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Is Obama's Bubble about to Burst in Supreme Court because of Liberal Republicans or Conservative Democrats?

Is Obama's Bubble about to Burst in Supreme Court because of liberal Republicans or Conservative Democrats?

Is Obama's Bubble about to Burst in Supreme Court because of Liberal Republicans or Conservative Democrats? After more than six years in fighting consistently across party lines in the Judicial Branch for the principles in our Constitution with some thirteen cases and court numbers stretching from Nevada to New Hampshire and down to Georgia and back up to Washington DC, I've learned a fair amount about what is required and what isn't required in now what is my third race for the Office of the President, as have many of you.

The first thing that is noticed is during Obama's time in the White House in the Office of the President not a single elected official has mentioned Obama's ineligibility in Congress. Why? Well, they didn't have the standing that I did running for President and in passing on McCain's eligibility they would be called a racist. How else can you explain a knowledge that Obama has a fabricated long form birth certificate that has been certified by a law enforcement's report in the Cold Case Posse and a altered or phony draft registration yet sits in the honor and respect of the Office of the President without while a whimpering Congress sits on their hands knowing this?

Six years worth of elected officials sitting on their hands in House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate with the biggest fraud, I think we can soundly agree has ever been witnessed in our life times, issuing executive orders on his amnesty and healthcare program spanking Congress whose tied to the bed and held hostage why he rapes America with a race card and lack of standing. For all of the conservatives in America, who would like to lay a claim on conservatism in the Constitutional field of dreams, how does the facts that none of your elected officials have qualifications to take a stand against Obama for the conservative principle of a strong defense for America?

How does that feel conservatives? To have your real Reaganomics of Defense in the Republican Party neutered? I always thought Republicans were for a strong defense and Democrats were the ones who were always slashing and burning defense? Yet, here we are and Republicans are sitting on their hands, tied, bound, and gagged as prisoners in the political prison of Obama's national defense. Republicans have willingly refused to use the one weapon that is available to them which is a Presidential Candidate with standing who has fought for the principled national security defense of a natural born Citizen in the Office of the President. A lot of people would call that being a war hero.

If you have the Office of the President kidnapped and someone rescues that, I mean doesn't that qualify for you? First we must consider the damages to America that are possible at the hands of a usurper in the Office of the President. How about importing an illegal army into the borders, and by the executive pen making them legal? How about signing a mandate that forces Americans to buy something they have never ever been forced to buy before that concedes one fifth of the economy? How about spending with the executive pen more of America's economy and worth than all the President's between Washington and Bush combined together which is about eight trillion when the debt when he took it was about ten and now its eighteen trillion?

Still think popping Obama's bubble isn't worth a dime of your contributions to the one man who has standing and because he took a bi-partisan stand wipes his feet on the mis-used racist card of Obama? Have things really improved for minorities in this Country to the degree they had hoped they would when they cast a vote for someone...who they really didn't know all because of the color of his skin? Do you think things will improve that much if you vote for a person based on their outward appearances, maybe what sex they are will help improve your plight, as if men haven't been taking care of women with their strength since time began and if a women is elected President suddenly all that relief will come? Maybe if we elect a rich person he/she will give us their money? Has that been your hope in a Donald Trump or Mitt Romney?

That just suddenly the counsel that has been totally ignored and unheard before which they have kept a secret all their lives will be unleashed upon your bank account which will fill up. Their success will translate into your success while they have built theirs on your backs? The smart guy asks, why would he put you on his back and now change course?

Successful business people popping up with the promise to perform what, a juggling act for you? Where have they been? Evan Republican Carly Fiorina hopping spaghetti dinners in New Hampshire hoping to share the stage with Secretary Clinton to neutralize the sex issue, and I'm not referring to former President Bill Clinton's because I actually think her's personally used as an advantage, could cause us a lot more problems then his ever thought of causing.

Can't you see me on stage debating in a Primary with Secretary Clinton stating in my opening remarks similar to what Reagan did with Mondale, "Now, I'm want you to know that I will not make age or sex an issue of this Campaign. I am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponents sex and experience that comes with the office"?

Can you believe that? Mrs Carly Fiorina wants to get on the stage and perform with Secretary Clinton to neutralize her sex card? That's what she said. "All I need to do is perform" What exactly is the question and where have you been the last six years with the crisis of national defense happening in the White House? How have you helped any contributions or support there? No.

