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What Can Americans Expect Now Republicans Control the U.S. Senate on Obama's I.D. Fraud?

What Can American Citizens Expect Now Republicans Control the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives?
What can Birthers Expect?


The probability that Obama woke up to a chill in the air this morning is about as far out as thinking his long form birth certificate is riddled with forgery and fraud as well as his draft registration. Oh, wait.. they are. The shake-out in Iowa and Colorado as well as Arkansa has got to be a minimum wage reduction on public speaking gigs for the Obamas' and Clintons', who suddenly got the idea blood had been dripped in the political shark tank.

"What could be wrong with America?", " Who didn't get the memo?", "How do the changes in the rules of the U.S. Senate conduct of filibuster now square made in 2013 with those pushing so hard for them?", had to be just a few questions going off inside liberals heads like tennis ball.Indeed the new GOP wasn't as hard-line on pro-life issues understanding their own exemptions much like Obama created exemptions for fewer people that actually voted in the 2014 elections.

"Was that the problem?", Obama may have wondered, "Should I have included the exemptions for everyone in Obamacare?". "Had his presumption the Senate was closed been too hasty?", or had the fraud just become too exposed in repeating promises that simply angered too many women when they went to see a Doctor they didn't know, or worse, was America waking up to the value of the United States Constitution?"

Had the people murdered in Fast & Furious and Benghazi really angered America that much, or was Hillary Clinton's summarization skills overwhelming the public translated in a Republican tidal wave in stating, "What difference does it make now?" Did the tiny little facts that Obama was not a "natural born Citizen", Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents, really matter or have anything to do with the intense shellshock America had brushed up against in a communistic grenade lit off in the White House making Water Gate look like child's play?

Was the Pulitzer Peace Prize awarded dwarfing the support and arming of the muslim brotherhood jihadist rebels in the Arab Springs pulse for a Caliphate now? What sense did that make? Had Obama just not given the leeway he had relayed to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvadev to pass on to incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Of course Obama had said himself that the election wasn't about him on the ballot but was about every single piece of legislation that had occurred over the last six years.

Republican's were not elected because America loves them or doesn't remember what they have done. Republicans were not elected to get along with Obama or the Democrats. Republican's were elected to give them one more chance to right the truth about Obama as a fraud in qualification hearings they have been reluctant to because they did not control the Senate which Constitutionally and traditionally holds hearings on such.

If Republicans refuse to do that in "the way they STOP Obama" in just two years they will lose as big as they won yesterday. If Democrats who call other Democrats 'chicken-****" for not standing tall with Obama and his policies don't see the light today, they also will not win again with America. Democrats as well as Republicans have heard a BASE trumpet sound shaking America to the core! Get Obama out of the White House Democrats. Propose it and vote for it or else you can kiss 2016 good-bye. I absolutely love the message of this not only to Republicans but to Democrats.

I don't wish Sen. Harry Reid ill will, I extend my hand to him with a question? Where has Obama got you? Where has the FRAUD & FORGERY of this man got you? Its time for a change and we can't wait until 2016 U.S. Senator Harry Reid. Americans should expect U.S. Senator Harry Reid to shape up, admit wrong doing in a cover up of Obama's Identification, and change course now.

Short of that, I don't think Americans can expect a Republican controlled House and Senate to take a stand for the Constitution at the root of the Fraud and Forgery which is Obama's identification. They may dilly-dally here and there with Obama policies in a continued pass of the mess we are in. When you see Republicans miss Obama's Fraud and Forged identification documents in his long form birth certificate and draft registration as is reported by a Sheriff's Report, his social security card, and continuous cover up of College docs then you will know Republicans are behind destroying the Constitution every bit as Democrats, and that might translate into support for a candidate for President every bit as ineligible as Obama in Sen. Ted Cruz. This is a race to see if America has a party willing to take a stand for the Constitution of the United States.

No longer is Hardball's Chris Matthews talking about a 'chills and thrills'. Chris Matthews is questioning the 'block' in Obama's head. As Chris joined a panel at MSNBC's Show NOW with Alex Wagner, listen to the opening 'sigh' from Chris. In this episode Chris laments about there being something in this 'guys' mind, speaking of Obama, that is not playing the game of politics where you can "compromise" rather then look for common ground. Mr. Matthews repeats the word sycophants ( another word for boot licker or brown noser or suck ups) twice in the segment describing the people who surround Obama, screams there is no common ground "Damn it".

We all have to keep in mind that up until this point Obama has had gravy train kit glove treatment. He's been able to pull out his racist card at will and use it if his sheer majesty didn't work.

