Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Men The New Ball & Chain ?

Men the New Ball & Chain?
So it was said in the Newser article entitled “ Women Are the New Men THE POST INDUSTRIAL ECONOMY BELONGS TO FEMALES”

While it might be hard to argue with the facts that 8 million jobs that were lost in the recession were lost to men, and as quoted in the article: “postindustrial economy is indifferent to men’s size and strength- The attributes that are most valuable today—social intelligence, open communication, the ability to sit still and focus—are, at a minimum, not predominantly male”, the way I feel seems to add fuel to the fire.

In our 21st Century modern world were women have not only surpassed men in many fields and areas in competence in the work place, education, and by God in still being able to raise the kids, a women has shown men just how marvelous she is. In a sad way I’ve experienced myself this crazy insane competition that my own wives, at different times, have had with me.

My second wife even made the comment that she was somewhat upset with herself that I had bought the house and provided it for her 4 kids for the time we were together. I was flabbergasted by the inner competitive race being run, that I had no idea I was in. For my own part, I look at a women’s role as something I could never ever fill, so why or even how could I compete?

That’s insane! As to her intelligence and ability to figure and accomplish a task, I certainly don’t hold anything back as to credit to women. I often feel without being told, that I have worn out my usefulness. If I’m resented for what I can do, that she can’t, in any given circumstance, for whatever reason; bad credit, kids to feed, or anything really that can affect a man just as well, AND I’m ridiculed for what I can’t do or fail at, being hit with a recession or joblessness; there is no room for a good job well done.

It’s a catch 22 that really leaves you feeling blue. Well, I suppose we all like feeling needed. And when either of the sexes perpetrates the lack of needing each other upon the opposite, they are really in a state of pride just ready to fall off the pedestal.

Hopefully, for whatever reason one of the sexes in a marriage has fallen short, the other one is ready and willing to pick up the slack. As a team of horses is pulling a wagon, the most is truly accomplished when they are pulling in tandem, working together as one in the best ways they can. The burdens are lighter, and a labor of love is enjoyed.

In the age of these post modern wonder women, if she is to be congratulated, she also must bear the fruits of her labors. What in our world are we dismal in? Well, the prisons are full near capacity, the debts about 14 Trillion, and the kids are born into slavery just coming into the world oweing $40,000 before they take their first breath here in the United States. Something is very wrong! Could any of that be contributed to the new women in our world being so competitive in the work field that her children received a man’s wages instead of her invaluable nurturing? Could any of that be not waiting to pay cash but the influence of pleasing a women and buying alot more then what you have cash for? But now.. its' all going to be different?

Where is Mom? Oh she’s working and will be home tired and washed up around 7pm. Well, post modern world has a solution for that too- Don’t have children! Then you can do it without the guilt!

The resultant plan of attack literally attacks the society at the heart. Eating away at the blood supply of the population reduction we find fewer people supporting Social Security and the elderly entitlement plans that are vital. We see a deflation in the population, and a loss of revenue in the tax bucket, which drives politicians crazy trying to figure out how to get more people into the tax system with say immigration amnesty, and still trying to tell them it’s greater to give to your new country then to take: a desperate attempt to lower the standard in order to increase the tax revenue.

While women may compete with men, when the competition drives her away from the home in large degrees and in comparison to a man, the competition is always going to hurt society in the long run, because there is just no replacement for women in the family unit. A man can do what he can and many of us do in watching the kids and trying to fill in a gap and families all over the United States dealing with what they have to deal with.

Hopefully, they are valuing each other enough to realize that either one down in the dumps or dealt a rough hand is no reason to quit the team. Financial hard ships are the easiest reason to start dumping on one another. The best piece of advice I can think of to give anyone taking the time to read this is to remember to act in love, because it poses the least regret. People are people and in a truth the saying that “God don’t make no junk” is as true today as it ever was. A beat up car may take a new part here or there, but it’s no reason to trash the whole car.

That’s just a little comparison to not giving up on each other and realizing that situations never stay the same. Change happens every day, and just as sure as a women says a guy is her ‘ball and chain” the World War III breaks out, millions of men die and she realizes her world has been so flipped that for some reason he was needed and now he is dead and she is alone.

Then her prayer is not for a equal pay, not for equal status, she could give a damn about the race now she has won. God has just shown her that when reaping what you sew, he indeed created his sons. Sometimes winning wasn’t the best idea against a man. That being unique and strange and opposite of her was much nicer then having a bunch of her make-up stole, and her clothes worn of which she, in most cases anyway, never had to worry about him taking or wearing.

Speaking for and not against the laws of nature that everyone of us are stuck with facing regardless of any most modern scholastic horse shit, thank God for a man’s production ability! While her limitations are set at 1 pregnancy a year, there is no match for a man’s ability to create literally millions in one shot! There is no competing with that, and there’s not even a reason to argue against the laws of nature. They just are, and if that makes you mad it’s a pretty good reason to say come on guys, let’s go to the game, while she deals with her own mother nature.