Oh yeah, out making money on the successful opportunity provided by the United States Constitution but not actually doing anything about it but taking advantage of it? Do you know how much money Mr. Trump, Mr. Romney, former President Clinton and his Secretary wife have contributed to the Campaign that has continued since 2008 against Obama's ineligibility that has cost us eight trillion? Not one dime. Do you know how much Congress Members have contributed to that same campaign or how much your favorite PAC has contributed towards it? Not one dime.

The value of that principle just in the last 6 years totals what in life,liberty, property or the pursuit of happiness?
So what now? The White House has been overrun, a usurper sits in the Office of the President importing as fast as he can the army of illegals and Judy v. Obama 14-9396 is in the Supreme Court of the United States of America which has the standing and the damages to blow Obama's bubble. Should we help that Campaign? Let me think a minute?

Recently, well April 24th, 2015 a online Post called The National Patriot featured a story called "Too Many Hats in the ring" by Craig Andresen and I was given an unfavorable mention in it as follows:
"Naturally, there will be those who will, again, run social media campaigns like John Dummett Jr., Cody Robert Judy, Sam Tittle and others but let’s face it…between all of them, they couldn’t come to a consensus on what time in the morning to open a doughnut shop much less how to run the affairs of state or a nation. They’re just in it for their own aggrandizement on Facebook and as shills for whoever the liberal nominee turns out to be."

This is what's been written about me since Judy v. Obama 14-9396 has entered the Supreme Court of the United States. That's it. Not a single other word other than the Post & Emails publishing as Featured Editorial the two post really declaring we are on the official record.

Now since that has happened and I have declared my Candidacy in the Democratic Party I want to announce how much we have taken in like U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz announced he's taken 4 Million so far, and U.S. Sen. Rubio announced their first day they raked in 1.25 million.
My Campaign has not taken one dime in from Conservatives across this Nation since announcing a couple of things:

1)That for the first time in our Nations history, both major Parties, since both unqualified candidates Sen Cruz and Sen. Rubio having divided loyalties in their history of place and time as well as Obama, have an equal consideration at stake in the Supreme Court of the United States. This is not a partisan issue since the political fields have changed.

2) That for the first time Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse' report is available for review by the Supreme Court of the United States that includes the fabrication of identification officially issued from the White House Office of the President brought to them by a Presidential Candidate who has maintained standing in 2008, 2012 and now 2016 as a Candidate for the Office of the United States President.

You know when the email scandal broke that considered Secretary Clinton's private server being used for government position and her discretion deleting 30,000 emails, and then the "Cash Scandal" appeared a few days ago on Secretary Clinton's itinerary and she asked for more cash I begin to wonder who the opponent was on Candidate Clinton's campaign? These are stories that have been waiting for just the right time to appear or be released to the Media.
UPDATE: 4-28-15
YOUR PROPERTY YOUR TAX DOLLARS Baltimore Mayor decides to let it go. @ 7:40 "Its a very delicate balancing act because while we tried to make sure they were protected from the cars.. and the other things that were going on..umm, We also gave those who WISHED to DESTROY space to do that too and we worked very hard to keep that balance..and and to put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate." To bad they didn't escort them over to the junk yard but they may be asking for Federal Help and Emergency Assistance which is their "best position" to be in. As the law gets closer to Obama I think we can expect more lawlessness and panic to compel squashing Obama's ineligibility with the use of violence.

Of course I personally believe Obama is behind the release of Clinton's Cash and Email Server disclosures to the press, because there is not any agreement by Republicans who their nominee will be. So its a real concern for Democrats and I'll tell you its open season when debates come around if Clinton wins the Democratic Primary for a loss. What I really wanted to say though may actually bode a little empathy for Secretary Clinton for desperately trying to get the cash that is needed to run for Office because Americans simply don't seem to think any responsibility towards a Presidential Campaign exist for them.

I can vouch as a three time Presidential Candidate fighting and barely hanging on for dear life to my Campaigns. We have been scraping the bottom of the barrel often times scrambling to come up with mailing, printing, and postage money. Its that serious and the seriousness that America in general has given to Obama's ineligibility is laughable. So in Mrs. Clinton's desperation she's turned to foreign contributions that have now placed a real wedge between the morality and ethics of government positions and family fund raising.

Do supposedly poor foreign governments give aid to Candidates for U.S President unless in the hope that its an investment that will come back to them? I don't think that foreign governments are bound by our U.S. Constitution that's for sure. Former Secretary Hillary Clinton's actual defense for the U.S. Constitution, and let's not forget that is a primary job as the oath asserts for President 'to protect, preserve, and defend the U.S. Constitution', certainly consist of visiting a lot of Country's, but flight time is an activity not an accomplishment.

