crashing down on the State of Utah being sued for the botched wedding collapses, financial ruin, heart ache and mental anguish for a lot more than 900 couples, which could triple the State’s expenses over the matter.

The State of Utah’s had a great year, but this issue has the potential to wipe out the whole State’s rainy day fund even though the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to expedite hearing the case issuing a February deadline for written briefs and a March date for Oral arguments; which in no way reflects a sexual preference or performance for the parties.

A colleague barked to me that I “should forget about “social issues” and get back on the track of saving our Country by only concentrating on electing Senators and Representatives to combat Obama and make him moot, because he would never be impeached because he was the first black president.”

I just kind of casually remarked that issues indeed were products of “principles” and these principles have potential to in fact weaken or strengthen our whole country; for instance the issue of “slavery”? Did we not fight a very bloody civil war over that divided national principle? How about “prohibition” that created wet and dry states and put a stain on the Constitution that is still there for everyone to see? Anyone recall the Utah War when the Federal Government sent out a battalion of the army on an expedition to put down the ‘Mormon rebellion’ over marriage? Of course these are not issues that ever come down to the shedding of blood right? Wrong.

Of course we should only concentrate on the State’s elections of Senators and Representatives to make Obama moot, how silly of me?

She conjectured it was ludicrous to think of Obama serving a third term, and I asked her if she based that ludicrous thought on the fact Obama had upheld so many of the other parts of the Constitution sacred as well as construction laws of the Constitution?

I continued; Thinking that there was no way he could get that part of the Constitution changed in three more years compared to what he has done in the last 5 years with Obamacare taking over 1/5 of the nation’s economy, gutting the military ranks, and the more than 2 dozen scandals that have erupted we are finding out took place over the last 5 years beginning with the violation of the qualification of the Office of the President held within the Constitution Obama is a walking talking violation of, is the real underestimation of the past deceptions and fraud don’t you think? Being delusional certainly comes down to a denial of the secular facts.

This stay by the United States Supreme Court was not the first that Justice Sotomayor parted ways from the Obama Administration. Briepart News reported also on forcing Nuns to either sign a waiver or carry condoms as birth control to hand out at the “Little Sisters of the poor” sanctuaries. If the nuns didn’t sign they’d get shot by the Obamacare with millions of dollars in fines and if they didn’t carry condoms (birth control) they’d get shot by the gun toting IRS, either way they get shot! What choice is that? The nuns felt if they signed they died, and if they carried the died to based on their religion.

This is very poignant to understand for it sets the precedent of strictly being able to abstain; and I understand that very well. What it does is plain and simply bashing the brains out of the free conscience with a sledge hammer!

How far away from the free conscience, free expression, and free enterprise has Obama and Hillary Clinton departed from in the visionary creative imaginative paradigm of Steve Jobs who was so gifted in those realms of order in Apple Computers, and in fact the 60’s revolutionary that the spying and wire tapping in America is puttering out in the rotten core of leadership? Is this what America was all about in the 60’s?

Can we in fact look forward to a fresh start in pioneers forging ahead in technology without the shackles of Government locking the conscience down when the tenders of our Constitution are burned by those who have become what they hated and fought against when they were young? How could they have come to this?

Through the lack of trust and the fears of insecurity they have calculated that risks are no longer viable. If there ever was a death wish they magnify it and compound it exponentially in their pollution of the minds in America. We have a far more dangerous and greater pollution going on in the minds of our young people then we do in the dirtiest cities of America when it comes to the carbon footprint from the left being tread upon the Constitution.

Unfortunately Obama is to the Democrats of today what Nixon was to the Republicans in the White House for Republicans in the 60’s, an embarrassment who needs to be fired now as a disability!

Consider now what is happening just with this case in Utah for just one moment with me. What happens to our Nation when we have States that allow same-sex Marriage and States that don’t allow same-sex Marriage? Isn’t a chasm created within our Nation that weakens it? How long in the divisions of these principles of our Constitution is it before one State refuses to fight alongside another State?

Can you see one State seeing another State in the United States bombed and one or the other states thinking, “that’s ok, it’s not our problem and frankly they deserved it?” That’s how important the decisions on the social issues of our day are, and the way in which they are fed to the American People. When you force feed someone, or in fact force nuns to sign or carry, what sympathies do you create?

