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What Would You Like The Senate to Address First?

What Would You Like The Senate to Address First?
Post Note: [The record has been shattered in the "comment sections" with this post shared to the 135 FB Groups I post at regularly with an overwhelming majority answering "E". Individual voices matter when they form like droplets of water to form a stream.]

“What would you like the new Republican controlled Senate to address first”, asks the multiple choice questionnaire make the rounds on the Internet with five choices offered with the pertinent tantalizing Red alert that challenges everyone at the beginning, “Only one addresses them all”.

Indeed the choices are for conservatives like walking in to the candy store and having to decide on one, when all the choices look so good. Wanting to of course have all, one cannot help but contemplate which of all of these choices would actually result in a windfall of having it all?

We’ve all been there, wondering how we could possible choose between the peanut butter cups, the chocolate covered almonds, the caramel popcorn, or ones favorite ice-cream with whatever was the fancy on top, or the chocolate covered pretzels offering the perfect twist on sweet and salty ones mouth could possibly imagine. With this challenge comes the delicious promise that if we choose the right one, we could have the other four!

A. The first choice TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL Pipeline would transport oil sands crude from Canada and shale oil produced in North Dakota and Montana to a market hub in Nebraska for further delivery to Gulf Coast refineries. The pipeline would consist of 875 miles of 36-inch pipe with the capacity to transport 830,000 barrels per day. Because it would cross the Canadian-U.S. border, construction of Keystone XL requires a Presidential Permit from the State Department that Obama has promised to block.

B. Obamacare- The monstrosity overwhelming one-fifth of the entire U.S. Economy was jammed down America’s throat with as Obama’s promises “you could keep your doctor” and “it wasn’t a tax” and absolutely no Republican input, as Democrats controlling the House, The Senate, and the Executive Branch in Obama’s Signature and felt America had totally abandoned any sense of reality even though the 2010 election had returned control of funding to Republicans and Mitt Romney was beaten in 2012 by an edge of 2% amidst smoky elections at best, and all would be fixed with money you just threw at Obamacare from tax collections. With a stroke of heaven’s luck the web site roll-out was about as disastrous as the transparency that was promised, and anyone that had money in the game was given a pass until the lower parts of America’s middle class picked up the ball and started rolling with it or paying for it through their federal income tax withholdings if necessary by the IRS and confiscation of property by penalty delayed to start this next year.

C. The National Debt spoken by the Media in the hushed tones of blinds closing just bounced 40 Billion the last few days to a mile marker of over 18 Trillion and now by its demand has produced a stamp of debt upon future generations so debilitating that one might look at their grandkids as slaves likened to the Egyptians in the new Exodus with an evil torrential juvenile master as God. Indeed, the juvenile behavior has come from the dictatorial Government that cast aside the Constitution in favor of child-collateral written or placed upon the heads and hands of all the children in America in their life long labors contriving what has candidly been called “generational theft”. The debt was at about 10.5 billion in 2008 and the stock market was at 7,500 after the crash. A near conundrum perplexes the brain at the boast the stock market is now at 17,000 but the debt has nearly doubled.

D. Immigration – Obama-Reid-and Pelosi Company halted any executive action prior to the election of 2014 as a grace period for the Democratic Party to gain favor with the American People fearing that if action happened with Immigration before the election a revolt would happen with the voters and they would lose the U.S. Senate. That body of the Government designated in Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution stating, “..the sole power to try all Impeachments ..when the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside; and no Person shall be convicted without concurrence of two thirds of the Members present. Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and [disqualification] to hold and enjoy any office with honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to law. After the 2014 election, Obama forged ahead with his immigration plans and using ‘discretionary prosecution power’ issued an executive order putting a stop to the deportation of five to eleven million illegal aliens defying the election results as any kind of will of the people.

E. Obama’s Eligibility- The qualifications for the President are clearly not those of for the U.S. Reps and U.S. Senators that also differ accept in the requirement of “Citizen”. In fact the “Citizen” requirement does exist for the Office of the President if you born at the time of the signing of the Constitution, but afterwards devolved upon only a ‘natural born Citizen’ understood without a doubt to be those born in the U.S. to Citizen parents; with no alien-ship or foreign citizenship for two generations. This served as a protective barrier, or wall of defense in the national defense security of our nation as the person in the Office of the President, unlike Representatives and Senators has also the post of Commander-In-Chief of the whole of the armies. Such a power is clearly much greater than those powers of the Representatives and Senators who act as a body with many members. The na├»ve stand that “Citizen” is ‘good enough’ for the Office of the President not only clears the path to a single generation from a double generation protection, but acts as a forbidden construction upon the U.S. Constitution.

Obama’s long form birth certificate he actually handed out 3 years after his election, declared a foreign citizenship in his father; and in honoring his father, that must be considered or certain disrespect is heralded to his Kenyan/British Heritage and Obama’s Indonesian foreign citizenship formally adopted by his step-father to attend school in Indonesia.