You know, if there was any competition I'd just like to make an official declarations "Women Have Won!". Knowing women as I do, I'm almost postive that is not going to do the trick, they won't feel better knowing they have won. We're going to have to change a few things now starting with the coined addage that have been a womens pretty cozy compliment, "Behind every man is a better women". Now, they have won, we will have to say, "Behind every women, is a better man".

I don't like that though.. I like the idea of honoring a women, but in truth it's simply because she is women and in all I do, I could never ever ever ever do what she is so capable of doing.

Here is my latest campaign video.. enjoy!


  1. Cody, in response to your blog and video. I dont feel you are representing yourself in a mature way. If you had taken some responsibility for yourself and worked on a regular basis you would not be in the situation you have found yourself in. There are many educated, successful women who are in and have been in long term committed marriages. Brenda is not having an affair with my husband but I'm sure it make you feel more manly having that excuse as to why your inadequate in a third marriage. Although you want to tell yourself you are a victim of the recession, you are in truth a victim of your own selfishness in spending your time on your political campaign rather than working on your marriages and taking care of the new family you have created. You need to look inward not outward for the reasons you are where you are. It takes more than a sperm donor to be a partner. Kudoo's to you for having a good sperm count. I'm sure that is what your heavenly father had in mind. Terri

    1. RE:[Brenda is not having an affair with my husband but I'm sure it make you feel more manly having that excuse as to why your inadequate in a third marriage.]

      Then why is your husband living with Brenda now during your divorce to him?

  2. You Terri,
    When someone like you, (who has the honor of having a son in the militiary protecting with an oath of honor his life to defend the Constitution), takes no value in those of us dedicating our time trying to see to it that there is a Constitution available for them to defend,we must assume your comment is rash, not well thought out, and perhaps is made in a different point of view that doesn't necessarily represent what you may feel in your heart.

  3. As a woman, I understand. I see all the things you've said and on most parts agree. The equality of women, seemingly shows us inadvertently that society as it stands today, make women the stronger of the sexes. A change in jobs, removal of heavily industrial or physical labour in the western world has meant women are more equipped to succeed. Naturally able to do things our genectics and subliminal upbringing has taught us. Nothing that a woman can do, exceptthe obvious birthing aspect of parenthood does a man not also pocess the ability to do. We should be working as a team, we should take each others slack, not burden the other. Who cares whose earning most or providing, that shouldn't be the ends. It's the means to an end that brings the happiness. I work as an IT professional in male oriented world,slowly being over taken by women. Something in my mind much worse than an old school male environment. Women are competitive, challenging, fighters for survival. We go out in full self preservation everyday. We attack each over far more viscously than men ever did in the work place, because we focus on a special sort of mental torment. I often here my partner tell me I treat him like an employee, with expectations of certain tasks being accomplished without direction. Take the washing up as an example. It's something our subliminal training and instinct get us to do. Like relying to an email with an answer when someone asks for it, aiding our successful communication. Rather than the periods of procrastination over the answer. My partner tells me to get out of work mode when trying to approach the household or slice of life chores. Women who work, don't see this as anything but an extension of work. All things that need to be done, in a timely and successful manner. When women didnt work in jobs, they worked at homes, and child rearing. In the shift with both having careers, the choice for couples to have a househusband is a choice of work. For those couples with equally stressful, demanding jobs, the other tasks are an extension of it. Until that is all done, the time to relax and enjoy life is diminshed in time and energy. Men are struggling with this shift, generationally it may improve. Boys are allowed with open minds to play with toys that used to have outdated stereotypes. The sort of labour force we had is shifting so dramatically industrial labour predominately male orientated is coming to an end. Both sexes have been hit with redundancies, maybe the industries most hit by male redundancies, were those that were predominantly male and failing because of the shift in society? I'm not sure it is, it could be. It's an interesting thought to end with.

  4. Thank you for you insightful and thoughtful comment. For some more thoughts see the links posted in this entry.
    Divorce is highway Robbery


  5. Closing the gender gap in education is key to saving males.

    I don't think women ever loved men. They needed men for provision for protection and for procreation. these were the three P's that formed the basis of female attractions for males.

    Now that women are out performing males in education they are beginning to out compete for best paying jobs and now that female sperm can be made from female bone marrow that when placed in a uterus will produce a female only child thus the three P's of female attractions for males are crumbling.

    Now that women no longer need men for provision nor for protection,nor for procreation they are with increasing frequency asking why do we need men any more. thus the rise of women is a threat to the male gender because as a society we get rid of things not needed. Thus men must either find a way to be needed or face extinction as women can now procreate without men thanks to the inventive genius of men. One thing for sure males must start to realize that women are out to out perform men because they have been told over and over again that unless they out perform males in education they won't get their fair share of high paying jobs. Thus women work harder because they are fear motivated to excel over men in both education and the work place.

    thus males must be told that in order for them to survive they must out perform girls in education so that they can out compete women for best paying jobs which will make males appealing to women once again. for only strong men are women attracted to.
    Once males are as fear motivated as women are they will start working as hard as girls do and since there is no difference in intelligence between the two genders the gender gap in education will begin to close and with the closing of the gender gap in education will come the rise once again of males and women will begin to once again see a need for men and thus will the male be saved.

    Warm regards
    Alpha Male