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“The THUNDER down UNDER” in the Battle at Bundy Ranch- No Bull!

Examining: “The THUNDER down UNDER” in the Battle at Bundy Ranch

Update: [Good Morning April 14,2014 - The only thing that has happened is they kicked the ball deep, it was very high and hit deep in our territory, but it hit the ground without touching any of our players and bounced back to their 45 yard line., which is where they started.]

Proving Alex Jones has missed the The-Thunder-down-Under story or ‘vehicle’ that perpetuated and fueled the successful climatic resolution at the Bundy Ranch Battle perpetuated from behind the scenes.

The claims of Infowars revelation that D. Sen. Harry Reid’s involvement with the Chinese in Solar Power Plant in the Nevada Desert as the source of the Bundy Ranch Battle retreat of the BLM Federal Compound site, set up as a parameter around the Bundy family ranch, actually has in affect hurt the underlying and paramount jet fuel punch knocking the Federal Government to the floor in a stunned daze.

I’m going to try to explain this as briefly as I can although it is very in depth and I’m not known for brevity on my blog which I mention only in the satisfaction for you to know that I do try.

Alex Jones Infowars has had a lot of great stories and continues to be on the cutting edge of revealing real time impacts on and for our Nation gone astray from the Constitution’s Principles that our Nation was founded and has blossomed upon. As a conduit is instrumental in breaking through to the mainstream, Infowars is and has shown itself very valuable to the public in the Republic’s interest. They feature an article today featuring Reid's none to rosy feeling with what's happening written by Jerom Corsi author of Where's the Birth Certificate.

The answers to my assertion lie in BLM policy itself as we delve into that under Solar Regional Mitigation Planning Policy which offers a unique approach to mitigating the unavoidable adverse impacts associated with developing and operating utility-scale solar power generation facilities on public lands with solar energy zones or SEZs.

I found these actually quite amenable, but certainly don't see them adhered to in the Bundy Ranch Action. In seeing these it is hard to understand the angle with what happened at the Bundy Ranch and the way it was handled that the Green or environmental crowd and the Chinese are furious at having their causes scapegoated because ‘positive outcomes’ are suppose to be ‘magnified’ in mitigation actions, the least of which involved the Bundy Ranch action. It’s pretty safe to say the operation was botched to begin with and has turned a desire for clean energy, clean water that we all appreciate into the black lung. of course ENN, the Chinese Energy Giant, can't be really happy with this as its very bad P.R. going viral.

The first thing I found was that in the Solar Regional Mitigation Planning FAQ’s #2: “off site mitigation is covered under current BLM policy and consists of compensating for resource impacts by replacing or providing substitutes or habitat at a different location than the project area. Off site mitigation is supplemental to on site mitigation and is used to enhance the BLM’S ability to fulfill its mission of providing multiple uses on public lands while ensuring its resources management objectives are met.

Why would Bundy’s herd not be purchased, bought, compensated, or moved, or “a solar facility fenced” to keep the cattle out as a remedy sought by the BLM policy in the first place that makes a whole lot more sense in the short narrow landing strip of meeting of the minds? I don’t think a massive power plant to cover even 10 square miles in total and if it did the turtles would indeed be just as big of a problem as the cows.

When you think of 200 armed federal agents, snipers, high tech surveillance capability and a military compound set up almost instantly surrounding a ranch you really don’t think of the BLM any more as assisting ranchers to help maintain any ranch. This leads us to wonder if indeed it was used as a gauge to just see what would happen.

Discontent comments on the Solar PEIS revealed the necessary reasons for modifying the way the agency did business in the first place, in fact where unavoidable impacts are found to be significant, the BLM requires off-site mitigation.
Now very crucially, BLM’s authority is sited as resting in the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA), regulated by the Secretary of the Interior FLPMA SS 302(b),43 U.S.C. ss 1732(b). What does the organization structure look like?

The Department is administered by the United States Secretary of the Interior, who is a member of the Cabinet of the President. The current Secretary is Sally Jewell. The Department has often been humorously called "The Department of Everything Else" because of its broad range of responsibilities, the likes of which we have seen don’t include experience in herding cattle without causing them to have heart attacks freaking them out with helicopters causing calf and mother to separate in chaos and absolutely ruining financial gain possibilities to get paid, reimbursed, or compensated in any intelligent manner without totally ruining it for all parties involved.
The Cabinet of the United States is composed of the most senior appointed officers of the executive branch of the federal government of the United States, who are generally the heads of the federal executive departments. These are appointments by the President who only receive their authority under a qualified eligible President. If the Office of the President is usurped these appointments are also.

