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Cody Robert Judy Contribution
Contribute Now for a Restoration of Faith in Justice

Epidemic of Bribery- Tools of the Traitor

Obama's message of "Hope & Change" was clouded in the same deception of his 50 month delay in proffering his very identity. That amounted to the promises of "Your paying him for a Spending Spree" based in identification fraud & theft. This paved the road in gold ushering in Trump's appeal for business savvy to "make money" in the order of paying for what Obama and the cooperative Congresses had spent.

The problem with 10 Trillion dollars of new Debt is when the new wears off the items purchased become less valuable than the motive to pay-it-off. 

All be it from people who had not signed on to the debt, because they themselves were unqualified to take on seventy-thousand-dollars of debt for every man, women, and child in the United States, or those who were rich thinking they would simply leave their stash outside the collection barrier of the IRS. The rich are very smart in hiding their money. 

America held out 'Hope', with the stomping Hillary Clinton took in the Electoral College Vote, which unites the individual States of the Union, for a businessman who understood "Making Money" rather than "Spending".

Trump himself certainly knows the pitfalls of over-spending with the creative laws he has used at times taking out bankruptcy 6 times.

The problem as I see it is one of the store of promises running dry for Politicians, which Trump certainly now can claim on his resume as President. Therein lies a very good question. 

Did Trump jump into a lake of fire and brimstone he is unequipped to handle when it comes to fueling the anger of the people that put him there in the first place? 

If President Trump jumps in with the Washington Establishment he certainly will face the same dragons that beat back Bush, Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, and Carson. Trump was famous for "labeling his opponents" with catch phrases- Crooked Hillary, Lil Marco, Lie'n Ted, Carson - the pathological tempered child molester, are the ones I remember the most. 

Epidemic of Bribery- Tools of the Traitor

Most Americans have fallen in love with "Justice for all". It's in our Pledge of Allegiance. Justice and Righteousness are virtues. [The former describes the condition of a fair society and the latter the character of a good person.]

The epidemic of bribery appears as the tools of Traitors. What part of a fair society would excuse the elite and rich? The families of the victims de Abreu and Furtado sat in court day after day hoping for justice in the actions of  Aaron Hernandez who hung himself yesterday in his prison cell.
 Once an NFL rising star for the New England Patriots with a forty million dollar contract before his sophomore year in College, Justice called, and there he sat in prison serving life without parole. [Yet he threw it all away over drugs and street credibility and machismo, hauled away for life in jail without parole before he even turned 24 years old.]

Has anyone heard of what happened to Hillary Clinton for being all of the 'Crooked' that Trump pronounced? Has anyone heard what happened to Obama who Trump called repeatedly for a multiplicity of things 'a total disaster' and unqualified for the Office of the President?

Just bringing those two things to a Court would serve a  heavenly host of Republicans and Democrats a feast of faith in a restoration of Justice, but President Trump backed off of them. 

This could also be the feast of in-justice Trump embraces that will serve him up much more trouble then he ever thought to sign-up for in running for the Office of the President. 

TRUMP stated there would be better Tax cuts if Obamacare-'The Affordable Health Care Act , were Repealed first:
Health Care Reform First Will Pave Way for Tax Reform: Trump Exclusive

Because all Acts must be signed by a Constitutionally Qualified President, Trump could have done much more supporting Efforts to Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse & Cody Robert Judy's Legal Case of Obama's FORGERY and Ineligibility. Thus Justice would have been serving in many more ways.

Cody Robert Judy understands the pursuit of Justice like many American Families who have been let down or even forgotten. Those who are to poor to get a lawyer when they have been taken advantage of, or are simply  brushed off by the Courts who decide to honor an argument best suited for their own ascension or political ticket. 

Those who have felt Justice is no longer upheld in the United States should come together and remember the Civil Rights Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life for, and recall the Revolution it took to create a New Nation under God.

 For too long Americans have been pushed and pulled by both major Political Parties and the lack of discipline coupled with the epidemic of bribery have now put America's Future Generations, our children in harms way. Now is the time to join in and help a movement that is sweeping in a feeling across America:

We need a Restoration of Faith in our Justice System
Cody Robert Judy Contribution

Contribute Now for a Restoration of Faith in Justice

 [In 2011, however, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion suggesting that a presidential candidate could challenge another candidate prior to the election and be presumed to have “competitive standing.”] AND Judy sued for [the opportunity to run in a level playing field.]

See the Video Judges are Reviewing!


A MOTION FOR A RELIEF OF JUDGEMENT or to REOPEN the Case due to the new evidence provided by a law enforcement investigation Cold Case Posse unit deputized under Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Country AZ provided the evidence that Obama's long form birth certificate is a Fabricated Forgery, not an original, with the use of Johanna Ah'Nees identity birth certificate and was only recently released and available for criminal consideration by the Judicial Branch. See the video below

Cody Robert Judy Contribution
Contribute Now for a Restoration of Faith in Justice

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  1. You write "Because all Acts must be signed by a Constitutionally Qualified President..." That is not true. There is no requirement that acts of Congress be signed by the president. If a president takes no action on a bill, it automatically becomes law without his or her signature after ten days (not including Sundays). And if a president vetoes a bill and the veto is overridden, the bill becomes law without the president's signature.