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NBC wants Dibs on POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in Comedy on the SNL Show?

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NBC wants Dibs on POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in Comedy on the SNL Show

There is a great illustration here on a subject that is certainly affecting our Communities and particularly our Education Fields when it comes to Political Correctness colliding with Copyright and the ability to interject "fair use" into an already biased Media. While they love to quote and back quote and run quotes on political news nearly controlling or employing a monopoly of communication upon the People, they get really angry when it's done to them or in other words when their words are framed exposing a different angle.

You might not think Comedy is used as a tool to 'Frame' political sensitive subjects, but it is a Primary Tool that has been used and employed by the Left. The [Birther Movement] or Label or Subject, which in fact does account for Political and Legal definition officially represented in our U.S. Constitution in the term exclusively used for the Office of the President and Vice President that controls a whole branch of our Check and Balance three legged stool style Republic in the Executive Branch, has in fact been cruelly castigated with Comedy.

 Indeed we have heard so much rancor regarding "Alt-Media","Censorship", "Restriction", "Fake News" lately from big political players like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. We stand very much on a teeter-totter or precipice of the extinction of Free Press, Free Speech, Free Religion, and Freedom to Assemble, and even to Petition the Government for grievances (See SCOTUS 14-9396 DISMISSED for lack of funds on printing and court filing fees cost) all principle parts to our First Amendment Rights as Americans.

To witt I decided to conduct a little experiment to demonstrate this in shall we say, or what I hoped would be, the very least offensive way that I might, also employing "Comedy" as the tool, but on a Politically Relevant and legal definition of [natural born Citizen] as far as Education, Criticism, Reporting, and Teaching, all principles known for [Fair Use].

As an official Plaintiff/litigant in the United States Supreme Court as a Presidential Candidate in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 & 14-9396 & Judy v. McCain representing both unqualified candidates from Democrats and Republicans I am none to happy when I see a national jury pool spoiled with false presentations to the public that can affect my case. It is therefore Fair Use in my book to inform, educate, and correct when I can in the same manner.

The Experiment consist of a Saturday Night Live skit involving what NBC's Saturday  Night Live called "Hillary Actually" that you can view here:

Comedy becomes Comedy when you take what are kernels of truth or what could be very believable and make them or assume them into a reality. The subjects of Comedy often are scaled in the realities of Politics because generally it is a familiar subject to many people. Who doesn't know Obama lives in the White House? So if you take a political script and make it a different political script in a commentary of education through comedy on comedy that has indulged on a Political Platform, why would there be any objection?

In the real Saturday Night Live Skit, Hillary Actually, Hillary Clinton appears at the door and runs the Electoral College Vote into the ground with bribery, which would be considered an assault upon the U.S. Constitution and is also represented as illegal with a $1,000 dollar fine, (something she's willing to cover for the offender), if an Electoral College Voter departs from the vote of his/her State.

Now try to watch my version of commentary on a subject of equal illegality. That of usurping the office of the President by not adhering to the qualifications for President of [natural born Citizen] ie. born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

 If you can at this Link . After 2 views it was yanked down by YouTube stating NBC had objected to it though, there was no proof of their objection, and the front and back clearly represented as did the content a different Political View for Education. I did not upload it with a criteria of voluntary ads to make it profitable. If you get to see it on this Link, things have changed from when I first uploaded it.


I have also uploaded it on my Free Public Political Facebook Page if you by chance don't see in on YouTube try here on FACEBOOK:

For a little conversation let's look at the Fair Use policies generally governing the commentary of many arm-chair quarter back pundits, reporters, and of course comedians because when you start to threaten political material with copyright you are very close to controlling Public Perception with Media which would also be governed in what is termed Propaganda- information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view
Something we have seen infiltrate the Courts and Media excessively with the qualifications for President as [natural born Citizen] actually deferring to the qualification of [public popularity


Using copyrighted material

The copyright symbol
As you learned earlier, you generally need to license copyrighted material in order to use it, which often costs money. The exception to this is a rule called Fair Use. Fair Use means you can use copyrighted material without a license only for certain purposes. These include:
  • Commentary
  • Criticism
  • Reporting
  • Teaching
For example, you can't just grab a copyrighted photo and use it on your blog because you think it's pretty. However, it probably would be considered Fair Use if you included that photo in a blog post that commented on and analyzed a photographer's work.