What does Obama’s illegal and unqualified cabinet look like? Here they are the whole unqualified ineligible herd in the executive branch masquerading as legitimate.

The value that Infowars missed on one hand or perhaps even calculated on the other, because I do believe Alex Jones to be very intelligent, would not go ‘main-stream’ and thus collaborated in an effort to sell the car to the highest bidder or most hits, was the fact revealed here on my blog that went viral and easily doubled any other post I’ve ever written.

“Oh it’s just a little blog, Cody, nothing big has every happened here of supreme interest?”
Let us considering in a historical moment of reflection “this blog” in the biggest and most important story of our time, because of the biggest COVER-UP and SCANDAL upon the Republic’s history, for which we stand; remembering one nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

1- Judy v. Obama 12-5276 the only case to hit the United States Supreme Court with a qualified candidate for President;

2- With Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse in tow as evidence collectively maintained through the court system from March 2nd 2012, meaning it was indeed the very first case that made available for all the lower courts to review thus entrenching a record of insult upon law enforcement credentialed facts, that provided evidence and expert testimony normally appreciated by a Court of Law.

3- Not to mention the candidate for president was running in the Democratic Party more than establishing immediate standing in Courts of law with a national campaign, and let’s not forget..

4- Cody Robert Judy was the only candidate for President in 2008 and 2012 to maintain that standing in a non-partisan and equal principled way suing both McCain and Obama in their disrespectful campaigns as ineligible candidates flatly opposed to the Office of the President’s demand for a natural born citizen (born in the U.S. to Citizen parents) which bars any foreign alien citizenship by parental heritage of the first generation and birth place covering both nature and nurturing aspects as a national defense line.

By this I’m not saying the mutual intelligent stories of Infowars revealing that the Bundy Ranch Battle was not about turtles that have actually been euthanized because of over population, or that Senator Reid was not in the mix with getting what could be a boost to Nevada’s economy through Solar Power constructed by Chinese financer’s both contributed in a modest amount in one State of the Union’s interest.

Collectively as a Nation however the property interest incapulates everyone’s personal property. In this case “Buddy’s cattle” was the instrument and focus of ranch-range-rage upon the Nation felt by every American with any property. A very important question to ask is “why” and “how” though?

Alex Jone’s Infowars addressed why in a superfluous way, “Turtles”, and “Solar Power” with Sen. Reid as a scapegoat really to Obama, which I don’t think the Nation was enraged about. I mean really it’s one of the jobs of most Representatives and Senators to bring home the bacon to their respective States, and I should also mention Governors for that matter. They are doing their level best to attract jobs for their constituents ask TX.R. Gov. Rick Perry of his involvement to attract business and bring it home or UT. R. Gov. Herbert. This is not to say Reid hasn't had his woes and hands in the cookie jar for amazing profit and ethical turbulence.

What caught fire however in the Bundy Ranch Battle was the Government’s ability to seize property, but almost entirely missed was the “how” which is analyzed as, “under what authority”? This is the Big Story!

Why was the Government terrified that the American People would discover the connection that hinges on making Federal Agents accountable for enforcing the law under the lawful power extended to them by the Office of the President that flows through the Secretaries of the Presidents' Cabinets?

Without the Constitutional Authority of the President all these Secretaries and their respective Cabinets are powerless. So too are any elected to office if the U.S. is not in fact under the Constitution of the United States of America anymore. Check.

So for any elected official, elected under the Election process of the Republic’s Constitution who thinks so little of their oath not to take a stand for the Constitution, your job or employment is no longer valid if we are not under the Constitution of the United States ladies and gentlemen. If you’d still presume to work in your elected positions, the Constitution had better be valid.

This is all that stands on the bridge between making all Federal Secretaries and their respective Departments and employees trespassers on Bundy’s property and cattle rustlers rather than legal contractors asserting authority given to them by the Office of the President’s granted by Constitutional powers in the Executive Branch to lawfully carry out an Order issued by a Court of Law in the Judicial Branch.

People don't seem to understand there is no other presumption of authority given to any department in the Executive Branch that is not rooted quite firmly in the powers of the Office of the President held in the Constiutution, or on the other hand seen as indeed those powers being stripped with an unqualified person in the Office as we face now.

There is no legal enforcement of authority of any Federal Cabinet if the President of the United States of America is NOT QUALIFIED under the United States Constitution: LOOK! What does “no enforcement capability” look like to you? I’ll tell you in one word, Chaos!

