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Madness Manipulated by The Media - You can't handle the Truth?

The PSYCH JOB - Playing Out on America by the Media's Fear Culture


Part II. of the exclusive interview I did with Editor-in-Chief Sharon Rondeau of The Post & Email has just been published there regarding Judy v. Obama et. al.,. The Complaint has a return of summons and service filed that would put an answer to the complaint and summons due this coming Tuesday –August 5th, 2014.

The Complaint is of course public information now and is available for anyone to read and last time I checked there were 116 reads. From the time it was published after the law suit was filed and served there is 116 reads.

It’s a 30 page document double spaced which is about 15 pages of reading that might take an average reader about 15 minutes to scan through. It really is a boring process to read someone else’s complaint when it doesn’t apply to you isn’t it? Besides, filing a complaint and actually winning a case are two different things.

I might expect that from the average citizen who really didn’t see a connection between the corruption happening in front of their face but it’s a little more difficult to say excuse the media from reporting it in a format that readers could understand or at least be notified about and this is what I wanted to kind of focus on today.

All of us are part of a community and in many respects are parts of what is happening around us in our communities. Local news is alive and well last time I checked. The news usually comes on about 5:30pm, 6:30pm and again at 10 pm in my community. Last night coming home from work I passed a multiple car accident scene that had happened about 5 minutes before my coming upon the gruesome scene.

The police and ambulances had not arrived yet, but had been called. I passed slowly noticing a man still pinned in the driver’s seat with an air bag exploded in his chest. He looked around and seemed a little dazed to his surroundings. The front end of his car was totaled, set right in the middle of a four lane street in kind of an intersection of urban areas, where the speed limit was appropriately set at 55mph.

At least 10 other cars were pulled over. They had happened on the accident as probable witnesses of the scene. Some had set themselves as post to steer traffic to the side and past the accident until police got there. At least six others were attending as best they could to a women with grey hair laid out flat on the paved road. I noticed blood on her head and thought she looked the worst at the scene with her car mangled.

Another car at the scene looked like it had actually been sandwiched in a crushing machine, the remains of a convertible I thought that had rolled completely over at least once. Debris was scattered in what looked like an area you could put a football field in. 55mph doesn’t seem that fast until you hit someone going the opposite direction at the same speed combining the force in whopping 110mph collision. I had no idea what had happened and my mind struggled to put the scene together, as it was not an intersection and the cars involved all faced the same direction.

Had it been a part failure, like a tire blow out where someone had lost control while passing? Had someone become distracted and then looked up and over corrected?

You pass a scene like that and your heart just melts with horror for those involved and with your even being in such close proximity to the accident. My mind traced my steps back where I had been delayed just 5 minutes which would have had me watching or even being a fatality at the accident scene.

“This had happened in the community where I live”, I thought. Three police cars passed me within the 10 seconds after I had passed the accident. Imagine the lives that had changed upon waking up this morning. Someone’s grandma is either in the hospital or the family is planning a funeral; someone’s dad wouldn’t be going to work this morning and all the bills would just keep on coming.

Can you imagine an accident happening like that that affected every community in the entire United States of America?

Barack Hussein Obama has shown us a fabricated long form birth certificate. His draft registration card has a fabricated year date stamp on it. He’s using a social security card someone else assigned to a dead man. Why?
Explain the “Why?” Can you tell me what the “Why Question” even is?

[Cody Robert Judy We are 4700 here and 219 dots here all over the Country representing every state in the Union now and spreading the news in our own little ways as one spoke in the wheel. Join us on Facebook here if you enjoy the truth.]

Glenn Beck had an interesting man on his Radio Program yesterday I took in bits and pieces of. He defined the positives for businesses in tending to What, Where, and Why and the extreme success for businesses like Apple who answered the “Why” for people in the business goals rather than just their product representation discussed by “Start with Why”’s ( ) Simon Sinek- Author of “Leaders Eat Last”.

He discussed how ‘fear’ in a company’s management style is much different then ‘trust’ which allows for ‘risk’and ‘freedom’. See a clip of the episode here.

Simon said, “The world is filled with danger, but when we feel safe within our community’s we can face the dangers and seize the opportunities. When we have to protect (or feel we have to protect) ourselves from each other than the organization starts to break down.” I thought of the people at the accident and what they were doing before any officers or paramedics had arrived. A character was being shown to me of a culture or group right there in plain site.

“Culture is the character of a group of people”, so how does the culture of the media, act as a group when it comes to Obama’s fraudulent identification and being a watchdog for the public? What is their ‘collective belief’ on the subject and why are they in such denial?

