Thursday, May 6, 2010

Don't Go to Hell with Obama, Wake Up America!

Wake Up America, Don't Go to Hell with Obama!

As I travel back to New York, I see the absolutely beautiful landscape of America. I feel somewhat alone in this endeavor, having so little, and being so little. I wonder how or if I can make a difference?

It occurred to me, as I pondered what the Lord has given me, that Americans are not comprehending exactly what is happening to them, where the road leads they are traveling, and that this explains somewhat “why?” they feel too little too late. I’m here to tell you you’re not too little or too late… in fact you’re right on time! Just wake up now.

Once in a dream I saw a man who walked alone, who was sleeping at a train station. Three other men approached him and while he was sleeping took his luggage. This luggage was all he had, all his property. These men who took his property didn’t have any scruples. They were bullies, and arrogant, and they justified themselves in picking upon the man and robbing him, as somehow their own entitlement.

They had no respect, no love, either for themselves, or others. They were in a constant state of self abuse and loathsome agitation of others as well as themselves. They disregarded the law that protected the man’s property, and thought they could survive the same treatment if push came to shove.

Well the man who walked alone had seen this before. He had actually been robbed before and he wasn’t putting up with any guff. He immediately called the police or authorities and gave them the particulars of the offense which had taken place. The authorities were busy and didn’t respond for quite some time. He had indeed asked the men to return his property but they refused to, rather smugly laughing and cajoling one another’s behavior as ‘macho’, or ‘cool’.

As the crime took place there of course was immediate alarm, but as time went on it seemed the alarm and grievance somehow dissipated, even the man who had his property stolen fell asleep for a long time.

When he awoke he learned that his property had been recovered but it was because of a Preacher who had looked after him while he was asleep. There had been an amazing turn of events which had happened while the man was sleeping and the story was told to him when he awoke. The man who walked alone expanded on how he had lost his property a time before by robbers and how hard it was if not almost impossible to catch a thief once he has taken the property and fled. His last words to the Preacher were “Hey, thanks for looking out”.

This little story has come to my mind and in a sense our Country is being robbed and pillaged by Obama. He has in a sense taken our Constitution and shredded it. He has no respect, no love for it, and feels somewhat entitled to what he is doing.

If he had love for it, he wouldn’t have lied about his being qualified on the Declaration of Candidacy. He had just been through the qualification standards with John McCain on U.S. Sen. Res 511 and acknowledged McCain had 2 parents who were citizens, yet he was born outside the law and had to be naturalized creating a need for shoring up McCain’s natural born citizenship status with this Res. 511 which was constitutionally non-binding or rather shallow and weak.

If Obama loved the Constitution he would have never robbed the Constitution to get the Presidency. While America has been sleeping, so busy working, worrying about the bills, the principles of our Constitution have been robbed! Now, at this CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial America is going to learn what has been happening while she has been asleep!

While I thank God for men like Pastor James Manning and all those who are participating in the historical precedent in New York City, I have to raise my voice and declare WAKE UP AMERICA! WAKE UP AMERICA! Your Constitution is being robbed and if you let that stand, there’s no reason the robber isn’t going after EVERYTHING you have. Your health care, your banking institutions, your businesses, your freedom, your liberty,’s all going to be robbed and you’re not going to be left with anything.

You have got to WAKE UP and support this TRIAL! WAKE UP AMERICA.. I’ll say it one more time Wake up America or you are going to go to hell with Obama!

Help me please, contribute so we can make signs and if you can't be there help us do a good job while we are there for you.

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Together we can America... just please Wake Up!

Here's the latest You Tube Video from Pastor James Manning regarding the Trial.

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  1. You're fucking stupid and probably just a closeted racist. If anyone is donating to your nonsense I feel ashamed.