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Breaking News:Default Document Update Judy v. Obama 2014- Ruling by Race or the Constitution?

Breaking News:Default Document Update Judy v. Obama 2014- Ruling By Race or the Constitution?

Obama shouted out, “That’s horsesh*t!” He was on the defensive from attacks by his own former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton as she assuaged his actions in Syria lamenting 170,000 who were dead and parlayed it was Obama’s fault for not sending in training, arming, and otherwise supporting Syrian rebels opposed to Syria’s president Assad for using chemical weapons on his population. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/08/11/exclusive-obama-told-lawmakers-criticism-of-his-syria-policy-is-horsesh-t.html

Police fired tear gas at rioter's and looters in Syria...oh.., wait a minute, it was in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Tear gas, formally known as a lachrymatory agent or lachrymator (from lacrima meaning "tear" in Latin), is a non-lethal chemical weapon that stimulates the corneal nerves in the eyes to cause tears, pain, and even blindness. Common lachrymators include pepper spray (OC gas), CS gas, CR gas, CN gas (phenacyl chloride), nonivamide, bromoacetone, xylyl bromide, syn-propanethial-S-oxide (from onions), and Mace (a branded mixture).

Lachrymatory agents are commonly used for riot control. Their use as chemical warfare agents is prohibited by various international treaties. During World War I, increasingly toxic lachrymatory agents were used.

Could the use of chemical weapons upon Americans now be laid at the feet of Obama? Were the pursuits of Syrian citizens for safety in their shops and homes any less valuable to Asadd as the security and safety asked for by Lauree Salmon who said,"We feel for all households for the safety of all families. We want the National Guard to be brought in, we can't afford another night of what we went through"?

Police shot and killed a black man and the justice for it erupts into an all out binge of looting, riots,and revenge upon the whole community? How is it Hillary Clinton thinks Syrian rebels should be armed, trained,and educated in Syria but she doesn't see the need for it in St. Lois,Missouri?

Oh, that's different? Is it really? America needs to wake up to the hypocrisy laid at their feet here. Why aren't the looters and rioters armed with rpg's, and why are black people still looking for justice or an excuse to run rampant into stores for some free stuff if Obama's magical long form birth certificate and social security card are legit and ruling by race is better than ruling by the Constitution?

Why are the heads of foreign states held accountable for local up risings and hoodlums but our own national leaders are excused? I think you understand my point here. How can we excuse ourselves from not seeing the problems at home first while we point fingers abroad? People need to understand the conundrum of arming rebels of foreign states and the reluctance to furnish the same arms to rioters in St. Louis Missouri. Where is Hillary Clinton on properly arming and educating the looters and rioters with the good stuff, some heat seeking missiles and tank artillery? Yeah, its a little ludicrous to think there is a difference when you start asking shop owners in Syria and Ferguson.

How do we nationalize local problems abroad holding foreign state leaders responsible but localize them so well here in the U.S. removing Obama from problems in Missouri especially when it comes to domestic issues? This tendency is going to get us in more and more trouble. The results of that phenomenon have billions of tax dollars being wasted, miss used, and manipulated for political gains here.

Obama's race and ability to rule by race rather than using the Constitution starting with his own lack of eligibility has little to do with leading and Hillary Clinton has demonstrated here lack of trust in the U.S. Constitution supporting Obama. She may try to distance herself from him now, but her heart is quite attached as she has demonstrated for 6 years and continues to demonstrate by not taking a stand for the eligibility requirement in the Constitution for the Office of the President. Is Mrs. Clinton a racist because she put race ahead of the Constitution?

How is it Attorney General Eric Holder and the FBI are involved with criminal behavior with the poor black folks wanting justice while they are looting and rioting over a police shooting that left a black man dead, yet the head law enforcement agent and agency in our domestic backyard, make no bones about Obama putting out a forged long form birth certificate and fake draft registration? Is that a form of black on black violence happening that we all should be outraged over,or is it not seen that way by Democrats?
Mother of the slain black man rioters are upset about being shot.

