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Crushing the Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy
The Democrats!

Tweet of mine-
Dream @HillaryClinton last night. She rec Lawyer I didn't have $s4 Lawyer😂 she had no clue how poor I or people are🤕

In my dream they asked me what I wanted. I wanted to be heard in SCOTUS 14-9396 which was dismissed unjustly on a Forma Pauperis Motion that was Denied. It cost about $4,500.00 printing 40 Booklets  plus $300 for Filing Fees unless it's waived. I did not have the money.

Even with a waiver 11 copies + 3 cost about $100.00 which I covered.

I fear rather seriously now Republicans are in charge and control that the [ natural born Citizen] requirement is lost forever as the confirmation of Nature and Nature's God -Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

Dems may have rallied against the Qualification of [natural born Citizen](NBC) for Obama, but Republicans will never let us forget it, or repeal the Corruption or mired qualification with Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John McCain and others in the way with a much deeper bench of ineligible Presidential Candidates.

The Executive Office of the President has been breached and without Judy v. Obama 14-9396 being heard , the highest office of the Land has been usurped by foreign inherited citizenship by soil and parent.

I think Trump, as he did in the Primaries, will not push legally for Order against the Bully of the Office. He will say it's over. Perhaps he will say it's settled.  Our Republic then will forever be without the Law. Democrats have Lost forever.

They Democrats were used and abused and then  while in Office failed our Civil Rights with corruption and a unconstitutional immorality that a illegal Usurper in the Office of President represented.

What a CRUSHING HEARTBREAK!!! on this Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday?

Democrats should be weeping and howling. Twas the folly of our Elected Leaders, their lack of courage or cowardice for Civil Rights which has destroyed our Republic. The only sane thing between individual Civil Rights we find in a Constitution Republic v. Might-Is Right Democracies.

Carnage now will replace Civil Argument. Rape and Murder shall replace Restoration and Marriage. All Hell shall be literally lit up for the Breach the U.S. Supreme Court failed.

Of course you will say, Cody, you talk in extremes and no such thing is connected to the breach of the Office of President and I will say as President John Adams said, " Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

Moral and Religious People? If you think that means going to Church please show me the importance of that mentioned in the 10 Commandments. Surely, if going to Church made moral and religious people we will find in the Big 10 "Thou Shalt not fail to go to Church"?

You know what? It's just not there.  Shall we visit ALL the Churches and ask ALL the People in them how many gave a Donation to Cody Robert Judy, who is and was the ONLY Candidate for President with a case against Republicans and Democrats Taking A Stand for the [ natural born Citizen ] Principle Post of the Executive Branch of our Government?

Why do you suppose Cody had no money if the Morality and Religious Qualities were in and with the People found in Church?

Did I not raise my voice enough? Was I silent? Did my FB Page , my Twitter Page, my Blog, my Web site, my Federal Court Record, my Press Releases to over 300 outlets usually bi-weekly Fail?

Well, yes.. I am crushed! Tears are flowing down my face now😓  But it is not because any of those things failed. It is because all of those failed to make a difference.

There was only one consolation in my dream last night with Hillary Clinton. She, and another very bright Lawyer were also in a Federal Prison with me. That is the best place to be for me to talk some sense into them.

If I were going to make Defenders of the U.S. Constitution out of mishmash where would I do it?

The answer seems simple to me as I know where the Lord did it to me. It's sad to say but I didn't really care about the U.S. Constitution until all my Rights were violated, I was in Prison, and suffering like I'd never suffered before.

Did the Lord let up on me and make it easy? Well only if you figure 3018 Days was a piece of cake.

Who does Hillary Clinton and a Lawyer in Prison represent if it is not The People who are immoral and hypocriticaly religious?

How can you distinguish yourself unlike that unless you gave $1 to Cody Robert Judy? Who of you could not give $1? Who of you could give or could have given more?

Who thinks it's about the $1 verses say those who think it's about establishing and keeping good and moral faith?

You will be your Judge but God knows the Circumstances are beyond your control. People don't generally pass on things that sting them nor can they avoid the Hell that awaits them.

I naturally hoped to be a better example to you, but in God's Hands an Example is not always what you'd call good if you're being bad. . Right?

I may celebrate MartinLutherKingJrDay in theory but it is very hard to celebrate what we now are so far away from my fellow Democrats, Republicans Americans


Assist Cody Robert Judy' Campaign Debt here thank you


The reason Cody wants you to understand that the Race for the Presidency is a really tough marathon race is because of the Standards of the Race that are defined in the U.S. Constitution have been something he specifically has stood up for with the standing that is represented by competitors in the Race.

[I don't care what the Lower Courts said, the U.S. Supreme Court would not hear this Case because they knew they could not rule in Obama's personal favor. It would have just been impossible for them if I was up arguing it. 

1- There is no way you can have a people who are Citizens of the U.S. Constitution before it was ratified. That ratification created a new LEGAL JURISDICTION of LAW with which to be born under: 

2- That's the REASON that ART. II., Section 1, C-5 included two different Qualifications for President in Time:       a- [CITIZEN] at the Time of the Adoption of this Constitution       b. [NATURAL BORN CITIZEN] for those thereafter ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents 

3- Congress cannot make [natural born Citizens] with [naturalization (or in other words Adoption Law)]. The two terms are polar opposites as clearly as Adoption is from a literal Blood Birth] Congress has [naturalization powers] 

4- It is well said that the Constitution does not in fact say what a [natural born Citizen] is because there is no doubt that [born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] clearly negates any Act or Determination by Adoption. There is  no Judge in the United States who is going to say that anyone who is born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents is not a [natural born Citizen]. Get that? Zero! 

5- Clearly the Qualification for Representatives and Senators is [Citizen] and not [natural born Citizen]  It's a Constitutional Right that America can propagate her own [natural born Citizens] and a violation of our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution to adhere otherwise.

6- The 14th Amendment when ever it was used in argument was and always has been a [naturalization] argument not a [natural born Citizen] argument. (for those who argue Wong Kim Ark changed anything) 

7- Minor v. Happersett clear states there was never a doubt that those born of the Country to it's Citizens are themselves the [natural born Citizens] and to the others there have been doubts. That's U.S. Supreme Court precedent. 

8- Congress men and women 8 times since 2003 tried to change the definition but those attempts failed in Congressional Votes. Ask yourself why? Why attempt to change anything on the [natural born Citizen] requirement for President if it always meant [Citizen] as the requirement for Representatives and Senators has been? And why was [Citizen] actually mentioned in the Constitution for those who were present at the time of the Adoption if they could have been [natural born Citizens] in the first place?]

Check Mate is still a question as long as the U.S. Supreme Court has Action Available. That action could be sustained as a Court Error or Clerical Error very easily.

Next the Cold Case Posse make the Case Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud.
40,000 + Hits in a two weeks!
Obama's Last Press Conference BLOWS UP with Birth Certificate

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