Further exacerbating the root has been a law enforcement investigation that declares both Obama’s long form birth certificate, his short form, and his draft registration are all forgeries. This in affect is a declaration of fraud for every vote every cast for Obama in the Presidential elections of 2008 and 2012 and places America without a qualified person in the Office of the President. Indeed much information has come forward in Obama’s identity fraud since those elections also relating his social security number used by a man in Connecticut, and perilous more information coming from testimony, Obama’s own literary agency, news reports, all given relevance by Obama’s now famous characteristic of ‘covering-up’ truth with non-transparency.

As he lied to America about Obamacare and your being able to keep your doctor, he also has guarded with great secrecy his passports details used to travel to Pakistan after Occidental College when it was forbidden for Americans to travel there, and kept his college transcripts covered up. All of this evidence is ready and ripe for Congress to hear having in effect a [disability] charge to conduct the Office of the President articulated in U.S.C. Amend. 14, Sec. 3 in a failure or inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the Office of the President by authority qualification, acts much the same way that a police officer might be certified to do it but lack the authority by law after being released or resigning.

Republicans have always used the excuse that an ineligibility qualification could not be held due to the Democratic Parties control of the U.S. Senate who has the sole right to conduct trials on the person occupying the Office of the President. While that excuse was legitimate now, Republicans doubt that in the face of all this evidence they could not get 2/3rds of Congress to agree upon it, even if they acknowledged the Trial, however, I think that elected Democrats realizing the wrath of the American People in the elections coming in 2016 will be happy to listen to the evidence with intent concentration.

This of course is a gross negligence placed in the face of the American People, much as was done in the 2010 Republican take-over of the House in a refusal and failure to bring justice to the People on Obama for fraud and forged identification papers, but hold Pres. Bill Clinton impeached for a lie on the oath that he had not been with Monica Lewinski, laid bare with the stained dress that matched Bill Clinton’s DNA.

The message seems clear from Republicans as the American People might gather with not too much deductive reasoning; If you screw someone in the White House it’s not ok, but if you screw the people in fraudulent elections it’s ok.

The choice Republicans face across the Nation after the 2014 election? Sway their elected leaders to open a Trial on the fraud that Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro is indeed not qualified to discharge the duties of the Office of the President so delegated by qualifications of the United States Constitution.

Here's the link to the Commercial for your i-phone- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToXOildrDSE


Sometimes it is difficult for the general public to imagine getting involved with a Presidential Race at this early of a time, but make no bones about it, the big players are already talking to the big money players hoping to edge out their own cut of the limited amount of dollars that will be spent in the 2016 Presidential Election.

At this time you need to understand that your support for Cody Robert Judy right now will do more for saving our Country and our Constitution than any other dollar you spend as it will force Republican Controlled Houses of Congress to take notice that the qualifications for president have not changed and that they remain "Born in the U.S. to Citizen parents" upon which there have been no doubts, which excludes any foreign allegiance or citizenship for two generations upon the Office of the President, and this serves us as a national security parameter for all of us.

Illustrated in this commercial is exactly how we would expect a President to act when that parameter is lost as a national security measure. The Obama regime has come out in defiance of Congress and the people's wishes and it has been proven Obamacare was passed under fraudulent circumstances in much the same way that Obama was elected with fraudulent identifications papers in his long form birth certificate and draft registration.

While the former involves 1/5 of the entire economy of the United States of America, the latter is looked upon as less than relevant as a concern and is mocked, derided, and swept under the rug by the Press also in a lie that anyone who questions Obama's eligibility is a racist, because McCain wasn't questioned. Judy v. McCain is one law suit they intentionally gloss over however that is very relevant and note worthy when it comes to soothing race relations as Americans coming under the umbrella of the U.S. Constitution.

Please help us, I can't tell you how important it is right now. Joining our Facebook Page Cody Robert Judy for President 2016 doesn't cost you anything, and in the Christmas spirit a contribution towards upholding the Constitution for our Country is a prayer of how dear you hold your freedoms and liberties.

If you haven't joined us we hope you will soon and as you can see we are all over the Country! We are also really excited to debut a new website for the 2016 Election cycle at www.codyjudy.us

For those wishing to read the court action I have filed in Judy v. Obama filed in the Tenth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, Denver, CO. I invite you to here. I also would like to make an appeal to you for contributions which you can send to the address listed on the Court document to me if you'd like or you can now do that online at the web site now.

This 2016 Commercial was the first one in the 2016 Race for President with near 1500 views already. The commercial emphasize why Republicans and Democrats are not fit to lead America at this time. Please watch it and share this with your friends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4otwMXGzvac

These times are hard times in the trenches. It seems to be the nature of contributions and donations to follow winners, rather then those who are maintaining the high ground. Campaigns are not cheap and if you sacrifice your principles you'll find its only a very expensive war that could take your whole life that is necessary to get them back. THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON - ITS DARK BEFORE THE DAWN

We need your help. Will you help us or are the outrageous lies your being told by your elected leaders okay for you and your children? If you won't defend your children and their future who will you defend?

The 2016 Campaign begins now. Please send your contributions and help with the ABC (American Birther Campaign) today and my election for President in 2016 and Join the 252 of us now on my Facebook Cody Robert Judy for U.S. President 2016 site.

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Thank you
Cody Robert Judy
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The Commercial is simply called "America"



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