On the other hand, a United States Supreme Court case delivered to the Supreme Court of the United States against Obama with the evidence in hand for consideration in a Civil Rights and Congressional Acts violation law suit is an accomplishment. Sen. Cruz touts his accomplishments in the U.S. Senate his freshman year for holding up Congress for 21 hours in a filibuster, but did those words and all the words he has spoken in Congress amount to any legislation? They were grand standing for sure, but the possibilities of removing the threat to America with Obama amnesty and Obama Care, and every other executive over reach was like a wind blowing a single leaf down the road as we watched it go by and applauded the effort. It amounts to activity without accomplishment.

Now I do not know if the Supreme Court is going to hear my case, but I do know I do not need 60% of Congress to support it. So are my chances better and is my accomplishment worthy of your support? We need your help to support my Campaign. We need gas money, computers, signs, posters, commercials and all those things that makes up a Campaign.

What exactly is important to you as a conservative Republican or a conservative Democrat? I think both would agree civil rights, individual rights under our Constitution are important. Then why not support a Campaign for President holding these dear and fighting for them? You know as well as I do that the closer you get to Communism the less the individual matters. The collective good as a mob is able to run over with the State as the authority the individual. That is probably the most important aspect of our United States Constitution that STOPS the State from deciding your property is there property and your money is their money.

So you really think my Campaign is just about me and I'm just doing this, spending my own time and my own money for all things that have been needed desperately to muster a Campaign, for the satisfaction of "likes" on Facebook? I can assure you there are many a beautiful girls who dwarf me in 'likes' on a single pinup on Facebook on the 'like' button.
That idea is contemptuous to me in the face of garbage it is so untrue and my accomplishments in trial, court proceeding, and miles all over this Country from sea to shining sea the last six years is a testament to it! Just because it was 'noticed' or documented in a story in the Washington Post or New York Times doesn't mean it hasn't happened.

Of course your right, if my Case is lost in the Supreme Court of the United States it is probably your fault because I know without a doubt every American in this Country has $5 dollars in their pocket or the ability to get it and you just haven't. These are the things that make politicians like Secretary Clinton desperate for foreign money. I think I've got close to 5,000 friends on Facebook and maybe three that have given my Campaign any contribution over the last six years. Sometimes I think they think their $5, or $10, or $20 wouldn't help, or maybe they don't see that a contribution to another Charity actually helps more people and wouldn't be wasted?

Of course all Charities have expenses; and Campaigns Contributions are not tax exempt but Campaigns like this one do not come a long every day either. How many Presidential Campaigns so far have announced for the U.S. Presidency with a Case in the Supreme Court of the United States declaring Obama's ineligibility, that at the same time threatens the two freshman Republican Senators hoping to be rewarded with the minority Cuban/Spanish vote? Again, a physical feature based on the color of skin that Republicans think they need to capitalize on to get minority votes.

What ever happened to just taking a stand for the Constitution that protects every American Citizen of the United States of America in justice for all? I'm really fed up with this 'outward appearances' thing as you can probably tell mostly because America is about more then the good the bad and the ugly. Its about what's on the inside, not what's on the outside and we need to protect and defend that.

Thank you for considering my Campaign worth something to you.

Cody Robert Judy
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Enjoy our newly March Released THREE MINUTE infomercial entitled The Birthers and please join us anyway you can in supporting the restoration of our U.S. Constitution along with our Nation and the opportunity we all want. Please understand that however benign you may attribute a Candidate who is not qualified by being 'Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents', the very process of dismissing and not honoring the Office of the President with its unique qualification is a process to destroy the umbrella with the Office that sits in the middle of the United States Constitution, as its most important key holder.
The compromise on the 'natural born Citizen' clause is a compromise on the Blessings of God our Nation has been protected by, and a witness that time and place included in describing the Birth of our Nation are of no value.

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  1. You're as nutty as ever and don't stand a chance in the Supreme Court or in running for President. Birthers are, and will always be, considered a joke among the sane members of the population. They prove themselves to be nuts as they believe ANYTHING that is negative about President Obama, despite the fact that many of their idiotic theories contradict one another. Go for it, spend all your money on your losing campaign. It's that much less you have to dedicate to other irrational candidates.

  2. I see your out prophesying again and I suppose your doing that in the name of "Obama" whose a 'lame duck". That's really kind of nutty. Are you an American who believes in the Constitution or do you recommend the whole thing be trashed? Obviously you don't have the courage to leave your name, so we assume your an alien from a distant planet that' s nuts. Nanu Nanu say hello to Mork for me.