Guidelines for Fair Use

  • A majority of the content you post must be your own.
    To return to the example above, it's probably Fair Use to include a few relevant photos in a long post. However, using those same photos in a post with only a few lines of commentary might not be Fair Use. For another example, let's imagine you found a useful tutorial you wanted to feature on your blog. Including one tip from the tutorial would be Fair Use. Including the entire tutorial would not be Fair Use, even if you linked to the original source.
  • Give credit to the copyright holder.
    In order for something to be Fair Use, you must give full credit to the person who created it. This includes the creator's name, as well as other information that will help people find the original work or source. For example, if you're posting and commenting on an image that was published on a newspaper's website, you should include a link to the original story.
  • Don't make money off of the copyrighted work.
    In general, it's much easier to claim Fair Use when you're using the copyrighted material for noncommercial purposes. While posting images of your favorite TV shows and adding funny captions and commentary might be considered Fair Use, selling those images on T-shirts would not. Making money from ads on your blog can also limit your ability to claim Fair Use.

A Quote from the Book "Spinning the Law: Trying Cases in the Court of Public Opinion" by Kendall Coffey states on page 159:
Although the "show biz" of many talking heads may annoy some high-profile lawyers with all their second-guessing, the greater concern is for juries. Legal commentators can make outlandish remarks on television about an on-going trial that might land one in jail if made by lawyers representing parties. And yet gag orders do not gag talking heads. Nor do ethical rules constrain lawyers who are on the outside of a trial. Harvard Professor Alan M. Dershowitz suggest that standards are needed for legal commentators, not only to guide their conduct but also to validate their competency. The extent of harm created by television commentary is not quantifiable, and Morvillo acknowledges that trial lawyers "don't know how much of that misperception gets to juries." Yet the potential for damages is real. And some of the real players believe that the Monday-morning quarterbacks should exercise greater restraint so that television trash-talking does not add to the publicity poison that already contaminates high-profile cases.]

Indeed Writers, Producers, Directors,Entertainers,Comedians, Actors and Singers all want royalties and pay on their work, but when those are indeed paid in an Original, they have been paid,
Commentary, Criticism, Reporting, and Teaching are hopefully fields that all would relent on. If Corporations are allowed to control a subject politically the definition becomes privatized.

The Birther issue is a particular one that had been bastardized by the Far Left Media and it has done a lot of damage to our Country and to me as a Candidate for President with a represented Platform that I have spent a lot of time nurturing and cultivating and representing legally.

I hope NBC would understand that two minutes on cue cards with 5 Million hits on their YouTube Channel on that 2-3 minutes influences a lot of real voters and there must be fire to fight fire. I think my Video that I made and wrote as a little different take on their own has changed at over 20 times what they represented and it does represent a " Fair Use" of Political Criticism, Education, Reporting, and Teaching in actually a much more sound and legal construct tapping into Comedy as a resource.

The other possibility of this is that NBC has not said a dog-gone thing and that YouTube has decided to insert and play it's own Political Bias which indeed I have been subjected to with their terms. If they were to sue me for damages made from the profit of 100,000 views total on my YouTube Station they would be asking for the division of $200 dollars in over 250 Videos and 700 Blog Post in damages reconcilable to the project they objected to. They are welcome to the frivolity.


The following 9min 45sec VIDEO was posted 24 hours and has generated over 5K VIEWS  combining Obama's Last Press Conference highlights with the Cold Case Posse findings released by Sheriff Joe just the previous day. Not one Reporter in Obama's Final Press Conference asked Obama about the Fraud and Fabrication of his long form Birth Certificate now assessed forensically to be evidence of multiple criminal acts.


Assist Cody Robert Judy' Campaign Debt here thank you

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