Obama has a 'think tank' problem, surrounded always by a Democratic Party controlled U.S. Senate, and for the first two years was surrounded by both a Democratic Controlled House and Senate, things are about to be realized he has never experienced. The House cannot hold a Trial to Impeach. All the House of Representatives can do is send that recommendation to the Senate which has up until this election in Obama's usurpation always been controlled by the Democratic Party.

Hey, anything short of being qualified for the Office of the President in regards to the U.S. Constitution and being in that position is usurpation. Locking the Constitution as the authority or teacher out of the class room and taking over in the Office of the President is a form of usurpation. If Republicans want to water that down I really think they are not understanding what has happened to the Democratic Party in this last election even though they are witnessing it. Up to this point, Republicans have had the excuse the the U.S. Senate that is the only body that can have a trial on the person in the Office of the President has been controlled by the Democratic Party. That excuse is gone now.
Not only was the U.S. Senate taken by Republicans but now thank goodness for the first time in U.S. history the century mark has been hurdled for women in Congress of which Utah, my voting state, actually added one in Mia Love. I've watched her career her campaigns from the time she started and I think Utah is going to be proud of the hard work for our Country she is dedicated to.

It is not the color of your skin or the religion to which you belong or the culture that brought you here but the character within each and every one of us that makes this a great State and our Country a great Country. For those who are willing to get out and bust their butts the opportunity and hope of the United States of America seems still to be working. For those undermining that opportunity through the destruction of the United States Constitution, I'm not so sure things are going to work out that well for you.

Again and again and again, I have my own past of incarceration brought up and thrown in my face as an enemy of every being elected, but that very Constitution assure my voting rights and ability to run in U.S.C. Amendment 14 stating the rights of Citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous conditions of servitude. I have known discrimination on account of this and I cannot hate entirely the facts of being imprisoned on account of 'free speech' and 'protest', because without that experience I truly cannot every imagine having the testimony to run for office that I do of how important the U.S. Constitution is.

Long ago now, 21 years ago, I begin my first day of 3018 days in prison. I understand perfectly the imperfections of human frailty in getting prosecutions in the fervor of the crowd and slamming prison doors with no thought to the Constitutional Rights of individuals. I've fought the battle myself over and over and over. I always say given offense if one whats exacting of it, I have paid it full and more, and if one delves into the facts of the case one surely cannot escape the reality of offenses to the Constitution in order to get conviction. Those days are past though and long ago, and they are sorry excuses for the fraud and forgery excused now in the White House Press Core Room of Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro and those a party to it. Barack Obama didn't do this alone he had major players coaxing and doing bidding like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who pass off with 'immunity' the crimes of the century spoiling the trust.

There is no statute of limitations for these actions and Obama being a lame duck doesn't make his national security breach and our national security problem go away. Its time we took his finger off the red button and told him to put the phone down in a responsibility for his actions. It is staggering to me to really comprehend I am the only Presidential Candidate in America who demanded McCain and Obama be held to a simple qualification for the Office of the President and further staggering to the lengths they were willing to go to escape any accountability to it.

For those wishing to read the document that has been filed in the Tenth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals I invite you to here. I also would like to make an appeal to you for contributions which you can send to the address listed on the Court document to me if you'd like or hopefully on line when we get the web site back up and running again.

The Election Day for America is always a good day. Without civil war we are able to transition leadership and in some ways hold those who were kicked out of office responsible for not standing up for the Constitution and that in spirit means a whole lot more then campaign dollars and attack adds. While I may indeed be the poorest Presidential Candidate in the war or campaign chest, I feel in my heart to be one of the richest in principle and I admit heartily to die that way is better then dying 'poor in principle' because neither of us take any money on to the other side.


These times are hard times in the trenches. I have I think $14 dollars left in the Campaign Chest which I have primarily funded along with about a dozen others from the Presidential Campaign of 2012. It seems to be the nature of contributions and donations to follow winners, rather then those who are maintaining the high ground. I know from a CBS 5 Report your contributions and donations have helped Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse and I think that is a great cause to contribute to, but Campaigns are not cheep. Ask Colorado's 90 million dollar U.S. Senate Seat fight climaxing in a Republican win.

Of course we have the 2014 election to worry about, but its over now and the 2016 Campaign begins now. Please send your contributions and help with the ABC (American Birther Campaign) today and my election for President in 2016 and Join the 244 of us now on my Facebook Cody Robert Judy for U.S. President 2016 site.

Cody Robert Judy for President 2016
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Thank you
Cody Robert Judy
Candidate for United States President 2016

The Commercial is simply called "America"


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