Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Debt Crisis Management DC Summit
The NEXT BIG EVENT for Washington

A Debt Crisis Management DC Summit is being called the NEXT BIG EVENT for Washington coming from United States Senate Candidate Cody Robert Judy- An Independent Conservative candidate running for the Utah U.S. Senate Seat currently held by 3 term incumbent Robert Bennett -R-. "What's going to happen", Judy said, " the General Public or The People are about to find out that politics in Washington isn't really the politics they have come to understand. Get ready, for a BIG SURPRISE is coming.”
Ok… it’s me, Cody Judy writing this. I did that as an example of what I’m about to explain to you and how easily deception occurs. Let me tell you that surprise is nothing less than “The People” finding out that Washington isn't in fact divided into a two major party system, but is actually a one party major system with an elaborate cloak of deception that there are two; kind of like magic trick where your attention is diverted for a second allowing the magician or politician to contrive a reality other then what you have your eye set on, and then when the time is right they bring the reality they have prepared for you to your attention.
These sleight of hand, out of site illusions happen in broad daylight but behind closed doors and are truly as Obama says 'Transparent", and these are easy to learn and you can perform these in any political system where the “The Public Trust” is blind yet sees. That is, they voted for the People in Washington hoping they would do the job they wanted, but the Politicians have figured out a way to not do what you sent them there for and instead do things differently, but keep you mad enough at what’s happening in Washington DC to vote the ‘other’ party in the next election and so the illusion continues. However, there are some realities you can count on.
Wall Street is somewhat grounded and has a definite connection with Main Street especially as is seen in the reality of the dollar and the scientific ability to fluctuate the value in peaks and valleys as in a range of mountains or even an ocean tide; currency flows in and out. While the World's attention is focused on the dollar and the major expenditure of Washington DC's the sleight of hand is upon us. The perception that the Republicans have been against the Democrats in Health Care and are outraged by this metaphorical grab of real estate or 1/6 of the entire economy is indeed one of many sleight of hand tricks used in order to get re-elected.
A woman named Doris made a keen and thoughtful remark as she stood to ask Obama whether it was a "wise decision to add more taxes to us with the health care" package."We are over-taxed as it is," Doris said bluntly; ( ), Obama became a frustrated magician whose fear eked out with his 17 minute 2500 word response. To add insult to injury, Biden gives us an example of an insincere compliment that psychologically implies the trap is about to snap on Obama as he remarked, "This is a big f*cking, Deal. ( ).
The audience can see the magician working his trick. While Obama has risen to heights above many in Washington whom have been there much longer and through some act of fate have not done as well, the resentment is palatable in Biden's introduction. He looks down the entire time he is introducing Obama to the audience in what is supposedly a 'highlight' moment. Biden does everything sleight of hand with Obama, keeping his gaze down even through the comment and Obama feels this. That is why Obama makes a "spot light" response after it sets into his conscience. Obama's not being genuinely appreciated but rather is being made The Joker...yes "made".
The Emperors Company of fools, are no fools, but rather are digging a pit for Obama to fall into so they will have a scapegoat that is well... unconstitutionally qualified to blame for the collapse of the dollar and Wall Street. When the bell tolls and the cash registers finish ringing, Wall Street is going down and Washington DC knows it and has prepared a reality for The People. They need an alibi and Obama is perfect.
We finally see the Republicans and Democrats coming together on Stimulus Feeds into the economy and now the release of the Health Care Kraken. Obama's own Ego has sacrificed secure ground for a killing blow in the battle. Secure Ground will give way before he can ever receive credit for Health Care, a shiny picture of a toy we were all suppose to put lotto tickets in hope of winning, and Obama will fall in the pit prepared for him.
The truth is the Republicans and Democrats have come together in one party sleight of hand, even running John McCain as a NBC; who didn't know he was one until Senate Resolution 511. Now the 24 carrot Question is "Who" will be there in the thick of the new reality being set to dawn upon The People as this collapse and Debt Crisis Management DC Summit is called for in Washington? Who devised this mirage so as to avoid the 'fall out' of Washington's bad choices and unconstitutional platforms that were coming down the pike, positioning themselves in a way as to avoid political suicide and still be able to reposition the emerging one party system in America for all of Washington DC to come together in on, under cover of broad daylight in a new reality? The presentation to you, a new reality coming to America’s Theatre soon entitled: Hillary Clinton.
( ) The surprising picture and signature which must not be forgotten is that of Hillary Clintons as the Senior Democrat Official orchestrating Senate Res 511. This was the deeply planted seed that was rooted in nefarious and cynical racism aimed at a way to keep career politicians blameless by placing a debt of cement around the neck of an ego that was ferocious having the desire to rise but also needing an equally insacious appetite in order to hide a constitutional qualification. Obama has now become the victim of the same appetite that has decided to feed on him as he has fed off of us his deception in violating our Constitution in the qualification of a ‘natural born citizen’, he has known all too well all along as a former Constitutional professor at Harvard.
The paramount responsibility for Patriots is to realize this and see it NOW, so we can abjugate, or unyoke, ourselves from this two party illusion, using a little of our own People Power in support of what’s termed a Third Party for the resurgence of our Country’s Constitution. This is our escape from bondage and the least painful choice to our plight for our future generations to live in a free Country with the inalienable rights we have come to pray for in our sentimental epithet “God Bless America!”

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