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TEMPORARY TERRORIST RESTRICTION of 2ND Amendment on Islam ie. Muslim's Religious Faith pending 5 YEAR purge of Radical Islam in USA recommended to Congress by 2016 D Presidential Candidate CODY ROBERT JUDY.

Appropriate to the Circumstances Americans now face, as a Presidential Candidate in the Democratic Party 2016, and in pursuit of the Peace and Tranquility of the Nation, I recommend the Following to Congress for consideration, in the interest of the United States of America.

Both WEST COAST San Bernardo CA. and EAST COAST Orlando, FL. Shooters purchased weapons legally, so Hillary Clinton's assertion of the "wrong people" getting weapons of war does not make sense without dis-arming all "SUSPECTED Radical Islamist" in America making it a Felony to possess firearms or explosives for All known Muslims.

The threat has reached a Tipping Point where the lines between [Radical Islam] and [Islam], preaching all Gays should be killed, preaching an intolerance against religious plurality, and subjugation of women, is so blurred, and out of assimilation of American Tradition, a Public Danger has been Transmitted that must be dealt with Politically.

In order to maintain the Religion of Islams free speech, Islam of course [wants to maintain] here in the USA , the suspension of all those member adherents of the religion of Islam as a Group shall have their second Amendment Right considered a privilege revoked, until such time as Congress should see fit to Establish a Test of Good Faith in restoring the Constitutional Privilege, accept by those in Military Duty, whom the Military can under their military Order appropriate privilege on an individual basis. Service in the Military should not be prohibited, or those Muslims in active duty suspended.

Until the Radical Element is purged from within America by Islam Clerics, who will have to Take A Stand and preach the Holy Hell out of Radical Islam, just like gang member affiliations, and known felonies also suffering [weapons restrictions], the radical elements of the Islamic Faith, [convicting] tolerance among ISLAM's MUSLIMS ,must suffer a penalty conviction in a sign of strength rather than weakness.

Advocating penalties of death understood in the physical attribution ,correlated with the action in our modern era, from a religious pulpit; for sexual preference identity , an intolerance for Religious Plurality with penalties associated of any physical cruelty advocated, as well the subjugation of women or minorities based in race or color has worn out the privilege of the Second Amendment in America.

Let them preach what they may, but let the 2nd Amendment not be seen as necessarily guaranteed.

The U.S. Constitution and it's Amendments are earned with good behavior, and that Trust is granted to All Americans. However, like it is granted, it's elements can also be revoked by bad behavior.

To preserve the safety and tranquility of the population with consideration of the multiple violations of the Trust, a purge of Domestic Radical Islam must be authorized by Congress and signed by a qualified Commander-In-Chief.

With the two deadliest attacks in America happening with the known theocratic Geographical Islamic States, an Official Declaration of War must be called for With Domestic and Foreign Ramifications by Congress, and with harmony the interest of the United States must be made clear.

In the interest of Domestic National Security and Obama's lawless disregard for Border Security, Obama must be called Constitutionally Ineligible as he is not "Born in the U.S to Citizen Parents" with a Congressional Act. He is not a [ natural born Citizen]. He is a violation of the Office of President.

As the ONLY Candidate for PRESIDENT with bi-partisan Standing Recorded on Official Federal Court Record, objecting to Obama's Qualification, I am the only person legally, with the right to the Office made so by Record, also subject to the U.S. Senate's approval, deposed to call for the ACT of Congress. All other Candidates in '08 and '12 have forfeited that right with failure to prosecute and uphold the U.S. Constitution.

I call for the U.S. Senate to OPEN HEARINGS to substantiate these Claims, and hear them in Open Trial in regard to the Facts and place Barack Obama burdened with a Defense with all powers of Trial, Evidence, and Witnesses as the Defendant.

The Day of using the element of America's free speech in the FIRST Amendment to preach taking up arms in violence against minorities, LGBT, plural Religions acceptance, and subjugation of woman, expecting the 2nd Amendment won't be revoked, should end for those so profiled by bad behavior.

Obama's rhetoric against ALL Americans guns, with a suspended or restricted 2nd Amendment in mind against guns, is grandiose, and out of balance with the Red Flags of both 911 tragedies, and the two worst mass shootings in U.S. History in conjunction with the MODERN ISIS Element our Military is currently engaged at War with in the Threat to our National Safety and Security.

We must maintain the Right to Revoke the 2nd Amendment against [Groups] so indulged and even associated with known terrorist or our Peace and Tranquility Rights are unequally threatened. Equality demands Protections equal to the choices made by individuals set to the Standard of our Laws.

If Islam is a Religion of Peace and not war, let their associated Members embrace this recommended temporary 5 year 2nd Amendment Domestic Suspension, as an opportunity to arrest and relieve the Public fear with a wise understanding, demanded by the Terroristic Events calling for this, as a necessity for the Public Peace in the first place.

Mass Punishment is never an easy answer, however it has been used as a barometer for behavior for Groups or particular Religions before with elements uncondusive to American Interest at particular times. For instance: as in the Unions demand upon The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Edmonds Tucker Act prohibiting polygamy, seen as a Religious Tenant of Marriage by that particular Religion, as a prerequisite for Utah's Statehood, still maintained by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The #LGBT Community has forever been scared by the horrific shocking terrorist attack in Orlando, FL. This is going to require a healing period of Time, and there should be no objection to the balanced proportional restrictions I am recommending to Congress especially given the boasting claims and responsibility of allegiances noticed and correlated with ISIS and these horrific memories we all have been dealt a savage blinding-of-an-eye with.

Thank You for your Supporting this and Forwarding it to your States Congressman and Senators for Official consideration.

Cody Robert Judy

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Cody Robert Judy
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