Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not just simply principle…it’s Constitutional policy

Conservative Radio Show giants Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck, need to realize that standing up for our Constitution's 'Birther' policy, trumps any other policy they can run train wrecks on with Obama, because that Constitution’s policy is 'THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND".

The Natural Born Citizenship issue with Obama is a done deal as he does not have two parents who are U.S. Citizens...thus he has a natural allegiance to Britain through his father. We all know the Revolution was fought over socialist and tyrannical control with Britain, who had that course upon their plate; not too much has changed in that part of the world.

Our forefathers declared that allegiance to the British Crown must be guarded against most especially with the Leader of our Armies, Commander in Chief, POTUS. Though a guard is not infallible, there is a secure measure to it that left undone provides a breach, a danger, a hole in the wall for safety and security.

Very simply, it doesn't matter where Obama was born, or that agencies/groups/etc he has had represent him have in fact posted a fake birth certificate, or that Hawaii newspapers print out any application for a birth certificate in their papers born in Hawaii or abroad as Glen Beck has pinned his trust in, what matters is simply Obama fails the Constitutions’ NBC Qualification secure guard by his own paternal admission. Obama’s father was a British citizen.

Now that might be sad for him because he can’t be a Constitutionally Qualified President, but it is also a safe guard and a security measure for our own safety over 1 person's chance to be a Usurping President. I simply would like our Radio show host to ask themselves the question: Is it a matter of National Security and Supreme Law of the Land?

If their answer is ‘yes’, then it’s not a little trifling matter, it’s bigger then Health Care, Bigger then Afghanistan or Iraq, it’s bigger then Cap and Trade, and its’ bigger than all the tax hikes and our National Deficit… it’s Supreme Law of the Land. The question on attacking 'Obama Policy' vs. attacking 'Obama's Constitutional Qualification' and what is better is best in the assimilation of getting rid of a unwanted tree. Do you trim the tops, or pull it out by the roots? Which one is going to be there longer? Of course the one that had the tops trimmed.

Hey libs want consolation prizes? Obama can still be a Senator, or a Congressmen or any other citizen job in government, but this issue of our Constitution is the policy that trumps ALL policy the radio show host choose to clash with Obama, and though the radio show host love to visit the Obama ad nasium pot shot gallery, they often act now rather sinisterly against the ‘Birther movement’ or as I would rather see it remembered as, the Article II Patriot Stand. So, I’ll ask the question; why so serious in your unpatriotic stand for the Constitution?

The American adult intelligence is not so much insulted by the N word, the R word, or the F word as we are by the lack of heart ,backbone and intestinal fortitude for our own Constitution by those who pretend it means so much who are in responsibly elected leadership positions, as well as those hosting Conservative Radio Shows as they seem so… well… hypocritical.

America is waking, and the aroma of a fresh brewing cup of Constitutional Policy is wafting into our nostrils invigorating the body and enlarging the soul. Our President is the leader of our Executive Branch of Government. This is like a sharp true sailing arrow. The feathers of that arrow that more assuredly helps run a true and straight course are the qualifications within our Constitution for our President.

While Obama does not meet the standards, principles, and Supreme Law of the Land’s citizenship review for the POTUS our United States Constitutional Republic stands for, he simply represents the office of hole-in-the-rock-where-the-sun doesn’t shine and if that’s the kind of hope and change you want, get out of America for this land is not really your cup of tea.

Signed: /s/ Cody Robert Judy
Representative in the un-silent majority, and also running for U.S. Senator Utah, USA.
501,500 citizen patriots demanding Obama's Senate Trial producing his legal documents.

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