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America's FIGHT for Civility -Where are America's Newspapers?

America's FIGHT for Civility

The News day is slow, reporters, journalist, and TV Anchorman are yearning for some heads to roll to make or report a story on. The Pulitzer Prize for an article, recognition, a big star on the resume is just one story away. Violence is so often reported on by the Media in print,on the radio and TV that Americans when fully emerged can barely hold down their lunches.

Of course a Pulitzer Prize is a good goal. Its the touchdown of print in the Superbowl. That's is why it is so very interesting that most all the people involved in the game of printing are so reluctant to report the truth on Obama's not being qualified for the Office of the President.

February 25th,2015 a very big reporter Charles C. Johnson made a swan dive in Twittering that was reported by BIRTHER REPORT. His self reported Bio- 'Charles C. Johnson is an investigative journalist and author. He is a contributor to the Daily Caller. Most recently, he is author of Why Coolidge Matters: Leadership Lessons from America’s Most Underrated President (Encounter Books). He has written for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, The Los Angeles Times, The New Criterion, The American Spectator, The Claremont Review of Books, City Journal,, National Review Online, Tablet Magazine, The Weekly Standard, Powerline, and The New York Sun. His work has been featured on Real Clear Politics, the Drudge Report,, The Blaze,, Rush Limbaugh’s Show, and the Wall Street Journal’s Best of the Web. He has been on Fox News with Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity, and Lou Dobbs and numerous radio programs, including Larry Elder, John Batchelor, Rusty Humphries, Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, Mark Levin, and Larry Kudlow. - Charles Johnson.'

His Twitter Dive included
1)How much would you enjoy a foreign government leaking their file on Obama?
2)How days did Obama really spend in Pakistan when he was younger?
3)I know most of the classes that Obama took at Occidental & Columbia.
4)Why has no one ever profiled Obama's gay roommate Sohale Siddiqi?
5)Why did Obama's mother live in Pakistan during the '80s & Indonesia in the '60s?
6)Why has no one ever found any of the black women whose "hearts" Obama says he broke in "his" book?
7)Why did Obama join the gay club at Occidental College upon entrance in 1979?
8)Is there any real evidence that Barack Obama the first ever came to Hawaii in 1971? Cc: @DineshDSouza
9)Why did Obama's grandfather have an FBI file?
10)Why do none of the Obamas have proof of communications with Barack Obama before 1988?
11)Why is there no evidence that Obama's grandfather ever sold furniture in Hawaii despite the depiction of him selling it in Obama's book?
12)Should I publish who really funded Barack Obama the first's education in Hawaii? (I replied to this one)
13)Is there anyone in Hawaii who remembers Obama's "father" coming to his school in 1971?

My reply to the 12th one was as follows:
"@ChuckCJohnson Publish wht Matters has COTUS teeth JUDY V. OBAMA 14-4136 10TH CIR. @DRUDGE #Birthers R right. #America #CivilRights answers!"

My point really is why are America's Newspapers not reporting a very precedent case in American History to the Public in the Civil Rights case involving two Presidential Candidates in a dispute of one Campaign hurting the another's Campaign by the disregard of the United States Constitution's definition of what a 'natural born Citizen' is that would indeed knock the one out of the White House? Does anyone remember Watergate or the initial cover up?

This is especially meritorious or relevant because February 24th the L.A. Times went Birther on Sen. Ted Cruz. The story questioned Sen. Ted Cruz's constitutional qualifications to occupy the Office of the President due to two first generation foreign citizenship's in his person. He receives one from Canada being born there, and one from his father as a Cuban at the time of his birth. Isn't this the height of party publishing rather than a Publisher Publishing?

The question then becomes are Pulitzer's dependent upon Political Parties rather than stories at all and if so, how big of a dis-service is that to the American Public? Perhaps this is why newspapers are struggling with their place in the new age of the internet and it might also be why Government is working so hard to regulate what they see as a source of truth to manipulate in net neutrality?

