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One More Appeal to HRC - Better than Russia or Recounts

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Hillary Clinton
Better than Russia or Recounts

ATT Post UPDATE 12:53PM MST - 
Just included a Ltr sent to Hillary Clinton Campaign 
April 7th, 2016 at the very bottom of this Post. Kindly
let's you know, I was doing my best to inform her.

Hillary Clinton has one more request to set the Record straight for America, but will she?

It may be a lost cause but our Founding Revolutionary Patriots heard that before and pressed forward. Holding the Standards of Freedom and Liberty up in the stars and stripes of the red,white, and blue.

The [ natural born Citizen ] American was under valued, marginalized, citizen, and castigated by the Crowns of England. How dare Americans think they can create a new Jurisdiction of Law from which [ natural born Citizens] can spring as Americans?

Being born in the U.S. to U.S. Citizen Parents was the crux of heresy or Treason against the King and subjects, yet Americans had big dreams. Now 240 years later, little more than a generation and a half, the attack upon American Law, American Tradition, and yes American History is in full swing the Establishments fighting for power and forgetting about Principles.. American Principles.

Excuse Me HRC Did you see the B.C?

One Office, the U.S . Presidency, and a fraction of a fraction of office holders in our history, yet the pillaging of American-American  is hypocritical castrated by those demonizing the Time honored legal national security concerns befitting any Country who would be called a Sovereign Nation.

[Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] or [ natural born Citizen] ,required as qualification for the Office of President/VP, offered protection from foreign identity politics,and the nefarious pallets of Tyrants and Populist required for subjugation.

Yes, denying Americans even 1 Office out of all the Government's positions, and the one controlled somewhat by two four year Term Limits, seems downright outrageous to the artiocratic monarchies.

How dare they withhold a single office to the hostage of the Time it takes to be Born in the U.S. to U.S. Citizen Parents. Two generations? Outrageous? But to who?

To foreign interest? Yes, it is foreign interest that seems upset. Have you seen the passionate protest of those American Americans ( Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents) out in the streets protesting that the Syrian Refugees as immigrants should be allowed to run for Office with the hopes of an ISIS puppet  someday with the keys to the defense nukes and the authority to let down the border guards in the Office of U.S. President?

Nope. We have not seen those protests. Generally speaking, the opposite is true . Americans actually understand the maniacal foreign interest in a wealthy Nation which if subverted becomes the spoils of war enriching the invading Nation State.

You might say it's common sense, but that seems fleeting and unworthy of serious Congressional Hearing when a law enforcement agency puts Forensic Evidense on the Table.

One does hope common sense is not lost in the Law. What atrocities might we see if common sense actually becomes something the Law refuses to uphold? That there should scare any civilized man to death, because that action was broadcast,  Livestreamed on Facebook, out of Chicago just the other day and the MSM was very late to report on it.

Deep inside each of us is a conscience which is being abused just like those nefarious acts perpetrated upon the physical realities of that handicapped individual in Chicago being brutally assaulted by a gang of hooligans attempting to get away with just about anything they set their mind to.

The Political Arena no different. It is only the shining light which brings outrage to the darkness and pushes it back. Evidense of Fraud and Fabrication in the highest Office is what kind of example to our Nation?

That is why I have Appealed to Americans one more time in the Democratic Party to take a Stand for our Civil Rights. My standing as a Presidential Candidate to run a fair and equal race to the Qualifications set as a Standard in the Constitution.

To those [ Citizens ] at the Time of the Adoption of the Constitution, and thereafter, those  [ Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents- the natural born Citizens] of the United States of America.

I presented to my accomplished colleague Madam Secretary, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, an appeal to common sense as an American.

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Why Obama is Impotent Constitutionally.

Tweet to Mrs. Clinton
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Letter to Mrs. Clinton

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HRC One more Request to Set Record Straight

Dear Mrs. Clinton:

Thank you for your work. Please take a look at this fun video I made for you and I hope you will consider taking a stand for what is right for Americans, fighting for Equality under the laweather, and preserving our U.S. civil rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Thank you.


@johnpodesta @RobbyMook @HillaryClinton 1more request 2set #SCOTUS Record
#HillaryClinton #DNC #Democrats #Dems

Why Obama's Impotent Constitutionally

Featured Editorial

Thank you for forwarding this to Mrs. Clinton in the event you are not Mrs. Clinton.

