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Laws of Nature v. The Laws of Men - The Balance in the U.S. Supreme Court being Weighed in Obama's Ineligibility

Laws of Nature v. The Laws of Men - The Balance in the U.S. Supreme Court being Weighed in Obama's Ineligibility

The fundamental question for American Politicians is, "Are you keeping up with America or has America passed you by?" At first it may seem a strange question. America has been rooted in its own traditions even as it is considered a very young Nation, but at the heart of America is Liberty and America's Politicians have become increasing despondent to her calls. A great transformation is occurring in America's yearning for nature, natural, and vintage. The real deal is sought in our water, food, and lifestyle. That translates to America's Political Arena, where liberty is threatened posing a second question; Why have America's Politicians been clamping down on Liberty when the opposite is at the heart of America?

Protection and security have been the staples of an ever increasing mandate of force we have seen stalking us ever closer into the minute details of our lives rather than the protection and security that we needed for our liberty. Barack Obama's forged identity was used as a fabricated package harnessed to cage America into a slavery with its guilt based identity of color rather than character. America increasing feels the call of organic natural food in healing and holistic living, but has had the laws of nature violated in an unqualified ineligible person in the White House who is not a "natural born Citizen" violating America's Constitution.

The false narrative has been fed to American's as a package to supersede nature, like an artificial sweetener, steroid injected meat, or mutated seed that fails to reproduce itself as a standard of control away from nature. So what is, and what has caused the fascination America has right now with 'nature', 'natural', and even 'vintage' that is pushing the limits of nostalgia we might see as a Revolution of canonical proportions?

Isn't it interesting to see the Citizens associated with clean air, clean water, organic food rooting their noses in the mire of exactly the opposite of what they staunchly defend as a diet when it comes to the politics of voting for Barack Obama who is as fabricated and unnatural as a hybrid seed that has had its chromosomes altered to a point of failing to produce itself? The Founders and signers of the Constitution of the United States had high regard for the Laws of Nature because they had a great interest in forming something that would actually last and perpetuate itself by the greatest laws known to man which the Laws of Nature represent.

High above the realms of man-made laws and interventions are those we call The Laws of Nature and it is these laws that have in deed lasted when man-made laws falter and implode upon themselves and the populations that seek to over-rule the laws of nature. Some of the tell tale signs that a population has drifted into the margin call opposing the Laws of Nature are seen as voluminous amounts of legislation seeking control of nearly every aspect of our lives. Another tell-tale sign striking at the heart of guilt is that the prisons become overflowing; another, leviathan national debt robbing future generations.

The reason for this is that the population through its legislation begin to make living as a natural man harder and harder confusing the morality taught in religion with the morality taught by nature. Some might say its been the tradition of religions to drift away from the Laws of Nature God has taught throughout the generations of man. Still, they continually choke off the population in the desire for power like corking off the top of the bottle and violently shaking up the mix which eventually explodes in ways that are unnatural and fly out of the normal means of channeling. The prohibition years proved a perfect example of that. America repealed the 18th Amendment that imposed a dry state suffered the consequences and with the 21st Amendment authorizing a wet one repealing the dry state of affairs. We seemed to learn that lesson.

The one we are facing now manifest itself also in a clogging of the Court Systems with nearly everything we would expect from an ineligible unqualified corruption of the 'natural born Citizen' clause in the Office of the President. We are 'told' that 'natural law' has now become extinct in the Law Schools of America and has been replaced by the study of 'man-made' laws. From what we already know the laws of man opposed to the laws of nature usually cause the population a good deal of problems.

The concern of Birthers goes far beyond the 'person' of Barack Obama whose supporters tragically attribute the opposition of as an unqualified, ineligible person in the Office, towards the physical characteristics of his person. The single definition missing from the quantified man-made 'naturalization' laws we find in aliens and nationals is "Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents" and it stands as a testament of organically grown. The unique establishment and harvest of America's own home grown that comes from Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

While the office of the President was particularly singled out with the natural born Citizen requirement, the "Citizen" requirement was indeed an open door and welcome mat for those who were first generation Americans. As America has only had 44 President's in its lifetime, the qualification excluding Citizens with a foreign parent or birth place from the Office of the President can hardly be called 'mass discrimination' as if America had no right at all to explicitly require for its President the singleness of heart found in 'natural born Citizen' for and in the protection of our own Liberty.