Its the hypocrisy of our government that people can't stand. It encourages riots, looting, and criminal behavior because they get away with it, the incentive is there for others. Quite a few potential presidential candidates for 2016 are followed by the media that have done nothing, absolutely nothing about the outrage of ruling by race rather than ruling by the Constitution. The difference is an inequality among races that is an outrage!

You can google what Rand Paul,Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Hillary Clinton said about Barack Obama's policy, but what have they done about Obama's ineligibility and the Constitutional Crisis we are in right now because of it? I struggle with other presidential candidates even having a leg to stand on when they criticize Barack Obama about any policy and dismiss their own inaction in taking a stand for the Constitution that is violated with Obama's ineligibility. Has Obama, or have they provided a service to our Country in this?

People might say I don't criticize Obama's policies enough like Republicans and Democrats do, when the criticism amounts to a tacit endorsement of the Constitutional violation of his very real lack of qualification per the U.S. Constitution. If Obama's not eligible for the Office of the President do you think any of his policies are legit? I mean it really is like daring a 6 year old to drive a car without a license and than pulling him over and ticketing him for not signaling.

There are a few people who point to my own conviction 20 years ago as some indication of lawlessness, when it fact it serves as just the opposite. In fact there is a lively discussion about that under amazon discussion under the heading of sensible examination of Obama's long form certificate of life birth or COLB. When my law suit against Obama was brought up in the discussion as interesting, the only thing relative to that was a prior conviction 20 years ago? Its unreal what mysteries the left and right are willing to grasp at in order to prove a point rather than sensible facts and it goes to the heart of what's wrong in American Politics and why people are losing faith and confidence in the law.

Amazon.com discussion Sensible Examination Obama COLB -In reply to an earlier post on Aug 8, 2014 3:54:59 PM PDT
Jimmy E. says:
Cody Robert Judy is indeed your garden variety birther:
By Jim Rayburn, Staff Writer
Thursday, June 3 1993

I saw a really poignant saying the other day on facebook that I think is very relevant: "When your past calls, don't answer. It has nothing new to say." (smile) Personally its amazing to me to see Democrats who are so willing to excuse Obama's identity fabrications by slamming me with a violation for protesting. They excuse Hillary Clinton from leaving Ambassador Stevens and the others who actually died behind while distancing and gracing her with distance from Obama on 9-11 (September 11th,2012) just two years ago, but pounce on me for something that amounted to an unarmed vocal protest where no one was hurt, no property damage occurred, and I spent 8 years in prison for over twenty years ago?

So I've paid for any trouble and every political leader not opposing Obama are guilty of misprision of felony, the only thing lacking is the prosecution and sentencing? I mean what's worse the illegal action happening today among and abroad with our political leaders, or the one dearly paid for with obscure and sensible reason for excusing twenty years ago that was a protest in a religious meeting that was actually quite legal if you actually allow the facts to stand for themselves? If your not willing to do that, then of course your satisfied with the exactness of punishment served?

Responsibility comes in many sizes, shapes, and forms but one thing you will not hear from Democrats or Republicans is an appreciation for me taking on the responsibility for others mistakes just to sure up any and all differences. Has Obama taken on the responsibility for the looters and rioters in St. Lois Missouri? Does he want to? I can tell you it is really hard to do, and when that happens its called a sacrifice. But what is really an ultimate insult is when people deny the facts of my case in a religious setting with a religious book as proof of the protest abbreviated B.O.M. and they print 'fake-bomb'. Its really an insult to facts printed by the Media, much the same way Obama's covered up identity is coddled by the Main Stream Media. Most people would agree the Media is involved in a huge cover up.

People have asked me how I got to be such a good lawyer?(I'm smiling)Well, fighting for your life is a good motivation. I really can say I had no interest in politics before I went to prison in 1993 twenty-one years ago, but the experience of losing my Constitutional Rights as an individual sure came home to roost in my lap all of a sudden, but I am so grateful for that experience now.

