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Hillary's Health Allegory to Obama's Constitutional Qualification- Both Failing

INFO WARS Panel discusses Inserting
Democratic Party Nomination but left out
the only Democratic Candidate who did not concede 
Hillary's Health Allegory to Obama's Constitutional Qualification- 
Both Failing

"UNFOUNDED SPECULATION",  "REAL MEDICAL PROBLEMS" Hillary Clinton's health is regulated by Media Spin in the same darkness as Critics and Cynics vandalize the Qualification for President as [Citizen] while [natural born Citizen[ (ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents) is the Time honored required allegiance by Law and Tradition. In fact emphasising , [Citizen] was the qualification in the Constitution at "the time of the Adoption of this Constitution".

On Hillary's Health if what happened on 9/11/2016 was not a muscular Parkinson's Freeze seizure , and two very large burly men on each side could not hold the 5'3" frame of Hillary as she lost control of limbs, her feet dragged off the curb, as she landed convulsing headlong into the amvan then either she needs stronger men around her, it was staged,  wasn't her, and was exactly used carp diem to seize the headlines and with it recovery or substantiate a health issue in defense of coming charges.

The article from The Atlantic admits fairly Clinton's mishandling the event was the instigation of Conspiracy itself. Indeed, if Hillary had Reporters traveling in the AmVan more transparency and less conspiracy would have seized the day.

The Article  states, "Critics of the president have suggested that Obama, the first black U.S. president, is not a citizen." , not only reaching and pushing the Racist Slant unlawfully and hatefully  towards every American living under the protections and services of the U.S. Constitution but making black Americans targets of their radical disparaging slurs.

I am hurt for all black Americans that the Mainstream Media would use them to dismiss and disparage the same document we revere as Supreme Law of the Land,  as freeing and liberating those black brown and white people who were cast into the bonds of slavery.

Make no mistake in understanding the dance-of-the-devil, it is with the same nefarious intentions they use this horrific allegory to return those freed and liberated to the chains of slavery from which to eviserate the 8 Amendment,  smash the 15 Amendment, and destroy the 19th Amendment.

Enslavement of people and the employ of slavery as we recall of the whip wielding Master of the Plantation is not particular to color nor is it particular to time. So long as the nature of men is unbridled and haughty towards civil allegiance the Masters may be seen in corporate greed outsourcing the slaves of foreign lands in what Corporations call profitable enterprise and prudent worldly globalization.

Those Elected who authorize the uncensored and uncircumcised debt unlawfully vulgar for future generations to pay are exposed as Elitist
Drafting the next generations through the villainous extortion and robbing their own children's future as merciless mercenaries.

 The Masters of Slavery think they are clever in their disguises of being "The Elect" or "Corporate Conservatist" in the obligation of frugality when inside they are nothing but ravenous wolf's  constantly feeding on their young but never satisfied; disgusted with themselves to the point of disease; Masters of Disaster.. Nothing more.

They shall be remembered as the Stink of Humanity as they swim in the boiling excrement  of their creation thinking for Eons of their sore  losing errant calculations.

How shall Justice ever exist without these lakes of Fire and Brimstone? The Facts present themselves but go unheeded by the delusioned who have no God but themselves, are short sighted, and hard of hearing. They ignore nature, disrespect the Laws of Nature, care not for their elderly parents, consume their young, and call themselves Masters. They are in the most pitiful of circumstances attending to that which by definition is Corruptible and paying homage to that in their own crooked corruption.

They have no eye or vision for the Future. How could they when they can't even get the BASICS right? We know they are destined to failure, they,  fullfilling the measure of their corruption are doomed to be destroyed by the corrupt. They seek this with earnest.  It is their desire to fullfilling. They are the dross of the silver, they are the impurities of the gold sluffed off by heat. They are unworthy of the pure-in-heart wherein the Principles of Heaven find Jubilee for the spires of Zion.

They are mediocrity and we slaves of the earth know it, for in our chains God has revealed the most glorious peace, the sweetest love-like-honey, the rarest nectar of appreciation.  In short, the knowledge that God Lives, our Redemption is Coming, and the Ark shall have no room for their sorry assessments that will  tumble, crumble, and fall for God IS over all.

WHO shall they follow in the day of they're destruction? They shall follow themselves into an eternal circle of Hell, they shall know no deliverer. They waisted their day of probation and did not get to know God. Their judgements were faulty, the Evidense was Clear, the Sentence will come and their regret will be heard as weeping, and wailing, and knashing of teeth.

God will see the dogs of the devil chained up and he with them eating the same food for a thousand years. That food will come off the same assembly line of bull shit they tried to sell us and there will be good reason for their weeping, wailing, and knashing of teeth.

Jeremiah 11:11 " Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them."

What could possibly be the horror food served up to Obama? What could possibly be the horror food served up to Hillary Clinton? What could possibly be the horror food served up to Democrat Journalist? Well, I'll leave that to your own mind.

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Infowars had a discussion panel on the replacement of Hillary Clinton and who Democrats in the DNC Party Leadership might choose. It was an interesting discussion, but Bernie Sanders conceded to Hillary Clinton, as have all the Democratic Party Candidates accept myself, Cody Robert Judy.

It's an interesting perspective for Democrats to place on one side of the scale ALL the Civil Rights they know and love and place Obama's Failed Qualification on the other side and imagine Obama out weighing all their Civil Rights but that is essentially exactly what is happening.

Post Note:
The foregoing doesn't really discuss the process of a forced resignation of Political Party Nomination the DNC would construct if Hillary's Health becomes her undoing. That process however would necessarily be open and petitions and signatures to ballot could happen. If Default is the Nomination backstop, I am the only Democratic Candidate for President not conceding to Hillary Clinton.  The Court's see it conceding as complete abrigation. In this sense, Bernie is totally out of the Race and I am the last man standing opposed to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party. This is why Candidates seek concession from other Candidates. It totally wipes them out.


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