Monday, May 3, 2010

The Great American Wake-Up Tour to Witness in CIA Columbia Obama Trial

Taking A Stand - The Great American Wake Up Tour Launches!
Called to Witness at the CIA Columbia Obama Trial in Harlem New York

I have been called to Witness and today am launching Taking A Stand - The Great American Wake-Up Tour for the CIA Columbia Obama Trial; wherein without a shadow of a doubt to The People, Barrack Hussein Obama will be:

1. Proven constitutionally ineligible to be President.
2. Proven to have lied and defrauded the American People in his statement stating he was eligible in the Candidate Declaration Statement for the office of POTUS.
3. Proven that by committing these acts of treachery upon The People, he is ineligible for the Office of the White House Office of U.S. President, and in such must be removed from the White House, as incompetent to hold office; for he is not eligible to be ‘impeached’.
4. Proven that because he has perpetrated harm upon The People with his fraud, his signature upon every piece of Congressional Legislation and every Executive Order issued since his usurpation is actually ‘VOID’ and without necessary enforcement.
5. Proven that he has placed the U.S. in great harm and vulnerability in the infiltration of our military nuclear codes and conduct of our military in relations with our sworn enemies and oppositions as to warrant a NATIONAL threat.

Today, May 1, the prayers of millions of Americans are heard in May-Day Appeal to our Creator in Washington DC and throughout the Country.

Here at properly named, Battle Mountain, Nevada, the Tour begins and will mark a half way point in Harlem New York and end in California. Crisscrossing America, Taking a Stand- the Great American Wake-Up Tour launches to raise awareness to the American People from sea to shining sea.

I will begin the tour across the great United States to Harlem, New York where from May 14 through May 20, a 7 day thorough report and investigation Trial will be conducted in the CIA Columbia Obama Trial, wherein the above related facts will dawn upon the minds and hearts of We The People in the Republic for which we stand.

I have been called to take the stand as a Witness before the Court as an “Independent Candidate for the United States President in the 2008 election race”, who has procedural “Standing”, who has been egregiously offended and harmed in that election race by Barack Hussein Obama and his failure of Constitutional Qualification to hold office, I will testify and witness for our United States Constitution and in the behalf of our Nation and The People.

As I begin the tour, I pray for your prayers both in safety in traveling and for the means with which to travel in gas and food and lodging for I take no purse or script of security but in faith begin this tour. I could not afford a round trip plane ticket and motel accommodations in lodging for so long, so will begin as best I can with my SUV and my work trailer to sleep in if needs be, and $500 from the labors of my own hands. As I travel I will post updates of the Tour on my Blog at www.codyjudy/

To contribute or help on line PayPal at campaign site

Or call 801-497-6655 for credit card transaction by phone, leave a phone message for me there, and I will call you back directly.

Thank you so much for your help and realizing together we are upholding our Constitution every way we can.

Here is your invitation to attend this most historic procedure and march with me for our Constitution, for our Republic, for our Freedom and Liberty, for our Supreme Law to be upheld.

My fellow Patriots, this is the time to GO! This is the most important thing we can do right now, this is the greatest investment in our future, and our children's future.

If our Government is allowed to usurp the Supreme Law of the Land because We The People will not stand up then it is doubtless to the prisons and wars they will face in the not so distant future.

Do not let that regret hit your conscience! Do not miss the call... America must say "NO, Not on our watch! America must become angry because we have been assaulted and hurt.

America must demand that our Leaders not be cowards, and take a stand for our Constitution and demand Obama be removed from the White House with the evidence submitted and reported at this Trial.

Do not wink at the eligibility issue of our Constitution, and say that it's okay to ignore this and it won't hurt. It HAS HURT; look at Policy after Policy that is being rammed down the America throat. Look at the boot sitting on free speech in America. Our press is not free, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, all in prisons on the eligibility issue.

America is not to be mocked and laughed at; our laws are not to be mocked and laughed at. That is what Obama is doing. He's laughing at you. He thinks your cowards and his bullying tactics have worked!

I know different. This is where we take a stand. This is the time in our land, that our children will look upon and say, Mom, Dad, did you take a stand for me?

Did you see to it that I will be free? Did you do all in your power in the late hour?
Now is the time to go to New York, to head the call, to support our mutual common ground in Freedom and Liberty.

When I sued Senator John McCain on his eligibility issue in 2008 I did not know what would come of it. I knew it was not only what I was supposed to do, but I knew it was the right thing to do. I was in a sense making sure the Conservative Party or Republicans were aware that they were choosing an un-constitutional candidate, and to stand on Constitutional ground we could not do that.

I sued for principle and the party I was concerned about getting votes from, the Conservative Base in America. It was not about "race", but was about "honor" and "respect" for the Supreme Law of the Land. Little did I know that I would be the only Conservative candidate in America who would sue Senator John McCain for his non-binding Senate Resolution 511, which declared in the U.S. Senate he was a natural born citizen. I didn't realize at the time that not one other conservative or republican candidate would offer to clean their own house and stand up for the Constitution.

I'm a natural born citizen and I don't need any non-binding Senate Resolution to tell me that. That should tell you something about John McCain. If you'd like to read the condensed version of both McCain and Obama go here:

As the election year progressed and Obama won, my Judge declared my case 'moot' and said the burden was on the winner. It was at that time that I sued Obama on his eligibility qualification. I never imagined that I would be called to testify as a candidate who was suing on the 'conservative' side in order to prove that it is a Constitutional consideration and that Obama isn't being picked on because of his race.

While it is sad that many on the 'left' have denigrated the Constitutional Supreme Law of the Land as 'out of touch', swearing in their wrath that they would supersede the law by bully force and cunning because they could not change it in the way it was designed to be changed wisely, and in their frustration of being checked by the law have called it a 'racially motivated charge' against Obama, I am here with the record and the witness to say that is simply not true and I and the actions I took in Federal Judicial Court am the living proof that we are not a nation divided by race as we are a nation divided by submission to the Supreme Law of the Land.

When you subvert the Constitution denying the Supreme Law of the Land, you subvert not only the Will of This People, We The People, have long decided we were a Republic, or Constitutional binding Republic, but you also subvert the will of God that this Country would be a free land and the people living here would be a free people, and that God would not suffer this land to be brought into bondage; you see He has blessed this land above all other lands because of the respect we have given His word for this land.

America has become the richest of the entire world with the spirit of freedom she was allowed to grow. Our People have coincided with many different religions and cultures in a wonder to the world. We were allowed to help others in ways others thought impossible because we had the money to do it. Now the devil is up to his old tricks again and his ultimate goal as you know is to bring you down into prison, to take away that free will, free choice, and ultimately your ability to progress to even greater heights by making correct decisions.

Join with me anyway you can. I am not here just for me. This is not just about me. This is about us, and our children and the Country they will inherit.

It is my pleasure to serve you in this manner and though I may be ridiculed, and made fun of, and mocked, and beaten, and thrown into prison, and torn from my family, I know that one day we will meet and our greeting will be sweet in this hour we decided to Take A Stand together.

To contribute or help on line PayPal at campaign site

Or call 801-497-6655 for credit card transaction by phone, leave a phone message for me there, and I will call you back directly.

Thank you for doing all you can do too.

Cody Robert Judy

P.S. Stay tuned and follow my progress and we will do it together. So glad to have you along.

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