If I had not had that experience do you think America would even have one single Presidential Candidate who stood up against McCain and Obama in 2008 and 2012 and said "No, you are not qualified" and I don't care what your race is? Republicans and Democrats don't want to discuss this with me, they want to discuss a 'criminal conviction' they also want to distort the facts. That is not even sensible or reasonable.

I believe in the American People, black,brown,white,red, and I don't care what color you are because it doesn't matter when the Constitution is kept afloat. When the Constitution is buried you better believe your going to see race and religion rule and woe be unto you if you are not in the majority of that riot!

Many people have a difficult time understanding or even comprehending my passion for the very beautiful United States Constitution. I myself can not even imagine being a minority and not being swooned by the powerful purposes of her principles, one of which just happens to be that, 15th Amendment 'no prior servitude shall be held against you' in running for a federal office or voting. One in five Americans on parole, probation or incarcerated lets you know I understand being a minority.

What a magnificent tool I have been given in spotting people who hate the Constitution and have clearly marked themselves as domestic enemies of our freedoms and liberties. All they have to do is light a match about my past servitude and they manifest themselves as haters of the Constitution. It doesn't take to much digging to find them on the out skirts of the loving Constitution's warm blanket and in the realms of a loathing cold case of communism and tyranny willing to take away freedoms and liberties and even your food while you look at them behind the barbed wires of the prisons they feel you're safer in.

I have a first rate understanding of the injustice minorities might feel, especially if the justice of the Constitution is no where to be found inside America. That to me is a wonderful service I have to offer everyone as President of the United States of America. When the power is given to you to turn your life around using the trials you have faced in a positive way a great light is yours to hold.

That opportunity I believe is what stands so supreme in America and makes her exceptional. Fighting for those exceptional principles are really what I call being engaged in a good cause that serves everyone. America should not be involved in being a police force for the world to call upon as some pathetically weak regime who cannot change the hearts and minds of men based on the poor example that is in the Office of the President or the poor examples of potential presidential candidates who mindlessly utter critics without doing or following up their rhetoric with actions that speak as loud as their words.

I am grateful for the internet where so many people can actually research the facts about me and do not have to be the subjects of a biased and false news report. I believe people are intelligent enough to understand basic facts and I think most 5 year olds can see through hypocrisy much easier than parents give them credit, why not an adult voter?

There maybe some bitterness in me about my lengthy and illegal incarceration the likes of which I don't think any one would want to face what I have faced for standing up for what was right, which I can always debate with people who are willing to be open minded and actually weigh things in the balance of justice. Why debate with fools who have no intentions, or heart, for justice and have long ago sold themselves out for a window of bars and a steal door slamming behind them as a reward for their deeds as they reap what they have sown.

If the sum total of feeling worthiness for the Office of the President revolves around spouting your mouth about issues of the past that you had power and a choice to change but refused in your elected or appointed office of trust with the American People, why doesn't the oath of the President involve that? You know the oath of the President is different then U.S. Reps and U.S. Senators just like the qualifications of those offices are different. "Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution" is in the oath of the President within the Constitution and in the oath of a Representative and Senator is the only the word "Support" the Constitution.

Do you think our U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators are supporting the Constitution when they wink at Obama's qualification? Do you think Obama is preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution as he is a walking talking violation of it in his ineligibility? Do you think Americans are impressed with that? Well, their disapproval is certainly at an all time high and the approval of the Congress and Obama at an all time high. Maybe,.. just maybe Americans are not impressed and are looking for something, oh, I don't know, a little more real?

Here is an update on the Court Proceeding Judy v. Obama 1-14-cv-93 and the process I have to go through to get a Default Judgement signed by the Judge in the U.S. District Court.

Update on Judy v. Obama 1:14-cv-93 filed in the U.S. Court (District of Utah)


Those wishing to read the U.S. Federal Civil Rights Complaint may now do so here now as it is public information: Judy v. Obama 2014 U.S. FED Case No. 1:14cv00093

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Cody Robert Judy
For U.S. President 2016

If you think “Truth” is worth it, support it and quit supporting the lie. That is the beginning of change, or we can just keep on going down this road and see where it leads with Obama. Which is it going to be?


The Commercial is simply called "America"

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