Is that truly based in ‘fear’ and ‘covering their butts’ so they won’t get fired, or so they won’t get sued, or lose their license by the threats of some Government Organization in charge of manipulating them like the Federal Communications Commission - FCC? Why is that considered a 'service to the public'?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been involved with law enforcement some 55 years. Elected 5 times I believe to his Office as Sheriff and was asked in 2012 by constituents to thoroughly investigated something no other law enforcement agency has investigated in Obama's identification credentials that Obama himself handed out and posted on the White House web site for all Americans; he responded with forming a Cold Case Posse. That investigation led to the acertation that the long form birth certificate is a forgery and so is Obama's draft registration.

While that investigation has little to do with Obama not being a 'natural born Citizen' qualified for the Office of the President, the conclusions reached are a mirror image of Obama's culture and the horrific accident happening to the United States of America in and upon probably the most important aspect of our culture - Our Elections.

People are hurt in this accident, some people are stopping by assisting those involved in the accident, some rolled up after the accident happened and are just watching or passing it by because it looks like everything is being handled and they can't help, don't want to help, or are just not of the mind that it is going to effect them.

The bully tactic is one used often by those in authority positions. They are used to telling people what to do without explaining themselves. They get away with it almost all the time. Its where they use their offices to move people where they want them. Of course in some situations and circumstances you really do need to obey without question or you could be the cause of an accident.

If a policeman tells you to move your vehicle there is probably a really good reason to move it. When a policeman tells you to strip on the side of the road and you notice he turns his video camera off, there's probably a pretty good idea in your mind he is abusing or is about to abuse his authority in moving you and if you don't question it, your absolutely living in fear of the police, rather than the comfort of your rights detailed in the United States Constitution as well as the laws in your community.

With the exception of a very few brave souls in the Media exhibiting courage, our Media is living in a fear zone that is unprecedented in our Country. The rewards of this are not serving us, but are really hurting us and that culture is bound to break down. Hitler didn't win, but he did leave a pretty big wake in his path to remember.

If I lose the Civil Rights Complaint I have filed I'm sure the Media will think, 'We were right not to cover that', even though in reading the Complaint you could come up with a few facts acting as a jury member yourself. If I won the law suit, can you imagine the Media's blank stair at not having even read the complaint, or understood the merits of the case?

The elite culture of fear is truly an amazing belief many in the media have in the justice system not being a culture of equal justice under the law for everyone, but one of a perceived justice for those who are elite and have money. Inspiring a culture of character is indeed about setting a precedent of courage for the right; for the truth; for the Constitution that has come to be rewarded with a faith in liberty and freedom so many were willing to die for with only a reward in heaven.

Having courage for the truth actually does apply to the mercy and forgiveness your sowing as seeds of character. Many complain about others living off of them rather than choosing to work, but we are all less inspired by a culture of hypocrisy which denies Obama is qualified to serve in the Office of the President. That root is the biggest problem with the GOP at this time and it is not inspiring a culture of character.

The Psychological job conspiring fear rather than trust is at the root of our problem here in America and identifying "Why?" is also a key to change. That's the 'Why?' of my own action. I love America and am inspired by the actions of those who also were inspired to defend, protect, and preserve our Constitution and declaring the 'Why?' of our Nation in the first place in the Declaration of Independence.

The Commercial is simply called "America"

With the new patriotic hit being written, produced, and performed by myself. ( 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy) here: "Dawn Your Light America"

Meant as a wake-up call to America of the dire circumstances we now face in our Republic, and all the beautiful reason we need to take an active part now in our political process, I hoped to inspire and at the same time warn America that if the goal of immigration has 'changed' from the opportunity to produce and enjoy the fruits of your own labor to being able to devour someone one elses we have a very clear reason to be concerned with Obama's transformation of America and a very clear reason we need to enforce the qualifications of the Office of the President as its described in the United States Constitution for our own national defense.

Those wishing to read the U.S. Federal Civil Rights Complaint may now do so here now as it is public information: Judy v. Obama 2014 U.S. FED Case No. 1:14cv00093

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Last, but certainly not least we want to Thank You for tuning in and reading this blog. We celebrate today 150,000 Views and appreciate every single one.

Cody Robert Judy
For U.S. President 2016

If you think “Truth” is worth it, support it and quit supporting the lie. That is the beginning of change, or we can just keep on going down this road and see where it leads with Obama. Which is it going to be?


I'd sure appreciate your helping me out in the American Birther Campaign (ABC) Campaign for Cody Robert Judy for President 2016. Thank you for your consideration.

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