Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Court of Public Opinion- Shout From House Top To House Top

The Court of Public Opinion- Shout From House Top To House Top
Dear Pastor James David Manning:

Thank you Sir, for your courage and dedication to America and the principles of truth and morality found within our Constitution that you have been such a champion for in your relentless pursuit of excellence for America.

We find in America a mix of wonderful beautiful people doing their parts to hold the network of our Country together in local principalities, state regencies, regional operations, and national objectives. For the most part people tend to be worried and concerned for the immediate localities where they live and in Harlem you have demonstrated your insistence of independence, ingenuity, and a work ethic that is a model for anyone, however I would like to comment on your going beyond the call of duty for America.

If people knew, (what I did), and could see the immense pressure, the tolling duties, and the sacrifices that have been made by you and the congregation of your church, there is I’m sure not one single American in our Country who would not wrap their arms around you and with tears in their eyes, thank you for that great love in your heart that God Almighty has graced you with in the concern and hosting duties of the CIA Columbia Obama Trial.

America has been given an inspired work of Patriotism and example of selfless sacrifice and dedication, in the truth and the morality of values held within our Constitution in the years of work culminating in the week of May 14-19, 2010 in Harlem, NY. Never before has so much evidence been gathered and packaged together in such a professional manner with the defense of our Constitution in the order of the qualifications of our President; in keeping with excellence the office safe, and held in high esteem by every American.

In the void of justice, morality, and patriot values the jaws of hell have gaped open wide for the jewel known as America, and standing at the guard tower with the voice of a lion, you have roared in His royal service who is our Lord in Constitution and Creator in the Declaration of Independence, and in Him whose trumpets blow in Heaven is the Savior of mankind without whom we all are lost and in an awful state.

America is indeed the light set upon the hill, the Beacon of Freedom of which the world is to see. If her light of wisdom and understanding known as the United States Constitution is able to shine bright the spiritual ground exist for our children to learn and grow up in. The light is threatened from the enemy within that has subtly moved with the precepts of deceit, lack of responsibility, and literal enslavement binding America tight with a silver cord rope for a price.

While “We The People” have slept, America has been coveted and been put upon the auction block as the good slave to have. This land is our land, from sea to shining sea and we fight for freedom and liberty.

While the Justice Department in the Attorney Generals and The Congress have given a pass on Barack Hussein Obama knowing all of the evidence that you have stood up for with The People, produced in the CIA Columbia Trial, rendered by a Jury of our Peers, who has given America a verdict of guilty over the same evidence held by those whom we have called our Representatives and in whom we have put our sacred trust, the American People have not been so honored.

To all these evidences by which if they could also see, they themselves would understand and would then be found knowing exactly what the Jury knew, which caused the decision that they may also make an informed and wise decisions in the coming months from which many of their Representatives who have been accomplices are under way in re-election campaigns, and still in practice of their deception upon America.
I know in your press conference that you said the evidence would indeed be turned over to the proper authorities such as the Attorney General who was appointed by Obama, and to the Congress who has indeed passed many of Obama’s transformational agenda’s upon America, and to the American Grand Juries who have encompassed America all over who have also been ignored by the States’ and County Prosecuting Attorneys who either are out of jurisdiction, or courage, having not moved upon any of these decisions for nearly two years.

Sir, I believe the American People are indeed the Court of last resort, and as you have also stated at different times, is the most important court; that of The Court of Public Opinion. The Judicial Court Sir, is objectively open to The Public who can indeed see transcripts, tape and examine evidence at their will at anytime they want to go to the court house and pay the few dollars for copying the information.

It is my wish Sir, that The People would no more be hidden from all of this information then they would the Judicial Courts of our lands we find in State and Federal levels. That unlike those who have hidden their information and deceived the public trust, this court in Harlem NY at the Atlah Church would be a shining example of Public Confidence and Transparency and that through some just compensational way could be made aware of the Greatest Trial in American History.

Indeed if Fox News had any room for a live reality Court, I’d wish that every day of the 7 days could be viewed by all Americans, because it was very informative and revealing in the format. America needs to be informed and put in the know, that they could make their own judicial decision. The trust of America is the Court of last resort, the bottom line is America needs to know, and live streaming would work also.

While the burden is great and ultimately you have the say as to what happens with the tapes of the Court which bare the proceedings, I for one, just wanted to say, I sacrificed what I did in coming for the trust to be restored to America’s “We The People” and that by that the Representatives and Judges would be served notice that their behavior is not acceptable and if they continue they are going to be trash!

In our present day circumstance ,the best question a constituent could ask a representative candidate is “Are you an Article II Patriot?”, when it comes to confidence in someone to uphold the Constitution this by far and away is a just way to see exactly what level of courage that person holds.

Thank you again for all you and your congregation have done, and may God Bless America.

Your brother in freedom and liberty,
Cody Robert Judy
Witness in the CIA Columbia Obama Trial

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