Sincerely Yours,
Cody Robert Judy
SCOTUS Case 12-5276 / 14-9396

Email: codyjudy@Hotmail /or/

Twitter @codyrobertjudy

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The witnesses below of Congress and the Courts are exhibits to the Truth.
Next the Cold Case Posse make the Case Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud.
40,000 + Hits in a two weeks!
Obama's Last Press Conference BLOWS UP with Birth Certificate


While I'm sharing Please Consider this letter I sent to Hillary Clinton

Cody Robert Judy for U.S. President 2016
3031 South Ogden Ave Suite #2
Ogden, UT 84401
Email :
Phone: 801-497-6655

Hillary for America
Post Office Box 5256
New York, NY 10185-5256

Re: My Assistance to You ( Confidential and Legal Mail)

Dear Ms. Hillary Clinton;                                 4-7-2016

     Congratulations on your Delegate successes thus far in the  
Democratic Party nomination process which I am apart of as a Candidate  
for President. They say sometimes Politics make strange bedfellows-  
your surely acquainted in your many friends and wedding invitations.  
As the case may be, I extend my own service to you if by chance that  
might serve the Country the best way possible.

My first letter to you was in prison sent in the admiration sticking  
by your husband might have been around 1996 as I swallowed hard at his  
rejection to Pardon me on an issue of Free Speech in a religious  
meeting. (wink) Maybe you saw it on Jon Stewarts The Daily Show -

You might have also noticed by chance a little constructive criticism  
coming your way from my Blog: and Web Site: and I guess it wouldn't surprise me to hear some  
criticism coming from you telling me to "Fuck Off". (smile) Now I've  
said it for you, perhaps we can talk?

While I too don't like some of the things you have done, you are not  
without my respect and admiration for a stack of things a lot higher  
on the other side of the coin, the least of which is your a goddamn  
QUALIFIED DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE for President according to the U.S.  
Constitution's definition of 'Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents'.

Since I brought it up, you might also recognize me as the ONLY  
Presidential Candidate in the United States of America with a  
Bi-Partisan Federal Court Record standing up for the unique 'natural  
born Citizen' Qualification Code for the Office of the President.  
Yeah, I sued McCain and Obama as a Candidate for President with  
Standing in 2008-2012-2016 to maintain the petition's grievance.

Of course that gave me one advantage that everyone else did not have.  
I was the only one the MEDIA could not call 'Racist' in Obama's  
delusional defense of being picked on. Fact I sued McCain first. I'm  
sure I'm talking to a Birther but perhaps its on the last shelf of the  
last isle of the library under Deep Cover.

Not to bore you with the details but both Harvard Professor Lawrence  
Tribe and Professor Einer Elhauge the Petrie Professor of Law at  
Harvard Law School both agree you cannot [naturalize] by  
[statute-amendment-law] [natural born Citizen].

That was what non-binding U.S. Sen Resolution did for Sen. McCain who  
did receive his U.S. [Citizen] status by the statute of a  
Congressional Act at 11 months old, and then secondly received his  
[naturalization] act of [natural born Citizen] by U.S. Sen. Res. 511  
which you cosponsored with Obama.

Of course, Obama used that to hood-wink every U.S. Senator apposing  
any eligibility challenge, the rest could just be called Racist by the  
Media .. that is accept me.
I frankly believe it cost you the Presidency not to challenge him  
citing the Delegates as Damages in 2008 but that's all water under the  

Well, turns out its not all water under the bridge and guess whose in  
a race with you to wipe a clean slate in 2016 based on Obama's  
ineligibility for 2016? You do know the most economically responsible  
way to wipe out Obamacare and Obama's Executive Orders is to simply  
prove his 'Signature' moot?

Turns out Trump is'nt as stupid... well, I don't mean to assume that  
anyone not thinking of that is stupid, but it's just that it really is  
a fact, and one that maintains the Constitutional High Ground- Not to  
mention 2 nominated Supreme Court Justices whose Constitutionally  
Required nominating process might be called into question with that  

With the right Attorney General and Discovery it could be wrapped up  
in 2 months and in the mean time Executive Orders over-riding the  
illegalities might serve someone for the first Clean 100 Days. If  
Trump were to make me his VP, my record becomes his Record which makes  
it very dangerous for an Obama Legacy, just like if he were to make  
Cruz his VP Cruz's own [ineligibility] would become liable. Trump  
noticed that publicly in a Debate standing right next to Cruz. I'm  
sure you caught it.

Now, you and I know it is an anti-establishment year, and I think you  
know deep down in the library book of yours you have that may be over  
due, that Obama's ineligibility is the KEY to Trumps Rise. It's true,  
Republicans used Obama like a patsy and road that horse into the  
ground for all the blame it was worth while robbing the bank 10  

Maybe your are 100% behind Obama and maybe your 100% against him in  
the bedroom with Bill. I do not know. However, I do know that this  
Country is angry and Jeb Bush's 150 Million peter'ed out rather quickly.

Judy v. Obama 14-9396 has a Motion to Re

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