Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Signs of Jericho In Harlem…the shout “Kick Obama Out!”

The Signs of Jericho In Harlem…the shout “Kick Obama Out!”

Many people don’t know the story of Joshua or the significance of the march around Jericho that was made by Israel. Of course Joshua was the Prophet that was called to take Moses’ position after the Lord took Moses unto himself. Jericho was a walled city in the valley of Jordan about 800 feet below the Mediterranean, near the place where the Israelites crossed the river on their first entry into the Promised Land.

Jericho was a fortress; you couldn’t get in because of the walls about the city. Its defense must have been very intimidating at the time. Joshua was instructed to take the city, but to do so in a very unusual way. The Lord said unto Joshua, “See, I have given into thine hand Jericho, and the king thereof, and the mighty men of valor.” The Lord told Joshua to compass or circle the city once but do it each day for 6 days, and the 7th day to circle the city 7 times.

On the 7th circling of the city the priest were to blow their rams’ horns trumpets and then when the people heard the trumpets all the people were to shout with a great shout and the walls of the city would fall down.

While Harlem New York is a long way from Jericho, Jordon a similar religious march is taking place and it’s already come at a high price with those opposed to the march and fighting tooth and nail to the Supreme Court in objections.

Pastor James Manning of the Atlah Ministries has today completed round 4 at the Columbia University in a 27 block area with his congregation and those joining him from across the United States in tow.

Joshua was instructed that during the 6 days in which they only circled the city of Jericho 1 time, and during the 7th day when they went around 7 times that they were to march in silence. After the horns blew then they were to shout. Pastor Manning taking another verse out of the Bible also has instructed those following him around Columbia University to do the same… to make the march in silence.

Today after the march I overheard and interesting comment coming from a NYPD Officer regarding the power of this silent march. She said, ‘I don’t really know why you are marching, but I certainly feel the way that you are doing this is powerful. I can feel the power of this presence and the spirit in which you are protesting and I respect that… I just wanted you to know”. It was a very innocent remark that reflected the power of this spiritual exercise.

Jericho’s city had many riches that were to be spoiled by Israel the gold and silver being consecrated unto the Lord. The question must be asked “What does Columbia University hold of value that the Lord wants?

Evidence being presented at the CIA Columbia Obama trial has to do with the rigorous demanding and politically cumbersome qualifications that present themselves more difficult to figure out then the tax code for U.S. Congress and U.S. Supreme Court Justices of a United States President found within the Constitution. You have to be a ‘natural born citizen’ and at least 35 years of age. I mean you have to realize if it’s more than a couple of sentences long those presiding over the law could handle it, but if it’s over 2000 pages like health care, they got a handle on it, and a greater excuse not to read it before voting on it.

Obama is believed not to be a natural born citizen because of his father’s British citizenship and the Laws in Britain pertaining to that, for one reason, and if you would like another you can go with the mysterious reasons Obama himself has never released a long form birth certificate accompanied with a doctors signature, or himself recognizing the affect of Hawaii’s statute announcing in newspapers both those births announced from the State of Hawaii and those asking for birth certificates born abroad wishing to get a certificate of live birth delineated within Hawaii law itself.

While the call of racial slurs is a first defense for Obama supporters they often slur without knowing the facts. The sound benefit of my testimony providing quite Constitutional Calm is shown in the merit of my running as a Conservative and taking John McCain to Court first to clean the conservative side up, something no other conservative candidate did, including Allan Keyes, and then upon McCain’s exit of the election race, suing Obama as a candidate in the same race.

Also being considered mysterious is the compromising story Obama is telling about his years at Columbia University, but the untraceable account of his presents there, his degree there, his work for the CIA distributing weapons to the Taliban and baby Al-Qaida to defeat the Soviet Union, and what may just be the biggest strong-arming maneuver ever recorded by one individual on America.

If America ever needed re-assurance that the founding fathers were correct in putting the directive within the Constitution that was so simply defined as to parameter a person’s loyalty to put simply…naturally, Obama’s policies and ability to write out checks for the next 2 generations to pay for in 2 years, is evidence enough.

Quite simply, the natural affection one has for the place it all began for him/her at the place of birth is unmistakable describing in what science would call ‘nature’, and considering the “nurture” part ,the loyalty that both parents had for their own citizenship: Nature and Nurture something a little different then Nature vs. Nurture.

From one testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in the year 2000 where a consideration to make an Amendment removing the “Natural Born Citizen” to the President Qualification was undertaken comes a profound statement.. “The transformation of an individual living in America in one generation is profound’. The profound transformation from living within the Constitution of the United States of America is.

While the secrets of Obama, and the secrets Obama may have on America may be worth to most politicians compromising the freedom’s and liberties articulated within our United States Constitution, in not holding Obama’ Constitutionally accountable for our highest office, the secret of America in her freedom’s and liberties given to all her patriots is lost, and so is the professed loyalty of the American Politician towards his/her constituency and the charge they were entrusted with.

America.. don’t get angry with your politician, get even and vote them out if they don’t kick Obama out.

Kick Obama Out… the Lord told Joshua to tell the People to give a big shout when they heard the rams horns and the trumpets blow on the 7th day after the 7th time they circled the city. The sound of the shout.. “KICK OBAMA OUT!”…is what America needs to do Wednesday when the horns blow on our 7th march and 7th time around and the walls will come tumbling down.

This is such a beautiful thing happening in America, America wake up and shout it out.

Kick Obama Out


  1. Thank You for your words of wisdom..wish I was or could be there..Dr. Manning and all of you are in my thoughts and prayers..G-d Bless you and pray you stay safe..

  2. My thanks to you Cody, Dr. Manning, and all who were able to go to New York for the Columbia Trial. My husband and I would love to be there to join you, but could not make it due to family issues. May God Bless you all and keep you safe as you bring the Usurper sitting in the White House, and Columbia University to justice.