Saturday, July 17, 2010

Voters Remorse now Offered for McCain & Obama!

Never before offered relief – A buyers remorse on your Presidential Vote of 2008 for Obama and McCain is now available. First of all you just write your U.S. Representatives and tell them the 2008 election candidates you voted for never told you they weren't 'natural born citizens'. This has never happened before! Now you have grounds to get your vote back!

You need to tell them it is their job to see to it that your vote is protected from fraud, and just because Obama needed John McCain to be quite on his eligibility, [John McCain knew himself he was not a natural born citizen, or why would he have tried asked for a U.S. Senate Resolution for his Senator Buddies, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama along with all his other R- U.S. Senators in U.S. Sen. Res 511 ] was no reason for Republicans to abandon the Constitution.

Many people got buffalo chipped when that U.S. Sen. Res. 511 was passed in thinking that made Sen. John McCain legitimate. Of Course Sen. John McCain was not foreign to the problems of his being born in Panama. The Senator from AZ. knew firsthand the rejection of an Amendment to the Constitution to allow non natural born citizens to run for President in the year 2000. YES! This wasn't attempted in the early 1800's, but it was very recent.

The subcommittee heard arguments, received testimony and rejected the proposal on guess what basis... SAFETY! That's right, they rejected it on the same grounds our forefathers introduced it into the Constitution.

Now, the U.S. Sen Resolution 511 that announces Sen. John McCain is not anywhere close to a Constitutional Amendment, which requires 3/4 of the Legislatures to vote on it and requires a signature from the President. Sen. John McCain only had it passed with the Senate. The House of Representatives never heard it or voted on it, and he certainly didn't have a President sign it.

So the sum total of what Sen. John McCain did was try as best as he could to subvert the Constitution and use the power he had gained in the Senate to strong arm everyone into voting for it. There needs to be an investigation into ALL the Republican Senators testimonies as to the conditions they voted on U.S. Sen. Resolution 511.

What exactly did Sen. John McCain tell them?

Now if safety was the issue in not passing a Constitutional Amendment, what position exactly does that put Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama in subverting the Constitution?

I'm sorry to say that it puts them in a treacherous position towards the United States. A treacherous position towards every voter whose vote they wanted to cultivate with un-constitutional poison.

When you think about the enemies of the United States wanting to tear, and stomp, and dis-honor America, of course at the heart of that is our Constitution. Now, we see firsthand how Sen. John McCain has not honored the Constitution and how he has actually spit on it, and dis-honored every drop of blood that has been spilt for it.

When you consider God's infinite wisdom in placing anyone in his particular birth spot with the knowledge of everything, I'm sure McCain/Feingold, McCain/Kennedy, and McCain/Lieberman was pretty straight forward as to saying this guy is a progressive socialist in sheep’s clothing of a Republican. Barack Obama is also not a natural born citizen with a British Father, and as you can see with his policies is a socialist and left as you can get.

There is a special place for traitors of the United States and that is the place McCain and Obama should be sent simply because every single vote cast for them was done so in a dis-honor for the Constitution and without a punishment who may see that their endeavor was successful and say to themselves, "no one will do anything to us and we shall be all the more well for the wear."

Their names need to be stripped from every record, or honorable mention in the United States, and their positions and seats removed for the dirt that they have treated every single United States Citizen in asking for their vote and biting the hand that voted for them with such a venomous strike.

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