We Birthers have begged, and pleaded, and petitioned everyone to just how dangerous this constitutional crisis is. In that Blog Piece of mine that flat out burned through the internet like a fire-storm through the dry sage of south-eastern Nevada, I outlined directly every agency that hinges on the Office of the President being a qualified eligible person according to the Constitution that Obama flat out fails!

This outrage of Presidential Usurpation endangers every Federal Agent who ‘thinks’ he/or/she has the power to enforce a Court Order. They do not have that authority if the Office of the President is not filled with a Qualified Commander-In-Chief.

When push comes to shove and some federal agent blows the door in to arrest they in fact have absolutely no legal authority and are in fact violating the law with their actions. It makes the lawful unlawful and that my friends is the Constitutional Crisis we are in right now!

This my friends is a bubble created by the Congress’s failure to ACT and it dwarfs any financial crisis we have ever seen or have ever been through and Alex Jones Infowars points at Turtles and Solar Power: Hello?

I’d ask you where you saw the story about the Authority of the Federal Agents’ questioned. Look through the Internet, read your newspapers, this Blog outlined it in every detail so simply that a child could understand it, and that’s what the Federal Government saw. Yes, they know. I am monitored 24/7 and can’t wipe my butt without them knowing.

I was on conference calls with the Bundy Ranch Intelligence Commanders with 300 people on it, flying emails and text back and forth. That is where the decision was made; that is where the intelligence created the lawful move as a winning strategy that would not give up until the Cows COME HOME!

It was BOLD, it was BRAVE demanding COURAGE; and it has yet to be recognized by Infowars or the Main Stream Media. It was not the threat of ‘uncovered stories’ that pushed the Feds back, but the threat of a story that in fact was not uncovered by the mainstream or Infowars, or as I’ve called it, the Thunder Down Under.

I claim this story not as a gratuity to me and my blog and my wish that it was indeed covered by mainstream and Inforwars, but to the Constitution of the United States of America. Alex and many others would ‘claim’ the same thing, but ‘turtles’ and ‘Solar Power Plants’ are the crux of his story to the United States Constitution and a continuation of the need to feed the greed rather than draw a line on "authority" to see who can really do what, under our legal authority of law. What the Federal Agents did was not backed up with any authority; it was rogue!

Once America finds this story out, which is the real money or shall we say on-the-money, at the level that Alex Jones heralded his Harry Reid love affair with the Chinese financed solar power plant as a viral sensation, then you will find Obama dragged in the U.S. Congress drawing upon their powers to see to it that the Office of the President is filled with a qualified eligible person at the risk of utter and complete chaos and rebellion of any and all authority.

I’d like to personally invite everyone who no longer feels we are living under the United States Constitution to stick that in their pipe and inhale deeply, understanding now the risks of what you are advocating and defending. In fact we just might be living right now at this time under the smallest Federal Government we have ever had in American history.

“That’s crazy, Cody” you say? Well, the Federal Government has in fact no line of authority at this time anywhere granted to it under the United States Constitution to enforce any statute or act whatsoever legally under the Constitution through the Executive Branch. Where does that leave us? In a national nightmare with State authority and Governors holding executive power in the individual States.

The legislative branch has no authority to enforce the laws accept given to them to maintain an eligible person in the Office of the President who then can legal manage the Executive Branch. That is their one tiny straw to being able to enforce the law. That’s why they are passing “Enforce the Law” Acts (March 2014) and stomping around with corn-cob pipes stuck where they don’t belong. The Legislative Branch doesn't collect Federal taxes, doesn't enforce Court Orders, or run the Attorney General's Office which basically has no auhority to prosecute or enforce a penalty a Court Orders. Stick around the mess is getting worse.

In this short 2:49 second video Cliven Bundy talk a little about the Constitution in asking "Why was the Constitution created?"

I sure liked what Mr. Bundy said about not having an intrusive or BIG FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and that is not what our founders invisioned, but they didn't invision a Federal Government devoid of any power at all by an ineligiable person in the Office of the President except to actual include in the Constitution what to do if it happened. In the interview with Alex Jones,Bundy said, "I don't recognize them having any jurisdiction or authority over this land".

Let Chaos rule as long as Congress wants it to I guess? They are the ones running the show and their show is Chaos and its starting to trickle down to the public’s awareness showing they are in deep cow crud and they better get out of it very quickly.

Cody Robert Judy

We sure want to thank everyone for the Views! Believe it your impact is being felt as you spread the word and do it in an educated intelligent way. You are the salt of the Earth - God Bless You!

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