Indeed, those attempting to drum up other arguments can be shown to necessarily be in the dark works of confining America, her liberty, freedom, and unique Sovereignty in the World. Those who say that Sovereignty is not under constant attack or that America has no need since the end of our Inaugural Revolutionary Ball for concern of elimination are about as blinded in the fog of relative accounts of history as well the evil designs of power hungry men as can be punctuated.

For those wishing and hoping for a more 'natural state' of affairs America in a great historical sense has been a land of just that opportunity. People came from all over drawn in their hearts for a better way of living. A life style of permission they felt deep within their souls. Such beauty was heralding the ability to live as God built them and was/is seen as a Gift from God as pure as nature could have intended.

So why are so many politicians including Presidents opposed to the Laws of Nature? Maybe one of the biggest reasons is that most have come from the worship of the laws of man in their workshops. They saw how their own words could be translated into power over a population from the Districts of Congress, the States of the Senate to the Governorship and for the most part the Laws of Nature in the Office of the President have been historically protected and demanded by America.

The only way in fact to subvert has been by the sly cunning and craftiness of those willing to fabricate, forge, and de-fraud the population for their own gain. This has by its own nature of corruption perpetuated a great dis-trust among the Citizens of the United States of America and a turn is now not only manifesting itself in the populations diet of food, but is beginning to dawn in the political arena of America! Indeed the very laws of nature may be testifying to us as it gets our attention in more ways than one.

If the Laws of Nature are at least worthy of equal consideration in the context of man-made laws and we see the deportation of The Laws of Nature as foreign in our Law Schools, wouldn't we expect those in the Battle to indeed gain our attention? Far from judgement is the argument that is made. This is the time where the jury is listening and that jury now is the United States of America's People. We The People have been charged in forming a more perfect union with the laws of nature that would harmonize and be a construction of peace and good will towards man.

The confusion of darting and dashing from side to side has become the stage for all of us. Do the laws of nature testify that some are born gay and to respect nature our laws in deed must defend that nature by adapting? That consideration is being articulated in the U.S. Supreme Court as we speak. The U.S. Supreme Court also has ObamaCare, ObamaAmnesty, and ObamaForiegn Policy in its cross-hairs yet at the root of all of them is Judy v. Obama 14-9396 is Obama even qualified and eligible to be in the Office of the President wielding the sword as a pen in the Executive Branch of Government and gutting the Constitution's principles as a walking talking violation of the Office.

How can America even look at anything else or not SEE that an ineligible person in the Office of the President is bound to corruption, and in that the corruption of principles, and contempt of the very laws of nature that has kept us pretty well increasing our place in the world as a leader among the Nations? Was it all just a fluke? A happenstance of incredible place in the Universe that can be attributed to the roll of the dice?

We must all ask ourselves these poignant questions and answer them in the quite places of our heart. Indeed, if America had known Obama's social security card, draft card, and long form birth certificate were problematic fabrications and forgeries used to obfuscate an identity that would soil the Office of the President in an unbearable way how could defenders of Obama possible state Obama would have been elected or even state that he was elected? Indeed can it not be reasonable said, that with the considerations of the lie that is Obama- the lie that was elected, the lie which America is suffering now and indeed will continue to suffer in our problematic future,with fullest of confidence which the Laws of Nature provide, and will be protesting getting more and more of our attention as is historically been precedent, that until this be addressed we are bound for an historical hell with Nature unremitting upon even the innocent of our population? Tis with that consideration, I have taken my case to the highest Court available.

These and many more are reasons why I am TAKING a STAND, and representing what I do in my platform and my legal action. Indeed, the unconventional may be just what America is looking for in the coming 2016 election as she yearns for truth more than the lie presented by 'conventional' politicians in typical suits, and typical haircuts, as fake details of their lie rather then the resolve of their character of heart.

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