Friday, September 23, 2011

Dick Morris Thanks and Your Counsel

Dick Morris author: "Revolt!: How to defeat Obama and his Socialist Policies:


Dear Mr. Dick Morris:

A friend of mine thought it would be prudent of me to seek your counsel, and from what I've seen I think she's right. Wither you felt I was worth it might be a different story? What caught my attention was your openness of commentary in both the republican and democrat parties, which I thought was pretty smart, when I read "Obama may pull out".

In reading that, I wondered if you even knew about my candidacy for President in the Democrat Party formally announced Aug 25th,2011 with the FEC, which has been covered nationally here by the The Post&Email, and which is raising a lot of concern with the State Democrat Parties such as Iowa's Caucus, as I announce to them my opposition of an Obama coronation declaring my full intention of challenging Obama in a Democrat primary and extensively challenging Obama's eligibility to be President with the professional research that has been done by document experts now showing his long form birth certificate to be a forgery and pieced together. The response from disillusioned Democrats has been moving.

It goes without saying that this brought up in a Democrat Primary or the Caucuses, could embarrass the Party so bad and put some fuel rods in the Republican armor for a General Election that Obama's charismatic words could never recover from . Of assurity, my unique status in bringing this up within the Democrat party is interestingly anchored in spotlighting McCain's own ineligibility I took into the Nevada Court prior to the National Republican Convention as an Independent Candidate in 2008. From this position, Democrats have an easier feeling of calling me true to the Constitution for including McCain as the beginning. That beginning is with broad strokes covered in this recent blog entry "Presidential Candidates 2012 One Question? How Could the Elect be Deceived?"

Of course if Obama does not run, or for any reason chose to bow out, the issue would presumably die into the history books, and Obama might take a place in history as an eligible candidate, who no one could take down fast enough to erase his pre conceived legitmatacy, which sets a disastorious un-constitutional precedent.

The relevancy of Obama's legitimacy as an unqualified candidate, rest at the foundation of all that is important to American's today; our national security may be compromised, our treasury unnecessarily spent, our borders compromised with a Saudi Arabia funded implant setup to divide America and then to destroy Israel. How important was it to stand up for the Constitution Republican Candidates of the 2012 class with those very real political points?

They, the Republicans, missed this one. They certainly would no more like that hung around their necks then they would like the tag of missing 115,000 Russians marching into Afghanistan in 1979 would they? It speaks of a disaster being missed, like Katrina, on their watch.

So I wonder from your commentary place of wisdom wither you know about this up-coming turmoil within the Democrat party and wither your editorial reflected the desire for Republicans to face someone like Hillary Clinton in the Democrat party rather then someone like me? I presume now if you didn't, you now do.

It is a very interesting political season, and wither you care to comment, please let me say I really did enjoy your commentary on the 2012 GOP debate last night, and thought you were spot on. I certainly hope Mitt Romney becomes the Republican nominee because I've got a stack of ignored emails to him asking for his help to clean up the GOP's support of McCain painting the GOP into the corner from which the 2012 Candidates find themselves muted now on the eligibility issue by their own vote.

I would be very interested to hear from you and what you thought of this with your counsel for my campaign, and certainly will take no offense to your silence. My thought was if you should be compelled to offer any advice from the vocals of your heart in the sincere love you have for America and the Constitution, that is the binding tie between 50 States in America, I would always be appreciative.

Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
YouTube 125 Videos: CODE4PRES

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