Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is There Another Presidential Contender?

Constitutionalists United for Liberty

Is There Another Presidential Contender?http://constitutionistsunitedforliberty.blogspot.com/2011/08/is-there-another-presidential-contender.html


  1. Hi Cody, Chris here (resistnet).
    Really appreciate your efforts in upholding the Constitution.
    I think the best way to remove the usurper is to keep him off the 2012 ballots - people in every state challenge the SOS, demand genuine proofs of the candidates' constitutional eligibility. Make sure they don't just rely on the DNC's nomination paper, but on the candidates' own documents and proofs (birth on US soil to 2 US citizen parents).
    If people unite to challenge the SOS, we can keep his name off some of the states's ballots and the usurper will not be re-elected.

  2. Chris!
    Great to hear from you! You betcha, I'm workn on that too and will make it part of my campaign


    People wanting to engage their state legislatures should send them this.
    Thank you again- keep in touch

  3. Hi Cody, I'm Robert from New York.

    I've read your writings and watched your videos with interest.

    You are definitely on the right track by condemning the candidacies of both McCain and Obama from the outset. This was the approach of Mr. Donofrio of New Jersey, who recently made the important point that Minor v. Happersett set the precedent that Constitutional NBC=blood+soil.

    Please continue your campaign and do not give up. If the Democrats won't nominate you, run some other way but make sure you get on the ballot in at least one state so you can challenge other candidates who do not meet the NBC requirement, such as Obama. Once you are successful in dislodging Obama from the ballot based on a federal district court decision, Congress will have to act, and Obama will be dislodged from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. All of his acts as our supposed president will be discredited, including all legislation he has signed. This is the holy grail, and I will vote for you if you perform this critical service to our country!

  4. Thank you Robert for your comment, and we'll do.