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Russia's Annex of Crimea -How Do You Prepare Your Bear Meat?

Russia's Annex of Crimea -How Do You Prepare Your Bear Meat?

As the EU frets about what to do with Crimea's referendum vote to become 'Independent', flights have been canceled to spoil any would be spoilers flying in to nudge the vote. The American version of that would be not allowing Republicans or Democrats to vote in the opposing parties primary or in the general election for that matter.

Russia, of course will accept a Crimean vote for annexation, and the Kiev government of Ukraine and its Western backers, are calling the vote illegal and illegitimate, in what is being called the worst East-West conflict since the cold war.

If you had to parallel something, humm, Kosovo comes to my mind when NATO sided with the KLA rebels and reforced them with bombs and air power. Irony, In early April, Serbia arranged for a referendum on the issue of foreign interference in Kosovo. Serbian voters decisively rejected foreign interference in the crisis. In context, this is comparable to Russia's relenting to Crimea's invitation to assist, with what seems much more credibility with the paramount control Russia has over Crimea to begin with.

Poland has cast about abit of a telling tale upon Germany in a glaring dependence on Russia for energy. Poland's Prime Minister Tusk said,"We will not be able to efficiently fend off potential aggressive steps by Russia in the future, if so many European countries are dependent on Russian gas deliveries or wade into such dependence,".

Russia has promised confiscation of Western Corporations investments if they are faced with the complexities of sanctions. Can you imagine the horror of that if Hollywood Studios, Producers,and Actors Microsoft's Bill Gates, and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg had their entire fortunes confiscated by the State?

Yet, they are witnessing just exactly what communism is prepared to do when push comes to shove. How's that taste of communism sounding for all those apposed to 1st and 2nd Amendment rights of our Constitution and of course 4th Amendment distractors claims, "if your not doing anything wrong you shouldn't worry about Government Surveillance of your private life", not to mention Sen. Diane Feinstein's objection to CIA monitoring of the Intelligence Committee? How fast the left is seeing the intentions of Obama's executive authority a usurpation?

They may not be Birthers, but they will learn rather quickly that the United States Constitution provides for them much more then they are giving the Supreme Law of the Land credit. Learning that when it comes to 'national security' Obama's will is never filled, just like communism's belly in a bear is not satisfied for long? One thing for sure Bear's dont mind chewing away on your flesh once your dead.

Of course Obama's luster for lies America is finally starting to realize especially with big one, "if you like your doctor you can keep him"? I think everyone remembers that one and while its pretty big, its small in comparison to the one that said, "I'm qualified and by the Constitution's demands meet the natural born citizen requirements for the Office of the President".

With a long form fabrication, a mis-matched social security number, a fabricated year date stamp on is draft registration, his infamous promises for 'transparency', conflicting with his first signed act in Office banning release of any of his records to cover up identity in EXECUTIVE ORDER 13489, with the media saying he had departed from business as usual.

That's why I have never looked at Barack Obama and Russia President Putin as two different animals, [UPDATE: 3-14-14] and apparently their not, especially when you follow the money trail. Not many understand that any aid directly to Ukraine will in fact end up going to Russia's Putin. It follows if the U.S. helps Ukraine in aide of 3 Billion, what we are really doing is paying their debt to Russia. Now is that worth starting a fight in the first place? It just might be!

In Russia's President Putin's mind Crimea is just acting on its vision to join Russia and it was Iraq and Afganistans's mistake not to hold a referendum to become the next two stars on the flag of the United States of America? Obama promised Putin after the election 'more flexibility'after the [2012] election, that was caught on an open mic thought to be closed, and are we not seeing that in Russia's flex for Crimea?

So exactly how do you prepare Bear Meat?

Q: Bear hunters: Do you eat the meat from your bear kills? I am not a bear hunter but I have tried the meat, mostly sausage or bologna, from other's kills and did not like it. I found it to be greasy with a very unpleasant taste.

A:Bears need to be gutted and skinned as soon as possible. Meat handling is critical with them. Other than that, nothing beats a good marinade to flavor the meat the way you want it. All the bear meat I have eaten was excellent. It can be a little on the chewy side but otherwise delicious. Meat handling and planning seems to be the critical factor at least according to my bear hunting friend. He has a chest freezer ready to go and tries to skin and cool as fast as he can.

One gathers from the question and answer here that expeditiously handling of bear meat is best and being prepared is a critical factor. Of course once a victim is dead the bear has a taste for human flesh you better stay clear or get in and kill it. That said, in the context of Crimea, Russia was no doubt invited in to maintain order by their acting government and China is watching the show to see exactly how far Russia can push the EU and the USA without reprecusions.

Russia, the Crimean parliament, and the Sevastopol City Council claim the referendum to be legal, citing the UN recognized right of self-determination and the advisory opinion on Kosovo in which the International Court of Justice declared that international law contains no prohibition against declarations of independence.

The interim Ukrainian government, United States, European Union, and several other nations, in contrast, have argued that any referendum held by the local government of Crimea without the express authority of Ukraine is unconstitutional and illegitimate; an authority that the local Crimean government lacks under current Ukrainian law. Additionally, the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (a representative body of Crimean Tatars a group of indigenious in Crimea held by pro-russia Crimearians to be organized criminal groups) has called for a boycott of the elections.

With a population a little bigger the Salt Lake City, Utah, Crimea's population certainly can vote on independence, and thusly to be part of Russia with the UN recognized right of self determination. I would think that it would be something of a wise decision considering the people's will to a fair referendum takes place rather then the sanctions that no doubt will have many Nations hurting over denying the right of a little less then 2 million people to simply be under the protection of Russia which they already are.

All the E.U. and the West will admit is fear in the process of sanctions that no doubt will back fire as much to a deterioration of relations with Russia. For the United States to pound their chest at Russia in bravado in light of our own actions deposes the weakness we haven't yet cleaned our own house up with the usurpation of our own White House and Office of the President.

What respect will come from any at the simple recognition that we can not put our own house in order let alone lend credible advice for Crimeans or a very young Ukraine. Of course if Russia's intent is to further their territory the world will understand that very shortly and then of course we will face the aggressive bear at once with no hesitations and their unmarked military personal will undoubtedly face ours very clearly marked which we undoubtedly must always be prepared to do.

Developments: March 13,2014

Cody Robert Judy
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