Staying in the lines seems to make the best picture when coloring. We learn that in Kindergarten coloring assignments. So, suddenly the natural born Citizen clause distinct from the 'citizen' requirement of a U.S. Rep or U.S. Sen, is obscure to Newspapers and really needs to be 'clarified' before 2016? Why not now in 2015 when the case involves Obama whose birth certificate and draft registration have been determined to be a fabrications that didn't pass a Law Enforcement Investigation scrutiny?

With my case(s) as a Presidential Candidate involving first McCain and then Obama in '08,'12,'13, and now'14 not only is the 'natural born Citizen' clause placed upon the Justice Scales in a case which is unique in American History, and backed up by the closest case understood in the U.S. Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett where we see its clear, "There was never a doubt to that those who were Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents are natural born Citizens', but the damages asserted and clearly required for standing are made.

A real maliciousness is made upon Americans fight for civility if both the Courts and the Newspapers of today in Mainstream Media actually deny the harm and damages caused by such a disregard to the principle in the Constitution defining the qualifications of the President and Commander-In-Chief. We as Americans must see this for what it actually is. If the Court refuses to hear and clarify as the Media fails to report and bring the alert to Americans via the print industry, we must state the result is an assault upon civility and an invitation to war.

The Post & Email just released a story by Sharon Rondeau pointing out this exact controversy. "In a lengthy column on Wednesday former Nixon administration aide and Washington Times editorial column editor Monica Crowley wrote that Barack Hussein Obama was never vetted before attaining the presidency in 2008." The article entitled "The stranger in the White House", she writes, "As a result of their stalkerish obsession, the media never vetted Mr. Obama. While they have made sport of rummaging through Republican candidates’ garbage, college records and past romantic relationships, they refused to do even rudimentary investigative work into Mr. Obama’s background, education, family, friends and professional associates. Digging into Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s college years is called “vetting.” Digging into Mr. Obama’s college years is called “racism.”

Crowley continued at least giving some answers of just what may have happened to the press, "Once he became president, he used the full force of the White House to intimidate and punish folks who refused to play along. From the monitoring of opponents of Obamacare to the use of the Internal Revenue Service against tea party critics to the punishing of newspapers and individual journalists who dared to report the truth about its “war” on Fox News, Team Obama called out, dressed down and froze out folks who did not toe the line.Nobody has been allowed to get close to the origins of Mr. Obama, or to how they inform what he’s doing as president."

WE the PEOPLE have clearly made a case of words and law and petitioned the Courts in so many pleas and we haven't given up on that. That is exactly what my case represents that the full Court in the 10th Circuit is deciding now in a poll taken within the court. I called yesterday and was told by the Court Clerk that my Rehearing Request En Banc was still pending in the Court. I'd reported a little over two weeks ago that the Deputy Clerk had told me to call back in about two weeks if a decision had not been made yet which I did, so I felt an update to you was necessary.

As for the Media's Reluctance to at least inform the public of this case in print, I can only hold my hands up and report to you that at least 2-4 major newspapers in every state of the Union and 2 to 3 reporters of each Newspaper are indeed receiving these PRESS RELEASES, accept for Alaska and Hawaii which I just haven't got to yet, accept I have as you saw on the Text Screen picture petitioned Sarah Palin who kind of highlighted in my last post also as being on Team Rand who emphatically will not take a stand for the requirements of the Constitution's Q's for president.

The denial of so many is of course a fear of being called 'racist', but on this issue specifically R's and D's have teamed up with three of the major Candidates for President Sen. McCain, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and Sen. Barack Obama in non-binding U.S. Sen. resolution 511. This is the biggest reason both R's and D's are not petitioning the courts on the definition. They teamed up to usurp the definition, but that is not how America works.

The People are very unslaked with the party politics involved in both reporting the news and hearing the case. The dictum of civility is being pressed as the focus is neglected in the scales of justice. To say America has been and is engaged in exhausting peaceful prospects is not dilatory. To her credit, the rewards of civility have been America's honor and beauty affording people of all sects, colors, and cultures a process of peace. Let us all pray it remains so.

I'll keep you updated as things happen and discuss this more in detail so pass it on and keep checking back. Thanks so much for your help and support needed at this time more then ever. Remember every "like" and every "share" is very important America!


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