One of the very good things happening in our Country right now is the sides are being declared with very loud trumpets and that everyone is being effected like a virus that has broken out, it’s being carried to each house. Obamacare exempts no one from the law in its final determination, ( of course Obama has provided exemptions from those who don’t have the stomach at this time to be force fed Obamacare big corporations, Government workers in divisions, and even some small businesses), which is the way of gaining a coalition of support politically.

If it was such a good law why not lay it down for everyone at the same time the way our Constitution establishes that everyone could be fairly treated under the law?

In fact, Obamacare in its own form of discrimination through exemptions declares an inequality showing you plainly Obama is not re-distributing wealth based on a fundamental financial equality, he’s securing it for himself and those in his income bracket of elite cronies who have simultaneously been propping him up out of the law securing for us a ‘natural born citizen’ in the Office of the President?

Like a puppet on the fat Republican Rhino strings of Bohner, why do you think there has not been an OPEN HEARING on Obama’s eligibility thus far in the House of Representatives? Why else wouldn’t there be one on the schedule right now with a stop so thick on the finances of Government that Obama and the Senate were choked out of their own pay checks because the House demanded only themselves fit for a pay-check until our Constitution and the facts of Obama’s Eligibility were aired out in the transparency promised to us?

We are on perilous ground right now folks with an abandonment of the United States principles of equality under the law that is weakening, dividing, and threatening with an invitation to enemies of the United States an invasion of our own backyards. War is being courted and danced with by our leaders in Washington DC who have refused the invitations of peace and prosperity through trust and productive innovative good risk of our conscience with the fundamental fraud of Obama’s ineligibility at the wheel of the emperor walking down the streets with no clothes on.

Like a homophobic fever unleashed upon the U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators there’s a naked man at the wheel and they refuse to see his appendaged pride flopping around or at least having the courage to dismiss him as a disability with the Constitution’s demands for a natural born citizen as a man would properly protect his wife and children from an exposing assailant. The duties of a gentleman have been removed from the House’ and Senate’s Order, and what can be said of these hired assassins and pirates of principle?

What are we left to do but to plead to our God to open the eyes, and unstop the ears, and expose with equity and justice the solutions we seek as these are our brothers who we would rather fall by the sword for, than take up arms against.

We do know that our tears are seen, and our voices are heard, and that our God is on time and that the Union will stand. The events needed to preserve that will happen for love is perfect and will have her perfect way on Earth as it is in Heaven. I pray we are granted the strength we need for the day in which we live.

Note Dec 26th,2013: Breaking News : Orrin Hatch R - U.S Senator from Utah and Mitch McConnell R- U.S. Senator from Kentcky just requested two sheriffs kits produced by Michael Volin of (WOBC) with the purpose of informing the public and elected officials of the forgery of the long-form birth certificate image posted since April 27, 2011 on the White House website. These kits contain the same evidence released in March 1,2012 (and a little more) that I included in my case against Obama that went from Georgia State- Georgia State Supreme- to U.S. Supreme 12-5276 in Judy v. Obama.

Please urge and encourage your Representatives to OPEN AND TRANSPARENT HEARINGS in the House of Representatives on Obama's eligibility as the solution to eliminating Obamacare. These hearings must be held and the evidence must be heard that are in the Sheriff's kits most all of the Representatives have received now.

If these hearings are conducted in the open and reported in the open, the evidence will mount collectively and the U.S. Senate although it has a majority of Democrats will have to concede to the facts and evidences or will be seen as completely unfit for their duties and as incompetent. Utah would most likely see more benefits come from supporting the Candidates like myself, (well, Candidate as myself because there were no other candidates in the entire U.S.A. who stood up for principle regardless of party), fighting for equal protections under the law in pushing for Open and Transparent Hearings in Congress with two million dollars on Obama's Verification Eligibility qualification hearings on the stage to remove him as a disability according to Amend 14, Sec.3, than they would ever hope to find fighting this and appealing to an unauthorized usurper's recommendation of Justice Sotomayer; and it would happen a lot faster because there is no stay in place while they fight it in court.

You can probably count on a battle for years while gay couples happily marry and begin contemplating suing churches for discrimination of not being wed in the churches and temples next, because that's going to be very lucrative against congregations if the churches and the state keep mixing-up and combining the terminology of marriage. I wonder who the stay would have gone to if Sotomayor wasn't an Obama nomination?

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