Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Understanding the sanity behind the Restore Sanity Rally

How is it that a restoration of sanity in Washington DC rally would not include the qualifications of the President of the United States being tried by the U.S. Senate?
How is it that Republicans running for Congress would not vote to restore our Constitution?

How is it that our United States Constitution has become so far out of reach of even Republicans on this important issue? It’s as if they either don’t understand that a President has Veto power that will haunt them if they do gain control of the House and the Senate and the only way to retire Obama’s Pen is to literally arrest him from power, or they literally are running the greatest bluff game I've ever seen and will pounce hard on Obama Constitutionally when the elections over and that's their game plan all along.

When did it become sane to allow a president who is not a natural born citizen to pretend he is?

When did it become sane to allow zero accountability, and cloak transparency with a wall of secrecy?

When did it become sane to socialize America and forget about the freedom and liberty that has made her so great.

I fully hope that Jon Stewarts Restore Sanity Rally is recognized by America because if we don’t restore our Constitution and it’s simple qualifications for our President, we are simply underestimating our potential to say the least, and giving up on America at the worst.

One thing I do believe is that those thinking it would be so great to destroy America, shred the Constitution, and continue down the road of eliminating America’s Sovereignty, will find that when it comes down to it, ruling America isn’t all that its’ cracked up to be, because we American’s just are not really that good at being ruled by other Nations.

That’s why we have needed the U.S. Constitution in the first place; it was the guarantee of our rights as individuals that we call the independence of every individual that kept us in line.

I sure admire George Washington’s remarks when he said American Christians would rather die standing up, then submit kneeling down. I think those who seek to destroy our U.S. Constitution that is the heart of America will find the problems they face far outweigh the enjoyment, and that America is much better off as a free and independent Nation meant to be a beacon of hope, a light in the darkness, and a place where dreams come true.

So it is my advice to you who seek to destroy the United States by the pollution of our standard the United States Constitution, the 1 thing that brought our states together in harmony, that you will not rope is freedom and liberty and individual rights our Constitution demands. You will see that in trying to do so, the body of what you hoped to rope will dissolve from what you thought you had, into so many different states that the wholeness is not yours to gain.

Unfortunately for you, the very thing you hope to gain is only held together by our Constitution and in destroying it, as your doing with the pass you have given to Obama and McCain as far as being ‘qualified’ under our Constitution, though neither of them were, and every voter wither Republican or Democrat should be just as outraged that their vote was thrown away on a fraudulent unqualified candidate, your admiration of our strength will be a cruel disappointment and a bigger hassle then you could have ever possibly imagined. You will see exactly what I mean in a very short time if you understand sanity and can "see clearly" see "two videos' below" to understand.

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Cody Judy

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